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Story Archive Improvements

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We are currently in the process of reviewing all aspects of Gay Authors. At this time, the Story Archive receives a very large volume of traffic on the site. As such, it is one of the areas that are are looking at for improvements. Since this is custom software, it may or may not be possible to add specific features.


Other than adding more stories, which is something we wish to do frequently, what do you think we can do to improve how you use the story archive?


The archive is here:



Thank you very much for your feedback!

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I'm not sure how it would work, but a simpler method of getting stories into the Archive would be useful. At the moment I believe it relies on sending the details to one person, who then adds them. If a moderated way of user additions could be implemented, I think the Archive would get a lot more stories.

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A moderation team for uploading stories..... I believe only Kevin is, at the moment, handling it.


A periodic check to see if any of the links are broken or not. If they are, repairing them. I know of at least one story who's link is broken.... Mine... Alpha and Omega. I do not know why as I haven't updated that story since June last year.


That is all for now... I'll think about it more and come back again... :)

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I think it's overloaded. There's a big top banner with the GA-logo and the links, but there's also the side-banner with the same logo and the same links. For me, the top-banner is not necessary and takes too much space on the screen. (Removing the top-banner would also reduce the traffic and the costs)


For me it would also be helpful to have the lists broken down into e.g. stories starting with "A" or authors starting with "F-J"

I feel a bit beaten by the amount of information and options. :wacko:


Also, the sorting does not seem to work. When I click on "stories by title" I get "On The Razor's Edge" first, followed by stories starting with "A" (or is that my account again?). I'm almost sure A is before O in the alphabet. :huh:


As for broken links: Maybe it would be possible to include a button "report broken link" that sends out a notification to one of the moderators/admins.



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The last person to update the archive accidentally put a space in front of the letter. And blank space comes before A in the computer's alphabet.

We'll continue to review all your other suggestions.

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