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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Warnings: Racism, rape, abuse, discrimination, homophobia, violence, cursing, underage drinking and drug usage, Hetro relationships, but there will be NO m/f sex.

Teach Me Bad - 10. Sun, Mon: Trent and Kayden

I did another dual chapter! What do you think? Too much bouncing around?

The doorbell woke Trent on Sunday morning. The sound was distant, but he opened his eyes the moment it rang. He had a terrible feeling it was Sarah and he dragged himself out of bed to check.

He’d slept alone, so he was wearing underwear and he went straight down the hall and stopped at the top of the stairs. It was Mateo and Mitch, and they stood at the door, both of them battered in the face. Mateo spoke in remorseful tones.

“Dude, I’m sorry. I didn’t know she was your girl.”

Mitch drew himself up. “Audrey’s mine. We’re having problems, but we’re going to work things out.”

“Sure, sure,” Mateo said. “I’m not going to mess with her anymore. I just wanted to make sure we were cool.”

Mitch glared at Mateo. His lip curled disagreeably, and for a moment, Trent thought for sure he was going to punch him in the mouth, but then he held out his hand and grasped Mateo’s. “We’re cool.”

Mateo’s face filled with relief. “Thanks man. Mom and I can’t afford to lose our jobs. We’re just barely scraping by as it is.”

“I bet,” Mitch drawled, then dropped Mateo’s hand. “Is that everything?”

“Mind if I start my shift now?” Mateo asked. “Since I’m here, I might as well get some work done.”

“I don’t care.”

Mateo nodded. “Cool. I’ll just slip around back.”

The lawn boy exited the house and Mitch turned from the door with a smug look on his face. He saw Trent standing at the top of the stairs and smiled. “Did you hear that?”

“I heard.” Trent started down the stairs. “I guess that means you win.”

Mitch smirked. “Audrey called last night and cussed me out.”

“How romantic.”

Mitch laughed. “She blocked me again, but I’ll see her tomorrow after class.”

“Stalking again? That’s cute,” Trent sneered as he stopped in front of the other boy. “Really, Mitch. Don’t you think your laying it on a little thick?”

Mitch crossed his arms. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“She’s obviously trying to get back at you. I don’t think fighting her is going to make her fall helplessly into your arms. Audrey isn’t that kind of girl.”

Mitch glared at him. “If I can’t have her than nobody can.”

“That’s fucking stupid, man.” Trent shook his head. “She’s really going to hate you before this is over. And I won’t blame her.”

“What the fuck am I supposed to do?!” Mitch snapped. “Let it happen?”

“Well, beating her date up in front of her certainly didn’t help.”

Mitch threw his hands in the air, then stormed out of the room. Trent watched him go, then turned for the kitchen.

He was getting an energy drink when Vince strolled into the room. He was dressed in a nice button down and slacks, and he’d attempted to tame his curls with gel, but it mostly looked wet. It wasn’t a nice look, but still, he’d tried. “Going on your date?” Trent grunted.

“Yep. Just grabbing my keys.” Vince swiped the said set off the table. “I’m heading out. See you.”

“What about that study session tonight?” Trent asked before the other boy could leave the room. “I don’t want to be hanging around all day waiting for you. What’s the plan?”

“I’ll be done with this by noon,” Vince said dully. “Then I’ve got a thing with my dad and my sister, and I won’t be back until five.”

Trent finished his energy drink and crushed the can. “Your dad?”

Vince sighed. “I’m not going to tell him anything about your grades if that’s what your worried about.”

Trent glared at him. “You threatened to tell him more than once now.”

“That’s because I need your help with Sarah. And it’s not like I can just ask you,” Vince said exasperatedly.

Trent tossed his can in the trash. “Why not?”

“Because you can’t stand me.”

Trent rubbed his hand across his face. “Have fun at your fake date.”

“We’ll mostly be talking about you and your study habits,” Vince laughed. “She’d ask you, but you’re so hard to talk to sometimes. Your argumentative.”

Trent scowled. “The fuck I am.”

“There he is. The wonderful Trent Hudson,” Vince beamed, and it was ugly.

“I really hope this works out for you,” Trent sneered at him. “You and Sarah will be a great pair.”

Vince proudly puffed out his chest. “I’d be lucky to have her. She’s going to be a hard catch.”

Trent rolled his eyes. “Better get going.”

“Yeah.” Vince turned for the hall, then stopped. “How about we meet in my room at six?”


“Bring your book and your notes, and I’ll give you a basic rundown of the last chapter.”

Trent nodded.

“See you tonight.”

Trent stood in the kitchen for a few moments, listening to the lawn mower in the front yard. He decided he’d take the time to work out and headed upstairs to change into something more appropriate.

Down in the gym, Trent ran five miles, then did a set of reps with the weights. Sports Center was on in the background, talking about tonight’s game and he listened to the rundown on the star players. He hadn’t thought about football in over a week. It felt like he was playing catch up.

Mitch poked his head into the room when he was finishing up with some stretching. “Hey.”

Trent glanced at his oldest friend, standing awkwardly in the door. “Hey.”

“Sorry about earlier. I’m just…” Mitch sighed then stepped into the room. “I’m really messed up about Audrey. I need to get her back.”

“Maybe you should just let it go for now,” Trent said. “Just give it a week, then see how you feel.”

Mitch rubbed the back of his neck. “I don’t know, Trent.”

“Audrey’s going to be pissed with you for a while. You should back off and let her breathe. Just try to get your thoughts together before you do some other crazy bullshit.”

“Yeah. Maybe.”

Trent smiled at the other boy. “And you don’t have to be celibate while you wait. You’re not seeing anybody now. You’re a free agent.”


Trent clasped Mitch on the shoulder. “It’s going to be alright, man. Don’t worry about Audrey. She’ll come around.”

Mitch took a deep breath, then nodded. “Yeah. Probably.”

Trent smiled at him, then pulled his hand away. “I’m covered in sweat. I’d better grab a shower before I do anything else.”

“Do you want to come to that study group I mentioned?” Mitch asked. “The one for Conflict Management.”

Trent grit his teeth. He instantly wanted to refuse, but then Kayden popped into his head, commanding him to study. “Yeah,” he said grudgingly. “I might as well. I have a study thing with Vince tonight, too.”

“Great!” Mitch’s face brightened. “We’ve got an hour before we have to leave. Can you drive? It’ll make it so much easier since you can park right below the library.”


“You’d better freshen up,” Mitch said cheerfully, then started for the door. “I’ll meet you downstairs in thirty minutes,” he called over his shoulder.

Trent smiled faintly after his friend. He hated studying, but at least he wouldn’t have to go on his own. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as the groups he’d attended last year.

He headed upstairs with a bounce in his step. Strangely, he felt good about his decision. More than anything, he couldn’t wait to tell Kayden.

Trent continued to think about Kayden as he jumped in the shower and took hold of his cock. Last night’s sex had been good. He’d been thoroughly sated after coming in Kayden’s ass, and his sleep had been peaceful. He wanted more though. He was craving Kayden’s slender, little body and it was killing him that he’d have to wait until Monday to physically touch him.

He tried to mimic the hot grip of Kayden’s anal muscles as he pleasured himself under the water, but it wasn’t even close to being the same. He was desperate to experience that feeling again. He jerked himself off with images of last night swirling through his mind. He couldn’t get them out of his head, and they continued even after he came, and his sperm slipped down the drain.

He’d told Kayden he loved him last night…

Trent couldn’t stop thinking about it as he washed up and finished with his shower. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d told somebody those words. It had been months since he’d said them to his mother even, and before that…

Maybe once or twice in high school Trent had fallen in love but it had never lasted long. Things just never worked out, and his romantic life had been nothing but a disappointment.

Trent didn’t like to say those words. I love you. They never felt sincere when he did. The words always cut him at the middle and left him bleeding and vulnerable.

But saying them to Kayden had been different. Everything about Kayden was different.

Kayden was beautiful and happy. He was compassionate and good-natured. He was loyal, dedicated, and smart, so so smart, it was insane. Trent really did love him, and even though it was scary, and he second-guessed himself every time he thought it, he knew Kayden loved him back, and his heart felt a little fuller.

Trent got out of the shower and dried off. In the closet, he dressed in a sleeveless jersey and jeans, kicked his tennis shoes on, and was about to go back through to the bathroom to finish with his hair, when Lucas stopped in the doorway and knocked.

“I heard you in the gym earlier. I didn’t want to interrupt.”

“So you thought you’d bother me when I’m half naked?” Trent curled his lip, then finished fastening his jeans. He brushed past the other boy to grab his comb in the adjoining room. “What do you want now?”

Lucas watched him from the hall. “I was just wondering how your night went. With Kayden.”

Trent rolled his eyes in the mirror. “It was fine.”

“Did you sleep with him?”

“Jesus!” Trent rounded on him. “Since when do you care who I sleep with?”

Lucas crossed his arms. “That boy’s really sweet. I’m just hoping you won’t treat him like total trash.”

“I’m not going to!”

“When are you seeing him again?”

“I have class with him tomorrow,” Trent snapped. “And I’m supposed to have a video chat with him tonight, too. Fuck me…why am I explaining myself to you?!” He tossed his comb in the sink, stormed out of the room, and past the other boy. He bustled into his room and grabbed his bag off the desk chair. It was incredibly light. “Where’s my damned textbook?”

“That one there?” Lucas pointed to the dresser. Trent’s class book was sitting on top, right where he’d left it yesterday.

“Shit.” Trent strode across the room and tossed it in his bag. “I’m going to a study group with your brother.”

Lucas smiled. “Kayden’s really rubbing off on you isn’t he?”

Trent sneered.

“I’m glad Mitch is going, too. He needs to improve his grades almost as much as you do.”


Lucas gave Trent a long look. “If you’re going to dump Kayden, please do it gently. I don’t think he’ll be able to handle it any other way.”

“I’m not dumping him!” Trent roared. “Fuck! Would you get out of here already!”

“I’m going.” Lucas backed through the door. “And good luck with your studies today. I’ll be doing the same most of the morning.”

“Good for you.”

Lucas smiled then stepped down the hall. He vanished from sight and Trent let out a sigh of relief.

The mower went past in the backyard below and Trent watched Mateo work for a moment. The poor kid had a dark bruise under his eye and another larger one on his jaw. What a mess. Trent made a mental note to give the kid a bonus for the month.

He waited a few more minutes, then headed downstairs to meet his best friend.




Audrey and her parents arrived at 6:30 for dinner. Ian and Kayden were in the sitting room when they walked through the door and they waved her in to talk. Kayden noticed her teary eyes immediately and his heart fell.


“Shhh!” Audrey hissed as Cho swept into the hall behind her.

“Good evening! We’re having Japchae tonight,” she said in Korean. “I made the noodles myself.”

“Sounds good,” Audrey’s mother, Minjung, said weakly. “I haven’t had the time to make fresh noodles in years.” She didn’t have the walker Audrey had mentioned, and she was leaning heavily on her husband. “That used to be a favorite of mine.”

“Her doctor was adamant these new pills will give her more energy,” Jin spoke up, Audrey’s father. “It’s already helping with her strength, but I think she’s overdoing it.” He gestured to his wife, trembling at his side, and Cho moved hurriedly out of the way and welcomed them in

“Let’s sit down and talk,” she said. “Mark’s waiting in the other room.”

The parents shuffled through to the dining room as Audrey fell on the couch between the boys. She sighed and gazed dispassionately at the patterns the light left on the ceiling.

“What’s going on?” Ian asked in English.

“Mateo broke up with me.”

Kayden gasped. “Because of Mitch?”

Audrey gave him an exasperated look. “He said he couldn’t afford to lose his job. He said if he’d known I was Mitch’s ex he wouldn’t have asked me out to begin with.”

“That’s harsh.” Ian took Audrey’s shoulder. “Are you alright?”

“Not really,” Audrey sniffled. “He texted me this afternoon and said he couldn’t see me anymore.”

Kayden bit his lip. “But what about writing class?”

“I don’t know. He was vague,” Audrey murmured, gazing up at the ceiling. “He said he hoped we could still work together.”

“That’s going to be awkward.”

“Yeah.” Audrey laughed humorlessly. “Awkward.”

Ian rubbed her shoulder. “He wasn’t the right guy, Audrey. The right guy would have fought for you.”

Audrey started to cry. Tears rolled from under her glasses and down her rounded cheeks. “I don’t even know why I’m crying. I didn’t even want to go out with him in the first place!”

“I think that’s why you’re supposed to be single for a while after a serious break up,” Ian said wisely. “Your heart’s tender.”

Audrey looked at him desperately. “How long will it hurt like this?”

“Not long. The worst will be over soon enough,” Ian smiled. “You’ll move on with your life and find somebody else. You just have to be patient.”

Kayden couldn’t believe how well his brother was doing. He watched the couple in amazement.

“I’m never going to get away from Mitch,” Audrey murmured. “He’s never going to stop ruining my life.”

Ian put his arm around Audrey and hugged her sideways. Audrey, to Kayden’s total surprise, buried her face in Ian’s shirt.

“I hate him!” she sobbed. “I hate Mitch so much I almost wish he would die!”

“Oh, that’s not true.” Ian rubbed her back. “That would be tragic. Its better if the both of you just go your separate ways.”

Audrey cried into Ian’s shirt. “Noooo! I just want him to go away forever!”

Ian rubbed her back some more. “Shhh. Audrey. We have to be quiet. The parents…”

Audrey settled a bit but continued to cling to Ian. Kayden could see the side of her face and she looked absolutely devastated. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. We understand your going through a rough time,” Ian said. “Right, Kayden?”


Audrey turned back to Kayden with a look of startlement. “I almost forgot you were here.”

Kayden stuck out his tongue. “I’ve been sitting here the whole time.”

Audrey nodded slowly. “I didn’t sleep well last night, and when I got up, my dad made me do a bunch of homework.”

“Us too,” Kayden said in sympathy.

“Then I got that message from Mateo…I’m all out of sorts, Kayden. I’m sorry.”

Kayden hugged Audrey from the other side. “It’s okay.”

They huddled together on the couch for a moment.

“Did you tell Audrey I need a Katy Perry outfit?” Emma said from the door.

The three of them split apart.

Emma’s hair was in spikes today. She had a black t-shirt on with a glittery pony on the chest. “What are you guys doing?”

“Nothing.” Audrey wiped the tears from her eyes. “What’s going on? What outfit?”

Emma looked pointedly at Ian.

“It’s okay, Emma,” Kayden said softly. “You can trust him.”

Emma hesitated, then blurted it out. “I’m doing the talent show before Thanksgiving. I need a costume for my Katy Perry song.”

Ian quirked an eyebrow. “How are you going to pull that off?”

“Trent’s going to sign my permission slip,” Emma said smugly. “Right after I find him a sample of dad’s signature.”

Ian thought for a moment, then, “Do something silly in class and get a demerit,” he said. “If you’re not trying to suck up anymore, then who cares if dad’s pissed for a few days.”

Emma rubbed her chin. “That just might work.”

“He’ll sign the demerit, give it back to you, and then we’ll copy it on his printer before school.”

Emma beamed. “It won’t be hard to get a demerit.”

“I didn’t think so.”

“That’s a great idea,” Emma said. “Thanks, Ian.”

“What song were you doing again?”

“Roar.” Emma bounced with excitement. “I want the dress she wears at the end of the music video. It’s a cheetah print bikini top with a grass dress on the bottom with flowers.”

“I’ll have to watch it,” Audrey muttered. “But I could probably whip something together for you.”

Emma cheered and raced over to the couch. She launched herself into the middle of the pile and threw her arms around all of them. “You guys are awesome!”


Much later, after dinner, and Audrey’s departure, Kayden closed his bedroom door and slipped across the room in the dark. He’d just taken a shower and he was naked under his towel.

Ian was in the bathroom now, taking care of his nightly rituals, but Kayden wasn’t worried about him. Mark was the one he was worried about, and he was downstairs engrossed in a news program. Cho and Emma were already in bed and Kayden was pretty confident he could get away with a video chat.

Kayden crawled on the bed and propped his phone on the pillow. He sat back on his knees in front of the camera and the towel parted between his legs. His pale, inner thighs were exposed, and he blushed at the debauched image he must present. Still, he changed nothing as he pulled up Trent’s number and hit the button for video.

Trent answered on the second ring. His face came up, and the loud sound of a sports game filtered through the speakers. “Hello.” Trent smiled, then his eyes fell between Kayden’s legs and his smile turned lecherous. “Nice to see you.”

Kayden nervously clutched the towel to his chest. Trent wasn’t in his room. “Where are you?”

“In the living room watching the game,” Trent grunted. “Hold on. I’ll go upstairs.” He brought the phone to his chest and blocked out the view as Kayden waited tensely on his knees. Moments later, Trent pulled the phone away and his face returned. He was in his room and the door was shut behind him. “There was nobody down there,” Trent said with a laugh. “That’s why I answered.”

Kayden nodded shyly.

“You can take the towel off,” Trent drawled. “There’s nobody here but me, baby.”

Kayden blushed again as he let the towel fall away. He could see himself in the tiny panel in the corner of the screen. His body was totally exposed. Everything from his flat chest, to his hairless little cock and balls were on display.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” Trent groaned as he threw himself back on his bed. “That’s a pretty decent reward for four hours of vigorous studying.”

“Four hours?” Kayden leaned over his knees to check Trent’s eyes. “Did you go cross-eyed?”

Trent laughed. “Just about. I did two hours at the library with Mitch. He was right. The girls in his study group had a lot of good resources. They breezed through the last couple chapters before it was over.”

“That’s great!”

“Then I met up with Vince for another session,” Trent glowered. “It didn’t go as well. He’s not a very good teacher, but his notes are detailed. I copied them down and made some notes based on my own questions.”

“That’s a good start, Trent,” Kayden said warmly. “I’m really proud of you.”

Trent smiled slowly. “Thanks.”

Kayden traced his handsome, smiling face with his eyes. He forgot he was naked as he got lost in the other boy. “Mateo broke up with Audrey today,” he murmured. “She was really broken up about it.”

“Yeah. Mitch said she called and cussed him out.”

“I don’t know if she’s more upset over Mateo or Mitch,” Kayden said in a whisper, as if Audrey would hear him if he spoke too loudly. “I think it’s Mitch, to be honest.”

“They had a pretty heated relationship for a minute there,” Trent said dryly.

Kayden nodded.

“Relationships always end in a mess,” Trent leaned back against the headboard, his eyes falling partway shut. “That’s why I avoid them.”

“They don’t always,” Kayden said softly. “My parents have been married for over twenty years.”

“Mine have been married for close to ten,” Trent snapped. “And they should absolutely break up,” he muttered. “They’re so goddamn miserable together. It’s a disgusting mess.”

Kayden thought about the miserable look on his own mother’s face when Mark had snapped at her over dinner. She’d said something light-hearted and playful to Minjung about the flowers in the garden, and Mark had immediately shot her down.

“She can’t spend time in the garden, Cho,” he’d sneered in Korean. “Think of the pollen!”

“My parents aren’t the happiest either,” Kayden said in a little voice.


Kayden shifted uncomfortably on his knees. Trent caught the look on his face and his expression softened.

“I’m sorry I’m so bitter. I just…” Trent took a deep breath and rested the phone on his chest, so his face filled the screen. “I’ve never had good luck with relationships.”

“Maybe it’ll be different this time,” Kayden said, bending himself in half so he could get close to the camera. “Maybe if you and me—”

“Kayden,” Trent sighed loudly. “I have to seriously think about this before I jump in.”

“Well, I don’t have to think about it,” Kayden whispered. “I know I want to be with you.”

Trent pinched the bridge of his nose. “I already told you I loved you. Do you know how rare that is for me?”

Kayden shook his head. “Is it?”


Kayden smiled gently. “Then I’m glad you said it. I love you, too, Trent. More than anything…”

Trent pulled his jersey over his head. His bare chest was smooth and tight with muscle. “I thought we were going to have phone sex.”

Kayden gazed at him appreciatively. “We are.”

Trent smirked, then started to sit up. “Hold on a sec.” The camera jostled erratically, then steadied with Trent’s upper body in view. The camera was at his knees, and his groin was center frame. Slowly, he began to unzip his fly.

Kayden watched in anticipation as Trent revealed himself. His cock wasn’t fully hard yet, but the organ was heavy and thick against his thigh. Trent slid his jeans all the way off, then sat back against the pillows with a smirk. He was naked and Kayden sat back a little, so Trent could see his body, too.

“I got a workout this morning.” Trent flexed his muscles. “I really shouldn’t skip more than a day. It makes me feel so much better.”

“I’ve never worked out,” Kayden said shyly. “Not on a machine, anyway.”

“You haven’t done shit,” Trent laughed. “You’ll have to try out my treadmill. It goes up to 18 miles an hour. That’s insane.”

Kayden shook his head. “I could never go that fast.”

“Neither could I,” Trent snorted. “Come on, already. Spread your legs.”

Kayden shyly spread his thighs and exposed himself to the camera. Trent smiled down at his penis.

“The next time I’ve got you in my shower, I’ll have to shave you again. Your baby cock looks better with no hair.”

Kayden blushed profusely but took his little penis in his fist. “Why are you so mean to me?”

“Because you like it,” Trent said with an evil smirk. “Tell me you don’t.”

Kayden slowly began to stroke himself. “Noooo.

Trent grabbed his cock, too, and aggressively pulled his meat. He was already half hard, and the length quickly grew to its full size under his big fingers. “I bet you’re a pain slut, too. I’ll have to test your limits one of these days.”

Kayden gasped. “What do you mean?”

“I’m going to spank you,” Trent said casually. “When you really deserve it.”

Ohh.” Kayden’s penis firmed in his grasp. It throbbed with excitement and he spread his legs to make more room for his hand.

Trent did the same, and his heavy balls settled on the mattress. The large veiny underside of his cock filled the screen, and Kayden watched his hand move in a lustful trance. “I can just imagine your ass covered in red handprints.” Trent smiled serenely. “It’ll be quite a sight.”

Kayden’s penis jumped in his hand. “I don’t care what you say. I don’t like when your mean.”

“Yes you do,” Trent said darkly. “You love when I treat you like a whore. You love when I call you names…” He leaned his head back and squeezed his cock in a firm grip. “You’ll love being spanked. I know you will.”

Kayden gasped and quickened the hand on his erection. He was so, so close to coming, he could feel the sperm gathering in his balls.

“You love everything I do to you, just admit it.”

Kayden groaned. “Yes.

Trent sped up his hand as well. His cock was visibly leaking pre-come. The fleshy dome of his cockhead was shiny with it. “Let’s see if we can come at the same time.”

Kayden bit his lip until he tasted blood. “O-o-okay.”

Trent stroked his shaft with relish. “Are you close?”


Trent smirked. “Count to ten, out loud, and then you can come.”

Kayden started immediately. “One, two, three—”

Slow,” Trent commanded in a deep voice, his hazel eyes glittering. His hand was a blur over his erect cock. “Start over.” He grunted.

“One…two…three…four.” Kayden’s toes curled into the soles of his feet as a spurt of precome gushed from the tip of his penis. “Five…six…s-seven…e-e-eight!” He couldn’t wait any longer. “Ah! Trent!” Kayden came explosively all over his sheets.

Trent came right behind him, splattering his naked chest with streams of pearly white. “Fuck…

Tap, tap, tap

Kayden grabbed his towel and covered himself in a flash.

“You’d better keep it down.” Ian said through the door. “I heard that.”

Kayden trembled in fear. “I-I’m sorry.”

“Just go to bed already. We’ve got school in the morning,” Ian murmured.


Ian stepped away from the door. Kayden heard the pad of his naked feet on the wood.

“I’d better go,” he said, turning back to the phone.

“Can we skip algebra tomorrow?” Trent asked lazily as he cleaned himself off with his shirt. “You can teach me everything we miss in class.”

No. We need to go to lecture.”

Trent huffed. “Then I guess it’s sex in the truck again.”

“But it’s so dangerous,” Kayden whined, clutching the towel to his chest. “What if someone sees us…someone other than Lucas.”

“You never have time to come to my place,” Trent sniffed. “It’d be different if we could meet outside of class.”

“I’ll think of something,” Kayden said. “But we can’t skip class to have sex. That can’t happen anymore.”

Trent pouted. “I hate your stupid rules.”

“I know you do.” Kayden smiled, then, “I should probably go.”

Trent sighed deeply. “See you tomorrow in class.”

“I love you.”

“Yeah. Me too,” Trent muttered, then ended the call.

Kayden cleaned himself off with the towel, then got into a pair of PJs. He curled up in bed and thought about how he could get out of the house to see Trent. There were numerous clubs at the school, maybe he could convince Mark he needed to attend one.

Trent hovered in the back of Kayden’s mind as he closed his eyes and got comfortable on his pillow. Kayden couldn’t wait to see him tomorrow. He felt incredibly empty after days of wearing the butt plug, and he wanted to have sex. He was craving Trent’s dick, and he knew he’d get some after class.

The thought made Kayden very happy, and his lips curved into a gentle smile as he drifted into unconsciousness.






Trent grabbed his phone off the bedside table. It was Lucas, and it was ridiculously early. 9:30 am. Angry, he accepted the call. “What?!” he snapped into the receiver. “I don’t have class for hours. What the fuck do you want?”

There was a pause, then, “Your parents are on TV.”


“You should see this. Come downstairs.

Trent threw off the covers and rolled out of bed. He had to pause to pull on his shorts and he tossed his phone aside with a curse as he bent to stick his legs through.

Downstairs, Lucas and Vince were watching TV on opposite ends of the couch. Fucking TMZ was on, and Trent scowled the moment he walked into the living room. “What’s going on?”

“Go back to the beginning,” Lucas said to Vince, and the lumbering idiot grabbed the remote and hit rewind. Lucas sat with a cup of coffee on his knee, and Vince, a Starbucks frappe from the store. There was a large plate with those stupid croissants on the coffee table, and Trent glared at the pair.

“Why aren’t you in lecture?”

Lucas looked up as Vince stopped the video. “I got a news alert on my phone.”

“And you missed class for this?” Trent gestured to the TV.

“Just watch.”

The TMZ crew sat around their office, in the middle of another gossip session. “So a new video just popped up with Chase Hudson and his wife,” Harvey, the host, said.

“Chase is so hot right now,” mused one of his cohorts. “There’s rumors going around he’s got a new movie in the works.”

“That’s news to me.” Trent crossed his arms.

“Listen,” Lucas hissed, and Trent glared at him.

“Yeah, well, he and his wife just had a huge screaming argument outside a club in Hollywood,” Harvey said. “Play the video.”

They cut to a video of a blonde woman, slender, with large plastic tits, stumbling down the sidewalk in a pair of heels. “I don’t want to go anywhere with you!” It was Trent’s mom. Diana. “You twisted my arm, you asshole!”

“Get back here.” Chase, dark-skinned, and very handsome, loomed after her. “You’re drunk.”

“Maybe I am, but I know better than to go anywhere with you!” Diana crossed the street at a run. The camera guy huffed and puffed as he followed the pair.

“Diana!” Chase bellowed.

“Get away from me! I’m going to Trent’s!”

“That little shit? He can’t help you, Diana. He’s too selfish to help anyone but himself.”

Trent stiffened as he watched his mother trip over the curb with a yell. Chase caught up in an instant and lifted her off the ground.

“No! Let me go!” Diana hit Chase repeatedly in the chest, but Chase hoisted her over his shoulder with ease.

“We’re going home,” Chase growled. “You’re making a huge scene right now.”

“I don’t care! I hate you!” Diana wildly kicked her legs as she was hauled away. “Noooo!” People on the sidewalk watched in amazement as they disappeared around the corner.

“The cops pulled Chase over ten minutes later and did a sobriety test on both parties,” Harvey said. “Chase was sober enough to drive, but Diana had a blood alcohol level three times over the limit. They sent her home to sleep it off.”

“Sounds like trouble on the home front,” Harvey’s cohort said with a laugh. “She’s talking about their son, Trent Hudson. Where’s he?”

“Stanford. He’s a sophomore this year.”

“You need to call your mom,” Lucas said somberly, looking at Trent over the back of the couch. “She’s in trouble.”

Trent took a deep breath. “Fucking Chase…he should have sent her to me. I’d take her in.”

“Call her.”

Trent turned from the room and went back upstairs. He’d left his phone on the bed and he started running when he got to the top of the stairs. He found his phone in the sheets, then frantically pulled up Skype. It was his and his mom’s secret. They deleted every instance of their conversations and Chase couldn’t keep track of it.

He pulled up his mom’s number and hit dial. He sat on the edge of the bed as he waited through the rings. It went on and on until finally, the call ended.

“Fuck…” Trent muttered.

There was no way he was going back to sleep now. He was wired.

Trent grabbed his phone, just in case, then strode across the hall to get changed. He put something on to workout in, then went downstairs to jump on the treadmill. He didn’t pay attention to the milage today, he just ran and ran until he was totally winded and had to stop to catch his breath.

He checked his phone as he walked to the kitchen, sweating, to get a drink. It had been over an hour. It was getting close to eleven, and he figured he’d grab a shower, then head into class early.

He thought about his mom off and on as he got ready for the day. The last time he’d had talked to her, Diana had said everything was fine, and she and Chase were getting along. But if he really was starting a new movie, then Trent knew from experience Chase got crazy when he was working. Of course, Diana’s drinking had been on the steady incline for the past few years and that, too, had started to become a problem. It was a recipe for disaster, and Trent knew something bad would happen soon enough.

He was still thinking about his mom when he got to the law building for Conflict Management. Mitch sat in his normal spot in the back when he entered the room. He was yawning hugely, and Trent smiled fondly as he made his way to the desk beside him.

“Lucas said your mom was on TMZ this morning,” Mitch said sleepily as Trent took his seat.

“Yeah. He had me watch part of the episode.”

“Did you try to call her?” Mitch asked. “Is everything okay?”

“I couldn’t get her on the phone,” Trent muttered. “Hopefully, she’s just sleeping in.”

Mitch nodded. “You can try her again after class.”

The professor strode into the room and walked to his desk. He dropped his briefcase off, then cleaned the board with the eraser. “We’re starting a new chapter today, folks. Get out your notebooks.”

“You coming with me to study group on Wednesday?” Mitch asked as he took out a pen.

“Might as well.” Trent took his notebook out and turned to a fresh page. He glanced at the notes he’d taken yesterday on the back of the opposite page and was confident the girls in the study group would be able to explain the new chapter to him. They’d been a little flirty, but Mitch had them wound around his little finger. They hadn’t bothered Trent too much, and he wasn’t interested anyway. He just wanted the notes. “What time?”

“Five o’clock. Same place as before.”

Trent nodded slowly.

“Interpersonal skills,” the professor said as he jotted the words at the top of the board. “Throughout the day, we all use communication in some form. Whether it be through text or through verbal speech, we use words to get our meaning across.”

Trent started to take notes when his phone buzzed in his back pocket. Worried it was his mother, he pulled out his phone, and nervously studied the screen. It wasn’t Diana, though. Kayden had texted him, and he curiously pulled up the message.

Trent? Your mom texted me.

Trent grit his teeth. He aggressively tapped the phone. When?

An hour ago? There was a pause while he typed, and Trent waited impatiently for him to continue. I answered it by mistake, and she called me in the middle of class.


She texted me back. I’ll show you in algebra.

“It seems someone is communicating right now on their phone,” the professor drawled from the front of the room and Trent looked up with a scowl. “Could you put that away please?”

“Sure thing,” Trent muttered, then slid his phone under his notebook. Fuck you, Kayden, he typed quickly, you’d better, then huffed as he hid his phone away for later. He knew giving Kayden that damned phone would eventually bite him in the ass.

Trent didn’t bother to take any notes. He fumed for the rest of class, anxiously waiting for lecture to end.




Writing class was just as awkward as Kayden had predicted. Mateo arrived shortly after Kayden and Audrey and sat clear across the table from them.

“Hello,” he said stiffly.

“Hi,” Audrey said back.

Mateo’s face was still bruised from the weekend and Kayden studied him shyly under his lashes as Mateo nodded briskly in response, then pulled out his workbook and flipped to today’s assignment. He stared down at the text as the rest of the class filtered into the room. He didn’t say another word and after a long moment of silence, Audrey picked her notebook up and propped it in front of her. She slid down in her seat and quietly started to cry.

Kayden watched her sadly. He didn’t know what to do. He wished Mateo would find another group.

“Oh, Mateo. What happened to your face?” Gwen asked as she took a seat on the other side of him. She peeked curiously at Audrey, too, as she took out her things.

“Got in a fight with my cousin,” Mateo said casually. “It was really stupid.”

Bret came to the table next and tossed his things on the table beside Kayden. He paid no mind to anyone but himself as he took out his workbook. “I didn’t understand the last question,” he said loudly. “I wrote a bunch of bullshit on Shakespeare. What did you guys put?”

“I was confused, too.” Mateo glanced at his workbook. “I wrote a paragraph about existentialism.”

Gwen smirked. “Me too.”

The three of them started to chat, but Audrey and Kayden kept to themselves. Class started soon after, and homework was collected. Audrey sat up in her seat and dried her eyes. She pulled it together, and Kayden was proud of her for sticking it out.

Thirty minutes later, Kayden was busily taking notes on citing references when his phone vibrated several times in his bookbag. Audrey glanced at him sharply, and narrowed her eyes, but the professor hadn’t noticed, and Kayden wanted to check the message. It had to be Trent. Audrey was the only other person who texted him, so he assumed it would be his dark, handsome lover.

He unzipped his bag and pulled his phone out.

It was a message from Mom, and Kayden’s heart did a backflip. He remembered Trent warning him his mother might send a text at some point, but he’d almost totally forgotten about it.

Morbidly curious, Kayden held his phone under the table and checked the message.

Can I call you?

Kayden’s heart beat like a drum in his chest. Audrey was glaring at him, but Kayden had forgotten he was even in class. His entire focus was on his phone.

I’m Trent’s friend. Kayden, Kayden typed nervously. He doesn’t have his phone right now. I’m sorry.

Immediately, the phone lit up and started to ring. Kayden panicked and fumbled with his phone. He turned it off while everyone in class stared at him in annoyance.

“Sorry,” he muttered to the professor.

“As I was saying…” he continued dryly. “Citing a website is different from citing an encyclopedia in a few ways. Let’s go over it now.” The professor turned back to the whiteboard as Kayden shrunk down in his seat in embarrassment.

“Was that Trent?” Audrey hissed.

“It was his mother,” Kayden said under his breath. “I texted her back. I wasn’t supposed to.”

Audrey rolled her eyes. “He gave you his phone. If he didn’t want you talking to his mother, maybe he should have changed the number.”

Kayden shrugged.

There was another twenty minutes left in class, and Kayden religiously kept his phone off. He was too fearful to check, but he knew he needed to turn it on after class and tell Trent.

Mateo got up the second lecture was over and quickly left the room. Audrey glared after him, shoving her things aggressively into her bag. “He’s an asshole,” she said darkly. “He said he hoped we could work together but he couldn’t even speak to me!”

Kayden patted her back. “Maybe he doesn’t know what to say. He probably feels bad.”

Audrey slung her kitty backpack over her shoulder. “So, are you going to call Trent’s mom back?”

“No.” Kayden’s face turned red. “I’m not supposed to talk to her. I told you that.”

“Pfft.” Audrey started for the door and Kayden scrambled to keep up with her. “I couldn’t resist. I bet she knows all kinds of embarrassing secrets about that guy.”

“But why would she tell me? She’s his mom…” Kayden muttered as they left the room.

“Exactly. She’s a mom. She doesn’t know what’s embarrassing and what’s not.”


Kayden turned as a familiar voice called his name. Sarah leaned against the wall, just outside the classroom. Her hair fell over her shoulder in a sleek wave, and she was dressed in business casual; a pink button down tucked into navy slacks.


“Can I talk to you for a moment?” Sarah started toward him, then glanced at his friend. “In private.”

“Oh sorry.” Audrey’s eyes widened. “I’ll see you at the Treehouse, Kayden.”

Kayden nodded distractedly as Audrey stepped away. He looked up and cautiously met Sarah’s gaze. She was much taller than him and it was a bit intimidating. “D-did I do something wrong?”

“No,” Sarah said quickly, then smiled. “Let’s go for a walk, shall we? It’s a lovely day.”

Kayden nodded shyly. “Okay.”

They exited the building and stepped into the sunlit quad. The sky was blue and cloudless, and birds flew by overhead, singing joyfully to one another. Sarah took a deep breath, then turned to Kayden with a faint smile. “How was your Halloween? I heard you went to a party with Trent’s friends.”

Kayden looked down at the bricks as he tried to hide a grin. “I had a good time. It was fun.”

“It sounds like Trent’s doing a lot of studying,” Sarah said, turning away and starting across the quad. “Vince is covering Sports in History. Mitch is helping with Conflict Management. And you’ve got Algebra and psych.”

Kayden timidly started after her. “I haven’t started any psych yet, but I’m planning on it.”

“I’m sure you are.”

“Trent joined my sister and I on Friday for our Korean lesson, too,” Kayden said. “He actually did well.”

“Sounds like Trent’s going in the right direction after all,” Sarah said, her eyes fixed straight ahead. “I wasn’t sure he’d be able to do it, but since you’ve come into the picture, things have changed for the better.”

Kayden smiled gently. “I’m urging him to study and to go to class because I care about him and want him to do his best.”

“And because you love him, right?” Sarah glanced down at him.

Kayden looked away as his face filled with color. “Right.”

Sarah stopped under the arcade as they reached the other side of the quad. The Treehouse was straight ahead, but they didn’t go any further.

“I met with Vince yesterday to talk about Trent,” Sarah said, her face grave. “He says he sleeps around a lot, and that he doesn’t usually stick with a single partner for long.”

“I’ve heard,” Kayden muttered. “And I know he’s sleeping around. He’s been honest about that from the beginning.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

“Not really, but I love him,” Kayden shrugged. “I don’t know what else to do, but to put up with it.”

“You don’t have to ‘put up with it’,” Sarah said firmly. “If he cares about you as much as he claims, you could give him an ultimatum.”

Kayden sighed. “I’m afraid he won’t take me seriously.”

“Listen, I’m not trying to pick sides here, but you seem like a genuinely nice kid, and I’d hate to see you be taken advantage of. You have to make Trent take you seriously. If he doesn’t do what you want, then you don’t reciprocate. Easy as that. You stop coming around him.”

“Sounds simple,” Kayden said glumly. “But you don’t know how forceful he can be.”

“I’d imagine,” Sarah laughed. “Trent’s a special breed. He’s used to getting things his way, but I’d really like to see him learn some humility before the end of his academic probation.”

Kayden looked up shyly at the advisor. “Do you hate Trent? My friends think he’s a loser.”

Sarah sighed. “I don’t hate Trent. I just think he needs to come down off his high horse and realize he isn’t a little prince.”

Kayden giggled. “I like that image.”

Sarah smiled, then gently touched his shoulder. “I want you to feel like you have someone on your side, Kayden. You can talk to me about anything, okay? You can send me an email or come see me in my office anytime you’d like.”


“Yes. And I won’t judge you about Trent. I know how you feel about him.”

Kayden was so relieved; he threw himself into the woman’s arms. “Thank you!”

Sarah rubbed him warmly on the back. “Anytime.”

Kayden pulled back with a wry grin. “How was your date with Vince yesterday?”

Sarah faltered. “I-it wasn’t a date. I was gathering facts about my student.”

“He really likes you,” Kayden said coyly. “He told us at the party how much he thinks you look like an angel.

“An angel?” Sarah snorted. “That’s a bit much.”

Kayden laughed.

“That’s nice, but I don’t date students, Kayden. I could lose my job.”

“But nobody has to find out,” Kayden whispered. “We’ll keep your secret.”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “That’s awfully nice of you, but I think I’ll pass.” She started down the walk, and Kayden lurched after her.

“We’ll get our quizzes back in algebra today,” Kayden mused. “I can’t wait to see what Trent got.”

“I’ve already seen the grade,” Sarah said, smiling faintly. “It was a good one.”

Kayden bounced in excitement. “Really?!”

“I shouldn’t have ruined the surprise.” Sarah shook her head. “Forgive me.”

They stopped outside the Treehouse. It was the end of their walk and Kayden knew it. “It’s okay. We have class right after this.”

“I know.”

Kayden turned to the advisor and met her eyes straight on. “Thanks for checking on me, but I’m alright.”

“You seem to be.”

Kayden beamed like the sun. “He told me he loved me on Halloween. It was amazing.”

“Wow. You two are getting serious.”

Kayden nodded. “And if I make myself available all the time, then maybe he won’t have to sleep around.”

Sarah quirked an eyebrow. “All the time?”

Kayden shrugged. “He’s got a really high sex drive.”

Sarah rubbed her face. “I’d better let you get to lunch.”


“I’ll talk to you soon.” Sarah clasped his shoulder once more in farewell. “And good luck with Trent.”

“Thanks. I’ll need it,” Kayden joked.

Sarah smiled tightly, then strode away down the path.

Kayden slipped into the food court and scanned the room for his friends. Ian and Audrey were sitting by the sushi stand again, and he squeezed through the tables to get to them.

“He wouldn’t even look at me. He said ‘hi’ at the beginning of class, then that was it,” Audrey said glumly, poking at her salad. “All this over a job?”

Ian sighed heavily. “You don’t know his situation. Maybe he isn’t lucky to have scholarships and parents that pay for everything like we do.”

“No, he lives with his single mom who’s a maid. His grades are alright, but he doesn’t have the financial help like we do.”

“There you go. His job is obviously really important to him. It’s nothing personal.”

Kayden took a seat next to Audrey. “Are you guys talking about Mateo?”

“Who else would we be talking about?” Audrey muttered.

“What happened to Jasmine?” Kayden asked.

“We’re trying to get something together for this weekend,” Ian said, “But we can’t decide on what to do. She’s being really wishy-washy.”

“I don’t want to go out again,” Audrey whined. “I’m staying in this weekend. Alone.

Ian pushed his fingers through his hair. “That’s fine. I’m sure Jasmine doesn’t want another double date anyway.”

Audrey scoffed. “That wasn’t a double date, Ian. That was a travesty.”

Kayden pulled out his phone as the other two bickered. Nervous, he turned it on, and prepared for a flood of notifications.

Two missed calls.

Then, three missed texts.

Kayden fearfully tapped into the message app. He knew he shouldn’t, but he needed to know what Trent’s mom had said.

Why won’t you answer the phone?

Where’s Trent?

I need to talk to him. Now!!!

Kayden considered sending her another message, then backed out before he ignored Trent’s wishes a second time. He tapped into Trent’s texts next, and hurriedly typed up a message. Trent? Your mom texted me.

Kayden only had to wait a moment for a reply. When?

An hour ago? He paused, then decided to be honest. I answered it by mistake, and she called me in the middle of class.


She texted me back. I’ll show you in algebra.

Fuck you, Kayden, you’d better.

Kayden shivered all over. He should have listened…he’d done bad and he knew it. Trent had told him not to talk to his mom and now he’s started a bunch of drama.

“Do you know what I’d really love to do?” Audrey was saying when Kayden drifted back to the conversation at the table. “The French club meets every Wednesday in the language corner. I’d love to be a part of that. I’m sure I’d meet someone new in there.”

Ian stroked his chin. “I could spend some time with Jasmine on campus if we got permission to stay after,” he said. “That’s a good idea. I’ll bring it up to dad tonight.”

Audrey smiled. “I’ll talk to my dad, too.”

“What?” Kayden spoke up in confusion. “We’re staying after Wednesday?”

“The French club meets at three, so I’d have an hour to kill before it starts,” Audrey said. “But I’m sure the two of you will be off with your dates and won’t have even a second for me, so I’ll just study in the library.”

“You could get extra time with Trent,” Ian said. “Then maybe I wouldn’t have to listen to you guys have phone sex in the middle of the night.”

“Eww.” Audrey pulled a face. “That’s disgusting.”

“So, where were you?” Ian asked curiously. “Audrey said some lady wanted to talk to you.”

“That was Trent’s advisor, wasn’t it,” Audrey said. “I recognize her from the advising building.”

“Yeah. She was just checking up on me,” Kayden said with a smile. “And she says I can talk to her anytime I need to. She’s really really nice.”

Audrey stiffened. “She feels bad for you.”

“She does not. She likes me. She knows how much I’m helping Trent.”

“With Algebra?”

“He’s getting help from his other friends now, too,” Kayden said. “Mitch took him to a study group yesterday, and Vince helped him with another class. He’s doing a lot better.”

“Mitch, huh?” Audrey smirked. “I had him start those study groups.”

“I’m helping Trent like you helped Mitch,” Kayden said enthusiastically. “I love doing it, too. Did I tell you guys yet? I’m thinking about switching my major to teaching.”

Audrey and Ian gawked at him.

“A-are you sure?” Audrey asked.

“Yes. I already know I don’t want to be a doctor,” Kayden said dismissively. “I love teaching. I could easily see myself doing it for the rest of my life.”

“But…what about dad?” Ian asked somberly. “He isn’t going to like it.”

“I don’t know.” Kayden shrugged. “But I’ve got to figure something out. I don’t want to finish out the year as pre-med.”

Ian nodded. “We’ll tell him after the grandparents leave. I’ll help you.”

Kayden smiled slowly. “You will?”

“I’m your older brother. It’s my job to stick up for you,” Ian said proudly.

Kayden grinned at him. “I like this new side of you, Ian.”

“I do too,” Audrey spoke up. “You’re so much more relaxed.”

“It’s all thanks to Kayden,” Ian said, looking affectionately at his younger brother. “He said some things to me that I’ve been needing to hear for years now.” He grinned wryly at the other boy. “He really hurt my feelings, the little brat.”

“What did he say?” Audrey asked.

Ian shook his head. “It doesn’t need to be repeated, but it had the desired effect.”

Audrey elbowed Kayden. “What did you say? I’m curious now?”

“I don’t even remember,” Kayden lied, thinking about the conversation weeks ago in the kitchen. “Something about being a giant nerd.”

Ian stuck his tongue out. “You’re an evil little brother.”

“Am not.”

Ian laughed good-naturedly.

Kayden tried his best to enjoy the meal with his friends. He put the strange message from Trent’s mother out of his mind, but he couldn’t completely forget about it. He worried about what Trent would say to him, even as he laughed and chatted with the other two. He planned on sharing their plan to stay late on campus Wednesday afternoon, and figured it’d some sort of peace offering.

Either way, he was anxious to see Trent. He desired to be beside him more than anything…




Trent rushed out of Conflict Management after exchanging a brief goodbye with Mitch. He was anxious to see Kayden, but more than anything, he didn’t want to bump into Maggie between classes.

He ran out of the building and sprinted all the way to the math corner. He didn’t pause for anything and was relieved not to hear his name called on the short jog. He burst into the building, and finally allowed himself to slow. A couple girls waiting in the hall glanced at him as he bustled past, but he paid them no mind.

When he got to class, Kayden was waiting for him. He had his head down, but he looked up guiltily from under his lashes as Trent came closer. “I’m sorry I messaged your mom.”

Trent sat beside him with a huff. “Let me see.”

Kayden nervously handed him the phone and Trent opened the screen and pulled up the messages. He glanced at the brief conversation, but it wasn’t anything untoward. He typed a reply while he was at it.

Mom? I called you on Skype this morning.

There was a reply almost instantly. I don’t remember how to sign in. I forgot my password!

Trent rolled his eyes. I’m in class now. I’ll call you when I’m done.

Don’t call me on Skype!

I won’t.

Trent deleted the messages, then handed Kayden his phone back. “I took care of it.”

Kayden looked at him with his big, soulful eyes. “Is everything alright? She seemed upset.”

Trent sighed deeply. “Chase and my mom were on TMZ this morning.”


“It’s celebrity news and gossip,” Trent said impatiently. “They caught them coming out of a club in Hollywood. Someone was following them with a cellphone or something.”

“Like a paparazzi?”

“Yep. Mom was drunk and stumbling around, but she was loud and clear when she said she didn’t want to go home with Chase.”

“Why not?” Kayden asked timidly.

“She said he twisted her arm,” Trent growled. “And he probably hurt her more when they got home. Chase freaks out when mom and I make scenes in public. He says it ruins his image.”

“He sounds really mean,” Kayden whispered.

“He is.”

Ethan walked into the room and paused when he saw Kayden and Trent huddled together, talking in quiet voices. He pursed his lips as he set his bag on his desk. “I’ve got Friday’s quizzes graded. I’d like to hand them out before we begin the lecture.”

The class settled down as Ethan got out a stack of papers and sorted through them with his thumb. Trent sat back in his seat with a casual air. He was dying to see his grade, though. He knew he’d gotten at least an 80. There were a few questions he’d struggled on, but he’d showed his work and he’d used the formulas to the best of his knowledge. Maybe he’d done better…

Ethan started for Trent first thing. “You did much better than I expected.”

Trent met Ethan’s eyes with a blank expression. “Did I?”

“A 90,” Ethan said stiffly. “Much, much better than your last examination.”

Trent took the quiz from him and smiled at the 90% at the top of the page. “Kayden helped me study. We must have spent six to seven hours over the past week going over the material.”

“That’s good,” Ethan said unenthusiastically. “I told your advisor the news, as well.”

“Oh, thanks.”

Ethan nodded shortly, then handed Kayden his quiz, as well. “Perfect marks, Kayden. As always.”

Kayden beamed. “Thank you.”

Ethan moved down the aisle, his expression extremely bitter.

Kayden turned to Trent with a huge smile on his face. “I knew you’d do well!”

“Couldn’t have done it without you,” Trent drawled. “Thanks babe.” Then he leaned in and firmly pressed his lips to Kayden’s.

There were a couple gasps behind them, and Trent suddenly realized they weren’t alone. He pulled back quickly and turned to face the front of the room, his cheeks burning.

Ethan looked at him with narrowed eyes as he started down the next aisle. He continued to hand out the quizzes, but he kept his gaze trained on Trent as he did.

“Y-you kissed me,” Kayden whispered, and Trent glanced at him from the corner of his eye. His face was beet-red, and he looked absolutely adorable wringing his hands and looking anywhere but at Trent. “I-I-I think people saw…”

“They did,” Trent murmured, glancing over his shoulder, and meeting a few curious gazes. He turned around again with a huff. “Just shake it off. They’ll forget about it.”


Class started the second Ethan got to the front of the room. He kept his eyes on Trent as he started the lecture and Trent knew he was being monitored. He sat stiffly through class, bored as hell. There were so many other things he wanted to do right now, and Algebra was at the bottom of the list.

When it was five minutes to two, Ethan assigned a boatload of homework, then called an end to lecture. “We’ve got another five weeks until the end of term. I’d like to again stress the importance of homework in the final grade.” He looked directly at Trent as he said it, and Trent forced himself not to react. “Please keep that in mind, everyone.” There was a round of agreement, and Ethan dismissed class with a hand. “See you Wednesday, folks.”

“Oh!” Kayden exclaimed as their classmates packed up around them. People were looking in their direction, but Trent kept his gaze focused on Kayden. “Audrey’s trying to get started in the French club on Wednesdays after class. If we can convince our dads to let us stay after, I could come to your house for a few hours.”

Trent slid his untouched class things into his bag with a smile. “I’m going with Mitch to another study group on Wednesday. It doesn’t start until five though.”

“Audrey’s club will be over by then, and we’ll be going home,” Kayden said, packing his things away as well.

“Perfect. Then I can take you home after Algebra and bring you back just in time for study group.”

Kayden’s eyes glimmered. “I hope my dad lets us.”

Trent grabbed his arm and tugged. “Come on. Let’s go to my truck for a couple minutes.”

“A couple minutes?” Kayden furrowed his brow. He grabbed his things, then let himself be dragged from the room.

Ethan watched the two of them leave the classroom, but Trent turned his nose up and didn’t spare him another look. “It’s only going to take a couple minutes,” he said in a deep voice as they started down the hall. “I’m so ready to fuck you. I’m going to bust the second I get inside your tight little body.” He was grasping Kayden’s hand, but he didn’t care. The whole Algebra class had seen them kiss, handholding seemed pretty tame in comparison. Nobody was paying attention anyway. There was a mad rush for the doors, and they were lost in the crowd.

Kayden shivered against him. “I hate how empty I am now. I miss the plug.”

“Aww, maybe I’ll have to buy you something you can wear long term.”

Kayden nodded shyly as they exited the building. “I’d like that.”

Trent put his arm around Kayden as they started down the path and pulled him close. “We’ll have to go back to the sex shop.”

“I don’t care,” Kayden said. “It won’t be as scary the second time.”

Trent ruffled his hair. “That ‘a boy.”

They walked to the quad, then followed the path under the arcade to the west arches. It was a beautiful November day, but the sun was in Trent’s eyes.

“I’d better send Audrey a text, so she knows I wasn’t kidnapped,” Kayden said as they got closer to the parking lot.

“Doesn’t she know by now you’re with me?” Trent sneered, but let of him as they crossed into the grass, so he could get out his phone.

“She wasn’t happy it took me so long to find her on Friday,” Kayden murmured as he typed something into his phone.

“Is she ever happy?”

“Lately, no,” Kayden chuckled. “This whole situation with Mitch’s put her in a terrible mood.”

“She seems kind of bitchy,” Trent scowled. “Are you sure this isn’t her normal personality?”

“Well, Audrey’s always been outspoken,” Kayden said. “Is that what you mean?”

“You call it outspoken; I call it bitchy,” Trent said with a grin. “Hurry up and put that thing away.”

Kayden finished with his message, then stashed his phone back in his bag. “What about your mom? Does she want you to call her?”

“I’ll do that later,” Trent huffed. “I’ve been waiting for this all day.” He drew the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door. “Get in the back and take your pants down.”

Kayden scurried ahead to the truck and struggled to climb into the oversized vehicle. He always looked like such a child, but he’d gotten the hang of using the running board and he hopped up and closed the door behind him without too much trouble.

Trent got in beside the tiny boy as he was crawling over the armrest. “Eager to get started?”

“I’ve been waiting for this all day, too,” Kayden said, laying down on the back seat to work on his jeans. “And I had a dream about you last night.”

“You did?” Trent watched as Kayden bared his lower half. His sweet little cock was already getting hard, and he traced the silky length with half-lidded hazel eyes.

“You were in my bed,” Kayden whispered, then pulled his sweater off until he was totally naked. His hair was mussed, and he peeked shyly at Trent from under the fall. “We were the only ones home and you were fucking me.”

Trent turned the radio on for background music, then locked the doors. He climbed into the back between Kayden’s legs and ran his hands along his warm thighs. “How was I fucking you?”

“You were on top of me,” Kayden said, biting his soft, pink bottom lip. “My legs were over your shoulders and you were looking deep into my eyes.”

Trent unzipped himself and slid his jeans down to his knees. The lube from the other day was still in the backseat, and he wedged a hand under the cushion to fish it out. “Mmm, I like the sound of that.” He was getting hard, too, just from looking at Kayden’s lithe body spread before him, and he uncapped the lube and quickly slicked himself.

Kayden stroked his bare leg along Trent’s arm as he watched. His dark eyes were heavy with lust, and the look made Trent’s cock grow another inch or two.

He propped one of Kayden’s legs over his shoulder, then looked down between their bodies. Kayden’s ass cheeks were parted, and his puckered little hole was on display. Trent worked a single, slick finger inside of him.

Kayden gasped as he was penetrated. He closed his eyes and hitched his other leg up on Trent’s opposite shoulder. He opened himself wider with a groan.

Trent fingered him a few times, getting him lubed up, but his cock was already straining for attention. After a few more thrusts, he withdrew his finger, and took his erection firmly around the base. He got into position and rubbed Kayden’s needy little butthole with his cockhead. “Ready?”

Kayden moaned as he was teased. “Ah! Trent…

Trent increased the pressure, and slowly, he entered Kayden. “Shit!” Kayden’s muscles clenched down on his shaft with a vengeance as he sank into his hot, spasming body. The pleasure was extreme, and Trent grit his teeth as he pushed deeper and claimed Kayden’s asshole for himself.

Kayden cried out in ecstasy as Trent bottomed out. His whole body was trembling with pleasure, and his little cock was rock hard against Trent’s belly. Trent knew he was resting on Kayden’s prostate, and he moved his cock with short little thrusts that would further stimulate the gland. Kayden groaned and arched his body into Trent’s as his secret button was activated. He wound his arms around his back and yanked him down hard on his smaller body.

Trent grunted, but went with it. Kayden was bent clean in half this way, but he didn’t mind. He slid his legs around Trent’s middle and locked his ankles in the small of his back. Trent was buried deep inside of him, but he sped up and thrust his hips powerfully into Kayden’s.

Kayden’s eyes rolled up in his head as he was fucked, and his asshole squeezed Trent’s shaft reflexively. He grunted in time with the thrusts, making soft little sounds that sent shocks of pleasure straight to Trent’s cock.

“Open your mouth,” Trent growled, and Kayden parted his lips immediately. Trent plunged his tongue straight into his mouth and tasted the sweet flavors. His mouth was hot with desire and his tongue moved against Trent’s with a tangible eagerness. He tasted like sex and Trent fucked him hard, kissing him sloppily over and over as their bodies moved frantically against one another. Kayden groaned into Trent’s mouth as his prostate was pounded, and Trent swallowed his delicious cries with delight.


“Aya, that’s my phone,” Kayden groaned. “I never turned off the ringer.”


Trent grit his teeth as he drilled his cock into Kayden’s guts. “It’s probably my mom. I’ll call her back later.”


Kayden groaned as Trent fucked him extra deep for a few thrusts, then drew his hips back and sawed his shaft along his prostate. Trent alternated the two strokes, and Kayden’s eyes fell shut with a helpless cry of pleasure. The ringing stopped as they continued to fuck, but neither of them noticed.

Trent pushed his tongue into Kayden’s mouth as he got close to coming. The taste of his mouth was sublime, and he loved the feel of Kayden’s asshole around his cock. He loved Kayden’s dick, too, in a weird way, and he reached a hand between their bodies and took his little cock in hand. It was unintimidating in every way. Trent’s own cock was so much larger and more powerful. He actually felt more masculine stroking Kayden’s delicate member.

“Ahh!” Kayden whined, tossing his head back against the door as Trent pulled him off. “Trent!”

“Does that feel good, baby? Do you like riding my dick?”

“Oh god yes!

“You’re so good at it,” Trent crooned. “Your asshole squeezes my cock so nicely, Kayden. It’s like you’re embracing me from the inside.”

Kayden groaned wordlessly, and Trent caught his mouth in another passionate kiss. He fucked him steadily as he worked his stiff cock to its inevitable orgasm. He was about to come, too, and he couldn’t wait to feel Kayden losing control.

“Trent!” Kayden gasped, and then his eyes slammed shut and he came all over Trent’s t-shirt.

“Ah, fuck!” Trent yelped, then came seconds after, filling Kayden’s little body with potent seed. “You got jizz on me.”

“Sorry,” Kayden whispered, but he looked more tired than anything. He was sprawled back against the door, totally limp and boneless, his eyes half-shut.


Trent pulled out and yanked his jeans up. He leapt over the seat and rifled through the front pocket of Kayden’s bag.


He checked the screen, then frowned. It wasn’t his mother at all.

“It’s Audrey.” Trent held Kayden’s phone up, smirking. “You’d better take it.”

Kayden sat up immediately and grabbed his phone. “Audrey?”

“I called you five minutes ago! Where are you?!”

“I-I’m with Trent,” Kayden stuttered. “I texted you.”

“And I called you five minutes ago when I was dealing with Mitch!

Trent snorted with amusement. “Put her on speaker.”

Kayden pulled the phone away from his ear, then hit the indicated button.

“It’s a good thing your brother showed up!” Audrey bitched. “Mitch was about to grab me and haul me off to who knows where.”

“So, what happened?” Trent drawled.

There was a pause, then, “Trent.

“What happened with Mitch?” Trent asked again.

“He showed up outside my art history class and demanded I listen to another apology,” Audrey snapped. “I said I wasn’t interested, so he told me he was taking me somewhere I had to listen.”

“Christ,” Trent muttered. “I told him he was laying it on a little thick with the stalking, so he kicks it up a notch with kidnaping?”

“It’s a good thing Ian answered my call of distress,” Audrey growled. “He showed up in two minutes and scared him off.”

“How’d he do that?”

“He threatened to call my dad.

Trent laughed. “Clever. I wouldn’t have thought of that.”

“Of course you wouldn’t,” Audrey snapped. “You’d use your fists first, and your brain last.”

“Let me put you back on the phone with your little boyfriend,” Trent said sarcastically. “It’s been great talking.”


Trent mashed the speaker button, then gestured for Kayden to take his call back.

Kayden pressed the phone to his ear. “Audrey?”

“Get. To. Front. Campus. Now.”

Kayden nodded guiltily. “I-I’m sorry. I’ll be there in just a few minutes.”


“Bye,” Kayden said, then ended the call and shamefully hung his head.

“You’ve gotta go?”


Trent watched Kayden get dressed in silence. He wished they had more time together, but he’d enjoyed the moment, and he was glad they’d stolen away.

“Is Mitch ever going to leave Audrey alone?” Kayden asked as he zipped his fly.

“He’ll get over it eventually,” Trent said. “He was like this about another girl once. It lasted maybe a month before he started going back to normal.”

“Audrey’s going to go insane if this lasts all month.”

“Why is she being so frigid?” Trent asked. “I get Mitch is acting like a crazy person, but she’s acting like she’s totally heartless.”

Kayden shrugged uncomfortably as he fixed his hair in the window. “Audrey set an ultimatum, I guess.”

“I hate ultimatums.” Trent sneered. “It’s a good way to get trapped.”

Kayden pushed his bottom lip out. “Audrey has standards.”

“Fucking standards.” Trent made a face. “They were in love with each other! Why can’t she just understand he needs to sow his wild oats on occasion?”

“Because she doesn’t want to,” Kayden said, and then met Trent eyes with a steady gaze. “And maybe one day, I won’t want to put up with your cheating either.”

Trent laughed. “What do you mean, ‘won’t put up with it’?”

“I mean, I won’t come around anymore if you don’t stop,” Kayden said in a serious voice, and Trent laughed even harder. “Don’t laugh at me!” Kayden’s face filled with color. “I’m allowed to have standards, too.”

Trent grabbed Kayden’s chin and held him still as he looked deep into his eyes. “You aren’t allowed to make ultimatums with me. We don’t have that kind of relationship.”

Kayden glared at him. “What’s our relationship, then?”

“You’re my little bitch, and I own you,” Trent said cheerfully. “You don’t have any choice about what happens. Your mine.

Kayden tore his face away. “You’re being mean again.”

“I know.”

“I have to leave,” Kayden said in a little voice, avoiding his eyes.

“Kiss me first,” Trent said in a deep voice.

Kayden winced, then climbed over the armrest and sat in the passenger seat. He peeked at Trent shyly from under his lashes, then leaned up for a kiss.

Trent met his lips halfway and kissed him slowly. He brought a hand up, and caressed Kayden’s soft cheek while their lips slid against each other. He didn’t know where Kayden had come up with the idea for an ultimatum, but he didn’t like the idea. He liked Kayden just the way he was, quiet, submissive, and loving. He didn’t want anything to change.

When Kayden pulled away, his lips shone with Trent’s saliva. “I’ll see you tomorrow in psych.”

Trent brushed his fingers through Kayden’s hair, then nodded. “See you.”

Kayden grabbed his bag, then slid out of the car.

Trent watched him go up the hill for a moment, then pulled out his phone to call his mother.

Diana answered on the third ring. “Hello?”

“Hey, mom. It’s me.”

“Whose phone are you calling from?” Diana asked. “Your friend, Kayden?”

Trent swallowed down his nerves. There was no way Diana could know the true nature of their relationship. “Yeah. He loaned it to me. I’m having problems making calls with my phone.”

Diana took a deep breath. “Trent? What would you say if I needed to come stay with you for a while?”

“I’d say it was fine,” Trent said easily. “There’s guest rooms in the pool house. You could stay as long as you wanted.”

“I knew I could count on you,” Diana said, a smile in her voice. “Chase started a new movie. He’s been on a power trip for the last couple weeks.”

“Has he been hitting you?” Trent growled. “I saw that video on TMZ. You said something about him grabbing your arm.”

“He’s been grabbing me a lot,” Diana agreed. “But he hasn’t hit me since you started school.”

“He hit you when I left for school?!”

“Shhh!” Diana hissed. “It was just an accident. I was drunk and acting up.”

“He’s abusing you,” Trent growled. “You need to pack a bag, call a car, and get down here tonight.”

“I’m too hungover to travel right now,” Diana moaned. “I just wanted to make sure you had a place for me if I needed it.”

“I hope I don’t have to see another goddamn video on TMZ,” Trent sneered. “If you feel like you should leave, you probably should.”

“Not tonight,” Diana said wearily. “I love you, Trent.”

“Love you too, mom,” Trent grunted.

“I’ve got to go. Chase will be back any minute with my Jack-in-the-Box. He’s taking care of me, honey.”

Trent shook his head. This was how Chase always won her over. He beat the crap out of Diana by night, then wined and dined her by day. She was too damned stupid and airheaded to know the difference between love and abuse. It was hard for Trent to watch, which is why he’d finally moved out senior year.

“I’ll call you again when I’m feeling a little better.”

“How about I call you, mom,” Trent said sharply. “I’ve got a lot of classes this year. I can’t always be on the phone.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt your work.”

Trent sighed heavily. “It’s alright. Just…try to sign into your Skype. I’d rather Chase didn’t know we were talking.”

“You’re being silly. Chase doesn’t care if we talk,” Diana laughed. “Oh, I just heard him pull in the garage. Gotta go!”

The call ended and Trent tossed his phone in the passenger seat with a glower. He loved his mom, but she obviously didn’t love him. She’d chosen Chase and his abusive tendencies over her own son more than once. She was doing it again. Choosing to spend her time eating burgers in bed, instead of fleeing for her life.

Trent jammed the keys in the ignition and started his truck. He felt like going to Seth’s and getting wasted. Maybe he’d get laid, too. He wasn’t really in the mood, but he knew he’d be later once he was intoxicated.

He drove across town and headed into Seth’s quiet little neighborhood. He knew Kayden would hate him for doing this, but he felt totally numb inside.

Copyright © 2020 mastershakeme; All Rights Reserved.
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We have been calling Mark an a-hole a lot but by far the biggest POS in this story  is Chase that's inexcusable.

I love that Sarah has offered to talk to Kayden if he needs it.I could see her influencing Kayden to do something that could lead to God knows what.

When Mitch said "If I can't have her nobody can" then Trent said that was stupid well I think Trent would be the same way if someone tried to hook up with Kayden.Hmm you don't think Lucas.....nah.



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4 hours ago, weinerdog said:

We have been calling Mark an a-hole a lot but by far the biggest POS in this story  is Chase that's inexcusable.

I love that Sarah has offered to talk to Kayden if he needs it.I could see her influencing Kayden to do something that could lead to God knows what.

When Mitch said "If I can't have her nobody can" then Trent said that was stupid well I think Trent would be the same way if someone tried to hook up with Kayden.Hmm you don't think Lucas.....nah.



Yepper on Chase. That was just a little sample of his character 😛 

And during the whole "If I can't have her nobody can" line, I was rolling my eyes at Trent. Seriously? You're gonna do the exact same thing you hypocrite! 

And I don't know what to do with poor Lucas! He really seems like a lost wandering soul! He has nobody to love beside his his brother, and his friend who wants nothing to do with him 😞 

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Honestly i think kayden should give Trent a taste of his own medicine. Maybe make a few passes at Ethan! Or as @weinerdog mentioned Lucas. See how trent likes being slept around on. But alas Kayden is too sweet for that.

Now onto the asshole. Mark obviously was never hugged enough as a child. And chase well i wouldnt be sad if a range rover and he met on a foggy evening

And that scene in the car 💥💥💥💥

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8 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Honestly i think kayden should give Trent a taste of his own medicine. Maybe make a few passes at Ethan! Or as @weinerdog mentioned Lucas. See how trent likes being slept around on. But alas Kayden is too sweet for that.

Now onto the asshole. Mark obviously was never hugged enough as a child. And chase well i wouldnt be sad if a range rover and he met on a foggy evening

And that scene in the car 💥💥💥💥

I so agree with you. I think Kayden should give Trent a taste of his own medicine 😛 

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Yay, another chapter in a week!

Firstly, happy birthday. 

I quite like Lucas, he seems to be the caring sort. Maybe he'll have a secret thing for Kayden and try to save him from Trent. I think a wee bit of jealosy might make Trent less of an arse. 

I'm not sure I like philandering Trent any more than nasty Torrin, but there was something about the latter's lust/love that was far more passionate, maybe the darkness in his soul. 

Have a good day, Master. 🙂


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21 minutes ago, mastershakeme said:

I so agree with you. I think Kayden should give Trent a taste of his own medicine 😛 

See i cant tell if youre agreeing or teasing something....

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1 hour ago, catpod said:

Yay, another chapter in a week!

Firstly, happy birthday. 

I quite like Lucas, he seems to be the caring sort. Maybe he'll have a secret thing for Kayden and try to save him from Trent. I think a wee bit of jealosy might make Trent less of an arse. 

I'm not sure I like philandering Trent any more than nasty Torrin, but there was something about the latter's lust/love that was far more passionate, maybe the darkness in his soul. 

Have a good day, Master. 🙂


Thank you! I'm 30 this year 😅 Feels like I'm really old now 😅

And I like Lucas too! We'll just have to see what happens with him, because I don't know yet. 

And omg, that Breaking Bad story is so requested. Your not the first one to mention it. I still have it, but it's abandoned. I'm doing this one as a challenge to myself. I wanna finish this! I was going to have Kai get gangraped by Torrin's friends in that story. I don't see that happening in this one. This story has been transformed. 

Thanks for reading. See ya soon!

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37 minutes ago, mastershakeme said:

 I'm 30 this year 😅 Feels like I'm really old now 😅

Oh really?Just you wait.Happy birthday

  • Haha 1
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Exactly just wait till you hit 40 if you think you feel old now!

Thanks for another great chapter.  I loved that Breaking Bad story but I love this one too.  Maybe after you finish this one, that should be your next challenge! :)

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4 hours ago, mg777 said:

Exactly just wait till you hit 40 if you think you feel old now!

Thanks for another great chapter.  I loved that Breaking Bad story but I love this one too.  Maybe after you finish this one, that should be your next challenge! :)

Aww! I'm so ready to start something new! That or the rewrite of Parasitic Love. 

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