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Gay Men Burning

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A new trend has been noticed in the US. It's called Burn The Fag. More than two openly gay men have been burned this month with one dead. What amazes me is the public media are not saying much about this inhumane act. What do you think?

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I only count one incident and one victim. Admittedly, that's one too many but I wouldn't exactly call it a "trend".


Yeah. Right. One for this month, but here - http://unicornbooty.com/blog/2011/10/20/2-men-douse-sleeping-gay-friend-in-alcohol-set-him-on-fire/



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LGBT hate crimes has finally received media attention in our country fairly recently. Before, they were not considered hate crimes, but instead, all blame goes to the homosexual for being a homosexual (which means the person is irresponsible, conspicuous, untrustworthy, etc.).


Anyway, I'm thinking that burning could be a hate crime. But then again, crime happens, whether it is against LGBT or not.

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I believe they've taken the phrase 'flaming gays' too literally. However, something like this happening in Texas shouldn't be too surprising. I'm not sure where the second incident happened, but the third was in Scotland. It just shows how small minds can be scared by nearly anything. If you don't believe that, just ask the medieval witches that were burned at the stake.

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