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    AC Benus
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  • 72 Words

The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Prose - 2. Boyd McDonald "Unnatural Act"


Unnatural Act


"Anybody," says Auberon Waugh, the English writer,

"can cultivate a taste for heterosexuality with a little effort."

Unsaid, but implied, is that [same-sex love] is natural

and doesn't require any effort at all.

—Boyd McDonald, [i]






[i] “Unnatural Act” Boyd McDonald Juice. How Men Look, Act, Walk, Talk, Dress, Undress, Taste & Smell, Volume 5 (San Francisco 1984), p. 141



Copyright © 2021 AC Benus; All Rights Reserved.
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1 minute ago, Parker Owens said:

That made me smile a mile wide. 

McDonald was quite a wit. His movie reviews are a scream :)

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