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    The stuff from legends and fairy tales. Music, a bit of videogames, contemporary dance, making up nicknames, puns, teaching, philosophy, pshychology, food.

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  1. It seems like Heathcliff will freak out a little when he finally figures out that he's kind of falling for Aidan 😛
  2. ghanbrews


    Kieran is practically the Big Budha himself: he's being so wise about the whole thing, not letting any hurry and desperation get in his own way. And he's being very sensitive of Kennedy's needs and feelings too.
  3. ghanbrews

    Samui Sunset

    I felt compelled to make some sort of general comment: While reading this chapter it dawned on me how good you are in character building. There are great authors here at GA at this, but somehow your characters seem to stand out for me. They seem so, unique, genuine. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it is kind of wonderful. Even the not so loveable ones, they are delightful to read And of course I'm loving this story too. I'll be on the lookout for the next chapter

    1. ghanbrews


      Hey, thanks :D


  5. ghanbrews

    Chapter 18

    I've just started reading this story and went through all chapters in a blur. Its really cool! I've been in a bit of a scifi phase and just finished watching the new star trek series on netflix. I was just wanting more and then I find this. It was just perfect for my hunger for space travel with alien races and interesting characters. Love the plot and can't wait to see it unravel Nice work as always
  6. ghanbrews


    Hey! Thank you for the feedback . This story was supposed to be a one time thing, but who knows, right
  7. ghanbrews


    Thank you for reading
  8. ghanbrews

    Close To You

    This was a wonderful early Christmas gift. Thank you
  9. It sure would be interesting to see a revenge plan turning into a whole self-awareness journey. There is much room for character development in Damian, right? And a well-made anti-hero is always fun
  10. ghanbrews

    Santa Baby

    Damian sure fits the profile of abusive people who try to undermine their partners' self-esteem and confidence to keep them under their control. Al this "I'm too good for you" posture he puts on with Rudy seems to disguise a huge ego that demands attention and it is not able to build confidence from who he is, but only from praise and attention. It's good that Rudy was able to rid himself of that. And now Damian is the one chasing after him like a puppy, desperate for validation and someone to stroke his ego. That alone should be punishment enough, but I suppose Frank and Johnny will add a little more to this
  11. ghanbrews

    Chapter 22

    I once saw a TED presentation in which a writer spoke about how artists should just keep doing their thing and if the result was not good, blame it on the muse. "I did my part, but you didn't do yours, missy muse", was her advice for when stuff didn't work out. In this case, I think the story is so good that Craftingmom's muse didn't want to miss out and came rushing back as soon as she started typing So worth the wait!
  12. ghanbrews

    Stay Another Day

    I can only imagine the devious plan those two came up with. And talk about bad relationships, uh? Can't wait to see it all unfold
  13. What a rollercoaster of surprises Trevor is getting himself, up and down. I see this downward slope going even further now
  14. ghanbrews

    White Christmas

    Funny how both Rudy and Trevor had trouble in relationships with men which, one way or another, had trouble acknowledging who they really were.
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