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Brave kid and a cool way to make a statement. 


Nice to see the reaction of the crowd too. 


Not everyone is given that chance though, or has that courage. It'd be nice to stop the Hate, but prejudice will always raise its ugly head somewhere, somehow. 

Still it is people like him that break barriers. Wish him happiness and luck.

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Six-nine cheers for progress! Hear, hear! o/o/o/o/


Guy's not my type, but edible nonetheless.


Agreed, cute, but not my type either, still worth a few points :P


Congrats to the kid for bravery and courage, hope he will find a nice guy in the future.

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He must have figured out that everyone else is acting, playing some character that isn't really them.   When you figure that out you lose your fear and can be who you really are.  

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soon being gay is gonna be a fad


"hey man you coming out at graduation?"


"i dunno dude ive been thinking about it, but i dunno how i feel. i know tommy and john came out cause their buddies up north came out. but like... i still don't know."


"well what about your girlfriend?"


"im just trying to be gay dude, im just trying to be cool"

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Wow a kid in the drama department who's done musicals announces he is gay! Who ever would have thought that! :P


I'm actually with you on that. If it were the Homecoming King and football quarterback, I would have been more shocked and impressed.

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It could just be me but he looks pretty nervous, whether its from giving a speech or for coming out infront of the entire school I don't know. However, I'm with the guys who've replied to this before me, this guy is pretty brave. I'm glad to know there are places in which teens feel comfortable enough to be who they are.

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I suppose it's easier to come out if you're cute....  :P


I've heard very derogatory things said to gay people once because the person has less than a model-like look and was suggested he should commit suicide....  It's hard for me to listen, but I wasn't very out of closet then so I couldn't say much....


In any case, it's a very brave thing he did, though he was in an drama class, so I think some people probably had known....  In any case, his father is pretty cool too, supporting his son like that.  :)

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Seriously, you guys stereotype like mad! Would you say those things about the kid if he were a member of GA that just did that? He was in drama class 'so it's not as impressive as if he played sports' or 'some people should have known' as if only gay men like drama? So any guy who takes home ec should be suspect too? My high school didn't have a lot of options so guys did 'girl' classes like home ec and art and girls did 'guy' classes like weight lifting and shop. In retrospect, that might have been one of the best benefits of a small school-I learned not to make assumptions about a person based on their likes or dislikes in academia or elsewhere!


I don't care who you are, standing up in front of hundreds of your peers (and their parents) and revealing a personal side to your life because you feel it is the right thing to do, would be scary as hell! What he did took serious guts, even if every damn person there suspected it revealing that was brave. Who among us would be willing to cold sell our sexuality as a positive attribute in the midst of an award ceremony during a big company event, or a family reunion, or anywhere else for that matter? Now his story has gone nationwide and I'm sure that's even scarier-with thousands of positive and negative comments being made.

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He's brave. Braver than I ever was or will be.


But I resent the fact that we still live in a world that he felt he had to disclose something that is really nobody's business to judge in any way, whether positively or negatively.

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I agree with Cia and Poddy wholeheartedly. Yes, it takes a tremendous courage to do something like that. And moreover it sends a message and that's what is most important. I don't know a single human being who has not been nervous, edgy before a great performance or a recital or public speaking. And from my personal experience coming out even to the friendliest of people, needs guts and this kid did it on a public platform in front of parents, peers, teachers, authority figures. Hats off to him. I could never have done that at his age in his position. What I am not getting is how can you say stuff like that, Tim and Methodistwriter85. I mean we are all LGBT here and at one point or the other, we all had to face the discrimination, the ridicule, the ostracization of being not "normal"! How can a person after going through all that pushes the same shit to another? IDK. 

Ashi and Chase have both touched a very touchy subject. Yes! It has officially become fashionable to come out as LGBT for a sizable population of teens. And that is worrying. This is bad news for those who did not choose to be gay, 'cause this will give the bigots a big point to talk about, how homosexuality is a choice! And being Gay but not attractive (read socially accepted runway material) can be quite a pain. If you are gay, you have to be the hottest guys alive, the most talented and cute. Like God has a special pool of brain and brawns for us! What's wrong with being the average joe and gay at the same time?

If this type of prejudice keeps coming from our own community, we don't need others to put us down. I am disappointed to see this in GA! :(

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Cia said what I was thinking when private Tim spoke...

So, I guess army boys cant be gay cuz you know they're all buff and military and tough and that shit... oh wait isn't that why we wanted gays in the military so that gay boys in the military can come out... -_- I hate steriotypes...

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 My high school didn't have a lot of options so guys did 'girl' classes like home ec and art and girls did 'guy' classes like weight lifting and shop.


"Hey Bob, what're your kids up to these days?"

"oh you know, Sally's still hitting the weights pretty hard and oh you see this scarf? Yeah, Timmy knitted it for me, that's my boy."

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"Hey Bob, what're your kids up to these days?"

"oh you know, Sally's still hitting the weights pretty hard and oh you see this scarf? Yeah, Timmy knitted it for me, that's my boy."


Actually I had to take weightlifting for 45 minutes a day for the last year and a half of school since that was the only half-period class before my chorus class that was available that I hadn't already taken 4 times. There was one other girl. We could both bench 140. :P In home ec they usually let the guys sew stuffed animal kits for their girlfriends instead of making clothes like some of the girls did. I objected to both and ended up making the teacher's sewing machine covers she wanted done. You should have seen most of those guys in the kitchen though, boy were they enthused (it helped they got to eat their creations, well, when the creations were edible!) LOL


The basic thing to learn from that? We're all different. We all have different preferences, and what gender we are attracted to has very little to do with that. Does being gay mean a man automatically knows what colors go together and how to do interior decorating? No. Does being gay mean a man will swish when he walks or talks or like to get mani/pedi's and say girlfriend all the time? No Hell, not all gay men are even interested in the same types of sex as other gay men, just like not all women are into the same types of sex either.


To some extent our preferences will always define us. Some people come out because they feel they are hiding it but not 'sharing', even if they shouldn't have to. Some people come out because they want to be with someone openly, like their 'straight' friends are. Some people just know who they are and don't care who knows.


No matter what, it is always impressive when a person is willing to be who they are, even if that means they might not be accepted by others.

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I am who I am, not just what I am... I seek to be defined by who I am, not what I am. I always have fought to be defined that way. One reason It was so hard for me to accept I was gay, because others kept asking if I was... And i didn't want to be something they kept saying I was...

Being gay is only a part of what I am, and has very little to do with My interests...

I don't like shopping, unless it's in a book store, jeez i get lost in them... oh the wonders of books @_@

I love history, I don't especially like sewing, despise knitting, Like cooking if I have others to cook for... cooking for me alone (which I am) leaves a ton of left overs :o not to mention dishes...

I dont like cleaning... I love architecture, and i like creating things with my mind and my hands, however My father was a carpenter, and his father before him was an artist. My mother knows leather craft, beadwork, and a half-dozen other type of crafts... Mostly I love making my own little worlds.. which is why I write.


I am Celethiel, the Manic Elf, Lord of a thousand worlds...

I just happen to think men are hot, and women are not...


on a side note... one girl's way of coming out:


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