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I'm looking for more stories to read. I really enjoy Young Adult/ Coming of Age stories, but I would also like to branch out into other areas. If anyone can recommend any impactful stories, please let me know.

I've enjoyed the following stories on GA and Nifty:

Second Shot

How I Got Carter

The Long Way

In the Fishbowl

Desert Dropping

An English Teen Circumcised in the USA

Seal Rocks

The Carnivore

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One of the great ideas Myr had to customize GA's Story Archive is the ability to do a custom story search. If you click on the Stories tab, these options appear right above the list of the most recently updated stories on the main page. You could set the genre for drama, tags for teen, coming of age, click filters and then statuses if you only want to read complete stories, then check the 'sort' options to check if you want to have them sorted by most recent update, most comments, most views, etc.... It's great to ask for recommendations, but explore our search options to help check out genres/tags of story types that might interest you too! You can also click on the 'Browse' options in the right sidebar. 

Happy reading! 

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