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House of Cards, Season 2

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Does anybody else love this Netflix original show? I honestly can't wait for the second season to come out on Valentine's Day. The best part about it is that all the episodes get released at once so you don't have to wait week after week for new episodes. Also, Kevin Spacey is completely convincing as a ruthless, cutthroat politician. 


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I'm really looking forward for the second season. The first one was done so well, every actor played their character perfectly and yes, Spacey was cast perfectly. For sure I'm gonna binge-watch it when it will be available.


the other series that I'll be looking forward is the half-season of 24!

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Love it and spacey:s portrayal of underwood was spot on, my favorite episode was the one he went back to his all boys military academy, but that episode is probably default good due to subject matter (hint: Frank still has a flame for a certain someone)


Another episode was Frank physically assaulting the teacher union rep. after the brick incident.

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This is really looking great! :D It's as if they mashed up the UK original and West Wing, then doubled the suspense and then added some!


Ummmm... and I can't help it but I root for Spacey, even if no character in this series is black or white, he should sort of be the main villain but I really want him to win...  :ph34r:

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