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So, personally I've had to deal with some changes. I've had all sorts of issues and still dealing but fighting on. Two years ago I had two detached retinas and had surgery. Last year I ended up having a triple bypass. Add the end of a seven year relationship and things have been in a dark place.


Decided I needed to focus on things I could do.


First up is complete a story I left in limbo. Life changes was originally finished, but the computer I had died and then my life hit the wall. Anyway, I can't remember what I'd had originally so I just wrote a whole new ending. So the story is 8 chapters and an epilogue. 


Secondly, I'm finishing a story for the anthology. Seeon and company will be back for this story. With a topic like in the stars how could I ignore him.


Third, Cia has a piece up about writing a story under the theme "Coming Out". Going to try and tackle that as well.


Finally, working on a new story but won't even say anything til that sucker is complete. When it posts I want it all set with no delays 

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Damn, Wayne.  Sorry to hear about what you've been dealing with, and I hope your situation improves from here on out.  Hang in there and I'll be rooting for you.  

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1 hour ago, Bill W said:

Damn, Wayne.  Sorry to hear about what you've been dealing with, and I hope your situation improves from here on out.  Hang in there and I'll be rooting for you.  

Thanks Bill. Just have to take life one day at a time. Doing what I can, but I just keep going.

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