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Laughing is too good! :~)

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One of the best things about YouTube are the huge host of really halarious parodies that are available for a good laugh to relieve the stress on a bad day.

Just been looking at some stuff that's been sent in to me, and I spent the last hour giggling like a girl. I just had to share some of these. :)



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This is scary for straight guys, but hilarious for me Posted Image





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This is scary for straight guys, but hilarious for me Posted Image


Jeeeeeze that was so disturbing. Those wild scaaaary eyes. Agree 100% with one of the comments "WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT GET SCARED EASILY BUT THIS CHICK MADE ME LOCK ALL DOORS 'N' WINDOWS 'N' CALL ADT SECURITY SYSTEM TO INSTALL ONE"

I know I'm just not gonna sleep tonight .... those eyes Posted Image .... that horrible bit at the end Posted Image.... I just know she's fondling a meat cleaver .... what have you done to my mind wildone??? ... where's my mommy!! Posted Image

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