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    The stuff from legends and fairy tales. Music, a bit of videogames, making up nicknames, puns, meditation, teaching, philosophy, pshychology, food.

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  1. That moment when you follow a story that’s in process and the author hasn’t posted in quite some time and you’re just hoping that they’re okay and nothing bad has happened to them 🙃

  2. ghanbrews

    Chapter 21

    That scene with Muriel was so worth the wait. You did manage to write despicable with quite the efficiency. A very hate worthy person, that woman. And their talk sheds some light into why Blake is such a spineless brat. No doubt she spoiled him into the man child that he is. And at the end of the day, Muriel only worked against herself, not valuing a competent and dedicated employee- I’d hope that even in fiction those are hard to come by too haha. i have faith that Marshal’s little sneak out to message Spencer was his salvation - although I’m late to point that out, I also th
  3. ghanbrews

    Chapter 20

    I wanted to hug the man. Bev is definitely well off with him
  4. ghanbrews

    Chapter 20

    Gosh, Spencer’s reaction when talking to both Blake and Joey was precious. It’s so satisfying that he can see them for the poor bastards they actually are. Pity is worst than hate - that’s how low those two are. And may they be the bane of each other’s existence haha. Nile is a genius. And now I must go to my corner and slowly die of anticipation for the Big Talk With Muriel™️.
  5. ghanbrews

    Chapter 19

    Marshal and Spence get cuter with every chapter. Can’t wait to see the Wyrrels reaction on Christmas 🙃 And can someone please save Ambika? No one deserves this Blake person! She seems so nice. And to think she’s already expected something horrible from her brother. Looks like she needs to be saved from her family too. Maybe an intervention is in order? Great chapter!
  6. ghanbrews

    Chapter 18

    Now I really want to read this romance featuring Tobleronia's hot prince.
  7. ghanbrews

    Chapter 17

    Of everything that’s going on in Spencer’s life, I’ve found his professional journey the most exciting of it all. Can’t wait to read Muriel getting the news 😜.
  8. ghanbrews

    Of Note

    Oh, I don't think there's even an objective definition of "slut". I believe it's one of those words that say more about who's using it than it says about who you're referring to. I mean, if there is consent, people are free to have sex with whoever they want, right? And my comment was truly meant as a compliment, Fleabag (the character) is quite a complex and interesting one. Although a little more self deprecating and humorous than Corbin, both have this rage that they tap on to make stuff happen. Anyway, I'm hanging on to see what is coming next (Or should it be who is comin
  9. ghanbrews

    Of Note

    This comment made me remember a line from Fleabag: “I use sex do deflect from the screaming void inside my heart.”. Perhaps it is more accurate? There sure seems to be a little bit of similarity between those two (Corbin and Fleabag, I mean.) 🤔
  10. ghanbrews

    Chapter 2

    Now I really want to see what comes next
  11. ghanbrews

    Hill of Candles

    I kind of believe there might be something more to where the topic of reincarnation comes from (I find this a very fascinating subject!). This just got me thinking that for Sikh beliefs - at least how I was taught - the main goal is to embrace the idea of the self ending. This tradition - and I believe in many dharmic ones as well - differentiates the mind from the soul. The mind forms the ego - the perception of 'who i am" - while the soul is the immortal part that goes on after the physical body is no more. Here is the gist: the mind dies with the body. So a person as they are - with th
  12. ghanbrews

    Hill of Candles

    This was really beautifully weaved and written. The well placed flashbacks, the compelling characters. You went so deep into James' characterization that I became deeply invested on how everything around him was going to unfold. It was full of thought and discourse, but yet if felt thrilling and fast paced somehow. And the mythology, if we can call it that, was so intriguing I felt an itch to get more of it. Not that it was lacking, but just made me really curious. Feels like something that could be explored on many stories. The questions in my head at the end - who are those aliens? How does
  13. ghanbrews

    Chapter 1

    Once in a while I come back to read this and it never gets old. It warms my heart and give me some good feels and it’s perfect
  14. ghanbrews

    The English Year

    Glad to see you're back! I'm happy that you managed to take the time you needed and found your way back to the story. I for one can say it only brings me good feelings to see the story being updated again. The absence was felt, but it didn't make my life worse in any practical way haha. I hope you enjoy your time back to this story as much as any of us reading it
  15. ghanbrews

    Chapter 85

    I just got thinking a random thought that Deke shoul find someone and fall in love. I'd love to see jackass/badass all mushy and sappy from being in love
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