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Anyone on GA have a good ancient history story?

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After the Spartacus finale, which I finally got around to watching today, I want to read an ancient history story.


Any suggestions?


Also, I am not looking for fantasy stories with swords and spears. :D

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Marcus and the Slave is an enjoyable story (a little racy at times), and I second John's recommendation.


Away from GA, if you are interested in ancient Egypt, I really recommend any of Christian Jaq's stuff, especially his Ramses series.  It covers the entire life of Ramses the Second from the age of about thirteen right through to his death.

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Try Mihangel at iomfats.org. He's written stories set in ancient times and more recent history. Tbh I've only read Xenophilia which is set in Wales - the sheep might want to read this too :P . It's split between present day and the 1850s in part 2. I really enjoyed it, and I intend to read his others.

One of these others is a short story about two student archaeologists excavating a Roman temple near Bath, in England, called "Those Old Gods". This story then inspired him to write a much longer story "Ashes Under Uricon" telling the tale of those who patronised that very same temple in Roman times. If you like reading authentic evocations of history I'm sure you'll enjoy this, but maybe the short story should be read first? This link will take you to all his stories


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