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  1. Happy Birthday!


  3. Bckyexelby

    Anubis and Khonsu's Children

    Maybe a story about Anubis and Khonsu
  4. Bckyexelby

    My Name is Nick

    How about doing a story about the two men David and Andrew
  5. Bckyexelby

    Chapter 1

    Have you thought about making this story longer?
  6. Bckyexelby

    Chapter 10

    What about a Ricky and Andy story
  7. Bckyexelby


    Is there a second part to this story
  8. Bckyexelby


    Can you do a another story about seeon and milka please
  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Bckyexelby

    Chapter 9

    Have you done a story about Eric or James yet I want to read more about them
  11. Bckyexelby

    Dinner at Grandmother's House

    Will there be a third chapter of this story
  12. Bckyexelby

    Chapter 14 - End of the game

    When will book 3 come out
  13. Bckyexelby

    Chapter 7

    Can we have mora and Ziels story next please ver story as well
  14. Bckyexelby

    Chapter 18 - Into the woods...Whoops

    When is the next book coming out
  15. Bckyexelby

    Chapter 17 - What lurks in the woods

    Does ira find the blood wolves in the forest

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