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The Peter Charles - 29. Chapter 29

“Dad, we’re ready.”

“I guess we have some fish to deliver.” Saying goodbye, we began to deliver fish, shrimp and lobster. Gram was the first stop, yes Charles got his kiss and ribbing as well.

Robby’s mom was very excited to see him. “How was your week? Did you go fishing?” We laughed at all of the questions.

“Robby get a pan for the fish. Did you enjoy the fish and shrimp from last week?”

“Yes, very much, the women I work with couldn’t get over that it was free.”

“It isn’t free, Robby earned that fish and any other seafood you get. It’s part of his wages.” Robby was holding the pan when I said about it being part of his wages, he smiled as I pointed to the chests, he took out a fish and was ready to leave when I pointed to the other chest, he smiled as he took out a handful of shrimp, I added my handful to the pan, and then I took out a lobster and added it. His mother’s eyes were wet.

“Robby, filet the fish for your mom” I handed him my knife. Just like on the boat, he took his time, and placed two nice filets in the pan. As he carried the pan into the house, he called his mother. I guess he gave her his pay envelope, we heard. ‘don’t cry’

We waited a good thirty minutes before he came out, smiling. I rustle his hair, “good job”

The rest of the fish we delivered as usual, John couldn’t stop bragging about Johnny. Johnny smiled as his dad praised him to his mother. “Dad, we missed taking Paul with us. Can we stop and give him some fish?”

“Yes, we did miss him. Okay, we’ll stop and give him some fish.”

“Bob, you missed a great time. No arguments, no fights, the dad’s behaved.” He laughed. “Bob, I think I may have a deal for you on a car. I don’t know if I told you but I have part ownership in a Smart car franchise. I had them looking for a car for Jamie, a trade in or something like that. They told me on Wednesday they had a shipment of new cars coming in and that the broker, who arranges the shipment said a few of the cars were damaged loading. The insurance reimburses us for damaged vehicles, we use them for spare parts. He said that they received on Saturday a dark green unit that needed fenders, a front bumper and a windshield replaced. He said he could do that with the parts he has plus painting for thirty-five hundred, at cost. Interested?”

“Yes, but I’d like to look at it.”

“How about next week, he said he’ll have it ready by next Thursday?”

“Yes, that would be great. I was a little worried about a car for him. Junkers are junk and from what I’ve seen, four thousand wouldn’t do it. Thanks Kevin, this is on the up and up right?”

“Of course”

Arriving home with all of the boys we left with, including Paul, they headed for the rec room, I didn’t have to worry about Frankie, Nicky and Jamie took care of him.

I place the ice chests on a/c power, emptied the small chests, cleaning the fish, ready for the freezer along with what every shrimp and lobster were left over from delivery.

“Have the boys said anything about dinner tonight?”

“No, they are down in the rec room. Let’s order pizza, they like it and we won’t have to cook.”

“Okay, you call it in, I’m calling Grace to let her know I’ll be at the hospital tomorrow.”

Glen ordered the pizza for a six o’clock delivery, Grace was glad I was going to the hospital tomorrow. So all is well within our world. While we waited for the pizza, I did some book work while Glen went down to the rec room with the kids. When the pizza’s arrived, Glen took them to the kids. The boys were hungry, these boys were always hungry.

I sat on the sofa, with Peter under my left arm and Adam on my lap with his back to my chest. I was holding my pizza in my right hand and hoping I didn’t drop any. One piece was enough for me, but I had to help Adam finish his second piece. He would take a bite and then offer me a bite, actually I’d open my mouth and he’d put the pizza in, all I had to do was bite down.

The boys chatted among themselves, Nicky and Jamie talked about college and how different everything will be. Glen and I told them about our experiences and how we felt when we realized that we no longer had someone asking us if we did our homework. We talked abut living on campus versus off campus living, Glen told about the dorms and not being conducive to studying. I lived at home and traveled until Mom and Dad had their accident. Then I didn’t want to go to school anymore, I had lost everything, that was when my Uncle Amos took over. Then I stayed one semester in a dorm and moved out between semesters. I found a one room apartment which I rented till I graduated.

Nicky thought he would prefer to stay off campus. He heard stories about parties that got out of control. Jamie said he would like to stay off campus as well and maybe he and Nicky could rent a flat. “It wouldn't feel like we were alone.”

I thought that would be a good idea and Glen agreed. “It won’t be long before Scott and Travis will be going to college. Maybe we should look at a few places we could buy and then rent them to students.”

“Tomorrow, why don’t you talk to some realtors to see what you can find.”

“I can do that, after I visit the hospital.”

“Frankie, when you’re ready to go to bed, we’ll carry you up and I can put more medicine on your back.”

“We can carry him up and if you tell me what to do, I can put the medicine on. I think we’re going to cocoon down here.”

Frankie looked disappointed, “What’s the matter Frankie? Would you rather stay here with the guys?”

“Yes, but what do they sleep on?”

The boys took over and began to get the blow up mattresses out and blankets. “Nicky, come with me and I’ll give you the medicine for his back.”

I went to the room Frankie was sleeping in, “Nicky, gently put this on his butt. Then put these old underwear on, you may need to put a soft towel or something to cushion his butt if he sits on it or lays on his back. In the morning I’ll see that he’s washed and put more medicine on his butt. The boys will probably go crabbing, make sure if he goes, he has a soft seat.”

That night while Glen was locking up, I placed a special container on his pillow. Keeping with our routine, I was brushing my teeth when Glen joined me. I turned on the shower, only this time we didn’t play our usual game. “Tonight is a special night, save it, you’ll need it.

It took Glen about five seconds to understand what I meant. “Kevin, we don’t have to do that.”

“Yes, we do, it’s the final act of a married couple and I want to see us joined together in a very special way. I want to feel you in me as part of you.”

I took towels with us, pulled back the covers, laid the towels down, turned and kissed Glen while making sure he was ready. Handing him the tube, “Just go slow. This is my first time and you are my first.”

“Maybe you should go first.”

“Glen, I have never done this and neither have you, so we’re not experts but I’ll bet once you start you’ll be my expert forever.” We decided I’d lay on my stomach, I felt Glen as he applied the gel around my entrance, then I waited and waited, “What’s wrong?”

“We don’t have condoms.”

“We don’t need them unless you lied about not doing this before and I don’t believe you can lie, so we don’t need them.” I felt more lubricant and then I felt the first push. I wanted this so bad, I relaxed and Glen was in. I heard him gasp as he fully entered me.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, just go easy, you feel huge.”

Glen did go easy and in no time he was a pro. “Kev, I’m ready to ….” He didn’t finish as he came in me. He collapsed on my back, kissing my shoulder, “I have never experienced anything like this before. Kevin, I love you and now I’m really a part of you. If you were a woman, I guarantee you’d be pregnant with multiple babies.” Then he laughed.

I got up and went to the bathroom, that was when Glen noticed he wasn’t the only one to reach a climax. “I thought it would be my turn. But you’re soft.”

“Give me five minutes and it’ll be your turn and maybe my turn again.” He laughed, by the time he cleaned up I was ready, just thinking about it was enough for me. I never let on that the first time he penetrated me, it hurt, as much as I relaxed the extension of that muscle did hurt. I think it’s a natural reaction, the system was design to expel not to allow anything to enter.

“Glen, I want you to lay on your back, I want to look at you.” I put his legs on my shoulder, and applied the lubricant to his orifice. I could tell he was nervous, I lube up my weapon, “I’ll go slow, the book said to push out and it helps. It helped me.” Looking into his eyes, I slowly place my penis to his orifice and pushed slightly. It was hard, I wanted to ram it in but I knew it would hurt too much and I’d never intentionally hurt Glen. I watched his face for any signs of pain or discomfort. “Kev, I’m ready, go slow but go.”

I did and soon my head was nestled in Glen. The feeling was unbelievable, I was going to be a part of him as only we could. Glen wrapped his legs around me and started to pull me toward him, I slid in. Once I was all the way in, I waited for a minute, and then slowly I started the in and out movements of love. I could tell when it started to feel good for Glen, he relaxed and I sped up. I wanted to drive myself as deep as I could. Glen was mine and mine only, I wanted to mark him. I did, I must have coated every millimeter of his insides when I came. I watched as Glen coated my stomach. The kiss that followed require a repeat of our performances, this time I was on my back and there was no hesitation on either of our parts. We collapsed, “We need another shower.” After cleaning up the bed, we fell asleep in each others arms, a deep sleep, a loving sleep one that for me confirmed that Glen and I would be lovers for ever.

And so the marriage was consummated

Copyright © 2020 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.

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You know the song "Feels like the first time"?Well it applies here.Love the way the boys are taking care of Frankie.Good idea for Nicky and Jamie to share a place.

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I'm pleased the boys are looking after Frankie. Good idea for the boys to share a place at college.

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Excellent chapter, so we have a great union between them it can only go from strength to strength

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