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Reality TV Shows You're Watching

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     Any of you catch the Discovery Channel show called

? It's such delightful trash and I enjoy the hell out of it.


     Another show I'm enjoying right now is called Buckwild. Basically, it's the Jersey Shore, but if the people were all rednecks from West Virginia. And of course, it's generating controversary from West Virginians.



      I've got a soft spot for rednecks because of my two years in Western Pennsylvania, so the show appeals to me because of that.


      Any of you seen either of those shows? They're great trashy reality tv.



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Can't stand the stuff. If I want to see religious nuts and miscellaneous pecker-woods white trash in their natural environment, I'll just go to Walmart.

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 If I want to see religious nuts and white trash in their natural environment, I'll just go to Walmart.


Haha word. Although here, instead of white trash its ghetto trash. :P


And my friend who goes to the University of West Virginia was actually friends and hall-mates with one of the stars of 'Buck Wild'. 


The only "reality" show I watch is Alaska State Troopers. 

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Is The Amazing Race a reality show? 

Or Top Chef?


Oh, what about documentaries? They're pretty close to reality.... often.... 


I think that's as close as I come to reality shows... 

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