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Tribute To Trebs

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(Posting with moderator permission)


As you know, we all suffered a great loss last week with the passing of Robert, aka Trebs after a long battle with Mantle Cell Lymphoma. As a longtime friend of his, I wanted to do something in memory of him, so my husband and I have decided to participate in Light The Night, which is a walk to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We will be walking in Greensboro, North Carolina on Sept. 27th. If anyone would like to contribute, either by donating or by joining the team and walking with us, it would be greatly appreciated. Robert was a caring person who was always helping others, and I feel this would be an appropriate way to honor him.


Here is a link to the Triad (Greensboro) chapter:




Here is a direct link to our team page, Team Purple, named for Robert's favorite color:




This link goes directly to my personal page:




Donations made through the links go directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. There is also a link at the bottom of the team page for anyone interested in joining the as a walker. As of now, it is only the two of us, but I'm planning on trying to recruit a few more. If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me.

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I've actually been planning to walk LTN in Louisville, KY at Slugger Field on 09/27 with some friends and classmates. If anyone's in the Northern KY/Southern IN area and plans on walking as well, feel free to message me.

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Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate the donations that have been coming in. 


That's great, zaf89. I forgot to mention that there are chapters all over the US and walks going on in many places throughout Sept. and Oct., if anyone is interested in walking with their local chapter.

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:( ...............I'm very sorry to hear of his passing, having met Trebs many years ago, I found him to be articulate, astute and a voice of calm reason. He will be sorely missed here in GA as a moderator whose rose to the challenge to judge disputes in a exemplary fashion.

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I'm not been so active these past few months, and I just happen to drop by the forums only to see this. I don't know Trebs personally, and I'm not sure if we ever did encounter here on GA, but I know he will be miss by a lot of people. I'm sorry but I'm living outside the U.S.A. so I can't really participate with raising the funds, but my heart is with you guys and also my prayer for the success of what you are doing for others.

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The walk is now less than a week away. Team Purple has raised $520 thus far, largely due to the generosity of the GA community. I wanted to thank everyone not just for the donations, but for the emails sharing personal stories about Trebs and the impact he had on people's lives. I think the best tribute we can give him is to try to follow his example. 


Thanks again, and I will try to post some pictures after the walk.

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