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NICE! I like this!


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I quickly became a fan of this song on the first listen! I mean, vocally...it's amazing. But I've come to expect that from Christina Aguilera no matter what. I mean...that's not even an issue. She's ALWAYS awesome! Hehehe! I'm not as familiar with Demi Lovato, even though I've heard a lot of her stuff before. So kudos to her as well. This song is amazing! The lyrics about female empowerment? Spot on! Share it if you can!


Hehehe, sorry, it's just so awesome to see the world growing up for a change! It gives me hope for the future. Maybe not a future that I'll live long enough to see for myself...but the future nonetheless! :P




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One of my absolute FAVORITE videos of all time came from Christina Aguilera! And even if you've heard this song before...this is NOT the version of this video that you'll see on MTV or VH1! The 'consumer friendly' version is heavily edited and practically cut to pieces, due to Transgendered, transvestite, and gay themes. (And yet the bullying and anorexic themes remain) But this is the video as it was meant to be seen originally. Between the visuals, Christina's powerful voice, and the lyrics of the song...it's truly a moving experience! So please watch! And feel good today! K? It's a smile and a hug, sent from me to you. Enjoy!



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