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John Lloyd

Can my stories include pictures?


I have published over 15 novels, novellas and short stories on awesomedude.com. I am no longer receiving response to my emails from the site owner so I presume the owner  has been negatively affected by COVID 19. I have many stories to post but all are enhanced with photos I have purchased or exist on the internet. Is it possible to upload my stories with pictures on Gay Authors? rawlingbros@gmail.com

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52 minutes ago, John Lloyd said:

Is it possible to upload my stories with pictures on Gay Authors?

It is, but it requires uploading them into the Gallery first.large.774462860_SMLogoleft220x90orange.jpg

Unfortunately though, having looked at the pictures you bring up, we are prevented from allowing images that Google considers porn.  (Yes, I know that Google is loaded with porn, but the Do Only Evil corporation gets to do what it wants while it dictates to everyone else).  Your image samples in "Leaping into the Quarry" would be considered porn by our masters at Google and thus are not allowed.

So, if you can live with that restriction, it's pretty easy to add images to stories. You seem to use a tasteful amount, as that is the other guideline.


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