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Too Cute . . .


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I’m sorry. I’m in love with Link and this series is too funny if you’ve ever played the games.

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On 17.9.2017 at 08:15, Page Scrawler said:

Die Jungs in diesem Video sind nicht nur bezaubernd, sondern auch bewundernswert für ihre Ehrlichkeit und direkte Antwort auf den Befehl, sie zu "schlagen"! : gikkle:


I get goose bumps 

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4 hours ago, Asher25 said:


I love that short film. The movies on that channel are awesome, though I haven't seen them all.  :gikkle:


  @Comicality  "Drag kid" Desmond is Amazing is baaaack! And I love the blonde hair.  :lol:

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5 hours ago, Asher25 said:

ikr?! I had to post it. its kind of scary. we just need that accent, yes? ;)


Having met a real Deme at the Greek Festival this summer, I can say that, yes, our hero here would play a very good one!

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1 hour ago, Page Scrawler said:

@Comicality @MrM This...is AWESOME! Young JJ Totah is now Josie Totah!  :o



She looks wonderfully stylish. Congratulations, darling!  :heart:



Josie really looks comfortable in her own skin. She does, indeed, look all girl. :heart:

Sabrina is proud!

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1 hour ago, Asher25 said:

Blue eyes like these And the sexiest lips ive ever seen. The Karsashians have nothing on this boys set. ❤️ 




Indeed, blue eyes that freeze you where you stand and possess your mind. Blue eyes to enslave you. Blue eyes to take you in and in the blueness bind you!


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