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Sit On Your Story Or Publish?

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I wait until I have enough written so I can post regularly. I didn't use to, but I found irregular posting irritating as a reader. I don't want to inflict that on my readers.

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I'll try as exactly as Greame said, but utterly fail every time. I don't know readers even remember or nor because of this.


I have to act smart here and atleast have to be full prepared for regular updates rather than irregular ones. I fully support Greame here on this ground... :)

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Yep. I'm picking up my writing again after a long, long halt. And I'll never commit a write-and-post crime against my readers again. I am Perp #1 in this regard, and I'm determined to Change My Ways. It's my goal never to have readers wait more than a week or two from now on.

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I always wait until it is completed and I am happy with it post editing before publishing. For me, the hazard is being able to finish a story, so I never know in advance whether a novel will be seen through to completion until it is actually completed. Sometimes I will decide halfway through that it isn't working and bin it (recycling the bits that worked in future stories if I can fit them in naturally).


I also hate to get halfway through a good story and find that the rest of it is missing with no guarantee that it will ever be posted, so that's another reason why I wait for the whole story to be finished and edited before publishing it.


As a general thought, sometimes a beta reader is good in this respect as it can *feel* like you're publishing something to be read by another whilst at the same time getting valuable feedback.

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