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  1. brbear1

    Chapter 34

    I hope the story continues under the same name or one that we will know to follow. I have enjoyed it so very much and want to follow it where it goes. Great job thanks.
  2. brbear1

    Chapter 26

    I just finished the story and as all of CL.Jobe's stories enjoyed it very much. As much as I enjoyed the story like alway I hate to see it end. I would love to see another story come out of this one Maybe following Bobby's life.
  3. brbear1

    Chapter 56

    Great chapter looking forward to 57
  4. brbear1

    Chapter 86

    I am sad to see the story end but as with all good things it must. I have totally enjoyed it and have cried with it and will miss it. Thanks you so much for this story I am sure it opened many eyes to the plight of homeless and abused children. I only wish there were such places as Sanctuary.
  5. This has been an enjoyable read and I loved every minute of it. I will be waiting for book 2 knowing it will be just as good. brbear1
  6. brbear1

    Chapter 52

    Hi Chris. I love this story and can't hate to see how Jeremy adapts to his mew home. I expect the the boys will play a big part in his life and teach him many new things. Keep up the great work. Darell
  7. I am very much enjoying the story and look forward to the next chapter. Darell
  8. I am enjoying this story and see it not just a friends with benefits but as love in the making, it takes time to develop. Keep up the great job brbear1
  9. brbear1

    Chapter 3

    I am really loving this story. So much love for others.
  10. brbear1


    Mac I read many stories but seldom does one touch me the way this one has. From the very first chapter all I get was love. Such an uplifting story what an ending that hart warming. I will be watching for more from you keep up the great writing. Darell
  11. Another great chapter to an awesome story. You just have to love Cade. It looks like he will fit into this theater family perfectly.
  12. brbear1

    Holiday Cheer 1

    I can't fine the words to tell you how much I am enjoying this story. I will be waiting for the next chapters. Darell
  13. brbear1

    Chapter 32

    A great chapter and I can hardly wait for the next one, keep them coming.
  14. brbear1

    Chapter 27

    Its a fantastic story and I for one am in not hurry to to see it end. Keep up the good work.
  15. brbear1

    Chapter 26

    I am totally enjoying this story. Glad the boys are home at last and looking for ward to Liam arriving and how he will like his new home.
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