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New Star Trek Game

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So, there is a new Star Trek game coming out.  They got William Shatner to advertise it. it's quite funny.


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Someone give the Gorn an ice pack :P


It seems Shatner can still seduce green creatures, :)


Why didn't they ever show the gorn again in TNG or later series? I'd like to see a guy in a faux-godzilla outfit.


As for the game, I've seen other trailers, it looks like crap, but I might consider it if they have a star ship mode and the kobyashi maru mission.

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Why didn't they ever show the gorn again in TNG or later series? I'd like to see a guy in a faux-godzilla outfit.


A gorn appeared in the Enterprise episode "In A Mirror, Darkly" (one of those mirror universe episodes).


But he looked very different from the other gorn.



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Review: 'Star Trek' video game is lost in space


Before starting, players choose between Kirk and Spock, then move into the campaign. There's no major combat advantage to playing as either, as both seem to boast similar characteristics. While Spock performs a Vulcan Nerve Pinch when striking quietly, Kirk will choke an opponent. Spock may also perform Mind Melds for access to passcodes or other information, but it's nothing extraordinary. Both players also have Tricorders that scan enemies or objects as well as hack computers.
Since this is a cooperative adventure, Kirk and Spock will work together to eliminate the Gorn threat. That means reviving the other when down, or hacking a door while another fends offs Gorn or infected Vulcans and humans.
But as with many cooperative games, the computer-controlled ally can't measure up one manned by a human player online or offline. During one heated battle playing as Kirk, I fought off 3-4 Gorn as Spock watched. Spock also went into spectator mode as I lay on the ground awaiting a revival. Fortunately, I was able to recover on my own.
Players can use the Tricorder to command their computer-controlled ally, but it's cumbersome. There's nothing wrong with scanning a room, then commanding Spock or Kirk to, for example, hack a keypad. However, simple commands such as ordering movements or attacks require the Tricorder as well.





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