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Comforting Touch Series by W_L

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As I've been on a hiatus for 4 years or so, it feels a bit odd to write again and to open my story to readers' opinion.

Still, I think having a spot for discussion might be useful for readers, so I'm creating this thread.

Feel free to discuss the story, ask about characters or plots (including the question what is fact/fiction?), disagree with my story development, and respectful constructive criticism is fine too.

The story is posted on GA and on IOMFATS.org under my pen name over there Wendell Locke.

It's a gay romance story dealing with modern themes and story elements, extrapolated from personal experience.

In total there will be 5 short stories, total word count is around 70K words, so a moderately sized novel in length that is broken into 5 short stories 13-16K words

Chronologically, the stories are:

1. Finding Warmth

2. Stoking Embers

3. Fanning Flames

4. Roasting Fires

5. Hearth Keepers

Thanks for being a reader


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As of today, the series is complete. It's a good ending for now, if there's a desire for a sequel I'll consider it, but I have no plans to write one as of yet.

Again, I want to give a shout out to @Talo Segura for being my editor and beta reader.

Also, I want to thank readers, reviewers, and comments. Knowing that some people enjoyed the story was great :)

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