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RAGE is coming.....

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There was once a time...when I, too, cried out into the darkness. When I waited for an angel with wings of pure gold to gracefully swoop down...and rescue me from my torment.


There was a time...when it didn't hurt so much...once I realized that help wasn't coming.


Not for me.


Did my joy abandon me....or did I abandon my joy? So hard to remember which left first. But I DO know one thing!


I've grown to LIKE the misery! I welcome the suffering! It feeds me....nourishes me...and I haven't wept a single tear since!


With all this agony...I simply can't hold it all by myself. Nooooo...it would be rude of me to not share a little bit of this darkness with my big brother, Taryn. Wouldn't it? Can't have that. He's out there somewhere....him and his little blond bombshell. And I'm going to find them. I'm going to find them both and teach them what REAL horror is allllll about.


It was a short reunion last time, big brother. Next time...you'll have to stay for 'dessert'.


"Gone From Daylight: Blood Ties"

"Pain has its limits.....RAGE does not!"

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Not sure if you've ever played the game Diablo II, but there's a great line in there when you get to fight Diablo, Lord of Terror, and that is, "Not even death can save you from me."


I think it could fit in one of the chapters somewhere, maybe during a certain meeting between some unnamed characters.

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I'm so excited, I just want them to come out all at once, and make me have a long night of reading them all. Like I used to do when I read your stories a long time ago. I would be up till 3am on a school night reading till I felt satisfied :]


Keep the stories coming Comsie!

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YAY! I finished GFD again and now I can't wait... only 2 more days till my thirst is quenched for more GFD!


*sits anxiously*

The day has come and gone, and I still do not have my fix. I wonder what happened. :(

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