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Like A Train Wreck

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Okay I had to make a new topic for this since the old one was archived. Kind of glad that it was actually. So this is the new one and since coming back I noticed that I left off at Chapter 4, I think well anyway Chapters 5 through 10 have been posted and the next chapters are a work in progress until time to be posted. If you read and like what you read and want to comment on anything you can do that here, just be kind about it and suggestions are welcome as I am writing this story on my own. Questions are also welcome or just general comments on the story content it's self.




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Okay wanted to give an update about chapter 12. It has not yet been written, I just wanted to let readers know that this chapter might be slower than usual. Got back on a med that I really shouldn't of all for the sake of weight gain for my non intentional anorexia. I must have a metabolism that would win...well I don't know about racing but I think my metabolism would win every one of them it's so fast. And...as I suspected various side effects reappeared, one of a few being draining of my will to do anything. I was only on it a week so I'm going to give it a chance to flush out of my system, hopefully that won't take to long and when I start to feel my mojo back, so to speak I will definitely be getting to work on it. I think meds was a big complication in the past and this is one I know to steer clear of from now on most definitely.

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Well, looking at my last post, obviously my mojo did not come back. Instead I think an onset of depression came on and I am not sure as to whether it is gone or not. I have written and posted chapter 12 and I am working on chapter 13 but I'm late on the weekly deadline that I try to keep myself on when I do try to pick this activity back up. I think the issue is the lack of social stimulation with such a solitary activity and the fact that I can't work on it for more than five minutes without having to take a break, really hinders the progress. I am going to keep pushing on it though in the hopes that as I do that it will get better, I would like to be able to spend hours on it as to quicken my pace. I am working on Chapter 13 and it should be out this week if I keep pushing myself.


So for those reading it I would like to ask for your patience and would be greatly appreciative of it and want to thank you for the continued following despite the long term intervals between chapters, some longer than others. I still have a lot of great ideas and my vision of the story is still there, it's just the act of writing it that I am having difficulties with, day dreaming the scenes tend to be much easier! But as I said I am going to keep pushing with the hopes that by doing so my mind will have what I like to call a 'click' to which I refer to as a sign of concentration, fun and without the feeling of lack of stimulation that people with my mental disorders tend to need. Anyway thank you for the patience and again Chapter 13 is being worked on and I hope to have it out this week, I'll strive to have it out as soon as possible.

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Several new chapters have been posted to the story. I don't want this thread to get lost in the abyss but I seem to be spit firing chapters out from ... well somewhere. So if you're reading the story, check it out. If you aren't and it catches your interest? Check it out! The earlier chapters might seem really slow but things really amp up in the later chapters and I promise a good thriller, one that speaks as high volumes as the prologue which in it's self I hope catches interest.




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I just wanted to let everyone and anyone know, the ones who follow my current story in progress that my inspiration/motivations or whatever has been lost. I don't know if this is an ADHD thing or what but I am trying to work on the next chapter the best that I can. I know that I normally spit fire chapter after chapter and I am sorry I've made you wait but I hope that you can be patient with me. I am not abandoning the story, just having difficulties at the moment.

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Okay, looking at my last post, I have clearly failed my readers in getting the next chapter out. I have been patient with myself, hoping that whatever was wrong with me would click off but it hadn't and so it got to the point where I was severely depressed. I'm not going to go into detail but I have since two days ago been put on ADHD medication which has had instant benefits and I have been testing it out in several aspects of my life, I've tested it a little bit socially sober, I've tested it out a little bit with some social drinking  and the such and right now I currently have chapter 40 minimized on my desktop bar and I am working on it and I hope to have it out in the next few days as I work myself back into the story, rebuild my writing muscle and refamiliarize myself with the story again. So for those who have been so patient with me and loyal fans of either me or just the story it's self I want to thank you so much. I really beat myself up when it got to the point that I couldn't do it anymore, I was so worried about you guys and I didn't want to disappoint any of you but I just knew that the state I was in that it would not allow me to do my best and you all deserve the best that I can give. So be on the look out for chapter 40! :read:

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