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Last Minute Storm Prep

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OK. It caught you unprepared but there is still time to do stuff that will make the next few days go a lot easier.


1. Unless you are near a river or stream, you should be OK. Otherwise be prepared to bug out fast and think about an escape route- toward high ground.


Flash floods are second only to storm surge as killers in hurricanes.


2. be prepared for the power to be out for a while. If you've got a fire place or wood stove, you're in good shape- as long as you've got firewood.


If you don't go get some quick!


3. For cooking if you've got a gas grill, you are in good shape. If you need charcoal, places still have it and a lot of places have it on sale. Lighter fluid, matches?


After Katrina, I grilled for a week as food in the freezer thawed out.


4. Water- this gets sketchy. Many water systems need electricity to stay pressurized. If you've got 2 liter bottles fill them with water and save it.


Put some of them in the freezer. You might need ice later when the power is out.


5. Charge your cell phones. Then USE THEM SPARINGLY. Turn them off unless you are using them. You don't know when you'll get a chance to charge them again.


6. Have a radio + batteries.


7. Batteries! and flashlights. I suggest the Mag-lite/duracell combos at Walmart.


8. get some canned foods that you can easily heat & eat


9. Call people outside the area before storm hits. Give them your name & address. Then call after the storm. If they don't hear from you, have them call your local police/sheriff and tell them that you haven't checked in and you might be in trouble.




Keep your wits about you and you can think yourself out of most trouble.


11. Get some gas in your car or truck. Gas pumps don't work when the power is out.





OK- I'm going to monitor this thread if you have questions, Now- good luck and GIT BUSY!

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Thanks, I was preparing with my disaster prep thread after the earthquake scare.


To add to Jame's words, if you are on the colder end of Hurricane Sandy expect some very heavy snow (Yes, you heard it, parts of PA, North eastern TN, and West Virginia will get hammered by 1-2 feet.)


Snow is not the same as a hurricane, if you do not have good insulation, it will be very bad and I hope you folks over there had early winter prep. Same rules apply, plus some extra ones. If your vehicles are not winterized, don't attempt to move about, you might get into or cause accidents without the ability to get help.


This is a Frankenstorm, Boston and New York are facing the warm side with hurricane winds and rain, the other side will face tremendous snow and winds.


Stay safe and hope everyone makes it out.

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oh i was going to add, get a gass or battery operated lantern...

oh and for water those plastic Jugs T comes in work good...

Get three or four of them and fill them with water you should last for a week or two at the least.

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I've prepared an overnight bag to take to work. The Administrator will be expecting her department heads to be staying.


Maybe you should ask how she's doing for Death In Harness Insurance, should something happen.


Main thing from past experience (Disaster Relief - 11 years West Indies - in the Royal Navy) will be lighting and a radio (AM/FM doesn't matter) but pick up a local station and just keep it playing in the background. TV Transmitters are less robust. Radio will also broadcast through most anomalous propagation/weather conditions. Lights make you feel more at ease, but use them sparingly.


Den and I are keeping a candle burning, and our thoughts are with friends here, and family as well.

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Candles, candles... how could I have forgotten. Get some! They may not cast much light but they will save you from many a stubbed toe.


Go with the big, thick kind that will sit, be stable and last a while but be mindful of the wax.


There is such a thing as a disaster candle. They are thick, slow burning and consume most of their own wax so they aren't so messy.

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I went into work early this morning, did the important stuff, fowarded the phones to our answering service and shut the server down in anticipation of losing power. The area where I work always loses power. Made it back home by 1pm just as the winds really started to pick up. We don't usually lose power where I live, even though parts of my county are already flooding, but we're ready if we do. We probably won't re-open our office until Wednesday. As long as I can keep my cell charged, I can still get things done.

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I work for a County owned Nursing Home so staying home isn't really an option. With over 400 residents, it's busy as usual.


Apologies - I didn't know what your work was. Take care & stay safe.


Last word from friends in New York was that they're still good for water & power.

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The crews have fixed internet and power in my neighborhood and i see the sun. I think Boston is thru with sandy.


She was a big bitchy storm, but like bitchy relatives, she's gone.


My best wishes for New York and you other guys south of us.

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I left for home at 2:00 pm Tuesday afternoon. The drive home was good. I didn't see a lot of damage. There was one place along the route that a tree was leaning against a pole and I had to drive under it. Then a couple of miles from home, I had to take a detour. It didn't appear that the electric had gone out. I'm glad I wasn't home tho. A tree at the back of the property, where I park, was uprooted and leaning away from the my parking space. The landlord will have to deal with it.

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