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Warnings: Racism, rape, abuse, discrimination, homophobia, violence, cursing, underage drinking and drug usage, Hetro relationships, but there will be NO m/f sex.

Teach Me Bad - 4. Mon: Kayden and Trent

Sorry for the long break...life happened. I'm still here! Still writing...


Happy Holidays, guys! I so wanted to get this completed for you...

Kayden sat on the toilet while Emma styled his hair with Ian’s balm. It smelled like lemons and sunshine. It was pleasant, but Kayden was absolutely terrified to show his face in class today.

“There,” Emma said with a nod of satisfaction. “Now you look like a K-Pop star.”

Kayden stood and checked his appearance in the mirror over the bathroom sink. “Aya, I look so different.” His eyes looked enormous, and his full lips were parted with surprise. His sweet face was totally exposed.

Audrey and her family had come for dinner the night before and after the meal, while the adults talked in the sitting room, she and Emma had tackled his hair. They’d trimmed the sides short, then pared back the long, angular bangs so now only a single dark lock fell across his brow.

“You look really cute.” Emma beamed. “I love it.”

“It’s too short,” Kayden pouted.

Emma bumped him out of the way. “Relax. It’ll grow back,” she said as she began to play with her own short hair in the mirror.


“Emma!” Cho’s voice floated from downstairs. “Time to go,”

“Soon enough,” Emma said, turning from the mirror. “But it really does look nice. You’ll get used to it.”

Kayden touched the edges of his new hairstyle as Emma bounced out of the room. He’d been hiding behind his hair for years and he was extremely unsure of himself. He’d pulled on his usual attire when he’d woken up – an overlarge sweatshirt and jeans – because he needed the coverage, but it wasn’t helping. The hair was such a drastic change, everyone was going to notice. Trent was going to notice.

Kayden nervously pulled his shirt straight, then checked his reflection one last time. New hairstyle aside, he felt especially out of sorts. This morning, his underwear had been sticky from a nocturnal emission.

Kayden hadn’t had a wet dream in a long time, but he wasn’t surprised. He barely remembered the torrid dream, but he knew it had featured Trent. He’d never been so incredibly horny in his life. He’d masturbated three times since the blow job and that was a lot for him.

Kayden couldn’t wait to have sex again, even if it was scary and uncomfortable. He wanted to make Trent come again, too. He’d been so proud of himself when he’d finished his very first blow job with a mouthful of glorious seed.

With a sigh of determination, Kayden let the bathroom and grabbed his bag in his bedroom. He was going to see Trent today in class and for once, there’d be no option to hide.

Down in the foyer, Emma tied her shoes while Cho waited patiently by the door, her purse on one shoulder and Emma’s backpack on the other. Emma was in another of her glittery t-shirts. There was a shimmery rainbow across her chest, but Cho was dressed plainly. She wore a simple white blouse with a long, flowy skirt beneath. Her dark hair was in a neat bun at the back of her neck and her makeup was muted. When Kayden reached the bottom of the stairs, Cho did a doubletake. “Kayden…you look wonderful today. It’s so nice to see your face for a change.”

Kayden ducked his head. “Thanks.”

“You should let me give you a makeover next, mom,” Emma said as she finished with her shoes.

Cho pressed her lips together to hide a smile. “And what on Earth would you do to me?”

“I’d chop your hair, too, and give you a nice, layered bob. Something to frame your face. Then I’d add a touch of makeup to make your lips pop and your eyes stand out,” Emma said, looking their mother up and down. “Then I’d change your entire wardrobe.”

Cho faltered. “My wardrobe?”

“I’d make you so glamorous, mom,” Emma drawled. “You wouldn’t even recognize yourself.”

“Alright, my little fashion star,” Cho laughed nervously. “We’d better get going. You know how hectic morning traffic is.”

Emma huffed. “I hate Mondays.”

“Come along.” Cho shepherded the girl out the front door. “Have a nice day, Kayden,” she tossed over her shoulder.

Kayden watched his mother and sister step out the front door, then stuck his head into the sitting room to check the time. He had fifteen minutes to grab a bowl of cereal. He shouldered his bag and shuffled into the other room.

In the kitchen, Mark was finishing a cup of coffee at the island while Ian sat across from him, partway through a piece of toast. Kayden went to the pantry and opened the door and both men looked in his direction.

Mark’s eyes tracked up to Kayden’s new hairstyle, but he had no comment. Ian, on the other hand, snorted with amusement. “Wow,” he said, his lips curling up at the corners. “What a transformation.”

Kayden hid behind the pantry door and stared blankly at the cereal.

Mark turned to the faucet and rinsed out his coffee cup. “Well, I’m heading out,” Mark said shortly. “Another busy day.” Kayden dawdled with his cereal box until Mark stepped away from the sink. He checked his phone, grabbed his keys and his wallet from the counter next to the back door, then swept outside. The door shut behind him with a snick.

“I’m just teasing you,” Ian said into the silence and Kayden shut the pantry door and marched across the room for a bowl. “You look nice.”

Kayden pouted as he filled his bowl with cereal. “Thanks.”

“You needed to get that hair out of your face,” Ian said, finishing his toast. “Now if we could only convince you to wear some clothes that fit, you might look like an actual adult.”

Kayden glared at his brother as he took his bowl to the fridge for some milk. Ian was dressed in a baby-blue button down and black slacks, but he wasn’t as put together as he usually was. The shirt was untucked, and his hair was finger combed. “You look different today, too,” he said neutrally. “Not as stuffy.”

Ian ran his fingers through his hair as Kayden returned the milk to the fridge and grabbed a spoon. “I don’t look too sloppy, do I?”

“You look casual,” Kayden said as he sat next to his brother at the island. “I think Audrey would approve.”

“You think?” Ian’s eyebrows knitted together. “She didn’t seem to enjoy herself very much at the park Saturday. And she was incredibly grumpy at dinner last night.”

“Her dad’s stressing her out,” Kayden said between bites of raisin bran. “He’s upset about her grades on the midterm.”

“After that blow up when she declared her major?” Ian shook his head. “What class is she struggling in?”

Kayden set his spoon down. “Please don’t harass Audrey about her classes, Ian. She’s getting enough of that at home.”

“She got what she wanted. She’s majoring in fashion,” Ian grumbled. “She should be applying herself.”

“If you love her,” Kayden said calmly. “Then you’ll keep that opinion to yourself.”

Ian got up with a scowl and took his plate to the sink.

“There’s a lot of different things going on in Audrey’s life right now,” Kayden said as he continued with his cereal. “I don’t think it’s a matter of applying herself.”

“Fine.” Ian washed the plate with undue force. “I won’t mention it.”

“We’d better hurry,” Kayden said. “Audrey’s probably already waiting.” He quickly finished his cereal, then went to the sink to wash his bowl. Ian finished packing his bag in the hall, then checked his appearance on the wall across from the front door and fussed with his hair.

“You should let Emma give you a makeover next,” Kayden giggled.

“Are you ready to go?” Ian stalked to the back door. “I’m going set the alarm.”

Kayden shouldered his bag and slid out the door to wait on the patio. When Ian joined him, they started for the gate.

Audrey waited for them at the end of the drive in a t-shirt and jeans. She scrolled wearily through her phone but looked up and adjusted her glasses when they got close. Her expression was pinched, and her eyes were red.

Ian stopped in his tracks. “Are you alright, Audrey?”

“Never better,” Audrey muttered, then stuck her phone in her bag and started for the car. “I was up late typing up my peer edits for writing.

“All hail the queen of procrastination,” Ian said affectionately.

Audrey pulled on the door handle, but it was locked. “Come on, Ian.”

Ian hit the unlock on the remote and Audrey climbed in the back seat. Kayden got in behind her and pulled his bag into his lap. He watched Audrey with concern as Ian started the car. She put her elbow on the ledge of the window and looked boredly at her house as the BMW slowly reversed into the cul-de-sac.

Audrey had mentioned last night at dinner that she was arguing with Mitch through text. Kayden had the sneaking suspicion she was still in contact with the blond boy.

“Your mom looked pretty good last night, Audrey,” Ian said as they made a right out of the neighborhood. “She’s really getting around on that walker.”

“She’s making the best of it.” Audrey gazed at the houses as they passed her window. She looked sad. “She’s been using it around the house for a few days now.”

Ian cut down Santa Ana and made a left onto Embarcadero. “I think I saw a little color in her cheeks.”

“That was makeup.”

“Oh.” Ian shifted uncomfortably behind the wheel as they continued down the tree lined suburban street. Audrey sighed and looked out the window. Her expression remained glum and Kayden was dying to talk to her, but there was no chance at having a private conversation with Ian present. Kayden looked out his side of the car and thought about his own problems.

Today was going to be an incredibly busy day. He’d start in the Physics Department with Biological Foundations at nine, but he'd breeze through that class. When he went to the McCullough Building for his lecture in Chemistry, that’s where the bumps in the road began.

Kayden was preparing to see Jacob in class today and he was dreading it. Audrey was skipping Printmaking and coming to back him up in lecture and Kayden was so thankful. He didn't want to be strong-armed into another date.

Then there was Algebra…Kayden’s body tingled all over with a nervous excitement as he thought about Trent. He was looking forward to their shared class, but he had no idea what to expect.

Kayden was so in love with Trent’s intense hazel eyes and the mysterious scar that marred his perfect face. He’d been daydreaming about kissing him all weekend long and he couldn’t wait to stare into his gorgeous eyes when they did.

When Ian stopped the BMW outside the Oval, Kayden was lost in a fantasy and he looked out Audrey’s window in a daze at the large, immaculate lawn of front campus.

Audrey got out immediately, avoiding Ian who twisted around so he could say over his shoulder. “Have a nice day.”

She slammed her door without a reply and stepped up on the sidewalk.

Kayden slipped out of the car and ran to join his friend. She was already starting down the long path for the quad and he nearly tripped over the curb in his hurry.

“See you at lunch!” Ian called out the passenger window, his dark eyes serious. “Be good you two!”

“Yeah. Alright!” Kayden waved half-heartedly, then rushed down the path as Ian pulled away from the curb. He was breathless when he caught up. “Are you still fighting with Mitch?” he gasped.

Audrey glowered as Kayden fell into step beside her. “He called last night after we got back from your house, drunk and belligerent. I must have listened to him rant and rave for twenty minutes before I hung up and blocked him.”

Kayden blinked at her in amazement. “Y-you blocked Mitch?”

“He was at another party, Kayden,” Audrey snapped. “He’s never going to learn his lesson.”

“But what are you going to do if he shows up after your art history?” Kayden asked in a little voice.

“I’ll walk right past him,” Audrey said.

Kayden felt bad, but he was relieved in a way. Maybe there was hope for Ian after all…

A group of boys jogging past in athletic clothes approached from the opposite direction and Kayden and Audrey moved aside to let them pass. Audrey looked at Kayden from the corner of her eye as they started walking again. “What about Trent? You’ll see him today in Algebra, right?”

Kayden turned beet red and Audrey began to giggle.

“Shame on me, I didn’t compliment the hair,” she said, her voice thick with amusement. “It’s adorable. Your cute face really stands out now.”

Kayden put his hands over his heated cheeks. “Everybody’s going to see me.”

“Oh, get over it.” Audrey poked him teasingly in the side. “You’re attractive. There’s nothing to be shy about. This is good for your self-esteem.”

Kayden groaned and covered his eyes.

“What if Trent tries to kidnap you again?” Audrey asked. “That was pretty crappy of you to leave me hanging like that on Friday. Please don’t do that again.”

“I won’t,” Kayden moaned into his hands. “I’m not ready to tell Ian yet. He’s being cool about the gay thing, but I don’t want to tip him over the edge.”

“Well, I don’t want you to tip over the stairs either,” Audrey giggled. “You might want to use your eyes right about now, Baby-Kay.”

Kayden dropped his hands with a whine. “It’s not fair. Why does life have to be so complicated?” They were approaching the wide stairs to the main quad and he dragged himself up the first steps when they reached them. “I love Trent and I want to be with him! Nobody else’s opinion should matter!”

“Not even mine?” Audrey laughed.

Kayden gave her a dirty look.

“You could tell your parents you want to start tutoring,” Audrey suggested with a smug grin. “Tell them it’ll help with your communication skills.”

“My dad would never agree to that,” Kayden muttered. “He'll say it's a waste of my time.”

“Then, I guess you’re stuck seeing him in the middle of the night. Like I did with Mitch.”

“He needs my help though,” Kayden said. “He won’t be able to copy me when we take the exam. Ethan hands out multiple versions of the test so nobody sitting near each other has the same one.”

Audrey shook her head with disgust.

“He told me he has psych on Tuesdays and Thursdays.” Kayden smiled faintly. “So we get to see him in lecture tomorrow, too.”

Audrey huffed. “Can’t wait.” As they reached the top of the stairs, she pulled Kayden aside and looked him straight in the eye. “Don't fall for him too hard, Kayden. He's going to break your heart and I'm going to end up saying 'I told you so’.”

Kayden lowered his head, but it didn’t have the effect he’d been looking for. There was no way to hide!

“I’ve got to go.” Audrey kissed him on the cheek, then turned for the Language Center across the court. Everyone had a language requirement to graduate, but Audrey was taking French on her own accord. “I’ll see you outside the Physics Building in an hour!” she called over her shoulder.

Kayden watched her slip away before he started in the opposite direction with a head full of thoughts. When he reached the edge of the quad he slipped under the arcade and down a passage between the buildings to reach the Physics Department.

He had a feeling Audrey was right. Trent was popular and he slept with a lot of girls, but Kayden naively thought he could just stop if he wanted. He was sure Trent could be monogamous if he tried.

When he reached Biological Foundations, a class of forty in a room with individual desks, he was still daydreaming about Trent, and he found a seat in the front, took out his laptop, and booted it up. The professor walked in a few minutes later and class started soon after, but Kayden wasn’t paying attention. He fantasized about kissing Trent’s perfect lips all through lecture. He thought about his gorgeous hazel eyes, and his strong, muscular body. He couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen when he saw Trent in class today…

Before he knew it, class was over, and Kayden packed up in a daze and let himself be swept from the room in a steady stream of out-going students.

As he shuffled out of the room, he remembered Jacob in Chemistry and stopped just outside the bathroom. He was so not looking forward to this confrontation and he scurried inside and quickly found a stall. He sat on the toilet and had a mini panic attack, burying his face in his hands and taking some deep breaths. When he came out of the stall, he whined miserably at his mussed appearance in the mirror. He took a moment to fix his hair and fussily pulled his sweatshirt straight, then, knowing he could stall no more without thoroughly upsetting his bestie, he rushed outside to meet her.

Audrey waited by a bench out front with her hands on her hips, but she relaxed and dropped her arms when he stepped out of the building. “I thought you’d gone to class without me. I was about to head to McCullough to look for you.”

“Sorry.” Kayden ducked his head. “Bathroom break.

“Come on.” Audrey slid her arm through his. “Let’s get this over with.”

Kayden’s Chemistry lecture took place in a large auditorium with stadium-style seating. When Audrey tugged Kayden into the room, he looked up timidly at the students in the multiple rows of seating above, each one slightly higher than the one immediately in front of it. There were stairs on either side, a large projection screen at the front of the room, and a desk for the teacher against the far-right wall.

“Let’s sit right in front of the teacher,” Audrey said as she led him by the hand to the far side of the room and pushed him into the seat closest to the stairs. “That way, Jacob knows we mean business.”

“Do you see him anywhere?” Kayden sat and meekly lifted the attached desk on his seat to rest his laptop on. “W-we usually sit in the middle, so I can see the screen.”

Audrey craned her neck as she searched the seventy-some students behind them. There were stragglers trailing in from the hall, but Kayden kept a wary eye on the door. “I don’t think so,” she murmured.

“What if he tries to sit with us?” Kayden whined as she turned back to the front. “He’ll see us immediately when he comes in!”

“He'll have to sit next to me if he does,” Audrey scoffed, then turned to yank her sketch pad out of her bag. “What are you so afraid of? After choking down Trent's dick, I'd think you'd be fearless.”

Kayden burned with embarrassment.

“I get this impending feeling of doom when I imagine the two of you together,” Audrey murmured as she flipped to a drawing of a woman in a heavy, detailed coat. She found a pencil and bent carefully over the page. “He's so much more experienced than you, it must look like he's fondling a child.”

Kayden started to protest when Jacob strode into the room. Kayden grabbed the edge of his desk and tensed as Jacob's green eyes fell upon him and he took three decisive steps in his direction.

“You saw how he treated that redhead in the quad last week,” Audrey said, totally oblivious as Jacob stopped and blinked at her with interest. “He’s not going to fall in love with you, Kayden, he’s going to use you and then he’s going to throw you away.”

“Audrey…” Kayden whimpered as Jacob's eyes traveled up to his new hairstyle and a slow smile stretched across his handsome face.

“I really wish you’d given Jake a chance,” Audrey said as her pencil made small, minute details on the coat. “I’m all for you dating, but what you’re doing with Trent isn’t it.”

“Wait, you're dating Trent Hudson?” Jacob sneered and Audrey dropped her pencil in surprise.


“Relax.” Jacob held up his hands. “I can tell when I'm not wanted. I'm going.” He swept past Kayden and jumped up the steps.

“How long was he standing there?!” Audrey cried in Korean as Jacob ducked into the last row and took a seat.

“Less than a minute,” Kayden whispered, then buried his face in his hands.” Oh God, now he knows about Trent…”

“I was so busy blabbing; I didn’t even notice he’d walked in.”

“Thanks for coming with me,” Kayden moaned. “If I was by myself right now, he’d corner me and force me to talk.”

“I hope you’re not this skittish around Trent.” Audrey said with a laugh. “That’s got to be a major turn off.”

Kayden dropped his hands on the desk. “Thanks a lot.”

“Just saying.” Audrey turned back to her drawing.

Kayden peeked over his shoulder.

Jacob's hair fell into his green eyes, but they were locked on Kayden. He smiled when their gazes crossed.

Kayden whirled back to the front with his heart in his throat. He wished Jacob would just leave him alone… He took his laptop out with trembling hands and tried to focus on his work.

Professor Kirk walked into the room moments later and coolly approached her desk. She turned on the projector and Kayden’s heartbeat slowly returned to its normal rhythms as he watched the woman sort through her notes.

He couldn’t see the screen very well, but Professor Kirk’s voice, at least, was soothing and he resigned himself to getting the notes orally.

Audrey worked on her fashion sketches through the entire lecture. She kept her eyes on her art and seemed to forget about Kayden and their surroundings as she added plaid pants below the coat.

As they neared the end of class, Kayden began to worry his lip. He hoped Jacob wouldn’t make a scene. He just wanted to get to Writing, then, he and Audrey would meet Ian for lunch, and then, finally, he would go to algebra for his oh-so anticipated rendezvous with Trent.

His heart filled with longing as he thought about Trent’s strong arms winding around him before their first kiss. Trent’s lips had claimed Kayden’s with such insistence, Kayden hadn’t known what to think, but now…his whole body flushed right there in the middle of his Chemistry lecture. He wanted Trent…he wanted everything he had to offer and maybe Kayden couldn’t come away with him today, but he would find a way to satisfy him either way.

“Alright guys, that’s enough for today,” Professor Kirk announced and Kayden, chewing relentlessly on his plump lower lip, his notes long forgotten, looked up in a panic. His things were spread haphazardly about his person. He was a sitting duck!

Audrey stretched her arms over her head. “Well, I got my assignment for drawing done.” Then Jacob swept past. He paused when he got to the door and glanced over his shoulder at Kayden, his eyes burning with intensity, then he bolted into the hall. Audrey blinked after the footballer. “Well, that was anticlimactic.”

“I can’t wait for my chem lab tomorrow,” Kayden said darkly.

“I’m not skipping two lectures tomorrow to hold your hand through another class,” Audrey muttered as she packed her sketch book away. “He got the message. Don't worry about him anymore.”

“But he’s my lab partner!” Kayden cried. “There’s no way I can avoid him tomorrow!”

“Then ask your professor about getting a new partner.” Audrey stood and pulled her kitty backpack over her shoulder. “You and Jacob aren’t getting along anymore, and you're too afraid to confront him.”

Kayden nodded slowly. “That might actually work.”

“It’ll definitely work.” Audrey beamed at him. “Hurry and pack up. I want to get these stupid peer edits turned in already.”

Kayden fumbled his things into his bag and followed Audrey out of the building. “Were you really up all night typing the edits?”

Audrey gave him a look.

“Mitch…” Kayden muttered.

Audrey made a face. “He's such a pig.”

The English Department was at the front of the main quad, facing the Oval, and their freshman Writing class looked out on the lush lawn of front campus. They quickly crossed the quad and entered the building through the heavy wooden doors.

“I hope Mateo has some better suggestions for me than you did,” Audrey said as they walked down the long hallway. “I already know Gwen won't have anything useful. And I'm terrified to see what Bret will come up with. He's so damned opinionated.”

Kayden covered his mouth but couldn't stop himself from giggling. “Well, he is an English major.”

Audrey rolled her eyes.

When they reached their classroom, Mateo and Gwen were seated in the back. Gwen, a girl with short pink hair, was busy with her phone, but Mateo waved enthusiastically and gestured to the two seats to his right.

Mateo was a nice Hispanic boy with a friendly smile. They usually shared conversations with him before class and Kayden thought he was attractive and funny, but Mateo was straight. He'd mentioned an ex-girlfriend on a number of occasions.

“Hey guys,” Mateo said as Audrey slid into the seat beside him and Kayden took the chair on her other side. “How was your weekend?”

“Ugh,” Audrey groaned. “I'd rather change the subject if you don't mind.”

Mateo raised his eyebrows at Kayden.

“We had a great weekend,” Kayden said enthusiastically. “We went to the park on Saturday and played Frisbee tag!”

Audrey huffed as Mateo chuckled good-naturedly. “That sounds like fun.”

“It was!”

“Cool hair, by the way,” Mateo said. “Where’d you get it done?”

“Thanks. My sister did it. Audrey helped.” Kayden gingerly touched the lock of hair over his brow as Mateo beamed at Audrey.

Anyway.” Flushing, Audrey yanked Mateo's peer edit out of her binder. “I marked a couple punctuation mistakes in the body, and you got a little off-topic with that story about your dad, but overall, your paper was really well done,” she said as she handed it over. “Just add another paragraph to tie your memory with the book. I liked how emotional you were getting. It really worked with your theme.”

“I will,” Mateo said with a smile. “That was my favorite part of the essay.”

“What did you think of mine?” Audrey asked as Mateo looked over her peer edit. “I know Romeo and Juliet is really high school, but the theme stuck with me. Tell me it's crap. I deserve it.”

“Audrey….” Mateo solemnly pulled a typed document out of the folder in front of him. “I tried my absolute best to find a flaw, but it was perfect.”

“Ha, ha.” Audrey snatched the peer edit with a scowl. “That’s not very helpful, Mateo.”

Mateo beamed. “You could tighten up some of the sentences in the last part. You were getting a little repetitive with that argument about Juliet’s suicide. You mentioned it three times.”

“See.” Audrey pouted. “I knew there was something.”

Mateo laughed as he took out another paper and handed it to Kayden. “You did well, too, Kayden, but you might want to work on your thesis statement. You have two objectives and I think you should focus on one.”

“Thanks.” Kayden studied Mateo’s detailed comments. “This is really helpful.”

“No worries.”

“Oh, sorry, I’ve got your peer edit, too.” Kayden took the paper out of his bag and handed it to Mateo as Bret walked into the room and took the seat across from them. “Mine’s almost identical to Audrey’s,” Kayden said apologetically. “It won’t be very helpful.”

“Were you guys hanging out when you wrote them up?”

“We were watching Monster House.” Audrey rolled her eyes. “Kayden says he likes scary movies, but we can’t watch anything above PG, or he’ll have his eyes closed for the whole thing.”

“You guys must be really close,” Mateo chuckled, and his brown eyes were incredibly warm.

“Oh god, we were friends in the womb I think,” Audrey said affectionately.

“Are we handing out the peer edits?” Bret asked loudly, dropping his bag in front of him so the table shook. “I gave everybody a thorough review and I didn’t hold back. I hope none of you get offended.”

“We’re not doing reviews,” Gwen said sourly, lowering her phone so she could glare at the pompous English major. “You were supposed to give constructive feedback.”

“That’s what I did.” Bret stuck his pointy nose in the air as he pulled out his binder. “I highlighted every area I felt was weak.”

They spent twenty minutes as a group going over the peer edits before their professor collected copies of the edits, to prove they'd done their work. He went on with the day’s lecture after that. They were learning about themes and symbolism in writing and they started a short story in class they were to finish as homework.

“On the subject of themes,” Mateo said when class was over, and they were all packing up to leave. “Halloween’s on Saturday. If you like scary movies, there’s a good one playing at the Century.”

“Oh!” Audrey flushed a delicate pink as she zipped up her bag. Bret slung his bag over his shoulder and hurried out of the room. Gwen shuffled off with her phone, but Kayden hovered behind his best friend like a shadow. “I don’t like anything gory, but horror’s probably my second favorite genre after rom-com.”

“If I could get you to come out with me, I’d let you pick any movie you wanted,” Mateo said and he flushed a little, too. “I guess I’m asking you out.”

Kayden dropped his notebook as Audrey blinked rapidly in surprise. “Ah…I don’t know if I can…”

“I’ve been trying to work up the courage to ask you all month,” Mateo said with a laugh. “I was afraid you guys were a couple.”

“No…” Audrey hesitated. “But I just broke up with someone. And dating for me…it’s complicated.”

“I’d settle for your number,” Mateo said. “Maybe we could talk about it.”

Audrey nodded slowly. “I don’t see the harm in that.”

Kayden watched the two exchange numbers with trepidation. He liked Mateo so much more than Mitch, but…poor Ian.

“See you guys on Wednesday,” Mateo said, smiling at them both as he tucked his phone into his back pocket and turned away.

Kayden looked at Audrey carefully as the other boy left the room. “Do you want to go out with him?” he asked in soft Korean.

“Does it look like it?” Audrey shoved her chair in. “I turned him down.”

“He’s a lot nicer than Mitch…”

“Yeah, but how am I supposed to get out of the house for a date?” Audrey murmured as she started for the door. They were the last ones in the room, but they continued to speak in their secret language as they exited into the hallway. “We aren’t even allowed to be alone in the same room together and our parents approved of our courtship.”

Kayden thought about Ian again as they started down the hall. They were going to meet him at the Treehouse, a large food court behind the main quad, like they did every day at noon. Audrey bustled ahead, but Kayden dragged his feet and fell significantly behind. He didn’t catch up until he got to the outer door that opened to the quad.

Audrey waited impatiently by the door to the courtyard. “What’s that look for?”

“I guess I’m feeling bad for my brother.”

“Ian?” Audrey sneered.

“I’ve been advising him on how to win you over.”

Audrey threw her head back and laughed. “Good luck!”

They left the building and crossed the courtyard at a clip. Audrey led the march and Kayden stumbled after, clutching the straps on his bag as it bounced erratically against his back.

“Audrey…wait up!”

“Are you going to start pushing me to marry your brother, too?” Audrey asked sharply in English.

“No!” Kayden gasped. “I wouldn’t do that to you!”

“Then why are you helping him?” Kayden could barely keep up, he could only see the side of Audrey’s face but he saw it twist with displeasure. “I like Mateo, a total stranger, way more than I like your brother.”

“Please…Audrey…I’m sorry I said anything!” Kayden cried and Audrey whirled around and got in his face.

“I can’t stand your brother,” she snapped. “Even if I become the most famous fashion designer on the planet, he’ll still think I would have been better off studying to be a doctor. Or a scientist. He’ll never be happy with who I am. He just likes the idea of me.”

Kayden gawked at his best friend as her bottom lip began to tremble.

“I’m skipping lunch,” Audrey muttered as a tear slid down her cheek. “Tell Ian I’m having cramps.” She spun away and ran under the arcade.

“Audrey…wait…” Kayden lurched after her and tripped over a raised brick. “Oof!” He fell on his belly in a dramatic display at the edge of the quad and dropped his head with a groan. “Such a klutz,” he said to himself because he was alone. Audrey was nothing but a speck in the distance.


Kayden ended up going to the Treehouse on his own. He bought a chicken salad with his student card, then found his brother at their regular table in the cafeteria.

Ian looked up from his stir fry. “Where’s Audrey?”

“Cramps, “Kayden muttered as he slid into the seat across from his brother. “She ran off before I could stop her.”

Ian stroked his chin in consideration. “No wonder she’s been so emotional. It’s that time of the month.”

Kayden made a face.

“I’ll send her a text,” Ian said with a nod. “I’ve got Ibuprofen in the car. Maybe that would help.”

Kayden tuned his brother out and looked down at his salad, a faint smile teasing his lips as he picked at it with his plastic fork. Audrey’s plight was a pressing concern, but Kayden was going to see Trent after this, and he was vibrating with excitement. He hoped Trent kissed him as soon as he walked into the room because he was dying to feel Trent’s strong arms around him again.

Kayden knew it was a silly fantasy, but he couldn’t help himself. He was in love.



The blinds were open, and sun streamed through the glass to bask Trent’s cozy bedstead in brilliant afternoon sunlight



Trent pushed the big-titted girl from last night off his chest and snatched his phone from the bedside table. He checked the screen.


Trent declined the call with a growl of annoyance and rolled out of bed. It was 11:30 and he had thirty minutes to get to Intro to Conflict.

Mmm, what was that?” The girl sat up lazily. “Come back to bed. It’s early.”

Trent had picked her up at Seth’s the night before and they’d had a couple rounds of sex. She’d been a decent lay, but she had to go. “It’s half past eleven and I’m insanely late, so…”

“Crap!” The girl’s eyes widened, and she scrambled to grab her jeans. “I missed my first class!”

“I’m about to do the same.” That had been easy enough. Trent’s morning wood twitched with interest as he watched the girl search through the bedding for her bra, but he scratched his belly and started for the door. “You can see yourself out, right?”

The girl found her bra and quickly pulled it on. “How do I open the gate?”

“Drive up and hit the release,” Trent said. “You’ll figure it out.”

The girl nodded and Trent left her to her own devices and stepped across the hall to his bathroom. He pissed, hopped in the shower, soaped himself up, then took care of his erection under the water. As he pulled himself off, Kayden’s big innocent eyes materialized in the misty stall.

Kayden had been on Trent’s mind all weekend, as a matter of fact. This wasn’t the first time he’d pleasured himself to the memory of Kayden’s dreamy eyes and his thick, dick-sucking lips. He was so easy to push around, Trent must have thought of a thousand different ways of how he could use Kayden’s body for his own pleasure.

And the blush on Kayden’s sweet, little face was to die for. He was so fun to humiliate and Trent couldn’t wait to mess with him in Algebra

Trent came with a grunt and watched the ropy strings of semen slither down the drain. He got out and dried off, then poked his head into the bedroom to make sure the girl was gone, she was –he’d had girls stick around for seconds in the past – then he slipped into his closet to get dressed for the day. He chose a black V-neck, fitted jeans, and chose to go commando.

On the way out, he grabbed his bag, found an energy drink in the fridge downstairs, then checked his reflection in the hall as he picked up his keys. He gave himself a devastating smile before he stepped outside.


When Trent got to class, he slid into his customary seat at the back of the room to watch the door for Mitch. His professor was cleaning the chalkboard with a dusty eraser and lecture was about to begin. Trent waited several long minutes for a sign of his best friend, but when the professor began to drone at the board, Trent realized Mitch wasn’t coming.

Mitch had mentioned on Saturday he’d broken up with Audrey, but he hadn’t let that stop him from partying at Seth’s with everyone else over the weekend. He’d drank, smoked weed, and banged chicks with the rest of them last night. Nothing had been any different from usual.

Figuring Mitch was face down on Seth’s dirty couch, Trent leaned back in his chair and zoned out until the end of class. The material was so dry and uninteresting, there was no way he was going to get any coherent notes, so he didn’t even try. He was going to have to look at Mitch’s notes before the next exam because coming to class wasn’t helping.

Trent worked up an appetite while he stared boredly at the dusty chalkboard. When class was over, he walked downstairs to grab something to eat in the café. He selected a wrap from the cooler than went to stand at the end of the line to pay for his food. His phone buzzed in his back pocket while he was waiting, and he pulled it out to check. It was Lucas. Again.

I just dropped Mitch off at the ER. I’m sorry I called you so late. It’s been a super busy morning and I missed my first two classes, but I hope you made it to yours.

Trent snickered as he typed a reply. What’d the loser do this time?

Seth called me before I could get to class. He said Mitch was puking all over the carpet and that I had to pick him up. Lucas said, then, He had alcohol poisoning. It was pretty obvious.

LOL. Trent smirked to himself, thinking about his loser best friend getting his stomach pumped at Stanford’s local ER.

Are you in class right now? Lucas asked, changing the subject.

Yes, nerd. I’m grabbing a turkey wrap before Algebra.

Good choice.

Trent rolled his eyes. How long is Mitch going to be in the hospital?

Probably until tomorrow, Lucas replied as the two girls ahead of Trent stepped out of line with their food and he was finally next. He quickly paid for the wrap with his card, then grabbed some napkins while he waited for a receipt. He checked his phone again as he strolled out of the café. I think Mitch is more upset about Audrey than he’s letting on, Lucas had added.

Trent sent a shrugging emoji, then put his phone away as he left the building. He was on his way to the Math Corner, eating his wrap in big, woofing bites when he felt the phone buzz with another message.

I’m going to Seth’s after class to see if he knows anything more about Mitch. There wasn’t much time to talk when I stopped by earlier to pick my brother up. Do you want to come with?

Trent was about to send a thumbs up when he heard someone call his name.


He paused and stuffed the last bite of turkey wrap into his mouth as he spotted Maggie rushing down the path with her hair in two French braids, bows tied at the ends. She wore another pink Chi Omega tee, beach shorts, and flawless white tennis shoes. Trent casually wadded up his food wrapper as the sorority girl caught up and slowed to a halt in front of him.

“Hey Trent.”

“Funny running into you,” Trent drawled. “What’s up?

“It’s actually purely by coincidence,” Maggie said with a laugh. “I’m on my way to World Economics and saw you walking past.”

Trent spied a garbage bin about two yards down the path. He tossed his trash overhand, so the paper fell smoothly into the bin. “Did you need something?”

Maggie smiled faintly. “I thought you might want an update on the Ivy situation.”

“Oh. Her.” Trent hitched his bag higher on his shoulder. “I almost forgot.”

“The girls say they took Ivy back to the dorms after that party, but when I came back to the house, she was waiting for me in the shadows.” Maggie sighed. “She knocked me down, punched me in the gut, then started yanking my hair, screaming ‘boyfriend stealer’ at the top of her lungs.”

Trent’s eyebrows climbed to his hairline. “For real?”

“It felt like a dream, but it was totally real.” Maggie crossed her arms over her chest. “One of the sisters heard the commotion and called for help. It took five girls to get Ivy off me.”

“What’d you guys do with her?” Trent sneered. “Send her back to the dorms?”

“We called her parents.” Maggie hugged herself. “Maybe we should have called the police, but I did intentionally sleep with her boyfriend, so my hands weren’t necessarily clean.”

Trent snickered. “Damn.”

“She’s off campus for now,” Maggie said with a sigh. “They said they’d get her psychiatric help, but I’m not sure I believe them. I have a feeling she’ll be back before too long.”

“Let’s hope not.” Trent scratched his fingers through his hair.

“I’ve got a question for you.” Maggie met Trent’s gaze with determination. “After I slept with you, you said you owed Chi Omega a favor.”

Trent tensed up. “What sort of favor?”

“We have our formals before winter break,” Maggie said. “It’s basically homecoming, if you don’t know.”

“I know what it is,” Trent scoffed. “Fuck, you’d think I’d never talked to a sorority girl before.”

Maggie curled her lip. “Well, I’d like to ask you to winter formals. As a friend, of course. The girls would love to see you there and it’d get Chi Omega a lot of good attention if you came.”

Trent sighed in resignation. “How long do I have to stay?”

“You only have to come to the dance,” Maggie said. “Three hours…max.”

“We’d better trade numbers,” Trent grumbled. “You’ll have to remind me, and I’ll probably have a million questions about what to wear.”

“Your finest tuxedo,” Maggie said with a smile. “And you’ll have to get me a corsage.”

Trent pulled out his phone for the hundredth time. “Give me your digits,” he said and he and Maggie traded numbers.

“I appreciate this,” Maggie said. “This is a huge favor.”

“You have no idea how much I hate formals,” Trent said darkly.

“Well, you have my number.” Maggie sidled closer and smiled coyly. “You should call me sometime.”

“You mean for a booty call?” Trent chuckled.

“Like I said. I’m a busy girl. I don’t have time for relationships.” Maggie fluttered her eyelashes

“I’ve got to get to class,” Trent said casually. “But maybe I’ll hit you up some time.”

“Looking forward to it,” Maggie said in a husky voice.

Trent turned with a laugh and swept down the path.


Trent reached the Math Corner in just a few short moments, but he was already late. Every single door down the hall was closed. “Shit…” He still had Kayden’s homework from the other day. How was he supposed to hand it back now?

Trent stormed down the corridor and stopped in front of his classroom door to peer through the narrow window. Ethan stood at the whiteboard, lecturing to his class of jaded teenagers. Trent scanned the room until his gaze landed on Kayden in the front row. He was pinned between the wall and some blonde freshman girl Trent had never bothered to speak to and for once, his face was exposed. His dark hair was much shorter than before and styled on top and Trent smiled because he thought Kayden looked really cute.

He opened the door and strolled inside, and at once, Kayden’s eyes fell on him. His cheeks turned a lovely shade of pink when Trent stopped at the end of the aisle and crooked a finger at him.

“What are you doing?” The blonde girl hissed, but Kayden gathered his things and slid past her without a word. There were three other people in the front row, and he dropped his head and squeezed around them to get to Trent.

“Did you cut your hair for me?” Trent simpered.

Kayden nervously licked his lips. “Yes.”

A warm tendril of arousal coiled in Trent’s belly. “You sit with me now,” he said, his hazel eyes burning with intensity as Kayden plopped his books on the table and shyly met his gaze under his eyelashes.


“Sit,” Trent commanded, and Kayden fell into the seat next to his.

“Excuse me, gentleman,” Ethan drawled from the whiteboard and Trent spared him a glance. “We’re in the middle of a lesson. Is a seat change really necessary?”

“Absolutely,” Trent said. “He’s my math tutor.”

Ethan narrowed his eyes. “Is that so?”

Trent set his bag on the table and pulled out his math notebook. “I must have grabbed his homework too by mistake. I still have it with me.” He took out both his and Kayden’s homework and walked around the table to turn it in.

Ethan looked at the assignments like they were poisoned. “Kayden already turned his in.”

“I-I figured you had it,” Kayden stammered from the front row. “But I did it a second time just in case.”

“Aww, what a sweetheart.” Trent barked a laugh. “He did it twice.”

A couple people laughed, and Kayden sank into his chair so he could hide behind his books.

“Thank you, Trent.” Ethan solemnly took the homework. “You may be seated.”

Trent fell into the seat next to Kayden’s as Ethan resumed his lecture. They were starting a new chapter already and he scowled at the numbers in red ink. Coming to class was a waste of time. He never paid attention and he had no desire to learn.

With a sigh, Trent rested an elbow on the table and dropped his chin in his hand. He watched Ethan for a moment more, completely bored, when he noticed Kayden gazing at him from the corner of his eye.

Kayden worried his bottom lip with his perfect white teeth. His lips were full, incredibly soft, and Trent knew from experience that he tasted like honey. He thought about their kiss the other night as he zeroed in on Kayden’s mouth. He was woefully inexperienced, but Trent was tired of evil bitches messing with his life. He was intensely attracted to Kayden’s innocence and he wanted to dominate him again.

While Ethan started an example at the board, Trent scooted his chair closer to the table and surreptitiously opened his fly. Kayden’s heated gaze was giving him a lot of thoughts and he spread his legs to make room for his growing cock.

Kayden jumped when Trent’s big hand fell on his, then gasped when he yanked it closer and forced it down the front of his jeans. “Ohhh!” He timidly curled his fingers around Trent’s fat cock. “What—?”

Shhh!” Trent looked pointedly at the back of Ethan’s head, then flexed his fingers around Kayden’s until he gripped him firmly. “Fuck…” He pulled Kayden’s hand along his erection a few times, then let go with a groan. “Don’t stop.”

Kayden’s hand was timid, but eager as it played along Trent’s shaft. His arm worked rhythmically under the table as he stared guiltily at the whiteboard, his cheeks flame-red and the tip of his little, pink tongue poking out from the corner of his mouth. He moved slowly, but his shy touch had Trent pulsing with need in just a few short moments.

Trent panted under his breath as he watched the emotions play out on Kayden’s cute face. Class continued around them as his cock reached full hardness and Kayden hesitantly sped up his actions. He rubbed Trent warmly with his palm and teased the swollen cockhead with his fingertips. When he closed his little hand around the wet glans and squeezed, Trent’s breath hitched in his throat. He was sensitive there and it felt amazing. His balls pulled up tight to his body as Kayden worked him with care. He wanted to come, badly, and he hunched his hips into Kayden’s hand with slow, deliberate thrusts.

He didn’t last long once the need to orgasm overtook him. Trent made breathless noises that had people in the front row peeking at them, but he didn’t care. Screw Algebra. He wanted to fuck… He thought about burying his cock in Kayden’s tight ass and he tilted his head back with a groan.


Trent’s eyes fluttered open to meet Ethan’s death-glare and lazily, he bared his teeth, unwilling to be intimidated by the student teacher, but Kayden was spooked, and his hand slowed to a stop. He caught his bottom lip between his teeth and worried the pink bit of flesh as he waited for a reaction.

Ethan held Kayden’s gaze for a long moment, then finally, he looked away. “If I could get everyone to turn to page 244, we’ll continue with the next example.”

Kayden squeezed Trent’s pulsing shaft one last time, then flipped his book to the indicated page. He buried his nose in the text, but Trent wasn’t staying for the rest of lecture.

“Grab your stuff,” he whispered, then zipped himself away and stood up. Kayden gawked at him in confusion, so Trent grabbed his arm and yanked him forcefully out of his seat. “Let’s go.

“Is there some sort of emergency?” Ethan snapped from the board. “Because I don’t know why else you would repeatedly interrupt my lecture.”

“Yep,” Trent said easily. “And Kayden needs a ride, so…”

“Really?” Ethan’s gaze tracked down to Trent’s fly and his nose wrinkled with disgust. The bulge in his jeans was unmistakable.

“Sorry for the interruption,” Trent drawled. “But we’ve gotta run.” He tugged on Kayden’s arm again. “Right, Kay?”

“Uh…yeah.” Kayden dropped his head as he finished packing his schoolbooks. Everyone was looking at them and he nervously pushed his chair in and slung his bag over his shoulder. “F-f-family emergency.”

Ethan furrowed his brow with disapproval, but Trent couldn’t care less. Ethan was such a fucking loser; he couldn’t stop them from walking out… Trent drew Kayden close and hustled him out of the room, kicking the door shut behind them.

“That was so embarrassing!” Kayden whined. “Ethan’s disappointed in me. I can tell!”

“Fuck that guy.” Trent pushed him hard against the wall and pressed his erection into his belly. “You should be more worried about disappointing me.

“I-I-I’ll suck your dick,” Kayden gulped. “I’ll d-do it now.”

“That’s a great idea.” Trent grinned at him. “Even better, let’s go back to my place to do it.”

“Please, Trent, I can’t leave campus,” Kayden whispered. “I’m not a-allowed!”

Trent slammed a hand against the wall. “Fuck you and your goddamn rules!”

“I’m sorry!” Kayden trembled against him. “But I’ll get in trouble if I leave! Please, Trent…”

Trent’s cock lurched with excitement and he bared his teeth in a tight grin as another idea popped into his sex-clouded brain. “Well,” he said. “Guess you’re going to suck my dick in the bathroom.”

Kayden’s eyes got big, but he didn’t protest as Trent peeled him off the wall and led him by the hand to the nearest restroom. The hallway was deserted and the tiled room they stole away to was just as empty. Trent led Kayden past a row of urinals and into one of the three stalls against the back wall. He locked the door behind them, then turned to study the other boy.

Kayden backed into the toilet, then looked up at Trent, his big, soulful eyes brimming with desire. He licked his sweet lips again and Trent caught his chin with a groan.

“I’ve been thinking about your mouth all weekend,” he said.

“Me too,” Kayden whispered.

Trent cradled his face between his large hands. “I’m going to kiss you,” he said, and Kayden nodded enthusiastically. With a smile, Trent bent to claim his lips in a passionate kiss.

Kayden stared into Trent’s eyes as his lips were skillfully plundered. He moaned and steadied himself with a hand on Trent’s hip as the kiss became frenzied and he was forced backward over the toilet. Shyly, he opened his mouth when Trent teased the soft parting with his tongue. “Ohhh…” His little penis was rock hard against Trent’s thigh, and he moaned with a sweet delirium that made Trent’s head spin with arousal.

Trent couldn’t stand it anymore and he broke away from the kiss and shoved Kayden on the toilet. “You owe me a blow job,” he said darkly, wiping a hand across his wet mouth. “And I’m going to fuck your face.”

Kayden righted himself on the toilet and trembled with a nervous anticipation as Trent unzipped himself and pushed his jeans to his knees. His dick sprang to attention and Kayden’s little tongue peeked out to wet his lips. He went cross-eyed as he followed Trent’s bobbing erection.

Trent gripped the base of his cock and guided it to Kayden’s mouth. “Open up, Baby-Kay.”

Kayden opened his mouth and moaned as Trent pushed his cockhead inside. The big member pressed his cheek out obscenely and Trent let go of himself to cradle the back of Kayden’s head instead.

Fuck,” Trent moaned as his cock slid into Kayden’s mouth. Kayden bobbed his head and swallowed around the shaft. He teased the sensitive underside with his tongue and Trent groaned. “Christ…” He carded his fingers through Kayden’s soft hair. “You’re already good at deep throating.”

Kayden smiled around Trent’s cock and pushed himself to take more. His eyes watered when he triggered his gag reflex, but he took it in stride and swallowed and swallowed as he eased another two inches down his throat. He watched Trent as he sucked him, his dark, angular eyes smoldering with an incredible heat and Trent knew he wasn’t going to last long.

“We should do this every time we have class,” he said breathlessly. “Then I’ll never miss another lesson.”


“You’re so goddamn cute.” Trent combed his fingers through Kayden’s short, silky hair. “I don’t know how you slipped under my radar for so long.”

Kayden’s cheeks pinkened adorably and he pushed himself to take the last couple inches.

“Fuck…” Trent pumped his hips to assist. His dick was almost entirely engulfed in Kayden’s hot, wet throat and he loved it. Kayden was stuffed with black cock and Trent was intent on filling him with his seed, as well.

Kayden’s eyes sparkled with affectionate tears as his shiny lips glided along Trent’s shaft. His tongue felt amazing, teasing the bulging vein along the underside, and Trent lurched ever closer to orgasm.

“This is what it takes to be a whore, Baby-Kay,” he grunted, forcing the last few inches into Kayden’s throat. “You need a mouth full of cock. Every…fucking…day.”

Mmmfph!!!” Kayden clutched Trent’s hips as his throat was invaded.

“You’re such a good…slut.” Trent’s cockhead banged repeatedly into the back of Kayden’s throat and he tipped his head back and groaned into the empty room. “I think I’m gonna keep you around.”

Mmm!!!” Strained tears rolled down Kayden’s soft cheeks and spattered Trent’s dick.

Trent grabbed his head with both hands and fucked him with abandon. His belly flipped, and without warning, he painted Kayden’s tongue with semen. “Oh fuck!”


Shit…” Trent kept himself buried in Kayden’s spasming throat for a moment as he trembled in the aftershock. Kayden’s short nails dug into his hips, but he barely felt it over the pleasure radiating from his spent cock. When the feeling faded, he pulled out of Kayden’s mouth and tucked himself away.

Kayden gasped for air and wiped tears from his face. Shiny semen stained his plump bottom lip and Trent had an intense desire to taste his mouth again. “Hey!” Kayden whimpered when he scooped him off the toilet. “Ouch!” Trent slammed him against the metal stall and pinned him there with his feet several inches from the floor. “W-what—?”

“Shut up,” Trent growled, then forced his lips down on Kayden’s. Trent could taste himself and he plunged his tongue deep into Kayden’s honeyed mouth as his cock stirred with arousal for the umpteenth time.

Kayden was totally helpless with his feet dangling. He grabbed Trent’s broad shoulders and held on as his lips were ravaged. Trent pressed his awakening cock against Kayden’s and shyly, Kayden wrapped his legs around his hips. “Good slut,” Trent moaned into his mouth. “Hold on tight, Baby-Kay.” He slithered a hand between them and confidently palmed his erection.

“Oh!” Kayden gasped and Trent sealed his lips over his once more to shut him up. He’d never touched another guy’s dick before, and he didn’t want to think about it too much. He wanted to do it though. Kayden was absolutely gorgeous, and Trent wanted to be the reason he orgasmed.

Trent cupped his little dick and rubbed the length until his little body shook with desire. In less than a minute, Kayden ripped his mouth away and smacked his head back against the metal wall with an exuberant yell. He clung to Trent for all he was worth as he filled his underwear with come.

“What the hell was that?” said a male voice from the doorway and Trent froze in alarm. Kayden gasped, then slapped a hand over his mouth when Trent leveled him with a glare.

“I think somebody’s hiding in the stall,” said another boy, laughing, and Trent set Kayden on his feet.

“Fucking great,” he huffed.

“I-I’m sorry!”

“Hello?” said the first boy, then to his friend. “Sounds like two guys.”

Trent zipped up, then pushed a hand through his tight curls. He looked nervously at Kayden next, but the other boy was totally hopeless. His eyes were huge, his hair mussed, and his pants were obviously stained in the front. “Come on, idiot.” He grabbed Kayden by the wrist and unlocked the stall.

Two guys stood in front of the sinks. Trent could see the judgement all over their faces, but he put his nose in the air like he wasn’t at all bothered and dragged Kayden out of the room.

They stumbled into a flood of students in the hall, all of them in a mad dash to exit the building, and Trent pulled Kayden into the masses. Nobody spared them a second glance. “We need to find a way for you to ditch your girlfriend,” Trent sneered as he tugged Kayden to the doors. “The whole damned school’s going to find out we’re screwing around if we keep hooking up in bathrooms and cars. I’ve got a house for a reason, you know.”

Kayden guiltily lowered his eyes. “Audrey said we’d have to meet in the middle of the night. Like she and Mitch were doing.”

“I’m not doing that bullshit again,” Trent growled. “And fuck that bitch. She’s jealous of you.”

“Why would she be jealous?”

“Because she just broke up with Mitch, retard,” Trent snapped as they reached the doors. He stepped through and held it open for the little Korean. “She wants you to be miserable,” he said darkly. “Like she is.”

“She isn’t miserable.” Kayden’s mouth curved into a frown. “A boy in our writing class asked her on a date today.”

Trent chuckled under his breath as he thought about Mitch, laid up in the hospital. He pulled Kayden to the edge of the walkway and let the stream of students exiting the math building breeze past for the main quad. “Either way, I’m fully expecting a blow-job after class tomorrow,” Trent murmured. “I don’t care if Audrey’s jealous. You’re my exclusive cock-whore now.” He beamed down at the other boy. “That’s a big job for a little boy like you.”

Kayden shyly met his eyes. “I-I-I have lunch after psych. Audrey won’t like it, but…I can probably convince her to lie to my brother so we can be together.”

“Wait for me outside the lecture hall tomorrow. And bring your math homework,” Trent grinned. “Then we need to meet up Wednesday before class so I can give it back to you.”

“Or I can just make you a copy in my dad’s office,” Kayden suggested.

Trent nodded. “So where is Audrey anyway?” Trent glanced at the inner quad beyond the path as a pair of pretty, dark skinned girls exited the building. They made eyes at Trent, but he turned away and tugged Kayden toward the stone table in the courtyard. “She’s going to show up any minute to drag you away, isn’t she?”

“I’m surprised she isn’t here yet,” Kayden groaned. “I mean, I n-normally meet her at front campus, but I have a feeling she’ll come looking for me.”

“Everyone’s jealous of you.” Trent made a face. “I have to email my advisor about you when I get home,” he murmured. “I’m sure Ethan’s going to tell on us after that stunt we pulled.”

Kayden blinked at him owlishly.

“He saw my erection, Kay.”

“H-he s-saw…?” Kayden’s face drained of color.

“My cock,” Trent said. “I wouldn’t doubt if Sarah tracks you down and tries to talk to you.”

“W-what?” Kayden’s face rapidly began to redden, and Trent laughed at him. “Oh…nooo.

“Relax.” Trent chuckled. “I’m the one who should be worried.”

“What am I supposed to say to her?!” Kayden whined. “I don’t want to get in trouble!”

“Then don’t tell her I’m copying your homework. You’re legit helping me study.”

“Yeah, okay,” Kayden muttered unhappily. “That’ll be easy.”


The two of them turned as Audrey stepped from under the arcade and caught Trent’s gaze. She approached at a clip, her eyes blazing with fury.

“Shit,” Trent murmured. “She’s obviously not in a good mood.”

“Audrey…” Kayden started. “I just—"

“You.” Audrey stopped an arms-length from Trent’s towering form and glared up at him. “Are you trying to kidnap my best friend again?”

“Nope. I already got a blow job out of him,” Trent chuckled.

“You’re disgusting,” Audrey hissed.

“Me? Did you even glance at your best friend?”

Audrey turned to Kayden and gave him a once over. “Kayden…” Her eyes stopped at his groin area and she let out a groan of revulsion. “Are you serious?!

Kayden guiltily crossed his legs. “I-I-I d-didn’t m-mean to!”

“Oh, leave him alone,” Trent sneered at the girl. “He couldn’t help himself. All I had to do was touch him once and he exploded.”

Audrey’s eyes bugged out of her head. “You pig!


“Speaking of pigs…” Audrey hissed. “Where’s Mitch? I texted him before Art History let out, but he didn’t even check my message. He’s lurking around here somewhere. I know it.”

“Wrong again,” Trent smirked. “He’s in the hospital getting his stomach pumped.”

Audrey’s face fell. “What?”

“He’s got alcohol poisoning,” Trent said casually. “He partied like it was going out of style this weekend. He must have downed a whole keg and banged ten different chicks while he was at it.”

“Let’s go, Kayden!” Audrey grabbed Kayden’s hand and yanked him back to the path. A stream of rapid Korean trailed after them. The language was like a song, quick and lilting and Trent was intensely curious what they were saying.

Kayden looked over his shoulder as he was dragged away for the second time by his best friend. His gaze was filled with longing and Trent watched him go with a similar feeling of need growing inside of him.



Trent snapped back to reality as he shoved a hand into his back pocket for his phone. He answered the call with a bark. “What?”

“Uh…hey.” It was Lucas and Trent deflated a little. “Where are you? I’m parked next to your truck.”

“Still in class,” Trent said grouchily, then started down the path after Kayden. Already, he and Audrey were much further ahead, but Trent wasn’t trying to catch up anyway. He trailed them like a shadow. “Why are you waiting for me?” he hissed. “What do you want?”


“I swear to god, Luke, you better speak up!”

“We agreed to go to Seth’s, remember?” Lucas squeaked. “To talk about Mitch.”

“I didn’t agree to shit.” Trent was already nearing the main quad and he watched as Kayden and Audrey dashed across the courtyard for the Oval. “And anyway, I’m not in the mood.”

“What’s going on?” Lucas asked. “You seemed happy enough an hour ago.”

“Fuck you,” Trent growled. “I’m never happy.”

“Just…come to Seth’s with me,” Lucas said in a soothing voice. “We can talk on the ride over.”

“I don’t want to talk,” Trent growled as Kayden and Audrey slipped under the main archway and down the stairs. “I want to fuck.”

“Well, if you’re looking to get laid, Seth’s house would be the place.”

“Screw this,” Trent muttered. Screw Kayden and his restrictions. “See you in a minute, faggot,” he snapped into his phone, then ended the call and stashed it in his pocket. Trent was a free agent. He didn’t need a relationship, or even familiarity, to have sex. He’d pick up another one-night-stand at Seth’s place and have her gone by tomorrow…so he could fuck with Kayden again in class.

Trent strode purposefully for the west gateway and began to jog when he crossed under the stone archway. He ran hard for the library, blowing past a group of girls in cheerleading outfits, and took the shortcut through the grass when he reached the hill above the parking lot.

Lucas’s white Porsche was in the space next to Trent’s truck. Trent glanced longingly at his Raptor but hopped in Lucas’s sports car without pause.

Soft classical music played in the background, but Lucas turned the radio down before he started the engine. “How was algebra?”

“I don’t know,” Trent grunted. “I left before it’d really started.”

Lucas quirked an eyebrow, then buckled his seatbelt. “You should have stuck it out. You came. You might as well have gotten points for attendance.”

Trent slouched in his seat. “Attendance points aren’t going to save me.”

“They’ll certainly help,” Lucas said brightly. “And buckle your seatbelt please.”

Trent grabbed his belt with a huff and strapped himself in.

“What are we going to do about your grades?” Lucas asked as he smoothly backed out of his parking space. “You’re going to get kicked out if you don’t do better on finals.”

Trent smiled wickedly. “I didn’t tell you yet, did I?”

“Tell me what?”

“I got a tutor the other day,” Trent said slowly. “A cute, little freshman.”

“A freshman?” Lucas stopped at the street and looked both ways. “From the library?”

“We have algebra together,” Trent said. “It’s a small world. I noticed him making eyes at me the other day, then realized he was Audrey’s best friend.”

“Making eyes at you?” Lucas pursed his lips, then pulled into traffic. “You aren’t taking advantage of him, are you?”

“Of course I am,” Trent laughed. “That’s what I do best.”

“I thought you were done with cheating.”

Trent shrugged.

“Big Buck’s serious about your grades,” Lucas said, and Trent rolled his eyes and turned to gaze out the window. “We all know you’ll be great in sports management, but you’re actually going to have to work to get the job.”

“Shut up!” Trent yelled, red spots of color appearing high on his cheeks. “I am working for it!”

Lucas gave him a look. “Maybe you’re going to class, but are you paying attention? Are you taking notes? Are you turning in homework?”

“No, no, and no,” Trent spat. “I don’t need to pay attention. I won’t need to know how to solve for X when I’m a sports agent! These classes are a waste of time!”

Lucas slowly shook his head. “That isn’t true.”

“Yes it is!”

“So you’re going to cheat your way through life?” Lucas stopped at the light, then turned left onto Woodland Ave. “You’re okay with that?”

“Yes,” Trent hissed. “And I guess I’ll have to buy more tests before finals, but I’ll get my grades up. I’m going to get my degree, goddamnit.”

Lucas was silent, but the look on his face wasn’t approval.

“I need to get away from Chase,” Trent’s said darkly. “I’m sick of living off that abusive bastard.”

Lucas’s fingers flexed on the steering wheel. “Have you talked to your mother recently?”

“Briefly. On the phone before midterms.”

“How’s she doing?”

“Who knows,” Trent sneered. “She called after noon and it sounded like she was already sloshed.”


“I’d better email my advisor about Kayden before I forget.” Trent pulled his phone out again and brought up the Gmail app as Lucas made a right onto Oak Court. They were almost to Seth’s now.


“That’s the freshman,” Trent murmured, then fell quiet as he typed up a message to Sarah Windsor.

Hey. I found a tutor the other day. His name’s Kayden. I didn’t catch his last name, but he’s a freshman, and we have psych and algebra together. He says he can help me with my other subjects, too, so it’s really convenient.


Trent hit send as Lucas parked outside Seth’s house. “I pocketed Mitch’s phone by mistake when I was loading him in the car,” he said as he cut the engine. “After this, I’m going to run to the hospital so I can give it back.”

“What are we doing here again?” Trent glared at Seth’s sleepy house.

Lucas sighed. “I’m just trying to figure out what happened last night.”

“Beats me,” Trent murmured. “I got home with Miss Titties before ten.”

“You were actually the first one to leave,” Lucas said as he unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car. “Vince and I were looking high and low for you before we realized you were gone. It was so unlike you.”

“I wasn’t in the mood to socialize,” Trent grunted, then tossed his bag in the backseat and got out as well. “I bounced as soon as I found someone to fuck.”

“You’re just like my brother,” Lucas said with an affectionate smile. He stepped over the curb, then held the gate open for Trent. “I don’t think either of you can make it through the day without some sort of intercourse.”

“Yeah, but I’m sick to death of chicks and their drama,” Trent growled, then shoved past Lucas and approached the covered porch. “After that shit with Ivy, I just want to lie low. I don’t want another crazy girlfriend.”

“Mitch said she made a hell of a scene the other night,” Lucas said, pressing his lips together to hide his smile. “What happened with her?”

“The sorority girls took care of her for me.” Trent hopped up on the porch and knocked briskly at the door. “They called her parents.


“Now I have to attend their winter formal as a favor,” Trent sneered.

“You hate formals.”

Trent grumpily crossed his arms as the door flew open.

“Hey!” Seth said cheerfully, stepping aside to welcome them in. “I wasn’t expecting you guys today. What’s up?”

“I don’t know what Luke wants.” Trent brushed past the bathrobed stoner and started for the living room. “But I came to get laid.”

Seth blinked in surprise. “I guess I’d better call some girls over.”

The TV over the mantle was playing a sitcom. It was muted and Trent threw himself back on the couch with a sigh. “Got anything to drink?”


Trent,” Lucas chided, then to Seth, “I’m sorry. We should have called first.” He glided into the room and sat primly on the loveseat. “I just wanted to talk. We really didn’t get a chance this morning.

“Right. There was a lot of puking going on when you stopped by.” Seth took the seat beside Trent and smiled at him serenely. “And FYI, you’re sitting in the danger zone. Mitch projectile vomited all over this couch.”

“Ugh!” Trent scooted onto the middle seat, closer to Seth, and looked down but the couch was its usual lackluster brown. There were no noticeable stains.

“I Lysol-ed everything, of course,” Seth said off-handedly.

“Fuck you,” Trent scowled, moving back to his original space. “This entire living room looks like somebody puked on it.”

“Wow,” Seth snorted. “Thanks a lot.”

“What happened to Mitch after we left?” Lucas asked, giving Trent an admonishing look in the same breath. “He was still chasing those twins when I saw him last. I felt bad abandoning him, but I had to get home. I have early classes on Monday.”

“I wasn’t keeping tabs or anything, but I know he bagged both of them.” Seth crossed a bare leg over his knee. It was hairless. Trent knew he shaved; the stoner was always showing his legs, but Trent had never noticed how slim and attractive they were. “The three of them hogged the guest room for over an hour,” Seth said merrily.

Lucas tisked.

“A threesome?” Trent drawled, subtly checking out Seth’s bouncing leg. “Sounds like a blast.”

“I ran into him again when I was going up to bed,” Seth said. “He was in the bathroom, screaming at someone over the phone.”

“Audrey…” Lucas murmured.

“I figured as much.” Seth nodded. “I didn’t want to interrupt, so I pissed in a beer bottle in my room, then hit the hay.”

“And what happened this morning?” Lucas asked gravely.

“He must have gotten laid a second time after I went to bed,” Seth chuckled as his navy-blue slipper slid from his heel. “When I came down for coffee, he was naked on the couch with a fat chick.”

“Jesus.” Lucas shook his head. “I hope he’s being safe.”

“There wasn’t anything safe about what I saw.” Seth shuddered. “I was adding creamer to my cup when I heard this horrible splatter, then a bunch of squealing.” He uncrossed his slender legs and slid back into his slippers. “Mitch was puking all over the girl, the couch, and the carpet. It was a horror show.”

Lucas pinched the bridge of his nose. “I’m so sorry, Seth. I didn’t even ask if you needed help.”

“You had your hands full with Mitch,” Seth laughed. “And it wasn’t too bad. The girl stayed behind to get a shower. I gave her a gram of Dro to help me clean up.”

Trent glanced around. “Besides the lack of beer cans, it looks the same.”

“You should have seen the place this morning.” Seth winked at him. “It’s a huge improvement.”

“How about that drink?” Trent drawled. Seth winked at him all the time, but today it felt different for some reason. “I’m thirsty.”

“Coming right up!” Seth stood with a laugh and shuffled into the other room.

“So rude…” Lucas muttered, pursing his lips in disapproval.

“I asked for a drink. How was that rude?” Trent sneered at the other boy. “Leave me alone, loser. I’m trying to relax.”

“Poor baby.” Seth returned with a tall bottle of vodka and a set of shot glasses. “Do you got the Monday Blues?”

“More like Monday blue balls,” Trent muttered unhappily.

Seth set three glasses on the edge of the coffee table and quickly filled them with vodka. “I saw you go home with that busty brunette last night,” he said, then selected a shot and tossed it back. “She wasn’t any good?”

“She was alright, I guess.” Trent took a shot glass, too.

“Didn’t she hit the spot?” Seth waggled his eyebrows. “Are you looking for something in particular?”

Trent shrugged, then swallowed his vodka.

“He was in a bad mood leaving class…” Lucas ignored the glass meant for him and studied Trent’s expression with interest. “Wait, that freshman you mentioned. The one making eyes at you.”

“Did I say that?” Trent looked away.

“You did.”

“Wait, what’s going on?” Seth raised his eyebrows.

“Nothing’s going on,” Trent muttered, then grabbed the vodka and poured himself another shot. “I had to get a tutor for math class and he’s this pathetic little freshman. Really cute and helpless looking.” He drank his second shot with relish. “He’s such a wimp, he’s just letting me copy his homework.”

“That’s good, right?” Seth asked. “You need to improve your grades, so…”

“I’m more curious why he keep calling this guy ‘cute’,” Lucas said and Seth’s eyebrows disappeared into his hairline.

“So what?” Trent sneered. “He’s cute. It doesn’t mean anything.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you refer to another guy like that.”

Trent poured himself another shot.

“Oh my god.” Lucas’s eyes widened dramatically. “You’re fucking him, aren’t you?”

“No I’m not!” Trent spat, but he could feel his cheeks getting red.

“Holy shit!” Seth cried. “Trent’s fucking another guy!”

“I just said I wasn’t,” Trent growled, then downed his third shot in quick succession. “Fuck…”

“Then why are you blushing?” Seth asked coyly. “What are you so embarrassed about?”

“I’m not fucking him…” Trent murmured. “Not yet anyway.”

“God lord.” Lucas’s face went pale with shock. “I figured you were torturing the kid for his help. What are getting up to, Trent?”

“I’m taking advantage of the situation.” Trent rested his empty glass on his knee. “He’s falling in love with me and I’m getting my dick sucked.”

“I thought you just said you wanted to lie low!” Lucas gaped in total shock.

“That’s what I’m doing,” Trent grumbled. “He’s too much of a bitch to stalk me or blackmail me into some bullshit relationship.”

“But he’s falling in love with you,” Lucas pointed out. “You’re leading him on.”

Trent shrugged. “And?”

“Does my brother know?”

“He knows Kayden’s my tutor,” Trent said. “But that’s all.”

“Are you going to switch teams?” Seth asked excitedly.

“Fuck no,” Trent laughed. “I’m just getting my rocks off.”

“I could get your rocks off, too.” Seth batted his eyelashes. “Probably better than some freshman.”

“Fuck off,” Trent laughed. “I’m not fucking you.

“Aww! Why not?”

Trent sighed. “I knew I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“You’ve bedded hundreds of girls since I’ve known you, but this is the first time you’ve ever mentioned another boy.” Lucas’s frown deepened. “I’m not sure I believe you.”

“I don’t care if you believe me or not.” Trent snapped. “I don’t want anybody else to find out either, so keep it quiet.”

“Wow. I feel so privileged!” Seth clapped his hands together. “I’m in Trent’s inner circle!”

“You’re not allowed to tell anybody either,” Trent hissed at him. “Keep your mouth shut.”

Seth made a show out of zipping his lips.

“Are you going to call some girls over or what?” Trent snatched Lucas’s untouched glass from the table and sucked it down. “I’m sick of talking to you losers.”

“My phone’s charging upstairs.” Seth bounced off the couch. “Lemme go grab it.”

Trent watched the stoner slip from the room, then poured himself another shot. He was going to finish the whole bottle on his own at this rate.

Lucas studied Trent in the silence, his lips downturned.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Trent sneered.

“I just can’t believe this.” Lucas shook his head. “I’m trying to picture it, but I can’t.”

“Then quit trying.” Trent rolled his eyes. “I don’t know why you’re thinking about me having sex anyway.”

Seth breezed back into the room and Lucas looked away. “Before I call anybody, Trent, I want you to try something.” Seth sat right beside him and opened his hand. There were two baby-blue pills in his palm. “They’re uppers. They’ll make you feel really nice.”

“I think that’s my cue to leave.” Lucas stood up and fastidiously straightened his khakis. “I still have to get to the hospital before visiting hours are over.”

“Have fun,” Trent said, then selected one of the blue pills and popped it in his mouth.

Lucas held up a hand in farewell, then stepped quickly from the room. The front door slammed behind him and Trent glared after the blond.

“So rude,” he muttered.

“He’s got a crush on you. I can tell,” Seth said, grinning. “He’s jealous,”

Trent flicked him off.

“You’re the sexiest guy on campus.” Seth took the last pill, then shifted until his naked thigh touched Trent’s. “I’ve got a thing for you, too, you know. I’m a little jealous you slept with your tutor before me, but I’ll take sloppy seconds.”

“I bet,” Trent snorted. “But I already told you. I’m not fucking you.”

“You don’t have to fuck me to get off,” Seth said casually. “I’m very good with my mouth.”

Trent hesitated, but they were alone, and Seth was looking oddly appealing. His robe had hiked up his legs and his smooth thighs were on display. Trent’s cock started to get chubby from the inappropriateness. “I don’t know why I’d let you,” he said slowly. “I mean, you’ve been hounding me about it for the last year.”

“I wouldn’t tell anybody.” Seth’s brown eyes shone with exuberance. “It’d be our little secret.”

Trent felt his resolve crumble. “Maybe just this once.”

“You’re going to love this. Promise.” Seth slithered to the floor and knelt at Trent’s feet. “I’ve been waiting to do this forever. God, Trent, you’re so incredibly sexy.”

“And you’re a dirty whore,” Trent grumbled as he nervously unzipped his fly, then, with a deep sigh of resignation, he pulled out his cock. “Well, here it is. Have at it, slut.”

“Nice.” Seth’s gaze was appreciative. He licked his lips. “I don’t know what convinced you to get boy-curious, but I definitely approve.”

“Come on,” Trent grunted. “Let’s get this over with.”

Seth gripped Trent’s shaft and sucked him into his mouth. He concentrated on the head, swirling his agile tongue around and around the sensitive glans.

Trent watched with half-lidded eyes as Seth pleasured him with his lips and his tongue. Seth’s dark eyes reminded him of Kayden, but the face was off, and he brushed his bedraggled hair into his face so he could hide his features.

The blow job was superb, but it took a moment for Trent’s cock to reach its full length. He had a lot of reservations about what was currently happening, but when his cockhead bumped into the back of Seth’s throat a warm bubble of excitement grew inside Trent. It must have been the pill. His head was light, and his body tingled with electricity. He relaxed completely and leaned his head back on the cushions as Seth took care of him.

In the back of his inebriated mind, he imagined Kayden was blowing him. The beautiful Korean squirmed between his thighs as he struggled to accept the full length of Trent’s erection. He had tears in his eyes, but he was enjoying every minute of it just the same.

Fuck…” Trent grabbed the back of Kayden’s head and forced him all the way down, then Seth grunted, and swallowed with a practiced ease and the image was shattered.

Seth breathed loudly through his nose as he bobbed his head repeatedly. He had absolutely no trouble deep throating the enormous member and Trent’s brow furrowed with distaste as he wondered how many times he’d gone down on other guys. Seth was a dirty, nasty whore.

Trent fisted his fingers in Seth’s dirty hair and vigorously fucked his mouth. He just wanted it to end, and the quickest way was for Trent to come. He battered the back of Seth’s throat until he reached an unsatisfactory orgasm. It was forced and Trent’s balls tingled unpleasantly in the aftermath.

Seth sat back with a grin on his face. “How’d that compare to the freshman?” He used the lapel of his robe to dab his thin lips and Trent didn’t like them. They weren’t luscious like Kayden’s were.

“It was fine,” he grumbled. “But I’m ready for pussy now.”

Seth pouted. “For real?”

“Do you think I’m lying?” Trent growled. “For real. I’m not playing. Call some girls.”

Seth moved back to the couch. “I could call those sorority girls down the street.”

“Do it,” Trent said. “An order a pizza. I’m starving.”

Seth pulled up his contact list as Trent gazed at his muted TV. It looked like a soap opera. Gay.

Got lots of ideas for the next part! It might take a while, but I'll be back 😁

Copyright © 2020 mastershakeme; All Rights Reserved.
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Also, I'm always open to suggestions. That's why I'm sharing :P

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I can't help but think Trent is on a collision course with something.I just hope Kayden doesn't end up being collateral damage

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Merry Christmas

Oh Lord, I finally managed to sit down and read the chapter! 

So, starting with Kayden, I can't believe Trent talked him into doing that! So risky, my poor Kayden is so...docile. I wonder what he's going to make him do next... 

I hope Trent is not actually leading Kay on and he'll fall for him as well. 

Yep, I'm totally rooting for Ian! Who would've thought?

Thank you for this chapter ☺️

Edited by HanselMuffin
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55 minutes ago, HanselMuffin said:

Merry Christmas

Oh Lord, I finally managed to sit down and read the chapter! 

So, starting with Kayden, I can't believe Trent talked him into doing that! So risky, my poor Kayden is so...docile. I wonder what he's going to make him do next... 

I hope Trent is not actually leading Kay on and he'll fall for him as well. 

Yep, I'm totally rooting for Ian! Who would've thought?

Thank you for this chapter ☺️

I got started on the next part today! I so love hearing everybody's thoughts. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I'm rooting for Ian as well, but we'll see what happens 😅

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  • Site Moderator
3 hours ago, mastershakeme said:

Hehe! He is kind of a jerk 😂

Kind of? If he has any redeeming qualities, we've yet to see them. 

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4 hours ago, drpaladin said:

Kind of? If he has any redeeming qualities, we've yet to see them. 

Hmm, I don't actually think I realized

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He (Trent) is teaching Kayden how to live!  If that's not a redeeming quality, I don't know what is.

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7 hours ago, mg777 said:

He (Trent) is teaching Kayden how to live!  If that's not a redeeming quality, I don't know what is.

Hehe! Thank you 🥰

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