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Getting stuff ready for Friday...


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Working on all of the extra ins and outs of the Christmas issue of Imagine Magazine at the moment. But my brain is blazing with a ton of stuff at once, so it's a piece of cake! Fun times are coming! :)

I'll be helping my mom set up the Christmas tree tonight! And you know what that means...holiday cheer and mistletoe kisses for all of you guys! MWAH! 

Get in the spirit, even through these Covid infected times, and have some fun! Be SAFE though! Don't...like...please avoid the crowded malls and giant parties! No no no no no! Relax! Have 'safe' fun, k? We'll make up for it next year, promise! :P



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Hehehe...is Mariah Carey SCARED of letting Jennifer Hudson really show her what she's made of??? Because Jennifer Hudson is a POWERHOUSE!!! LOL! It looks like Mariah did everything she could to keep that massive competition under control in this song! Either way...Merry Christmas!


I mean...just listen to this! Jennifer Hudson is a natural, spontaneous, goddess, when it comes to singing! Phenomenal! 


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