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  1. dachcr

    Chapter 17

    This is such a great story - there are so many of these boys on the street that just need some help - some love.
  2. dachcr


    A lovely stroy between two friends that became lovers and partners - well-written.
  3. Interesing plot, but the many spelling and grammar mistakes make it very difficult to read. Please get an editor.
  4. dachcr

    Chapter Six

    I so love the Liam character - there is something in this poor boy's life that is not happy. He is definately in love with his best friend and dont know how to handle it. His father is also someone very important in this story - does he have something on Jake's family?
  5. Excellent lovely story about a man creating his own unique family.
  6. Hmmm, Stephanie planned to speak to Robbie that evening?? Mistake in the timeline?
  7. Excellent story - the development of the characters are outstanding,
  8. A great start with some interesting potential, but you need to fix all the grammar mistakes so that the reading becomes easier.
  9. I really love this story. Great to hear the other side of David's bunch of boys. Cannot wait to see how things will work out later.
  10. dachcr

    Chapter 1

    Not bad...but please fix the spelling.
  11. dachcr


    A very heartfelt story thanks.
  12. As usual a stunning chapter. Love the idea that Alex is moving in with Robbie's new family. Alex will be a great influence on Robbie, and maybe a much better boyfriend than Nathan. Just saying.
  13. A great story, love to see what is going to happen with boys next!
  14. dachcr

    Chapter 14

    Where is the next chapter? I miss my Jake and Klaus.
  15. Hope you have a great Birthday!

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