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Your Favorite Celebrities

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I've pledged my undying loyalty to Emma Stone, the actress from the Help and this year's Amazing Spiderman. She's a hysterical and talented actress, really original and a breath of fresh air. Here's an awesome interview with her in Vulture Magazine.


Emma Stone's Spidey Sense is Tingling


I think my favorite part of the interview was the part where it was mentioned that Emma Stone signed up as a Revlon model to show young girls that they don't need to look like models. How freakin' awesome was that? What a great role model. I also loved that her heroes were people like Gilda Radner and Dianne Keaton. In a world where people think anything that came out before 2000 is ancient history, that's pretty cool that she likes the old stuff from the 1970's.


Any of you have some celebs you think are just the cat's meow?

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Personally, I find Malcolm McDowell absolutely fascinating. Take a look at his impressive resume sometime and look not only at the volume of his work, but also the varied roles he's played. He is often a villian, both cruel and extremely evil, or he can play that odd character that you come to either love or hate. On Franklin and Bash (TV) he's the oddball head of the firm, On The Mentalist (TV) he was the oddball cult leader, but he was also an evil scientist ins Star Trek Generations (Movie). I enjoy watching his performances.

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Malcolm McDowell .. he did David Cassidy father ... it was a good tv movie ... he did time after time .. he played hg wells


eureka ... colin Ferguson ... i enjoy his character .... lol he's played a sherif too long ... kinda reminds me of andy griffith ...

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I love and admire Richard Chamberlain. He played a lot of different roles, for example, he went from a priest in " The Thornbirds", to later play the lead in " Shogun". Those were definitely different roles, and carried both off excellently. He was also in what I think was the original " Bourne Identity" movies. ")

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