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Searching for a story... (Surpise! ;-)

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Hey guys (and gals), I'm trying to find a story I (think I) know a lot about but couldn't find anywhere - I hope all the info ist correct.


It all starts with our guy (that is part native american) inheriting some land (and a house?), he goes to check it out and meets another guy with his little brother/kid living there. They don't exactly like each other at first, but our guy and the kid become friends, somehow he gets to stay at the house in the middle of nowhere, there are some people involved that want to hurt our guy, so when he is asked to accompany a field trip with the kid's school the kid gets kidnapped at some historical site.


Later the kid is rescued (I don't remember how, but I think the kid has a big part in it) and our guy and the kid's guardian eventually hook up. A search for information is involved, something about a father/grandfather that is of native american descent. Our guy starts to work at a shop selling native americanart or something. Near the end mother nature get's involved (in the sense of a native american background, as kind of a sentient being), killing some of the bad guys chasing our newly created family.


It is revealed that our guy had/has problems with a kind of dominating sugardaddy or something like that, has a rich grandmother that didn't approve of a marriage to a native american, if I remember correctly.


That's about all I can remember... I'd really appreciate the help!

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Thanks for flagging up this story guys. I've just read it and it is excellent. In particular I loved the real sense of place evoked. I've never been to New Mexico, but now I feel know the desert landscape. And I don't normally go for mysticism but I liked the way it was woven into the narrative. It worked very well. Now I'm going to try some of the other stories by Grasshopper. I understand he died not long ago, sadly, so I can't thank him.

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Oooops, maybe this is a Mark Twain moment (the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated) Posted Image.

In which case the good news is he's still alive and chirping Posted Image

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