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  1. bluewhite4


    Love the chapter, and so glad to see Rick step up and begin to not let life just be dictated to him. Feels like he's in the driver's seat. Zoltan locking up the house and hiding Gus away doesn't surprise me at all. As Zoltan himself admitted, he's done this for (puke!) Gus before. I'm willing to bet Zoltan convinced Gus it was Rick that doesn't want to see him (maybe even tried the engagement rumor too?), and that leaving and heading back to Chicago would spare Gus pain if there was an accidental Rick sighting. But Rick knows where Gus will be. Gus had said he goes to the mus
  2. bluewhite4


    This was great! A play-off of Voltron, which the recent Netflix re-telling is one of my favorites.
  3. bluewhite4

    Chapter 5

    Love this story. Look for it and re-read it each holiday season.
  4. That was it, thank you! I don't know why I was ignoring the column headers, but I'm willing to bet that will change it. Thank you!
  5. bluewhite4


    I know there were some changes to the way that notifications worked last year with the site upgrade. And I did my best to follow along during those upgrade and understand the changes, but I just want to make sure I completely understand. Most of the stories I've followed are set to notify me when new content is posted. Does this mean I'll only receive notification via the browser notification system, and not via an email? When I look at the "Method to use for content I follow automatically", it gives options for emails on a per day or once per week choice, but to me isn
  6. bluewhite4

    The Last Screw

    This. This right here needs to happen. Otherwise it's Billy trying to protect people all over again, and I would hope by now he'd learn that keeping secrets in order to protect someone always, at least for him, screws everything up.
  7. NOOOOOOO!!!! There has to be more....I swear I'll be checking every hour. I'm ridiculously hooked and need to know what happens next! Great chapter!
  8. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday today!

  9. Love Michael's mom and dad. And a huge thank you to them for waking him up and helping him realize what he Kendall all along!
  10. bluewhite4

    Chapter 8

    Somehow I missed this update till just now.... So Raeden was able to partially morph and clearly knew that Kim was more than uneasy about fulfilling the other part of the agreement with the Doctor. Very interesting...can't wait for the next chapter!
  11. Thank you for adding me as a friend :)

  12. bluewhite4


    Leave it to Boris to say what everyone else has been avoiding! And Andrea's reply at the end is little gross to me; she's almost been complicit in the whole affair that means. Another great chapter! Hopefully now Boris will be able to see some of Oli's hang-ups when it comes to their relationship now as well.
  13. bluewhite4

    Chapter 36

    Great chapter and great story. I started this last night, and couldn't put it away. (Feeling a little sluggish today, but was totally worth it.) Can't wait for the next chapter!
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