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Commonwealth Games 2014

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"Best friends" English bad boys Jack Laugher and Chris Mears - "we spend all our time together" - have just won gold at the Commonwealth Games in the 3m Synchro Springboard diving :D



Mears identifies as straight...


...but when he's not rearranging his hair he has admitted to “trying to steal” Tom Daley’s gay fan base in the January 2013 Gay Times where he posed completely nude, and Jack did the same in the October issue.  Chris happily admits “I’ve had a couple of funny suggestions on Twitter - normally guys asking for foursomes with me, Tom Daley and Jack.”

Phew, I need a lie down... or something...

btw those cozzies - couldn't they have worn something skimpier? :angry::funny:


btw2 Tom's diving in the 10m synchro final tonight - Go Tom! :P






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I know none of you will be interested, but in the event of the remote possibility that some of you might be here are some more pics of Chris...


which you don't have to look at...


if you're not interested....













oh yeah, and that foursome thing? Shame on you! Get those nasty thoughts right out of your head... :P



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btw3 if you noticed Chris's abdominal scarring and don't know the story it's here




aside from his diving prowess and stunning looks he is truly an impressive person to have overcome such physical adversity [when he was only given a 5% chance of survival] and driven himself back to the top of his sport :)

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By the way, Tom Daley and James Denny didn't win gold. They got the silver medal. The gold was won by Matthew Mitcham and Domonic Bedggood from Australia.


Go Matt!!!!


Here's his photo after winning gold at the Beijing Olympics:




And before you ask, Matt already has a boyfriend.... :P

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By the way, Tom Daley and James Denny didn't win gold. They got the silver medal. The gold was won by Matthew Mitcham and Domonic Bedggood from Australia.


Go Matt!!!!


...but he won the 10m Individual Gold tonight! :D with a superb 102.6 back 3.5 somersault for a 516.55 total




so domestic bliss hasn't killed his career :lol:


:lol: nice pictures, Z. You must really like this sport ;)  :funny:


duh, nearly-nekkid super-buff dripping-wet guys doing eye-popping stuff - I wouldn't like?? :funny: :funny:

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