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Hurricane Katrina- 10 Years After

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I think it is wonderful that you kept that flag instead of replacing it with a shiny new one. It's fabulous way to remember that you and it went through hell but came out the other side. Albeit with some bumps and bruises. That flag is a badge of honour personified. :)

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I remember watching it make landfall on CNN. I also remember Anderson Cooper doing a live shot standing next to a dead body only half covered by a sheet in the middle of a sidewalk in New Orleans. 


My family went on vacation to Maine for the Labor Day weekend after it hit. It was shocking, in 2005, to see gas at $3.28 a gallon there after the storm hit.

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Well, technically, that's another 10 days form now. Katrina hit on August 29th.



True- it's a big topic of local discussion and we expect to have quite a few barbecues and parades.



One of the biggest street barbecue parties ever was held in the days after Katrina as peoples freezers defrosted. It was cook it all or watch it go bad. That was a huge feast.

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