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An Extremely Busy, But Still Productive, Weekend...


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I kind of expected to have a full day on Thanksgiving with the family, but I didn't count on it lasting all day until I was too exhausted to stay awake. And then again on Friday. And then AGAIN on Saturday!!! So...I'm back in hiding today. Hopefully, both the phone and the doorbell will stay quiet for the rest of the night. ::Fingers Crossed::

NOT that I didn't have fun! But geez...I can barely handle that much EMAIL, much less accomplish these feats in real life. And Lord knows I can't do <I>both</I>. :P


ANYWAY, what I wanted to tell you guys is that I actually entered an online erotica writing contest this week! That's right! I am competing for fabulous prizes and all, because every now and then you've got to test your mettle and see what you're made of!

The competition entries were just posted today, and all voting ends <b>THIS WEDNESDAY</b> (November 30th)! This contest consists of gay erotica, straight erotica, lesbian erotica...there's a wide variety of entries. So check them out and show the authors some love if you get a chance! My story is called "Three Blocks Away", and it takes place during a high school graduation party! I definitely put my best foot forward with this one! So be sure to go by and vote and rate, and who knows? If I win, maybe I'll find a way to celebrate with you all! Ummm...somehow! Hehehe!


Here's the link to the contest:




So check it out! And I encourage you all to vote honestly, of course! Don't just vote for Comsie because...'Comsie'! :P Vote for your favorite! And if all goes well, I might be invited to come back again for December's contest! We'll see!


Results go up on December 1st! But you can read it right NOW if you want! So enjoy!


And now back to my Thanksgiving posts! Starting tomorrow night...'Boy Date' confirmed! Evan and Greyson Chance spend some quality time together! Seezya soon!


Ps- Ebook version will be available next weekend as well! But don't wait 'til then! Hehehe, you've gotta rate this story for the contest first, dangit! LOL!

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THANKS, you guys!!! I was just informed that the judges loved the story, and was given details as to why! I got FIRST place!!! XD


So big thanks to all of you who voted, and all of you who supported me with this new short story! Love you lots! And I'll seezya soon with more!


Oh yeah...a new "Waiting Outside The Lines" has been posted. So...there's that! Hehehe! Enjoy!

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(Bows gracefully) A hearty thank you to you both! Hehehe!


I've also just recently done a little touching up and reformatted the story to make it into an ebook. It's already been published, I just have to wait for it to pass inspection and go live some time on Friday night. Cool? ((Hugz))



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