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An unmerry Christmas



On the whole it wasn't totally bad, just kind of unmerry.


To put it simply, the wife and our son still do not get along. I think I'm getting tired of the subtle disrespect for each other. I don't know how many years this can continue. It's depressing, actually.


There was a good foot and a half of snow at my son's new house when we arrived Christmas Eve and it was snowing. The wind was blowing, too. Frankly, it looked rather nice, but the wind was making it miserable. When we woke Christmas morning there was at least six inches on top of our new car, but the wind had stopped. We gave our son a decorative Santa, a gardening book, and a bottle of twelve-year-old single malt Scotch. He gave us nothing. Frankly, we expected nothing.


We drove home Christmas day. We weren't expected to stay any longer.


I suppose I shouldn't expect too much out of any of this since our son basically left our lives at fifteen and didn't come back until nearly fifteen years later. Ties get broken and aren't easily put back together.


It could've been very depressing, but I'm already depressed enough to cover it. I think maybe I should call the shrink. It's not that I feel bad, but I don't feel good, either. It's kind of like being on the constantly tired, unhappy side of okie-dokie. I'm still sleeping a lot.


Oh, yeah, the Subaru Forester won out and is sitting in our driveway. It's Silver with gray leather interior. Having it makes me feel good.




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Sorry to hear about your son's attitude... I do think it's good that you're at least being nice to him, even though he's unresponsive. I really hope he'll come round and be nicer to you, too. Was there nothing good about your Christmas with him -- apart from the weather? Did he do anything that cheered you up? I hope there is something you can think of... if there is, try to focus on that instead of the negative things, it might at least make you feel better.

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hmmm this sounds like my aunt and her son, they spend years and years fighting with each other she tries all the time to be the good mom and all she gets out of the deal is him telling her that he hates her guts and stuff. I tell her more and more that she needs to stop trying and that her kid needs to just grow up. We were supposed to do christmas at her place but her and her son who is 30 years old were bitching with each other so she woulda been depressed and took that out on me. So i didn't go... Didnt win either she found a way to take it out on me.


I give you alot of credit though your at least trying with your son :) . My dad called me a few days before christmas and pretty much told me that im not a priority in his life and that, then he wonders why i never try harder for a relationship with him. His family blames me and says its all in my head and stuff. Ha ha i like that line "All in your head" one of these days i wanna go to a shrink and have the shrink say that to me too. Christmas was good though me and my mom went and spent it with a couple of her friends. Snow oh my god we have sooo much snow here everyday its snowing then freezing rain. either its nice and warm outside with lots of snow on the ground or freezing cold and puddles everywhere i wish the weather would make up its damn mind.

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