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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


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Well once again the goat is away, so let the Kidd's play :D .


I was thinking since we have this opportunity to be totally honest without being berated by a bleating goat :D , why not give CJ the surprise of letting him know how he has influenced us.


I'm sure we can have some fun with this.


I'll go first:


The Good - I have a much better understanding of nuclear bomb making :blink:

The Bad - I look for cliffhangers in everything that I read now

The Ugly - I want to start a fire and roast someone every time the upset me :P

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The Good: I have hot rockers to fantasize about in my bed.

The Bad: I write evil cliffhangers when paying homage to the King of Evil Cliffhangers.

The Ugly: I find myself writing deadly scenarios, especially those that include sharp objects such as swords or knives.


Tiger (The Reaffirmed Sith Apprentice of Evil Cliffhangers)

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The Good: The manor will have its roof almost completely redone by Christmas. And CJ's money transfers are well-encrypted, so no tax issues, thank you CJ.

The Bad: I've gotten addicted to his chapters, and I'm afraid the rehab will be expensive.

The Ugly: I suspect he and Shadowgod are in league with the evil powers of the Dark Side.

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The good: I'm really pleased at how he's developed as an author.

The bad: I'm still not convinced he accepts that he's a good author.

The ugly: I'm no longer bothered by cliffhangers. I know they'll be resolved, somehow, so why get upset by them?

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