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  1. Daithi

    Chapter 10

    By the looks of it Hugh's pain has reached a crest and hopefully from now on it will be easier for him. Hope he gets to go back to Jonathan soon. Great chapter.
  2. Daithi

    Chapter 12

    So i take it that nature is a prude, everytime Birch swears the trees shiver or the magic acts funny. If he continues to ask the right questions maybe something will happen, either that or Vernon or Crii will piss him off enough that he will swear the answer to appear hehe. Great chapter Cia lol.
  3. Daithi

    Chapter 11

    If Sayers was the Royal Heir and the strongest of the Fae why is there no hullabaloo and outcry when he turned Darkling....strange. Loved the conversation with himself that Birch had about riding the horse, I'm glad he was able to find some humour with the future possibility of losing Sayers to the dark side.
  4. Daithi

    Wacky Wednesday: Interview With Totallyy

    I find that Totallyy's writing is unique in that he wipes the blurriness of emotions and gives you a crystal clear picture of what he wants you to see in the story. His stories run the full gamut of emotions but they don't blur into one another, each emtion is right there for all to see . Very descriptive and a joy to read. Great interview Ashi :-)
  5. Daithi

    Of Bear and Man

    Troy has come quite a bit from the straight no f*** way am I gay man he was from 36 hours ago. But something tells me it won't always be a stroll in the park. Hopefully Paddy's homesickness abated soon.
  6. Daithi

    Getting To Know You

    Troys story is so sad and a bit different most shifters change back to their human shape after death. I think that walk home was probably the longest and most difficulties of Troys life. That night he lost his father. Wonder how much of a thorn Levi is going to be for the guys? Great chapter.
  7. Daithi

    Featured Story: The Cassini Mission

    I totally loved this story can't wait to see how it all turns out.
  8. Hmmm the monsters are gone for the year now its on to the drearies and icky weather. Is spring here yet???

    1. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      but first dear kitten, comes the fire. it's Vruuaska'a birthday!

    2. Daithi


      Oh well in that case bring on the heat!!!!!!

  9. Daithi

    Differences of Opinion

    Hmmm seems Troy has more thing than the whole Gay thing in his craw. Should be interesting to see how these two make a go of it when they come from opposite ends of the spectrum in life ideals hehe. And hello ever heard of sushi ain't that raw fish and hes from Scotland they eat things a bit different there don't they lol
  10. Daithi

    Personal questions...

    unfortunately since i can read a book or more a day anything i can get my hands on!!. But currently in paper back Styx by Sherrylon Kenyon and Brew Maxwell online
  11. Absolutely loved this, laughed through most of it and adored the mom. Was really sorry it was all finished would love to see a revisit and see how they continued on. Have read it 2-3 times and love it more each time.
  12. Daithi

    Heart Strings

    I do believe Timothy hit the nail on the head. Unless they are put in different areas by the boss they should be able to manage the hand touching at least without much notice. Though Troy does have one thing right a bit of care should be taken , one I doubt anyone knows they are shifters, and so they wouldn't understand the mated idea and they had just met so instant attraction like that are not so common among humans. so maybe working up to announcing the attraction might b a safer thing. the food issue meh one eats meat one eats fish not a big problem since after getting meat it will be served all the time nothing says you always have to at the same thing as your mate lol. To me you would think there would be more of an issue with a huge bear and a middle sizes cat going at each other. Guess Paddy's family one pf the inclusive shifters clan that only do it with their own kind lol. Great story pup can't wait to read the next chapter. BTW i absolutely adore Lynx's one of my favourite big cats with thier bob tails and tufted ears,, very good choice
  13. Daithi

    Instant Attraction

    Wow pup you know Hot!! so this should be interesting a bear and a lynx I love the way this started and can't wait to see what happens next.
  14. Daithi

    Chapter 10

    And the Queen of the Cliffhangers strikes again. That does not bode well for Sayer , hopefully he doesn't become a Darkling like his parents. I think Sayer was a bit overly ambitious this time and i really hope that Birch gets to him before he bites off more than he can chew. Interesting chapter looking forward to next weeks chapter
  15. Daithi

    Chapter 7

    Jaesun is selfish he took the easy way out true, he lost a lot by doing that and i think by visiting Jae's mum he is trying to get back a little bit of what he lost. Jae does need to forgive Jaesun but it will take a while I think Dan will be the perfect person to help him do that. But until Jae sees past the hurt and pain of deception by Jaesun he wont see the reason of Jaesun being weaker than the others boys he reached out for what he wanted irregardless of what was best for the rest of the group. He stepped over top of the guys to reach that shiny gold step on the top of the ladder and he is now finding out that it may have been fools gold and really lonely at the top. I think Jae's mum knows a lot more than she is telling about the relationship between Dan and Jae maybe even more than Jae is willing to accept for himself, it's going to be interesting to see how that plays out. I can see Jae's mum having a bit of a hand in her son's love life. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  16. Daithi

    Writing Tip: Quotes From The Greats!

    Excellent quotes and so absolutely true Cia
  17. Daithi

    Happy Birthday Bumblebee

  18. Daithi

    Chapter 5

    Loved the bath hehe. Meartagh is right in that there is nothing for Shawn to go back to I think and rightly so that what Shawn is objecting to is the fact that he goes from a man that could stand on his own make his own decision even if he was alone to now being an objective for someone else. But something tells me he won't stay like that for long, I don't see Rath keeping Shawn as a dog or a pet like we would think of it rather I hope not anyway. I think both men just need someone for themselves, and the "pet" is Rath's way of doing it just a differenet lifestyle. Great story!!
  19. I love Wrangler Butts and the following books after it. All through the story you could see how these two guys sorta grew and matured from two young cowboys into two totally self assured young men. They not only dealt with the trials of college but also went on to deal with the trials of parenting teenagers to natural disasters. How many people would think that a college professor and a cowboy would make a life together and be able to make such a huge difference in both their totally different fields. This series of books are one of my favourite here on GA. From a small small college office where two guys meet and share the office to the beautiful ranch they owned and ran with their two sons this series of books had everything in it from the hassles of college headaches to the diversity of raising goats and cattle on the same ranch. to dealing with injuries, tornadoes and helping their son find his past in Alaska. Absolutely amazing and most definitely one of the top ten reads in my opinion.
  20. Daithi

    Trials and Tribulations

    Looking forward to when you start posting chapters again.... Hope its soon Billy
  21. I love this story, hopefully Bradley gets what he deserves and I'm glad Kenji made it through can't wait for next weeks update
  22. Daithi

    Weekly Wrap Up!

    Cool weather a warm fire and lots to read, what could be better .
  23. Daithi

    Chapter Twelve

    Nice chapter. A year is a long time but I really do think these two guys will be able to do it, they are older not like they are teenagers where the grass always seems greener over the next fence. As to whether this mini-blow up will effect Mark and Jackie's relationship It shouldnt. Jackie is Mark's sister and to be truthful she really shouldn't have anything to do with his relationship with Trey. Mark is a big boy it is really up to him and Trey how far and how long the relationship can and will last. I think they will be able to do it it wont be easy but i think they can do it. Jackie should be there to support her brother not tear him down. I think jackie is overstepping her sisterly bonds way too much and she needs to step back and let her brother live his life and not make him live the life she figures he should live according to her.
  24. Snow yesterday so I guess this means the end of summer and bypass fall lol

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      Sasha Distan

      i wants the snow

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      you all may have the snow I don't want it lol

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      Yuck!! Hate snow!!


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