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Lies they tell you to keep you from eating a bullet



It'll get better..


Oh really? How is that supposed to happen? When you've seen dream after dream go up in smoke. Everything you care about is gone. Everyone you care about is dead. How is it f-ing supposed to get any better.


Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem...


A temporary problem? I've had to fight every f-ing day of my whole life for the right to exist. How is that a temporary problem.


You've got so much to live for..


You can f-ing have it.


Life is sacred...


That's a joke. There are places on the planet that will have you shot and charge your family for the bullet. America is more subtle about destroying life but its the same game.


You hurt your loved ones...


You mean the parasites that suck the life out of you?



In the end what is there left to hang onto? Love? Hope? Those things are dust and ashes. What do you hold onto in the dark of a sleepless night when everything is gone?


Hate and Rage. The rage for revenge. The hope of causing pain and misery to your mortal enemies. The chance to live to piss on their graves. The possibility that through guile and treachery one day you'll get to see the look in their eyes when you put the blade between their ribs and twist it.


That's enough for now.


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You know, when I first started to get to know you online, I thought you were a total asshole. Now, that's not an entirely bad thing, because I'm usually drawn to assholes. But there's something about you, beneath the anger and rage, beneath the traditions that have molded you and the experiences that have warped you, that make you seem like a good guy. Most of all, I don't see you as a quitter, and that's what the easy way out is. So hang in there and maybe I'll make you that cake I promised you someday.

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I'm not going to tell you "aww it's going to be okay, I know what your going though, it's going to be okay," No because then i'll want to kick myself in the face. I hate how people try to make you feel better by saying it's going to be okay, because how the hell do they know what your feeling, what your going though, they don't so they can all just f**K off.


What I will say is that I have two ears, and I'm more then willing to lend them to you if you ever, and I mean ever need someone to talk to, someone you can vent to, someone that will just sit down and listen. You just say the word.



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What do you do when the hate and rage are gone, though?

-Dion, who's going through the motions...

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