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Lost - Two Timer series - 27. Chapter 27

Justin and Devin adjusted Adam’s orders. Instead of going back to his home, they went to Devin’s apartment, roped off with police tape. Devin took him around back and they maneuvered under the tape without disturbing it crossing the threshold.

Devin stared at the bay window covered with wood. Glass, window frame and broken furniture scattered the floor.

“Wow, this looks like a tornado went through it,” Justin said.

“Well your boss—my brother had a part in this.”

“Adam was here?”

“Yeah, and he saved my ass.”

“He did. Does he know you’re his brother?”

“No, he didn’t have time to ask. Bayo knocked him out before he could ask me.”

“Who’s Bayo?”

“She’s Sergio’s bodyguard.”

“Okay, I have a lot of questions.”

“And we need to rest first. I have a big sleeping bag we can both fit in on the bed to stay warm.”

“Why a sleeping bag? Don’t you have blankets?”

“I do. But a sleeping bag will trap in our body heat so we’ll stay warm.” He moved around shaking the sheets for any broken glass, then grabbed the sleeping bag from the closet unfolding it on the bed.

“Should we stay dressed?” Justin asked, the corner of his mouth twisting into a sly grin.

Devin smiled back, chuckling from the statement.

“Well, body heat is better produced, skin on skin.”

Justin removed his clothes without a hint of self-consciousness. Devin stood watching, then without a word he copied him.

Jackets, dropped to the floor, shoes kicked off bouncing in different directions, tops flung to the side and pants snatched from legs left crumpled on the ground. Devin moved to the blonde, placing his hands on his hips at the rim of his briefs.

“This part, I would like to do?” Devin said, holding the blue eye man’s gaze.

“Do you want permission?” Justin asked.

“I don’t want to cross any lines.”

“Oh, I think we both crossed those lines already.”

Devin slid his finger between the elastic band and attempt to draw them down then stopped. He removed his fingers and hands from Justin’s waist who in panic grabbed Devin’s wrists.

“Don’t stop.”

Devin stared at him with doubt.

“What’s my name?” Devin asked.

“What?” Justin asked, bewildered by the question.

“It’s a simple enough question. What’s my name?”

“Your name is Devin.”


It took a moment for Justin to realize where Devin was going with the question.




“One more time.”

“Devin,” Justin said, reaching up running his fingers through his dark hair.

“When we're in bed and I’m holding you, kissing you, caressing you. I want you to only call me by my, name. Not his.”

Justin brushed his thumb across Devin’s cheek and smiled.

“You are all I see and want Devin, I swear.”

Devin returned his hands to Justin’s waist and kneeled yanking the underwear from his hips exposing his erect cock. He peered up at Justin and in one swoop he took him into his mouth.

Justin laced his finger through his hair and rubbed his shoulders as Devin’s tongue took him to the brink. His cries vibrated the room as he erupted down Devin’s throat who drained him. When Devin freed him from his mouth, he rose and lifted Justin carrying him to the bed. He placed him down and watched as he slipped into the sleeping bag. Devin discarded his own underpants and climbed in beside him.

He didn’t zipper the bag up only took Justin in his arms and kissed him with purpose. Justin knew what he was doing and believed he was with Devin because he wanted to be, not, because he resembled Adam. At least, that was what he kept telling himself.


Justin lay sound asleep and hadn’t sensed Devin rising from the bed. He stood in the shower rinsing his hair after he dyed his black locks to dark blond like Adam’s. His gut was telling him Adam was walking into a trap and it was his fault. He needed to correct his mistakes and not let his twin brother suffer his fate. The sun will be down soon and he turned off the alarm so Justin would remain asleep. Adam was right, Justin needed to be safe. He slipped out and took the car back to the train yard.


Adam jumped awake from a nightmare. He was following Patrick through a crowd where he lagged. He lost sight of him and panicked. No matter how fast he ran he could not catch up to him.

He scanned his surroundings, and checked his watch and found he awoken an hour early. HIs hiding place was a freight car whose door he locked from the inside.

He stretched his back and shoulders before rolling up his sleeping bag. There were eye holes on the opposite door where he had a view of the tunnel. It will still be another four hours before the exchange. He considered leaving the car when he saw headlights. He watched as a car with tinted windows drove to the tunnel and flashed its lights. The gate opened and the car drove through.

“Was Patrick in that car?” he wondered. His mind raced at the thought of what that bastard had done to him. “Soon baby,” he whispered. “I’m coming to take you home.”


Jesse shook Patrick awoke. He watched as Patrick opened his eyes and stared back.

“Get up. Piper wants you in the shower,” Jesse said, holding Patrick’s gaze. Patrick blinked and tried to speak, but his throat was dry and a fog clouded his head. He couldn’t be sure he was awake or asleep. Jesse pulled him to sit up. “James, I need your help getting him to the showers.”

They cover Patrick’s body with a sheet and dragged him to the bath. Patrick stumbled inside as they turned on the water. He flinched from the sudden coldness, then warmth followed.

“Either you wash yourself or one of us gets in with you,” one of them said. Patrick never distinguished between their voices. He washed his hair and body as before and shut the water off. They returned him to the room where Piper was waiting for him.

“Ready to go home?” Piper asked, sitting on the bed with his legs crossed.

“Yes,” he said, in a soft voice.

Piper approached Patrick, he didn’t flinch when he reached out to touch him, nor jerk his robe close. Piper studied his wet curls and damp long neck.

“You know you look hotter as a man, how does he prefer you?”

“Will it matter?” Patrick asked. Piper ignored him.

“I think he’ll side with me. So, you’ll dress the part.”

Piper waved towards a table and chair in the corner with a mirror. Everything Patrick could need was there for his hair, and skin including makeup.

“Just mascara and concealment. You’re going as yourself, your outfit is hanging on the door, your shoes are under the bed. You have one hour to be ready.”

Piper walked pass him when he took another glance at the creamy, sun kissed skin and chaotic wide curls. He grabbed Patrick and kissed him on the mouth not feeling any resistance from his prisoner. When they parted, Piper’s egotism subside.

“You know, since Adam tossed you aside for another, there’s no harm in you staying with me.”

Patrick stared at him with haunting eyes. Piper continued.

“I can make you happy and give you everything and more. Excitement, thrills, kink. You would be the center of my world.”

“You say that now?” Patrick said.

“I say it with truth. Think about it, you and me traveling to every corner of the world, leaving our mark.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“I’d say yes, but it would be a lie.” Piper kissed him again then left the room.

Patrick stared at the door for a moment clinching his fist by his side, keeping the switch blade he touched and lifted off Piper concealed.


Justin awakens in a dark room alone in the sleeping bag.

“Devin,” he called out. No answer. He climbed out of the warm bed his bare feet connected with a cold wood floor. As he walked to the bathroom and saw the door opened. It took a moment for him to see the hair dye box on the sink. “Damnit Devin,” he cursed rushing to find his clothes.

He inched under the police tape with his coat in hand and raced outside to find the car gone.

“Oh, come on Justin,” he snapped at himself. “Why wouldn’t he take the car?” He wanted to throw his coat when he got an idea. Pulling out his cell he called another of his friends who answered on the second ring.

“Justin?” the timid voice questioned. Benji worked at a teahouse that served coffee. He had a crush on Justin since the first day he walked in and asked for a cup. Justin strung him along, but never slept with the obvious bottom.

“Benji, how are you?”

“Wow, you never called me—I’m great, now you called.”

Justin rolled his eyes and wish Benji found the Dom he so needed.

“Listen Benji, are you going to the secret party tonight?”

“Well, I got an invite, but I didn’t want to go alone.”

“Cool, we can go together.”

“Really,” his gleeful voice sang.

A sudden ping of guilt raced through Justin. He didn’t want his groupie biting at his heels, but he also didn’t want to put him in any danger.

“Wait, Benji, never mind my date came, so I’ll take a rain check, ok.”

“Oh, you have a date? Yeah, ok,” the disappointment in his voice stabbed Justin in the heart.

“He’s nothing of importance,” Justin said. “Tell you what, why don’t we go out this weekend and hang.”

“Just you and me?” Benji asked.

“Why not, it’ll be fun.”

“Okay, see you this Saturday?”

“I’ll meet you at the teahouse around seven.”

“Great.” The glow back in his voice.

“Bye Benji.”

“Goodbye Justin.”

Justin hung up defeated, but not out. He’ll call a Hitch and have him, drop him off nearby. He didn’t know what he was thinking calling Benji, but at least he came to his senses in time.


Benji kept his look simple wearing black slim pants, with a black tee shirt with hints of white and red. High-top sneakers and sweeping hair that circled his head with red tips. He had youth on his side as he sat in his apartment that was above the teahouse he worked at. When he disconnected with Justin he dialed another number and waited for a response. He picked up a photo of Justin he took without the blonde knowing.

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Copyright © 2017 keyisfake; All Rights Reserved.
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