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SWEET! Score one for OUR team! XD


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Troye Sivan has always been really cute, extremely talented, endlessly funny and fun to watch! And today...we get the BEST news of all! Congrats, troye! (( Hugz ))




This one STIL cracks me up! :: Snickers ::



HA And thanks for this. I was minorly instrumental in his part as Wolverene. I did a profile for him with the blessings of his family, that I believe was the impetus to him getting the part. There were a number of things that pointed to that profile as being what made them contact him. It just feels good to do something like that and notice that it helped someone launch into their dreams. He is greatly talented. And of course has always been a really cute kid. Some gay boy out there is going to be really happy someday. A great family as well. Their reaction is not surprising.

Kudos on his strength and blessings on his life.

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