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Noah and Jordan - 16. Chapter Sixteen

Mature content below.

*** JORDAN ***

The bed is a mess with sheets and limbs flung about all over the place. I try to get up, but Noah's arm is across my chest, his leg on top of mine. I don't want to wake him up, so I stay in bed. Eventually I see an eye lid twitch in the corner. Mr. Sleepy Head is waking up.

Morning, I say to him.

“Morning,” he yawns. His voice is muffled; half of his mouth is covered by the blanket. He still is in sleepy mode. “What time is it?”

“It's nine in the morning.”

He lazily opens his eyes half way. “I’m going to be late for class.”

“Screw class,” I say moving closer to him. “Stay in bed.”

“I’m glad you’re still here.”

“There is nowhere else I’d rather be than here waking up next to a hot guy,” I reply.

It's too early for sarcasm, Jordan.

I'm not being sarcastic. It feels good waking up next to you.

“I wasn’t sure if after last night you would still …”

Still what? Be here? You thought I would leave? Of course not, Noah. I would never just leave. I’m kind of offended you would think that!”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean it that way,” he says taking my hand. “I just thought that after the euphoria wore away, you might feel differently about me now.”

“I do feel different, but in a good way. I feel closer to you. I enjoyed every moment last night, especially scraping you with my teeth.”

Thanks for that by the way, he interjects.

“No problem, any time. Are you having any regrets?” I hope not! I want to do what we did last night again!

“No, no, of course not. Sorry, Jordan. I didn't mean it like that. I had a wonderful time last night. It almost feels like something I dreamt up,” he says with a smile.

“Well, if you need a reminder,” I say moving my hand to his semi-hard dick.

“I know who to call. But for now, I’m starving. I need some food!”

“We did have a pretty vigorous workout last night,” I say with a smile.

“We did. Wash up. I’ll make those pancakes I promised you yesterday.”

*** NOAH ***

I sent messages, I called. But nothing. Jenn still hasn't confirmed if she is coming over today. The plan is to work on our essays in the afternoon. Theyre due starting in about a week. Just to be safe I keep the entire day free. I cook up a huge feast, all of her favourites. Now I’m hoping she comes for two reasons. First, because it means we’re still friends, and second, because I can’t eat all of this food on my own!

She's going to come. I know it. I look at my watch: six o'clock. She'll come. She can't still be angry. I always win her back. Always. Her temper flares for a few hours, but she always listens to reason in the end. Always. I hope that is the case this time. Though, Jenn was really angry. I did betray her and her trust. But she will see above all that and see why I did it. She's going to come I know it.

The minutes tick by. I continue to wait. I keep glancing at my phone. But there are only messages from Jordan. He is out with John and Caleb tonight. I convinced him he should go. He said he would cancel, just in case Jenn doesn’t show up. But I told him I would be okay.

Besides, if Jordan was here, I’m not sure we would be able to keep our hands off of one another. I missed my Friday morning class yesterday, the one I have with Jenn, because it took hours getting out of bed. He wouldn’t get up, or let me get up! I have to admit it felt wonderful just being in his arms. We barely made it to our English class. That’s only after I forced him out of bed. I didn’t even have time to make those pancakes. We ended up quickly eating cereal.

As for English class, man that was tough. There was just this sexual energy between us. We were both just so giddy. I’m sure everyone thought we were crazy. I had to fight to keep my hands to myself. After class, Jordan had to go to work, then he had plans with some of his volleyball teammates. I’m glad he was busy. Otherwise I think we would have had sex again. As much as I wanted to, I felt that would be too fast. We need to temper our lust just a bit. It was weird though not having him beside me in bed. We did FaceTime. It was definitely not PG.

Okay, back to thinking about Jenn. “She's going to come,” I say to myself. “She will. I know she will.”

The clock strikes eight. Nothing. Just wait it out. She will come. I know.

Nine o'clock. Still no sign of Jenn.

I see a text from Jordan. “Did she come?”

No.” I text him back. “But she will.”

She'll come.

She doesn't come.

By ten o’clock I give up. She isn't coming.

Defeated I lay down on the couch. I haven't done anything all day. I spent the day idle, in limbo, waiting for her arrival. What does this even mean now? Is our friendship over? Did I lose her to gain Jordan? It doesn't make sense. I know I was wrong, but we are best friends.

My phone starts to vibrate. Another text from Jordan I suppose. I have no strength to look at another text. I curl up onto the couch and shut my eyes. The world just seems darker, as if a permanent cloud is now hanging over my head. I can't lose Jenn.

You know what, if she isn't going to come to me, then I'm going to go to her. I'm not letting our friendship end without a fight. I jump off the couch and walk out the door. I'm on the street in seconds. The world seems to fly by as I make my way over to her place. It only feels like seconds and I am at her apartment. I knock on the door. No one answers.

Jenn ... it's me, Noah. Open up.

I knock again. No one comes. I feel for the doorknob. It's open. I walk in. It's dark. I try to find a light switch. My hand feels around in the dark. But I can't find it.

Jenn, I call out.

My voice echoes through the apartment. She isn't here. I turn to leave. This was a stupid idea. But then I hear a sound. I turn back around. That sounded like it was coming from her room. I make my way over in the dark. I knock on her door. No one answers.

Jenn it's me. Open the door.

I push and the door flies open without much effort. It takes me a second to realize what's going on. All I see if a mess of limbs. Two bodies against one another, kissing each other. A face appears. It's Jenn. She's smiling at me. Why is she smiling? I want to say something but no words come out. The other person turns their head towards me.

Hi, Noah, he says with a grin from ear to ear.

Jordan? I thought he was with his friends? He lied. They sit there smiling at me. They laugh. A high-pitched laugh. The sound pierces through my ears. I have to get away. But the sound gets louder, it rips through my body. It's pounding. Someone's yelling. Someone's yelling my name. I can't get away. The two are everywhere. Smiling at me. Laughing at me.


My eyes fling open. I can hear my heartbeat.

Noah? Are you home?

I look around. I'm on the couch. I'm at home. It was only a dream. That was messed up.

Jenn? I say. My head is still spinning.

Noah, open the damn door.

“Coming, coming, one sec. Hey,” I say opening the door. I just stare at her. She looked so different in my dream just now.

Hi. Can I come in?

Yeah, yeah, of course, I say moving out of her way.

“You okay? It looks like someone drained all the colour out of you.”

“Yeah, sorry, I just fell asleep on the couch. You startled me. But you came.” I’m so glad she came.

Yeah. You never responded back to my text, but I still thought I'd come.

“What text?”

“I sent you one a short while ago, but I guess you were sleeping.”

I look at my phone. The last text wasn't from Jordan. It was from Jenn.

I look back at her. “I thought maybe you weren't going to come.”


“It’s 10:30 at night.”

Yeah, I did that on purpose.

“You came late on purpose?” I ask.

Yeah, because I know you'd freak out. You would get worried and worked up.”

“I did.”

And I thought that would be a bit of payback.

I sigh. That's not really nice.

And what you did wasn't either, so too bad.

So, are we even then? I say in a hopeful tone.

HA, you wish. Just count your lucky stars I came.

“Does that mean at least that all is well and that you forgive me?”

“Yes. I forgive you.”

The words I desperately wanted to hear. “Thank you.” I step forward and wrap my arms around her. She just stands there frozen.

Uh, what was that?

“A hug … I say confused.

Yeah I know. You never voluntarily give me a hug.

It's true. Usually she hugs me. I'm not huge on hugs. She calls me soulless. But I thought the moment warranted a friendly embrace. “The moment felt right.

“You’ve gone soft,” she replies.

“Are you hungry? I made a bunch of food.” Please be hungry.

“I already ate. I’ll have a bit a little later. Maybe a drink?”

“Coming right up,” I say as we walk into the kitchen.

So, how is everything going with Jordan?” she asks as I pour her a glass of wine. “Was it worth betraying my trust?” She is smiling so I know that's only meant to be a light-hearted jab.

First off, you just forgave me, so none of that betraying your trust crap. I'm not going to put up with your nonsense.

“You’ll put up with whatever I throw at you. You owe me,” she reminds me.

“Sure. As for Jordan, it’s going really well.” I can’t help but smile.

“Clearly it is from the way you're smiling,” she laughs. “I'm still surprised he's gay.”

“Yeah, he's gay all right.” The way he fucked me, yeah, definitely gay.

“How did it happen? I thought he was straight?” she asks.

“He was. But then he started dating you and he realized he just had to be gay. Basically, you turned him off women forever. I too can jab. “Thanks for that!”

Ha, ha. You're hilarious.

“I know,” I smile.

“You seem happy, she says.

“I am. Happier than Ive been in a long time.

“That's why I decided to forgive you. Over the last few weeks, I noticed this change in you. You seemed different, happier. I was worried after Sebastian, you would retreat back inside of your shell. But you didn’t. Now I know why. Clearly, being with Jordan is good for you. I just hope you stay this happy, and that Jordan doesn't switch back to thinking he is straight and dump you.”

“I don't know what I would do. I would be beyond heartbroken. I've thought about that a lot and it really scares me. But I can't let that stop me from trying, you know? If I am reserved then that will give him a reason to leave.”

“You don't need to worry. It seems like he really likes you too. But if he breaks your heart, then I'm going to kick his ass so hard that boy won't be able to sit for the rest of his life.”

I love Jenn. Thanks.

I've got your back.

I know you do.

So, have you two, you know, done it? She has a huge grin on her face.

“You may be my best friend, but that's none of your business.” Don’t blush. Don’t blush. Whatever you do, don’t blush.

“That's the only reason I came over tonight. I've been DYING to know the details! You owe me. So spill. Now!”

“Jenn … Dammit. I’m smiling.

“Oh my God, you totally had sex! It is so obvious! She is way too excited.

“I'm not saying anything.” Stop smiling, idiot!

You don't have to because your body language is saying it all. You two fucked and you liked it, you really liked it.

Ok, stop. This is really uncomfortable.” It's kind of weird to talk about this with her!

Fine, fine I'll stop, she says.

Thank you.”

So, who was the top and who bottomed?


Never mind; I know,” she says with the biggest grin I've ever seen on her face. She is enjoying this way too much.

As much as I hate her sometimes, I'm so glad shes back. Bullet dodged. Now I just have to dodge the other million she sends my way. Oh, crazy Jenn, how I love to hate you.

*** JORDAN ***

I knew they would be okay. Noah messaged me late last night to say Jenn showed up. It seems like all is in the past. I was so relieved. Now there is nothing stopping us from being seen in public, even if it’s just as friends. And I have the perfect idea where we should go: the gym.

Noah thinks I’m joking when I call him in the morning. But I assure him, I’m dead serious. It’s starting to get a bit cold outside, and I don’t like running in the cold. So indoors it is. Plus, this way we can do some weights as well. Noah clearly could use a bit more muscle, though lean does suit him well.

We start off by running. Noah smartly reminds me to focus on where I’m going, I wouldn’t want to fall off a treadmill again and break my foot. I remind him he’s not funny (he actually is). I challenge him to see who can run the fastest longest. It’s not much of a challenge. I win pretty easily. From there we move to lift weights. And I have to say, Noah surprises me. And not in a good way!

“Your form is awful,” I say to him! “You’re going to hurt your back.”

“This is why I don’t come to the gym!” he says.

“Here, let me show you.” What a guy! We go through a bunch of exercises. I try to motivate Noah. To keep going, to do one more set. He just glares at me. He tries. But I can tell he is exhausted. Its his first time back at the gym in weeks.

“I’m so done,” he says panting on a bench.

“We haven’t even worked on our legs yet. We still have to do lunges!”

“I’m going to lunge at you with something,” he says.

“Just for that, I’m adding in squats!”

“Yeah, and you know what I’m going to do?”


He motions me to come closer. “For every lounge or squat, I’m going to withhold sex by a day.”

I laugh. “Yeah, sure, buddy. We’ll see about that.”

“Jordan! Hey, fancy seeing you here.”

I look up to find one of my volleyball teammates, Liam.

“Liam, how’s it going?”

“Good, man. You?

“Good. This is my friend, Noah, and Noah this is my teammate, Liam.” I would love to introduce Noah as my boyfriend, but I don’t know. It’s too soon. I’m not sure how my teammates will feel knowing I’m gay.

“Nice to meet you. I think we met at Jordan’s birthday party, right?” Liam asks.

“We did.”

Liam sticks around for a couple of minutes to talk about volleyball, and let me know what I’ve missed. He says the team has been struggling without having Sebastian and me there. He wants me to come back right away. As for Sebastian, Liam would rather he sit out longer. Liam has never been a fan of Sebastian.

“So, are you going to play next week Sunday?” he asks.

“I don’t know. I’m going to ask Coach. Technically, my suspension goes till the following Monday. But maybe he’ll let me play?”

“I think he will. We need you man. We need to win!”

“We’ll see. I hope he lets me come back,” I respond.

Once Liam leaves, I turn to Noah.

That was a longer break than expected. Time for lunges!”

“Great. I was hoping you forgot.”


After about twenty minutes we wrap up. I don’t want to push Noah too much. I don’t want him to be too sore in case, you know, he wants to go at it again in bed. He may actually be serious about that no sex thing. It's only been two days and already I’m dying to rip off his clothes again. Unfortunately, tonight I have work, so we probably won’t be able to get together. There is always tomorrow though.

“I hope you didn’t mind that I only called you a friend in front of Liam,” I say as we walk out of the gym.

Not at all. It’s fine. I understand it might be tough if the team knows.”

“Yeah, and how they’ll feel. They may not be happy.”

“I get it. And I actually like the way things are going right now. I don’t mind that it’s our little secret.

And Jenn’s, I add.

“And Jenn’s.”

“I’m so relieved the two of you are friends again.”

So am I. But we may have a different problem now, Noah says.

“Why? What’s wrong?” No more problems!

She asked a million questions about us.

So? What did she ask?

“How it's going, what it's like dating another guy.

And what did you tell her?

“I told her the truth, its horrible.”


She also asked if we had, you know, sex yet. He says the word 'sex' very quietly.

Oh, and?

I didn't say anything. But she kind of figured it out. Sorry.”

Why are you sorry?

Because I don't think she should know everything private that goes on between us.

“That's true. But you're friends. You're going to talk. Just don't tell her too many details. You can though tell her how awesome I am in the sack.”

“Should I tell her about how you scrapped me with your teeth?" he asks with a sly grin.

Maybe not that part. Do you think she still hates me? She probably does.

I asked her. She doesn’t hate you, but she kind of feels used, that you only dated her as a distraction.”

“I kind of did.”

“Yeah, so not your number one fan at the moment. But I think you’ll be okay. Oh, and her mom’s test results came back. Everything is fine. Nothing to worry about.

“That’s really good to hear. Her mom is okay, Jenn is your friend. She doesn’t hate me. We should celebrate. Go out, paint the town red. Oh, and have like a real sort of outside date.”

“We’ve been on dates,” he reminds me.

“I know, but at your place, or my place. At the park. But not like you now, an epic, proper date.”

“Okay. I don’t know what an epic, proper date is, but sure, I’m curious.”

“Tomorrow night?”

“Can’t. I have to tutor.”


“Sure. Works for me.”


All I want is round two. To be in bed with Noah again. To feel him against my skin. Ever since we slept together, I've been craving his body. My obsession is borderline unhealthy. But I can't help myself. That night was phenomenal. It was beyond any of my expectations. Tonight, I’m hoping we can finally be together again.

Thinking about this makes me horny. Which makes me think I should jerk off. But I don't want to. I want to save myself for Noah, to release when I'm with him. I need a distraction. I call John. Busy. Caleb. Busy. Volleyball teammates, at practice. Another thing I’m missing. Why are all of my friends busy? Then I remember Aiden!

Yo, bitch. I text him. It's how we normally talk.

What up slut face. Aiden has always been quick to respond, something I really like about him! I hate people who sit on messages for hours or days!

Nothing. Just thought I'd see how you are. I'm bored. Got suspended from my volleyball team.

The last time I talked to Aiden was a couple of days after getting together with Noah.


Long story. FaceTime?

“Sure. Give me five?

You got it.

I can always rely on Aiden. Five minutes later his giant face is in my tiny phone screen.

What the fuck did you do? he asks.

I didn't do anything!

So then why did you get suspended?”

“Oh that. Yeah I punched a teammate in the face.

He laughs. You're such an idiot. Why?

“Because he deserved it! You remember I told you how I hooked up with that girl I like?

“Yeah …

And how she was seeing another guy?


That's the guy I punched.

I don't think I've ever seen him smile this wide before. I know I shouldn't be enjoying this so much, but this is fucking awesome. Start from the beginning, why did you punch him?

I tell him how it all went down.

“And so, the coach suspended both of us until the end of this week. It may be awkward when I see him again.”

“Yeah, probably. So, you’re still seeing that girl?" he asks.

Yeah, I am.

By the way what's her name?

Her name? Crap! Shit. I never thought of that. What is her name? Cindy? No, sounds fake. Jill. Nah. Crap why can't I think of a name? Noahfina? Ha, that sounds ridiculous. 'She' is not a bottle of water. There are millions of names out there! Ah ... name ... her name ... shit! Think Jordan, think!

“Her name is Samantha.” It’s the first name that sounds plausible. Though both Cindy and Jill are plausible names too.

Cool, so how is everything going with Samantha?

“Fantastic! We've been dating for almost three weeks now.

“Nice. So, has it been worth it then? All of that torment you put yourself through to be with her?”

“It has. I've never been in a relationship like this before, it's different. I can’t stop thinking about her. When we’re apart I miss her. It’s crazy.” Now that's an understatement. I really want to tell Aiden the truth. I want to tell someone, but I just don't know how. How do you even bring it up? I’m still nervous how others will react.

Sounds like someone is getting serious,” he says.

“It's just when I'm with him I feel so different.” Shit I said 'him'. “When I’m with her nothing else matters,” I quickly add.

I've never heard you talk like this about any girl before,” he says.

She isn't just any girl, that's why.

Well, don't screw it up like you usually do.

“Thanks for your vote of confidence. I'm really trying not to,” I say. “We've been taking it slow. We only had sex for the first time a few days ago.”

“Really? You waited a few weeks to have sex with a girl? You? Jordan? The horniest guy I know?

“Oh, fuck you! Yes, I waited two weeks. I'm not that horny.”

Sure, buddy. And, how was it?”

“Fucking awesome man! One of my best experiences, hand down. Actually, maybe the best sex I’ve ever had.” I want to tell him about Noah’s blowjob, but that may be too much sharing.

Wow, you must really, really like this girl, he says.

I do.

“I have to see what this girl looks like. I have to know who has you so mesmerized. Send me a pic.”

A pic? As in picture? Oh crap. I don't have any pictures. Well, I have pictures but not of anyone named Samantha.

“I don't have any.”

“How do you not have any pictures? The guy who puts up like a million selfies of himself on Instagram.

I put up ONE picture of myself! You have more selfies than I do! Deflect. Deflect. Deflect!

No I don't. What's her full name? I'll just look her up on Facebook then.”

Shit. I could tell him she doesn't have Facebook. Well 'she' actually doesn't because 'she' doesn't exist! But he won't believe me. Almost everyone has Facebook at my age!

Wait. He's never actually seen a picture of Jenn. I could send a picture of her. He's all the way in Australia. He'll never know. And I’ll tell him the truth soon. When he finds out he won’t react like Jenn. He’ll be okay.

This is a really stupid idea. But I can’t think of a better one.

Hang on man, I think I actually have one I took on my phone. I just texted it to you.

“She’s hot. Now I see why you wanted to hook up with her. Good job, man!

I have a bad feeling about this. That was not a good idea. I'll tell Aiden eventually. Eventually.

After saying goodbye, I jump into bed. It feels strange, kind of empty being here alone. I know I only spent two nights in bed with Noah, but those nights were amazing. Lying down alone now feels wrong. The bed seems so empty. Shit man, I have to be careful. I'm really falling for this guy.

*** NOAH ***

Jordan can be so stubborn at times. I've asked him a thousand times what he has planned for our epic date as he keeps calling it, but he won't tell me. All he will say is that it is a surprise. I'm told to be ready by five o'clock, and to wear something a bit warm. I assume we will be spending some time outdoors. Normally its a bit chilly by now, but for the beginning of November its surprisingly warm.

Turns out we're not just doing one thing, tonight is going to be a multi-part experience (his words, not mine). I'm told to grab my bike. He has rented one from a bike share program for the day. We start by going south. I know Jordan wants to be all secretive but its pretty obvious where we are going: the lake. We ride through the city, dodging cars and pedestrians until we hit a trail near the waterfront that leads us to a small beach. Because it’s November, and close to sunset, the area is basically deserted.

Let's stop here for a bit, Jordan says.

We hop off of our bikes, lean them against some trees and walk down to the sand, hand-in-hand. Once we find a nice spot, Jordan opens his bag, and takes out a sheet and puts it on the floor. What he does next surprises me. He starts to take out an assortment of items. Bread, cheese, spreads, fruits, drinks. It's as if his bag is bottomless. “I hope you're hungry.”

This is amazing. Thank you, Jordan.

I know we could have gone to a fancy restaurant, now that we can be seen in public, but I thought this would be a bit more memorable, having a snack by the lake.

“You're a smart guy,” I say.

We sit, eat and laugh, watching the water ripple as the sun starts to go down. From time to time a few people pass by, but I pay no attention to them. We're just two guys enjoying a snack by the lake. Of course, I would love to get close to Jordan, sit next to him, our bodies pressed together, by the blanket. In my wildest dreams have sex with him on the beach. But Im not that adventurous. Maybe one day I will be.

I would have been content to stay by the water with Jordan for hours, but when the sun goes down it starts to get cold. We quickly pack up and head back home.

I had a great time, I say putting my bike back into my locker. Do you want to come upstairs for a drink?

“Nope, because we're not going upstairs. We're not done just yet.

What else do you have in mind?

Part Two. Let's go.

“Where are we going?

You'll find out soon!

Part two of the night: an escape room.

“Since you’re the biggest nerd ever, I know how much you like puzzles and games. So, I thought this would be something fun we can to do together.” Jordan says. “We’ll learn if we’re a good team, or if we want to kill each other. Plus, I get to be locked in a room with you for an hour. It's a win-win for me,” he says with a smile.

When I play games, I become a bit, militant. I like to win. I am competitive, to a degree (I'm not super bad)! Jordan is also competitive. We both want to solve this puzzle and not fail. I came once with Jenn. We fought the entire time! We both think so differently. With Jordan, we don’t fight at all, though I am a bit bossy and order him around. He doesn’t say anything. We actually do work well together as a team. We cut it close, but manage to solve the room with just two minutes to spare. Jenn and I failed.

I had a lot of fun, I say to Jordan as we walk out of the building.

Well the night is not over yet, he says to me.

What more do you have planned?

You only get one first epic proper date. I plan to make it the best you've ever had, he says.

The third part of the night sees us walking downtown, past city hall, and some of the other major attractions. We arrive at a popular venue, which tonight is hosting an intimate poetry reading. We grab drinks and head to a corner. From the depths of darkness, despair and heartache, to the beauty of light, laughter and love, over the next hour we are taken on an emotional journey. The words mesmerize and captivate the audience. I've always loved the power of poetry. But I didn't think it was something Jordan would enjoy. I have no idea if he’s happy or not. Every time I look at him, he smiles. He pulls me away an hour later.

That was fantastic, thank you, I say to him.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, he responds.

Did you have fun? I can't tell if you're big on poetry.”

Not so much, but I had fun. Some of those poems were extremely powerful. I'm sorry to leave early but I wanted to make one more stop.

Should I even bother asking where we are going now?

He just laughs. We're back outside walking through the financial district, past towering glass buildings, shimmering in the night sky. Surprisingly, there are still many people outside, despite the cool weather. Our next stop is a French bistro style restaurant. I insist I'm not hungry; I've already had so much. But Jordan tells me we're not here for dinner, but dessert. He orders a Belgian waffle topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. He admits this part is more for him than me; Jordan loves chocolate and sweets. Looking at his athletic body, it doesn't feel like he ever touches sugar, but he does. This is when I hate him. He tells me after such a meal, the next day he goes to the gym and runs.

“I know I've said this several times, but thank you. Tonight has been perfect.” It truly has. He touched on so many things I enjoy doing. But the best part was doing it all with him.

Who said were done? Jordan asks.

There's more? I don't know what possibly more there is to do!

I do, he says. I'm hoping I could offer you a drink back at my place.

I smile. I would love that.

When we walk into his dorm, I almost ask Jordan if we are in the right room. His is normally messy. Usually you can't even see the floor because it's covered with clothes. But that's not the case tonight. Not only is everything put away, he has gone out and bought a bunch of candles. He goes around the room and lights them one by one. Tonight truly is perfect.


Half of his face is illuminated only by a flickering candle flame. The other half cast into a shadow, making his deep blue eyes pierce out into the darkness. The part of his face that is lit shows a smile. My fingers move down his shirt, unbuttoning it along the way. Slowly his body comes into view; his solid torso waiting to be touched. I place my hands on his abs and run them up his body, over his chest, and onto his shoulders. I take hold of his shirt and pull it off. The candlelight puts a warm yellowish glow on his skin. I unbuckle his belt and let his jeans fall to the floor. He steps out of them and tosses them to the side. Then it's his turn. He removes my clothing slowly until both of us are standing there only in our boxers.

Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are? he asks looking at me, his arms around my neck.

Me? Look at you! You're perfect. I'm just skin and bones.

“The most perfect skin and bones.

He kisses me deeply. He's soft and slow. He's taking his time. There is no rush. He runs his hands through my hair, and his tongue through my mouth. There is something calm about him today. He's comfortable. He feels at ease. He's being all romantic.

I break off the kiss. I want to taste his skin. I make a line down his body with my lips, kissing him along the way, playing with his soft pink nipples until they are hard, down the ridges of his abs, to his waiting dick. It's fighting to get loose from the fabric it's confined in. A wet spot has formed where the head of his cock is resting. I run my hand along the shaft through the fabric. I pull his boxers down, giving him freedom at last. I would love to tease him, but I think I would only be tormenting myself.

I've been waiting for you for days,” he says.

Then I'll have to make it good.

I take my index finger and run it across his shaft and across his slit, picking up some precum along the way. I place the tip of my finger in my mouth, and slowly insert it all the way in, all the while looking up at him.

You're such a tease, he says.

I wink at him. You know you like it.

I move slowly over his dick. I kiss the base and make my way up. I run my tongue along the sides slowly, tasting his manhood. He sighs. I can tell this foreplay is killing him. That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I continue this slow torment, moving over his dick, licking parts of it, but never taking it into my mouth. I can sense he is starting to get restless. He places his hands on my head and ruffles my hair. Once I've kissed every inch of his penis, I take it into my mouth. I wrap my lips around his cock and go down. At first, I suck on it slowly, taking my time to savour his flesh. Then I start to suck harder, applying more pressure with my tongue. He starts to push into me. I try to take in as much as I can without gagging. He starts to breathe heavier as I continue to lavish his dick with my tongue.

Tonight, is all about pleasure. Trying to make him feel as special as he made me feel tonight. I want to show him my appreciation through my actions, through my tongue. His dick feels as hard as a rock. He ejects almost a stream of pre-cum. He's excited. Knowing Im the one making him this excited, just makes me harder. I can feel he is getting close. His body starts to tense up. I begin to ease off and let go of his dick.

Fuck, Noah. You're amazing. I felt like I was going to cum, he says.

We can't let that happen now can we, I say standing up. The night is still young.

He kisses me again on the lips, but only for a second. He mimics my movements, going over my body with his mouth. But he improvises here and there. He licks my skin, tastes my salty flesh. I get goose bumps from his touch. His movements are erotic. He doesn't spend much time on any one area, but just enough to push my buttons and get me excited, but not enough to leave me completely satisfied. He has me wanting him more and more by the second. Eventually he is on his knees. He starts to feel my dick through my boxers. He runs his hands over the waistband. His cold hands make me shiver. His touch is electrifying. He pulls down my underwear and flings it across the room. My dick stands before him, ready to go, leaking pre-cum with excitement. He's about to move his mouth closer when I stop him.

Remember your teeth, I say to him.

He bites down making a chomping sound. I'll be good ... I hope.

He places his hands on my thighs and moves his face towards my dick. He starts on my balls, licking them gently and slowly. After lathering them up he moves to my shaft, tracing his tongue all the way up and then around the head. He licks the sides of my dick, going up and down all the way. He's teasing me. He still hasn't taken it into his mouth. Damn, I've created a monster! His hands start to squeeze my ass. I let out a moan. He's doing a lot better than last week. The warmth of his breath seeps into my skin. It fuels my inner desire for him. When I least expect it, he takes me in. He wraps his lips around my dick and pushes it into his mouth. This time he's smart enough not to try and take it all in. He slides his tongue all over my cock sending warm sensations through me. I hold onto his head and nudge him to take in more. Damn this feels so good.

“Wow, Jordan ... that's ... oh man ... that's much better …”

He seems to have read a much better online manual or something because this is so much better than last week. He's really trying. He works on my dick ferociously. He uses his tongue as a weapon, trying to conquer all of me. His hands continue to massage my ass. His warm lips press against my dick. I can feel the moisture of his mouth on my skin. He starts to move his mouth up and down. Without even realizing it, I start to thrust into his mouth as if I am fucking him. He takes it all in stride. I'm so lost in the moment that I almost fall over when I feel his finger press into my hole. I wasn't expecting it and my body jerks forward.

Sorry, Jordan says breaking off. He's a bit caught off guard too.

No, no that was ... that was amazing. Where did you learn that from?

Just natural talent, he says smiling.

*** JORDAN ***

I make Noah lie down as I grab a bottle of lube and a condom from the nightstand. I'll need those in just a moment. I lie down beside him, and he throws one of his legs over me. He starts to grind his dick into mine. I begin to kiss him. I work my tongue against his as I feel the inside of his mouth. My hand in the meantime finds his ass. I've already poured some lube on my fingers and start to massage it into him. His hole is tight just like last week. Feeling it makes my dick twitch with anticipation. I need to be inside of him. I didn't think it was possible but my dick even feels harder now, to the point it almost hurts. It doesn't help that I can feel his dick rub against mine. Slowly I insert one finger into his ass. It goes in a bit easier than the week before. As I do this Noah breaks away for a moment from my kiss, trying to get some air. I let him relax for a second and he returns to my lips. I leave my finger in his hole letting him adjust. Then it's time for finger number two. I do the same thing again, letting it slowly slide in while giving him time to relax. He slows down thrusting his dick against mine, because as he pushes back his ass presses against my fingers. When I feel he has adjusted, I try to put in a third finger to make him as loose as possible. Noah breaks off the kiss and closes his eyes tightly. He takes in a deep breath and then opens them.

I'm ready, he says.

The million dollars words I was dying to hear. I break out into a wide grin. I kiss him one more time, this time pressing hard against him for a few seconds then letting go. I roll him off of me and ask him to get on his hands and knees. I position myself on my knees behind him. I grab the condom and put one on. I spread some more lube on his ass and on the condom. Here I go. This is it. The moment I've been waiting for. Slow and steady. I place the head of my dick at his waiting hole.

Go slow, he instructs me.

I gently push into him. His hole resists my initial attempt but slowly it gives way. His ass feels just as tight as it did last week. Noah starts to breathe a bit heavier. Once the head of my dick is in, I stop, giving him time to adjust. I place both of my hands on his back to steady myself. Once Noah relaxes, I start to push in a little more. His body tenses up again almost instantaneously.

Relax Noah, I say to him.

Fuck you; this still hurts! he says. I can tell he is joking.

Sorry, I'm too busy fucking you. As I say this, I push into him all the way. He sharply inhales, and then slowly and quietly exhales. I stay there for a few moments. I run my hands over his back, massaging it from top to bottom. After giving him a few moments, I start to retreat, pulling out almost entirely. I then do the same thing again. I enter him slowly giving him time to adjust. The second time I again rest for a bit while he relaxes. By the third and fourth time I can feel he is getting a bit more comfortable.

I grab hold of his waist and start to pick up speed. Not too much. I want to go slow. I want to pleasure him with long thrusts, make his body ache with desire. As I am about to completely enter him, I push in, driving my dick into his prostate. Noah starts to get noisier, letting out stifled moans every so often. I start to breathe harder as sweat forms on my forehead. His ass still feels so damn tight wrapped around my dick. When I enter him, he clenches his ass muscles making the space even tighter. Fuck how that drives me crazy! It sends sensations through my body I didn't even know existed. My instincts tell me to pick up speed and really fuck him till he goes wild, but I don't. I keep at a steady pace, long and slow. It's a different type of sensation altogether. Noah drops his head in what appears to be pleasure. His hole greedily welcomes me in. I oblige to my fullest extent, filling him up with hungry thrusts. He in turn starts to push back into me wanting to feel more of me.

Fuck, Noah ... fuck …” I can't get any words out. My mind is lost, clouded by the sensation spreading through my body. Shit, I'm going to cum. Slow down. Slow down. I don't want to release just yet. I pull out of Noah and try to regain my composure. My heart is racing. I can feel sweat all over my chest as it rises and falls in front of me. My mouth is dry. Noah turns around and places his lips on mine.

That was intense, he says.

It was.

He places his hands on my shoulder and says. My turn.”

I look at him quizzically. What do you mean your turn? I don't think I'm ready to be fucked ... just yet.

He guides me so that I am lying down with my head leaning against the backboard. He then gets on top of me as if he is about to sit down. He takes hold of my dick and navigates it to his hole and starts to sit. He stops when the head pops in. It goes in much easier this time. His hole seems to be reacting well. He places both of his hands, palm down, behind himself, so that he is at a bit of an angle. He lowers himself down until I can feel his ass on my skin. He then begins to push himself up with his feet and then lowers himself back down. He's riding me! I've seen guys do this online. He's slow at first. It seems like he is trying to get used to the motion. He pushes up and then sits back down. Fuck this feels good. All the pleasure and none of the work! I could get used to this! He is slow to rise but then comes down much faster. He closes his eyes as he continues to assault my dick with his warm hole. The head of my dick presses much harder inside of him when he comes down. It seems to feel good, because Noah lets out a moan each time. I run my hands along his legs. He only goes for about one or two minutes before he rolls off.

Wow, that's tiring …” he says. Not as easy as it looks.

I smile at him and then lean in and kiss him. I've missed those lips. I love to taste him, feel his warm lips against mine. He's always so sensual. Never rough; never raw. He kisses me back with the same desire I have for him. I need to be back inside of him. My dick feels so odd free like this. I feel incomplete. I wrap my arm around him and then quickly roll him onto his back, pinning him down with my hands. I lift up my head and look into his eyes.

Slow or hard? I ask him.

It doesn't even take him a second to answer. Hard. Very hard.

The answer I was desperate to hear. I lean up, resting on my knees. I take a pillow and put it under Noah's ass so that it's a bit higher and at an angle.

Someone's sure been doing their research, Noah says.

All the more to please you.

Noah lifts his legs up into the air and I lean forward. He brings them back down and wraps them around my waist. I place my dick at his waiting hole and put both of my hands down onto the bed, such that I am almost leaning into him. This time I am neither slow nor gentle. I plunge into him rapidly, filling him almost instantaneously. Noah lets out a sharp moan as my dick slams into his prostate. Hey, he did say hard. I don't wait or give him time to adjust. I withdraw and plunge back in him. I keep up the quick pace, ramming him harder and faster. Noah doesn't say a word. His body jerks back and forth as the bed shakes. His moans get louder as the bed creaks. The sounds of sex. His head is back and his eyes are closed. His nails are digging into my arms. This is the look that I wanted. The look of pure satisfaction. This is why I wanted to fuck Noah this way. Sure, entering him from the back allowed me to have better control, it was easier to push into him and it was more comfortable, but I want to see Noah. I want to see his expressions. I want to know I am full filling his ultimate desires.

I lean forward and find his lips. There is nothing like kissing Noah while fucking him at the same time. It pushes the adrenaline in me to a new height. It makes me crazy for him. He responds back to me and kisses me ferociously. His tongue moves lethally around my mouth. The pressure I apply on his ass drives him wild. He tries to release that energy through kissing me, through rubbing his own dick. He doesn’t last long. His body tightens as he releases streams of cum. Many hit me on the chest. As he cums, he clamps down on my dick with his ass. That's enough to drive me over the edge. The orgasm rocks me. Makes me weak to my core. I lie down next to Noah panting. Shit that was crazy.

*** NOAH ***

“Fuck ... Noah that was …” Jordan says trying to breathe.

I don't have the strength in me to say anything. I just smile at him. We both just stay there trying to regain control of ourselves. That was so damn intense. Shit! My heart is still racing a mile a minute. My ass feels so weird. It feels so open, like I am missing something.

“Not to say last week was bad or anything ... but holy shit! That was amazing. What have you been doing these past week days?” I ask. Not that he was hesitant last week, but this week Jordan seemed to be more at ease.

Waiting for you. I've wanted to rip off your pants so many times! The anticipation was killing me!

“Maybe I should withhold sex for a few days at a time,” I joke.

“Not funny. Don't even go down that road. Besides, you won't last without me, I saw your facial expressions, Jordan says.

You seemed so much more comfortable this week and a little bit more adventurous.

Well I am.

Comfortable enough to be on the receiving end next time?

Um, let's wash up.

I laugh. "Sure, avoid the question. Okay. Shower time.

We don't take long cleaning up; both of us are exhausted. About twenty minutes later we are in bed ready to sleep.

Thank you, Jordan.

For what?

“Tonight. Our first epic date, or whatever you called it. It was perfect.”

It was my pleasure, he says.

He smiles at me with those warm eyes and it melts my insides. He kisses me again ever so softly. I wish this night never ends.


Normally, Jordan and I meet in our English classroom on Fridays. But instead he messages me to meet him on the second floor, just behind the back stairs.

“Why are we meeting here?” I ask when I arrive.

“Because it is the perfect spot,” he replies.

For what?

“For this.” He plants my lips on mine. “Damn, how I've missed these lips.

“We saw each other this morning,” I say. Ever since our ‘epic’ date we’ve been spending a lot of time together. Wednesday after class Jordan came over to my place for dinner. He stayed the night. We didn’t have sex, just cuddled and went to bed. Thursday, he dragged me back to the gym. Every muscle in my body was so sore! That night, when Jordan came over again, I know he wanted to have sex. But, honestly, there was no way that was going to happen. I could barely move, I was in so much pain! Serves him right for making me do weights.

“That was like five hours ago. I knew when I saw you that I wouldn't be able to resist so I came up with a plan.”

“I like the way you think,” I say. “Now that you got that out of your system, shall we head upstairs?”

I start to move, but he grabs my arm and pulls me back into him. “We still have half an hour. And I'm not done with you just yet.”

We make out for another minute before heading upstairs.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you,” he says as we make our way to class. “Coach sent me an email. He says I can play this Sunday!”

“That’s fantastic!” I say.

“Yeah. I’m so ready to go back. It will be nice to finally be back on the court with my teammates. I feel so lazy when I'm not playing sports; I start feeling lethargic. But he’ll be back as well.”

“Just ignore him. You’ll be okay. Besides, you’ll have me to focus on.”

He stops. “What? You’re going to come?”

“Absolutely. I wouldn’t miss it for anything,” I say. He’s my boyfriend. It’s my job to support him, just like he supports me.

“You sure you’ll be okay?”

Do I want to see him again? No. But I don’t care. You’re more important, and I’m going to be there to cheer you on. Nothing is going stop me. Not even him.”

“You’re the best. Thank you.” He smiles and starts to look around.

“What’s wrong?”

Why do we have to be in the middle of a hallway full of students? I so, so, so badly want to just grab you and do unspeakable things to you right now.

“All in due time, cowboy.”

*** JORDAN ***

I know I usually don't pay too much attention in English class, but today is particularly difficult. I want to be with Noah so much right now. To find a secluded spot and just pleasure him repeatedly. Yes, I like having sex. We’ve done it twice now in about a week. But I want more. I didn’t think I would love being with him this much! I know I need to temper my lust. I don’t want to scare Noah.

All right, I should pay attention!

Mid-way through the lecture a girl, who barely speaks, puts up her hand to answer a question. The book we’re reading right now explores social inequality, and as someone who grew up on welfare, she speaks about her own experience. I think her answer is great. But no, our favourite know-it-all can't let it be, he has to show her up. The rich guy clearly knows everything. And so, he goes after her, and tries to make her feel stupid. Screw this. It’s time I speak in class.

“I totally disagree with you,” I say to the brat. “You're basically arguing that people who are poor are poor because it's their own fault.”

He tries to respond. “You're twisting my words. I didn't say that. I just think that if we create social safety nets it gives people an excuse not to try, we need to have incentives

“And so what exactly should we do? Nothing?” I ask cutting him off. “Let families go onto the streets? Let children starve? I'm not trying to say there aren't people who abuse the system, I'm sure there are. But that doesn't mean we can cut everyone off.

“If they’re forced to work,” he says, “then they’ll work.”

“It's not that simple. The problem is the system that disadvantages certain groups and certain people, that inhibits their upward mobility. I think it’s short sighted to think people who are poor are poor because they don't work hard. I met a mother once who had three jobs and she still couldn't afford to pay all her bills and feed her kids.”

“Then she should have gotten a better job,” he says. “It’s her fault ... He goes onto blame the mother for not being able to land a proper job. God, he is irritating.

“You honestly can't be that naïve. You think she wanted to work full time, and then clean office buildings at night for minimum wage? And then work weekends too? Not everyone can go to university, or have daddy pay their tuition or their bills. That was her reality and she was working as hard as she could to give her kids a decent life.”

Some excellent points, but I think we're getting a bit off topic here,” the prof says.

Noah places a hand on my leg.

“Breathe, Jordan.”

“Makes me so angry!”

“I know. Just relax.”

When the bell finally rings Noah and I, like usual, make our way out of class. The pretentious brat looks at us, but walks off in the other direction.

“That was quite the rant you went on back there,” Noah says.

He really pissed me off! He's probably never had to worry a day about money in his life so it’s easy to judge. Sorry, it just annoys me.”

“I know. And I know I shouldn't say this but …”

I look up at him. “But what?”

“Don't judge, but hearing you knock that guy down a few pegs was a real turn on.”

I can’t help but smile. “Ah, I didn't know you were into humiliation.”

“I'm not!” he says smacking my arm.

“I'm learning so much about you, Noah Watson.”

“You know nothing.

Fuck, I can’t wait to be with him tonight.

“Hello, Noah, Jordan.” It's Jenn. Where the hell did she just come from? It's like she just appeared out of thin air. Clearly, I need to pay more attention to my surroundings.

*** NOAH ***

“Hey, Jenn,” I say looking at her and then Jordan. What is she doing here? The two of us are friends again. Everything has been fine. But she has yet to speak with Jordan, a point I brought up with her yesterday.

“Hi, Jenn,” Jordan says.

“How are you lovebirds doing?” she asks. This is the first time she's looked at Jordan warmly! That’s a good sign.

“Good,” he says.

“Great. Do you guys have time to grab some coffee?”

“All three of us?” I ask.

Obviously dork! she says.

“Absolutely,” I say.

As we walk to a coffee shop on campus, we make small talk about school, classes, assignments.

“So, you're probably wondering why I asked you guys to join me,” Jenn says when we sit down. Both of us nod. “I know how much this means to Noah, as he reminded me yesterday, so I thought I would try to patch things up with you,” Jenn says to Jordan.

“I'd really like that,” he says.

“Noah probably told you I’m not thrilled that you used me as a distraction, but that is all in the past. I can tell how important you are to Noah, so I want to move past everything and start fresh.”

“I like the sound of that. I do owe you an apology. You’re right. I did use you. And I’m sorry. But I honestly did like spending time with you. I still do!”

“Apology accepted,” she says.

“Thanks, Jenn,” I say. I'm ecstatic!

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be so happy if I were you,” Jenn says. “This is actually bad for you.”

“How so?” I ask confused. How could this possible be bad? This is great!

Before only I made fun of you. Now, Jordan and I will gang up and make fun of you together. And Jordan, she says turning to him, “you better take my side, you kind of owe me.”

“That’s true, I do,” Jordan responds.

“So, for example, I’m sure Jordan and I can bond over the fact that you, Noah, have some really weird quirks.”

“I don’t have weird quirks,” I counter. “I’m perfectly normal. You two are crazy!”

“Really?” Jenn asks. “Okay. Jordan, have you noticed yet how he's obsessed with hanging up his clothes in order from darkest to lightest in his closet?” she asks.

“Yes! This morning, I needed to borrow a shirt. I took two out. When I put one away, he told me that wasn’t the correct spot. That there is a system. Who does that?”

“Whatever, the system works. I just like things in order. I protest.

“Oh, that’s just the beginning. Trust me, buddy, there are a lot of weird quirks with this guy,” she says.

“It’s okay. I don’t mind the quirks. He’s kind of growing on me,” Jordan says.

“This is going to be a lot of fun,” Jenn says with what can only be described as an evil smile. “So, back to you staying over last night …”

I just roll my eyes. But deep I'm thrilled. By best friend and my boyfriend are friends at last. I think this is all going to work out just fine. Well, it’s Jenn, the girl who clearly is trying to get information about my sex life right now. So maybe not fine, but you know, fine enough.

*** JORDAN ***

I’m a bit nervous. I enter the locker room with a bit of trepidation. I don’t know how people are going to react. Will they still be angry? Or has everyone moved on? It doesn’t help we lost the last two games. The matches were crucial too. Now we're sitting at the bottom of our pool. We really need to win today to keep any hope alive of making it to the playoffs next semester. Then there is Sebastian. How will he react? Will he still be angry? Or will he have gotten over everything?

My fears are put to rest almost immediately when I enter the change room. My teammates welcome me back as if nothing happened at all. What a relief! These guys are great. I guess like me they just want to move forward. Well that's one burden off of my chest. The other is Sebastian, who I don't seem to see anywhere. Perhaps he broke his foot and isn't playing with us. One can only hope! But that dream is shattered almost immediately. He enters the locker room. Okay, time to be the bigger man. I make my way over to him. The room goes silent and tense.

Hi, Sebastian,” I say as everyone stares at us.


“Um, I just wanted to say that I hope there are no hard feelings. Everything is in the past. We’re a team. And I’m going to do my best to support everyone.”

I’m not going to apologize. I wasn’t wrong. (I was sort of wrong). But he was wrong too.

“Thanks. So will I. Don’t worry. We’re good,” he responds.

Everyone seems to let out a sigh of relief. I can tell they didn't want another confrontation.

I get changed and make my way onto the court to warm up. So far everything is good. A few minutes later I notice Noah enter the gym. He looks at me, smiles and waves. I wave back. But he suddenly puts his hand down. I can see his eyes drift to the side. I turn to see what he is looking at. Sebastian, who else! Sebastian just stares at him with a smirk on his face and then turns to me, then walks off. FUCK! That guy pisses me off. I look back towards Noah and I don't see him. Shit! He left! Damn he probably feels horrible and it was my fault ... wait, never mind, he's sitting down right over there. False alarm. Control your anger. Just don't punch Sebastian, it's that easy. In some ways, if you think about it, I have no need to punch Sebastian again, because I already won. Not that this is a competition, but I have Noah. I have what he couldn’t get. I’ve had sex with the guy he couldn’t. And tonight, sitting in the stands Noah is cheering for me and not him. Point for me, zero for Sebastian.

Once the game gets underway I forget about everything else and focus on playing. The coach is smart; he tries to keep Sebastian away from me. But we do have to interact with each other and everything goes off well. Sebastian doesn't seem angry, rather he seems smug. Seeing his stupid smug face makes me want to throw the ball right at him. But I promised I wouldn't and continue playing.

I'm actually doing quite well today. I haven't missed any of my points. My serves are great. I think being away for a while has really helped me relax. My movements are much faster. I seem to be everywhere on the court tonight. Not to sound cocky but Im usually good, but tonight I'm fantastic. Knowing Noah is cheering me on really pushes me to do better. I've even saved some bad hits made by Sebastian. That makes me feel great, seeing how if it wasn't for me, Sebastian would have lost us a point. By half time we are winning and I haven't hurt anyone so it's going well!

During the break I make my way over to the stands.

“Thanks for coming,” I say to Noah.

I wouldn't miss it for anything. You’re playing really well!”

“Well, when a guy has you cheering him on, what else does he need? Also, I notice you didn't wear your,” I do hand quotes around the next word, “‘old’ team shirt with the tag still on it.” I laugh, but Noah just shakes his head. I know he finds that funny too. He just won't admit it. “Sorry about him,” I say. He knows who I am talking about.

It's not your fault. I knew Sebastian would be here. It was my choice to come and I'm glad I did, he responds.

So am I. Are you enjoying yourself?

Yeah it's good. But I heard there would be a fist fight, so I'm bit disappointed.

One could easily be arranged, I say eagerly.

“I know, I know. I'm just jo … he trails off. His eyes move. I don't have to turn around. I know what he's looking at. Sebastian. “I'm just joking,” he says looking back at me.

He seems really smug tonight,” I say referring to Sebastian.

“Yeah he does. He has a stupid look on his stupid face. Makes me want to punch him.”

I know! So do I! Just one good punch.”

No more punches for you,” Noah states.

That's not fair; you get to punch him and I don't!

Life's a bitch, he says. Anyway, it looks like the game is starting again. Off you go. Good luck,” he says.

“Thanks.” And then I do something I’ve done countless times. I lean forward to kiss Noah. But then I realize where we are and stop. Noah’s eyes go wide as he leans back. “I’ll save that for tonight.”

“Good idea,” he says.

*** NOAH ***

I’m glad I went tonight. It was the right thing to go. Yes, seeing Sebastian again was difficult. It brought up all of those emotions and harmful feelings again. But it all went away the moment I saw just how happy Jordan was that I was there for him. Seeing him smile, made it all worth it.

I urged Jordan to go out with his team after their win. I told him he should celebrate! But he was adamant that the only person he wanted to celebrate with was me. And so, because I went home, Jordan came home with me.

After that intense volleyball game, I thought Jordan would be tired. He was all over the court! I would be exhausted. But perhaps it was the adrenaline of winning, but Jordan was on fire tonight in bed. He was insatiable. I must say each time he is getting better and better in bed. I thought the time after our ‘epic’ date was great. But he even upped his game on Friday, the day we were in English class and his rant totally turned me on. I didn’t think he could be better. Turns out, he can be. I honestly don't think I will ever be able to walk again.

“Thank you for coming tonight,” Jordan says as we cuddle in bed. The lights are off. My back is to him, his arms wrapped around me. Our legs intertwined. I love this position. “It meant a lot.”

“That’s why I was there. Because you mean a lot to me.”

“I know that couldn’t have been easy,” he says yawning. “Seeing him again.”

“It was fine. You were with me. That’s all I need.”

“You’re all I need,” he mumbles. “Tonight is why,” he yawns, “it’s why I'm so madly in love with you.

Wait, what? Did he just say ...


He doesn't respond. He is fast asleep.

Jenn forgave Noah and Jordan. Noah and Jordan are moving closer together.

But then Jordan goes ahead and says the 'L' word as he falls asleep. Did he mean it? How will Noah react? Freak out, or will he be happy? Will this change their relationship?
All to come in Chapter Seventeen!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Or you're always welcome to send an email here or to my personal account (mr_e08@hotmail.com).

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I feel like Jordan should ask Jenn's permission for using her photo even if he's asking after the fact. Hopefully she understands and agree. It's better than her finding out that Jordan has continued to "use" her

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I completely dislike the way Jordan is behaving with his friend Aiden. He went thruogh the hole nine yards with Noah lying to Jenn and he still goes on staking layers upon layers of it with his best friend. I'm urging him to clean his act.

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I agree with both of @Geoffrey257 and @Tonyr that Jordan continues to make some rather dumb decisions. He is aware what he is doing isn't the smartest, or right, thing to do. However, that all said, this is all still pretty new to him. He only really realized his gay-self about 3-4 weeks ago. So, to come out that quickly, is a challenge for him, regardless of how he feels for Noah. 

Edited by Ethan
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2 hours ago, Ethan said:

I agree with both of @Geoffrey257 and @Tonyr that Jordan continues to make some rather dumb decisions. He is aware what he is doing isn't the smartest, or right, thing to do. However, that all said, this is all still pretty new to him. He only really realized his gay-self about 3-4 weeks ago. So, to come out that quickly, is a challenge for him, regardless of how he feels for Noah. 

Nah i don't know. It feels so cringy seeing Jordan lying to his best friend, and actually Aiden seems sooooo cool. And you know what? Makes me not like him. Just saying...😬

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I agree with the above posts.  I can not quite go to the point of not liking Jordan, but he really needs to come clean with his friend AND quit using anybody around him.  I understand he is still new to his new lifestyle and sexuality, but at the least he should talk with Noah and Jenn and explain his mistakes and see what they think.  I am sure Jenn will be disappointed, but it was really a small misstep and after a good ass chewing she will most likely understand and be very clear about the rules and the solution.  I also think that Noah and Jordan need to slow down a bit. The excitement of something this new is hard to slow, but it is very easy to make mistakes if you are moving to fast.  Both Noah and Jordan are basically still in the closet and while it is nice to only see the great things about being out and honest, the real world has many bumps and snags that need to be handled.  It is unfortunate, but many people are still homophobic and make things harder for gay people so caution is better than carelessness...…   Great story and style. Keep id going!!!!!

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Jordan had better be madly in love with Noah. They make a wonderful couple. But Jordan needs to come clean with his best friend. If he could do it for Jenn, he can do it for himself. It’s time. 

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Oh snap! He said it first. I just know that justin lying to Aiden is going to backfire on him. This is some unnecessary drams that they don't need but I agree with Ethan he is new to being gay and it can be hard to come out so soon after realising it. I hope Noah can understand and not be to angry.

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15 hours ago, Tonyr said:

Nah i don't know. It feels so cringy seeing Jordan lying to his best friend, and actually Aiden seems sooooo cool. And you know what? Makes me not like him. Just saying...😬

I'll just have to work harder to redeem Jordan in everyone's eyes. I think I can do it! 🙃


9 hours ago, Parker Owens said:

Jordan had better be madly in love with Noah. They make a wonderful couple. But Jordan needs to come clean with his best friend. If he could do it for Jenn, he can do it for himself. It’s time. 

 He'll get there. The difference with Jenn was she was with him at school. But Aiden, he is far away and Jordan doesn't talk to him that often. So for him the matter isn't as pressing. 


3 hours ago, VoiceGS said:

Oh snap! He said it first. I just know that justin lying to Aiden is going to backfire on him. This is some unnecessary drams that they don't need but I agree with Ethan he is new to being gay and it can be hard to come out so soon after realising it. I hope Noah can understand and not be to angry.

It is unnecessary drama, especially because they will face other legitimate challenges along the way. These comments are super helpful because it shows I think I need to explain just a bit more what exactly is going on in Jordan's head, and why he does what he does. 


13 hours ago, wenmale64 said:

Both Noah and Jordan are basically still in the closet and while it is nice to only see the great things about being out and honest, the real world has many bumps and snags that need to be handled.  It is unfortunate, but many people are still homophobic and make things harder for gay people so caution is better than carelessness.

Yep, and these two will have to face some of those as well. You'll see Noah realize this a bit faster than Jordan. And he will have that struggle of how fast should they go. Noah is pragmatic so he will want to slow down, but his heart may decide otherwise. 

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It’s damned difficult to build up the courage to come out to someone you’ve known pretty much your entire life, so I can see where Jordan is hesitant to tell Aiden. However, from everything we’ve learned about Aiden so far, it seems like he’d be open minded enough to accept Jordan as gay. As far as Noah and Jordan being out as a couple, they’re in college, most of the people they know seem to be more acquaintances, than real friends, so it shouldn’t really matter to them what people think if they hold hands or show affection for one another in public. I hope they can get past this so they can be happy with who they are, wherever they are.

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Another great chapter, I think that the sex was hot.

 I think seb is going to cause problems as he has figured out that 

Noah and Jordan are a couple, some of Jordan’s teammates will start to suspect that too and Jordan may have issues with some of them because he is gay. 

Some of them will think that Jordan may want to get into their pants and will be

checking out their junk when they are in the showers. 

Edited by Bft
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Jordan is an idiot. he's just witness how Noah's best friend was furious with him for lying and now he does the same with Aiden. I can understand not coming out at school, but what is safer than an online friend, who is obviously a good guy. And if he isn't, Jordan will never see him again.

Edited by Timothy M.
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Noahfina! Hilarious! I love Jordan. His POV is so hot. He's so gone for Noah. I see possible problems with his reluctance to bottom, though. 

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Great chapter. Jenn has finally forgiven Jordan and begins to realise the benefits and fun of them all being good friends together.

Practice is certainly making perfect for Jordan topping Noah. Funny moment when Noah told Jordan "it's my turn now". Loving Jordans discomfort at the idea of switching roles.

Sebastian is never going to get rid of his smug satisfaction knowing that he largely got away with abusing Noah. He still thinks he owns him and he needs payback before the end of this story.

And finally Jordan saying he loves Noah as he fell asleep. I'm tempted to say well that's obvious isn't it. Jordan would never have offered to come out to his world, if he didn't truly love Noah. Now Noah has the reassurance of hearing those words for the first time too. It's time for Noah to start contemplating of a future that includes his mate, if he hasn't already.

Edited by Bard Simpson
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Jordan's abandonment issues and his fear of disappointing his Mother may be the reason he is reluctant to be honest with everyone! However, lies have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass!  Great story Ethan!  I am really enjoying the ride!!

Edited by KayDeeMac
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Sebastian's up to something...  :angry: I'm glad Jenn forgave them, although I have a feeling sending her pic to Aiden is going to come back and bite him.  

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