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The Peter Charles - 31. Chapter 31

Arriving home, the boys were back from crabbing. “Want to go to the Wharf for dinner?”

They lined up ready to go. The wagon was converted into a cart for Frankie. We locked up, Adam was on my shoulders and Peter was on Glen’s. The boys walked all around us. “Sister Ann said to tell all of you hello and they are including you all in their prayers.” He whispered to me, “The cook said they have been eating a lot better and some of the girls say prayers thanking us for the food, when they say grace.”

I smiled and thanked God we were able to share. When we entered the Wharf, they were empty. I looked at Barney, he smiled. The boys pulled together the tables, Scott, Andy and Travis headed for the kitchen, they quickly came back and grabbed Steve. I ordered drinks for the boys and the Captain’s table. I sat with them until my boys came back. “Dad, Aunt Mary wants to see you.”

“Excuse me Captains,” I waved to Barney another round for this table. “Mary, the boys said you wanted to see me.”

“Kevin, I really wanted to thank you. Barney is so happy, what happened on that boat.”

“Well, we sat around and talked and drank beer.” We laughed. “Mary, we talked about business. I wondered why he didn’t advertise as an inn. He said it was too much work, when we looked at it with the captains staying here, you only have two rooms unoccupied and occasionally three. He was concerned about the work load till I told him about Steve working here. I think he realized that all of the negatives weren’t there anymore. I told him you could take a vacation too, we could and would handle the place for you. Scott and Steve in the kitchen with Travis helping I could handle the bar. I’ll bet Andy’s parents would pitch in again. Think about it, you’ll be happy as well.”


“Kevin, remember what we talked about on the boat?”


“Do you think you could handle this during Thanksgiving? I have a brother back east who we haven’t seen for a while. I’d like to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family.”

“Count on it. The boys and I will have our Thanksgiving right here.” I think I have never see Barney smile so much. I took another round of drinks to the Captains’ table.


It wasn’t long before the boys brought out plates and bowls, that meant soup for a starter. They sent Peter over to the Captain’s table to ask if they wanted to eat.

“Granddad, do you and your friends want to eat with us?”

“Is it good?”

“Yes, Scott and Steve made the soup and Andy and Travis made the dinner. They told me not to tell what they made.” Uncle looked around the table, primarily at Jim. They nodded yes.

“Peter, tell the cooks we would be glad to evaluate their culinary skills.”

“Okay I’ll tell them yes.” Uncle laughed.

The soup was a vegetable soup but had small dumplings in it and the dumplings had bits of crab imbedded in the dough. It was absolutely delicious, Barney gave it a thumbs up and Mary sat with us and she enjoyed it. I looked at Uncle, he smiled so I knew he like it.


The main course was fish pies with sides of green beans and a salad. I looked at the pies, I assumed they were pies, the crust was golden brown and when you broke into it, the smell of aromatics hit your nose and started the saliva to flow. The fish was cooked and mixed with mash potatoes. There was a gravy on top of the fish/potato mixture. I was surprised , it was really good. I think everyone was surprised. Even the captains were surprised and they really like it. Uncle gave us a thumbs up.

Glen and I talked to Mary and Barney while the boys cleaned up. We could hear laughter from the kitchen. On the walk home, “Whose idea was the soup and fish pies?”

“Dad, we wanted to make something different. We sort of brain stormed it and came up with what we served. Did you like it?”

“Absolutely, everyone did. Write it up because I want it again. The whole works.” I had some happy kids going home.


Morning came, same routine including breakfast, then I fixed the thermos of hot chocolate and a very light and fluffy eggs for the other thermos. We took the car, Glen dropped me off at the hospital. “I’ll being lunch.”

“Get chicken soup for Shawn and Tom”

Walking into Shawn’s room, it was empty. Tom struck his head in, “He went to X-ray to check the progress of his ribs. The want to confirm that they are setting properly. He had some bad injuries, they were afraid the broken ribs had punctured the lungs.”

“I brought breakfast, had he eaten or you for that matter?”

“I just came back from having breakfast. I used your change from last night, I hope that is okay. I don’t usually eat here so I didn’t have any money.”

“No, that’s okay. Tomorrow I’ll bring enough for you as well.”

“Good morning Kev”

“Good morning Don, how’s our patient this morning?”

“During very well. In a week he can go home. He’ll need some extra care and help for couple of weeks but I know you’ll see to that.”

Tom helped him to bed, “Shawn, are you hungry? I brought you breakfast and some hot chocolate.” I opened the thermos with the eggs. Using a spoon I fed him the eggs. I poured the hot chocolate into his water glass, it needed to cool a little. He said he was full, I set the thermos aside, Tom went to clean it, he came back for the spoon. I think he finished the eggs. I helped Shawn drink his hot chocolate. He said it was good. Today was his turn, he asked questions which I gladly answered. Tom joined in with his questions, he had quite a few about the boat.

There was a tap on my shoulder, there was Glen with our lunch. I introduced Glen to Tom and Shawn. If there were any questions of Glen and my relationship, the kiss answered those questions. “I have four soup, and two sandwiches with extra buns from the bakery.” He sat Shawn’s soup on his bed table. I took a spoon and started to feed him. He ate this a little faster than the last time I fed him. His appetite must be coming back. With his soup done, I began to eat my soup, Glen fixed our sandwiches. Tom’s eyes bulged when Glen handed him his sandwich.

Glen laughed, he took one of our sandwiches and a roll, and made a sandwich, then offered rolls to Tom. I finished my soup, and then fixed a sandwich for myself. Glen had made one for Shawn. One sandwich for me, I was done. Shawn and Glen like wise but Tom ended up eating two sandwiches. There was still leftovers. Tom took them, wrapped them, “This will be my late night snack.”

“That will be our late night snack.” Shawn was definitely feeling better.

Glen went back to work, I sat there and talked to Tom and Shawn. Shawn told us about Scotland and the playing of the pipes. I think we kept questioning him just to hear him talk. “I guess I’ll never get back to Scotland, my best friend lives there.”

“I’ll make you a promise, hurry up and get well, I’ll take you to Scotland over Christmas break.” His eyes shown with excitement. “Would you like to send your friend a letter or maybe talk to him on the phone.”

“The phone is too expensive, but I could send him a letter.”

“Good, tomorrow I’ll bring you paper and pen, you can write him a letter.”

Glen dropped by on the way home from work, I gave Tom another fifty for food.


“He’s coming along very well. How would you like to spend Christmas in Scotland?”

“I’d love it. Is that what you promised him?”

“If he gets well. Positive thinking, something to shoot for helps a lot. It puts your mind in a good position. I’m thinking about taking one of the boys with me tomorrow. I was thinking of Scott. What do you think?”

“Why don’t you take David as well?”

“It’s interesting that you mentioned him.”

“I think of all of our boys, he’d be the most sympathetic to what Shawn is going through. They share a similar past, David’s parents were killed in a hold up as well. They were innocent bystanders when they got shot.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“You never read the files. I think the past doesn’t matter to you.”

“Your right, it doesn’t. We all have some sorrow in our past, if we dwell on it we’ll never get over it. I just realize that I should heed my own advice. Okay, I’ll read the files. We’ll bring Scott and David.” I think Glen’s smiles are the best ever. His face lights up, especially the eyes. I really love this man.


Copyright © 2020 CLJobe; All Rights Reserved.

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Already planning for Christmas and Thanksgiving.Are we going to see that part in this story?

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Excellent chapter, he seems to recovering well, interesting times and travel ahead , that is sure to be a lot of fun

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1 hour ago, weinerdog said:

Already planning for Christmas and Thanksgiving.Are we going to see that part in this story?

You are impatient, yes you'll see this in the story

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3 minutes ago, mikedup said:

Excellent chapter, he seems to recovering well, interesting times and travel ahead , that is sure to be a lot of fun

yep, No drama just good family fun

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Great chapter. He seems to be recovering well. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas and there travels.

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7 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Great chapter. He seems to be recovering well. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas and there travels.

🙂 They will have a good time, be assured 

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