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The Paradox of Promises

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The sequel to "The Paradox of Friendship" has finally been written. Entitled "The Paradox of Promises", it follows the continuing story of Nix and Spencer. The two teenagers are left to deal with the repercussions left by the conclusion of the first story. This was never meant to be a stand alone piece but rather a continuation of Nix and Spencer's story. As with TPoF, this story is rated mature and contains scenes which are not for the faint of heart.


Here you can discuss any aspect of the story that may not have been addressed in a review or you can ask any question regarding to the story.


Link to the story: The Paradox of Promises

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Okay, I've read the first chapter of the story and...

First things first. I didn't read the first book in the series. And at the moment, I don't want to.

Anyway, I love this story already. I like your introduction of the characters. I was almost turned off when I thought Spence was weak (yes, imagine that), but apparently, he isn't. So... I'm really looking forward to the next upload. Thanks:)

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I'm glad that you are enjoying "The Paradox of Promises" even without reading the first story, though I imagine a few things might have been (or will be) confusing. As a writer, I have gotten to know these characters quite well so I hope you get to know them, too. Spencer is not weak, though he can come across as being so once in a while. I should have the next chapter posted Saturday(ish) so keep a lookout for it! :)

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I read The Paradox of Friendship some time last year, probably one of the first stories I read here. And I know I´ve read the first two or three chapters of The Paradox of Promise but for some unknown reason I never followed the story until now. I was thinking about reading the first book again before starting the second, but didn´t. I remember liking the first book but I also remember it was a bit dark and sad story. It took awhile before I remembered all the characters and knew who was dating whom and who was related to whom. Perhaps a character list at the beginning of the second book would be a good idea.


Now I´ve caught up with the chapters and am looking forward to the next one. Really great story  :thumbup: 

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Perhaps a character list at the beginning of the second book would be a good idea.


At one point during the previous story, I wrote up a character list. I believe it was around chapter nineteen of the Paradox of Friendship so it may be a little out of date, but here is the list I made then. It's a bit rudimentary, but it does lay out the major characters and then some.

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I have read the first story, and am enjoying the second.  I sure hope you have a very painful, long and drawn out death for Artie.  Maybe something along the lines of he is caught, and committed to and insane asylum and has to undergo shock therapy.  Zeke somehow gets into one of his treatments, and gradually increases the intensity, until artie is dead.  Just and idea.  Keep writing and I'll keep reading.



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I just read both of these stories, and LOVED them.  They were great.  I think Spencer was my favorite character and loved how the others changed and grew with the realization of their wrong assumptions.  Artie was seriously pissing me off, and I'm glad he got committed, but you sorta wish he got the death penalty for his killing of Trudy.  Anyway, thanks for a great story.  I'll be looking to read others.  

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Artie was seriously pissing me off, and I'm glad he got committed, but you sorta wish he got the death penalty for his killing of Trudy. 


I'm glad you enjoyed the stories.


As for Artie, there was a time when I seriously considered killing him off--either by the police or perhaps by Riley and Dexter during their final showdown. As I got deeper into the story, I realized that killing him off seemed to cheapen all that Spencer and Nix had suffered. Then when it came time to actually decide his fate, I decided to allow the justice system to deal with him. He was already too far gone psychologically that sentencing him to an normal prison sentence was nearly impossible. A mental facility really is the best place for him.

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