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I remember reading a short story - I think it was a response to a prompt but I may be wrong - and it was entirely written in dialogue.


It was two men in a restaurant and, if I remember right, one was breaking up with the other.


Can someone point me in the right direction please???





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Wasn't that one by WestcliffWriter before he left?

Bother I hope not :(


Is this familiar? This is a synopsis of The Break Up by WestcliffWriter


Jack has decided to end his relationship with


Set in an unknown restaurant, The Break Up deals with the familiar situation where one person has fallen out of love with their partner while the other is unaware.


Told entirely in dialog, both men try to argue their different points for and against staying together, and also how breaking up should not necessarily end up with both people hating each other


If so, the story is on a different site :)

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