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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Warnings: Racism, rape, abuse, discrimination, homophobia, violence, cursing, underage drinking and drug usage, Hetro relationships, but there will be NO m/f sex.

Teach Me Bad - 28. Epilogue

Trent was in the bathroom when he heard Kayden come in the door.

“Trent? I’m home.”

Trent checked his appearance in the mirror. Ruggedly handsome, as always, he was still in the same dark shirt and set of slacks from work. He hadn’t gotten a chance to change yet, but he wanted to see Kayden first. He gave his reflection a wry grin, then he turned to head downstairs.

They were living in their own place now. Bought and paid for. A few months after the start of Trent’s junior year at Stanford, Diana and Chase had divorced. With her insane winnings from the settlement, Diana had got them a house in Menlo Park.

Three bed, three bath, the villa was in Sharon Heights, right on the edge of the Stanford Golf course. They had room for guests, a kitchen for entertaining, a pool, a small garden out back, and a two-car garage for both their rides. It was a beautiful place, and they’d been enjoying it for almost two years now.

In the front hall, Kayden sat on the bench by the door, rubbing his feet. He was in a nice shirt and pants, too, but he usually dressed up now that he was a student teacher. The oversized sweaters and droopy hair were a thing of the past.

Trent stopped and leaned casually against the wall. “How did it go?”

Kayden looked up wearily. “Didn’t you get my text?”

“I know you won the case, but how was the trial?” Trent asked. “And the drive home? I saw there was a huge traffic jam on the 280.”

“Ugh.” Kayden went back to rubbing his feet. “The whole thing was exhausting. I’m just so glad it’s over.”

A year after Jacob had raped Kayden, he’d been approached by a group of lawyers. It seemed Jacob had gotten into another mess at his new school and was in a whole lot of trouble. They wanted Kayden to take the stand. It had taken years, but they’d finally gotten their just desserts.

“So, he’s in jail?” Trent asked.

“And he has to register as a sex offender when he comes out,” Kayden said with a nod. “He won’t be raping anybody ever again.”

“Good.” Trent smirked. “We should celebrate.”

“Aya, please no,” Kayden whined. “I just want to get a shower and climb into bed.”

Trent forced down a grin. “Oops…”

“You invited someone already,” Kayden sighed. “Who?”

“Just the guys,” Trent said. “And the girls from down the street. And your parents.”

“My parents?

“Yeah, but it’s probably just going to be Emma and your mom,” Trent said with a shrug. “You know how your dad is.”


“Relax. It’ll be fun.” Trent pushed himself off the wall and came to join Kayden on the bench. “I ordered Chinese. You don’t have to do anything.”

“I’m just so tired,” Kayden cried. “I’ve been up since 5am.”

Trent draped an arm around Kayden’s shoulders and pulled him close. “They won’t stay long. It’s a school night.”

Kayden looked up pleadingly. “Promise?”

“I promise.” Trent bent his head and kissed Kayden softly on the lips. “I’ll kick them out at 10.”


“That’ll be the guys.” Trent kissed Kayden again, quick, then he stood to answer the door.

Lucas and Vince were on the door step. Trent leaned in to hug them both, one after the other.

“Thanks for coming.”

“Not a problem.” Lucas breezed through the door and spotted Kayden on the bench. “Hey you. I heard the good news.”

Kayden stood up and kissed Lucas on the cheek. “Yeah. I’m just so relieved the trial is finally over. This must have been the fifth time I was in court this year.”

“Yeah, but it was worth it.”

“Hey.” Vince shuffled into the room and Trent shut the door behind him.

“Hey. How’ve you been since work?”

Vince shrugged. “I grabbed a bite to eat with Sarah on campus… she’s sorry she couldn’t make it. She’s in meetings until late.”

“I get it. Its midterms. Kayden’s insanely busy, too.”

Vince nodded sagely. “Got anything to drink?”

“You know I do.” Trent gestured toward the living room, then started through to the wet bar against the far wall. “What are you having?”

“Whisky. Straight.” Vince followed him through and took a seat on the couch. He kicked his feet up comfortably and made himself at home. “How are things with that new account?”

“With the Josh kid?” Trent snorted as he poured the liquor. “He thinks he’s a super star already. All he wants to do is party and smoke dope. He’s going to blow his contract.”

“You mean, our contract. We represent him.”

Trent brought the drink to the couch with a scowl. “Not for long, I hope. The kid’s a total mess. He did poorly at the game last week, as well. I think his personal life is affecting his sportsmanship.”

Vince took a drink of his whisky. “Could be.”

Kayden and Lucas came into the room from the hall, chatting quietly. Trent’s eyes followed the boys with interest. It didn’t happen all the time, but Lucas joined Kayden and Trent in bed a couple times a month, and they were all pretty happy with the arrangement.

“Either of you want drinks?” Trent called to the pair.

“Yeah. Make me that drink I like,” Kayden said, perching in his chair by the window, and Trent turned to start on his cosmo.

“Luke? I know you need to unwind…” Trent smiled as he worked. “You looked stressed as hell when I ran into you in the elevator this morning.”

“Oh, a glass of wine for me,” Lucas said vaguely, falling into the couch beside Vince. “The boss is demanding income reports for the whole company by the end of the month. It’s been a nightmare of work.”

In junior year, after much consideration on his part, Lucas had accepted an internship from Big Buck in the accounting department. Trent and Vince were doing internships as well, on the sports team, of course, but they’d begged Lucas to join them and he had. They all had lucrative careers with the company now.

Trent brought Lucas his glass of wine first, then he handed Kayden his cosmo and sat on the ottoman next to his chair. He already had a beer on the coffee table and he grabbed it and held it up loftily. “Cheers to Kayden’s court case being done and over with.”

“Here, here.” Vince tipped his glass.

“It’s such a relief that guy’s in jail.” Lucas shivered. “What a creep.”

Kayden sighed and took a little sip of his cosmo. “It is, but please, let’s not spend the whole night talking about him. I just want to move on.”

“Well, let’s not talk about work, either,” Lucas groaned. “I’m sick of office talk.”

“That doesn’t leave many topics,” Vince grunted. “All I do is work.”

Trent raised an eyebrow. “How’s your pregnant wife?”

The second he’d left school, Vince had proposed to Sarah. They were married within the year and newly expecting. It was a really cute story.

Vince shrugged. “Busy with work. You wouldn’t know she was 8 months pregnant if she wasn’t showing. She’s always in the office.”

“You two should come out with us sometime,” Lucas said, hinting at their weekend outings for drinks. They usually led to other things, but Vince didn’t have to know about any of that…

“Yeah, you won’t be able to in another month. You might as well live it up before the baby comes,” Trent said, taking Kayden’s hand. “We’re going to a club in the city this Friday. Bring her along.”

“Naw, Sarah doesn’t like to go out like that,” Vince said. “She’s afraid she’ll run into one of her students.”

Kayden nodded slowly. “I can understand that. It happens to me all the time.”

“See,” Vince said. “She won’t come out.”

“We’re just trying to have a few drinks.” Trent scowled. “What’s the big deal?”

“She can’t have drinks either way,” Vince pointed out. “Just leave it alone.”

Trent rolled his eyes. “Fine. Whatever.”

Lucas cleared his throat and changed the subject. “Kayden… how’s your brother and your friend doing? They’re still in Paris, right?”

“Ian and Audrey?” Kayden took a sip of his drink, then smiled. “Yeah, they’re loving the study-abroad program. Ian’s working in the hospital there, and Audrey’s busy designing. I just did a video chat with them last night.”

“Those guys are so cute,” Lucas said. “I’m so glad she broke up with my brother. Mitch is a great guy and everything but I couldn’t imagine him learning French and joining a law firm in Paris to support Audrey.”

“He’s doing good over here,” Trent said defensively. “He’s engaged, he’s in law school, and he doesn’t need our asses anymore.”

Lucas chuckled. “He texted me the other day that we all needed to meet up. He misses us.”

“Yeah right,” Trent muttered. Since transferring schools years back, Trent’s and Mitch’s relationships had taken a serious hit. Mitch had flourished on his own and Trent was kind of jealous about it.

The amusement fell away from Lucas’s face and he met Trent’s gaze with sympathy. “I’ll call him in the morning. We’ll schedule something fun we can all do together.”

“What, like an escape room?” Trent sneered. “I don’t have time for dumb shit like that.”

“I was thinking drinks and dinner, but if you’re too busy…”

“No…you should call him,” Trent said grudgingly. “It’s been a while.”

“It has.”


Trent checked his phone. “That’s the food.”

“Need any help?” Kayden asked, squeezing his hand.

“No, you stay here.” Trent kissed Kayden’s hand then set it gently on the armrest. “The rest of the guests will be here any minute. I’m setting everything up buffet style.”

“Okay. Hurry back.”

“Will do,” Trent said, then stood and started into the hall to collect the food.

Everything was packed in Styrofoam, and Trent brought it through to the kitchen. He was laying everything out and getting down plates when the doorbell went off again.

“I’ve got it!” Kayden called sweetly from the hall and Trent’s heart filled with affection. He was such a little doll…

He listened for their neighbors, Stephanie and Rose, but quickly decided it was Kayden’s family. He couldn’t hear anything from the hall, so that ruled out the loud lesbians. Quickly, he finished arranging the take-out boxes, then stepped back out into the hall.

Cho and Kayden were in the middle of a hug when Trent came into the room. Emma, her short hair in spikes, stood beside them, grinning. Trent started to take a step in her direction, when a third person shuffled through the door. Mark.

Kayden pulled away from his mother and cleared his throat. “Hi dad.”

“Kayden,” Mark said uncomfortably. Everyone was staring at him and it was obvious he was withering under the pressure. “I heard you won your trial today.”

“I did.”

Mark nodded. “Good, good.”

Trent shouldered his way into the throng. “Welcome to our home. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been here before.”

Slowly, Mark shook his head.

It had been three years since Kayden’s grandfather had had his heart attack. Kayden and his family had remained in contact despite Mark’s disapproval. He just couldn’t get rid of his middle child. Still, this was the first time Trent and Mark had crossed paths in a long time.

“Want a tour? “Trent asked.

“It’s not necessary…”

“Trent…” Kayden hedged, but Trent didn’t listen to him.

“I insist. You should see the place.” Trent took Mark’s forearm and led him into the kitchen.

In the next room, Mark stopped and looked around at the stainless-steel appliances. “Nice.”

“Thanks.” Trent watched as Mark looked curiously around the room. “So, I guess it was an open invitation, but I certainly wasn’t expecting you to show up,” he drawled. “What made you come?”

“My wife… she wants Kayden and I to be close again,” Mark grumbled. “I guess I do, as well.”

Trent snorted. “You must be missing Ian.”

Mark shrugged. “He’s been gone almost a year.”

“I figured you start poking around eventually,” Trent said, stalking through to the dining room. “I knew you weren’t done with Kayden.”

Mark followed him through with a scowl. “What do you want? An apology?”

“That’d be nice.”

“Well, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Trent sneered. “For trying to punch me or for calling us both faggots and kicking Kayden out of the family?”

“Both, I guess.”

Trent gestured for Mark to follow him down the back hall. The master bedroom was through this way, but Trent had remodeled it into a gym, so it was full of equipment.

“Wow,” Mark said, looking around at the state-of-the-art set. “Cho mentioned Kayden had started working out.”

Trent laughed. “He didn’t just start working out. He’s been training for the past three years. I taught him everything I know.”

Mark nodded, looking around in awe.

“It would really be nice if we could get along,” Trent said coolly. “For Kayden’s sake at least.”

“I didn’t come to fight.”

“Well, that’s good to hear,” Trent said, clasping the little man on the shoulder. “Now let me show you the rest of the house, then maybe we can drink.”

Mark followed him upstairs and saw the master and the guest room. “Nice place,” he said grudgingly.” It looks like you’re taking good care of my son.”

“I am,” Trent said proudly, lifting his chin. “We have a very comfortable life together.”

Mark avoided Trent’s gaze, but he nodded in agreement.

Trent took him back down to the front hall and again, offered a drink. “Whisky? Wine? We’ll start eating when the last of the guests show up.”

“Sure. I’ll take a whisky.”

Trent smiled, and led Mark into the living room. Emma and Cho were now on the little love seat and Trent nodded for Mark to join them. “Have a seat.”

Mark sat stiffly and looked across at Lucas and Vince.

“These are Trent’s coworkers. Lucas and Vince,” Kayden said helpfully, catching his father’s discomfort. “They’re friends from school too.”

Lucas waved kindly. Vince nodded vaguely in reply. Mark seemed uninterested and he turned back to Kayden at once.

“How is school going?” he asked. “It’s your last year, isn’t it? “

“No, I’m probably going for my masters after this. And I’ll get to keep teaching while I study. It’ll be a great experience.”

“Your mom says your excelling in the student teacher program already.”

“Yeah. I teach two math classes first thing in the morning, then I go directly to my own lessons. It’s a lot of work, but I’m enjoying it.”

“I hope your able to keep up with your studies.”

“Oh, I am,” Kayden said cheerfully. “My neighbor, Stephanie, is in the same teaching program as me and we meet up a few times a week after school to study.”

“That’s… good.”

“Hell, Kayden and Stephanie are obsessed with school,” Trent said as he brought Mark his whisky. “You should see them with their heads bent together. It’s really cute.”

Mark somberly took his drink.

Trent turned smoothly to Cho. “Anything for you?”

Cho nodded in Lucas’s direction. “I’ll have what he’s having.”

Trent’s gaze flicked to the youngest member of the family next, Emma. “And for you? A Coke perhaps?”

“I’ll have a wine, too!” Emma said excitedly. “I drink all the time with my band. You should come see us some time.”

“Absolutely not,” Trent said easily. “I’ll get you a Coke.” Shaking his head, he started back for the kitchen.

Trent was pouring a Coke into a glass when the doorbell went off. He left the Coke fizzing and went to answer it.

“Trent! I haven’t seen you in a minute!” Rose, a large woman with a booming voice, pulled him into a hug.

Trent patted her uncomfortably on the back. He liked the lesbians enough, but he always felt weird hugging them. They were technically women after all…

“Where’s Kayden?” Stephanie, a thin Asian girl with braces asked as soon as Rose let Trent go. “I can’t wait to pick his brain on all the court stuff.”

“You’d better leave him alone about that,” Trent scowled. “He already said he didn’t want to talk about it.”

“But we all want to know the juicy details! That’s not fair,” Stephanie whined, pushing past for the living room. “Oh, hey, get me a beer,” she called over her shoulder and Trent rolled his eyes, but went to get one. This was going to be a long night.


Long after midnight, Kayden and Trent fell into bed together.

Aya, I’m so tired,” Kayden said, rubbing a hand across his weary face. “I thought you were kicking them out at 9!”

“Where did the time go?” Trent chuckled. “I didn’t notice it was midnight until you said something.”

“Oh, I knew it was getting late, but Stephanie just kept asking questions.

Trent snorted. “She’s nosy as fuck. I don’t know how you can stand it.”

“I was kind of expecting it,” Kayden said. “What really threw me for a loop was seeing dad tonight.” Kayden glanced at him from the corner of his eye. “Did you know he was coming?”

“Nope,” Trent said. “I think he genuinely wants to be a part of your life again. He actually apologized to me in the kitchen.”

Kayden’s eyes widened. “He did?”

Trent nodded.

Kayden sighed and rubbed his face again. “That was fun, but I know I’m going to regret staying up so late in the morning. I’ve got my classes first thing tomorrow!”

Trent leaned over and kissed Kayden softly on the lips. “You needed that tonight. You've been so busy lately.”

“I know, but I’ve got so much going on with school and—”

“I know, I know, our little genius has to spread his wings and venture out into the world.” Trent ruffled his hair affectionately. “But you still need to make time for family and friends. It’s important.”

Kayden pouted. “I do make time.”

“You especially need to make more time for me and my cock.” Trent rolled on top of him and smiled down at him. “When I came home yesterday and tried to jump you , you said you were studying, and when I tried to get you after dinner, you said you were grading. I waited until bed time to finally have some and you said you were too worried about the case today.”

“I’m not doing anything right now,” Kayden said meekly. “And I’m not worried, either.”

“Sure you won’t regret it in the morning?” Trent asked, smiling toothily.

“I’m sure.”

Trent leaned in for a kiss and their mouths melded with passion. They’d been at this for nearly four years and it still felt fresh every time… Their lips and tongues slid together heatedly as their bodies began to respond. Trent was hard in his slacks in just moments, and he pulled back hurriedly to take them off.

Kayden sat up on the pillows and watched as Trent took off his clothes. His gaze was appreciative and filled with affection. Trent loved his beautifully angled eyes…

When Trent was naked, he leaned forward to help Kayden remove his things. The little Asian was receptive and he was soon bare before him. His hard, pierced nipples, his shaved cock and balls, even his finely muscled thighs were all additions from their relationship together and they aroused Trent to look at every time.

“Put some music on,” Kayden said, smiling a little. “We should make a thing out of this.”

“Ohh, maybe I’ll light the candles,” Trent snickered as he rolled off the bed, then grabbed his phone from the bedside table and loaded up some Doja Cat. As the dulcet tones poured from the speakers, he pulled the lighter out of the bedside drawer and went about lighting the candles placed around the room. Lucas had given them as a present one Christmas. He loved seeing them lit up when he came by to share their bed…

When he was finished, Trent shut off the overhead. The room was lit dimly from the candles and Kayden looked romantic in the half light.

“Come here,” Kayden purred, parting his legs temptingly. “You’re right. I haven’t been spending enough time with your cock. I miss it.”

“It misses you too.” Trent slithered back on the bed and climbed between Kayden’s smooth legs. He wasted no time, he settled on top of Kayden’s warm body and claimed his lips again. Their tongues tangled and Trent got lost in the moment.

After a few moments, Kayden pushed a hand between them. He reached down and Trent realized he was removing his plug when he dropped the silver toy on the bed.

“I want you inside, Trent,” Kayden moaned, arching into his body. “Take me…”

Trent couldn’t resist such an eager request. He pushed inside at once.

Copyright © 2020 mastershakeme; All Rights Reserved.
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Also, I'm always open to suggestions. That's why I'm sharing :P

Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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So happy things  are working out Trent became a better person because of Kayden.I pretty much guessed  what Emma was going to be maybe not exactly in a band but something like that

A few more random thoughts glad Chase is out of Trent's life I Bet he's paying at least a couple of other ex wives along with Diana.And Trent and Kayden made friends with their loud lesbian neighbors somehow they fit right in. Thank you for a great story

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A great ending to a story I've really enjoyed!!! Glad to see Trent and Kayden still together and obviously thriving!!! I'm definitely going to miss them though! 

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I enjoyed this entire story.  It almost felt like riding a roller coaster.  All of the up moments and the sudden downward slidings.  Trent and his father and the abuse of his mother. 

So many directions for this story to take, left each chapter with with the feeling of what can happen now, sort  of thought. 

It was refreshing to read that Trent and Kayden are do so well together.  I do think that Kayden had more influence on Trent than either of them had thought. 

Kayden following his dream to teach and his father apparently seems to be coming closer to to Kayden once again as his father.  What more could anyone need from this story?  Maybe a second one?? 

Thanks for such an enjoyable read. 

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it was a great book. the only part I had to skip over was the part with the creep Jacob. but other than that, I read the whole thing 

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It was a good story and I am going to miss almost everybody. The ending wrapped up some major issues. I still wish the Chase story line would have been handled with more punishment than a simple divorce with a high payout. Abuse is abuse and it is a crime!  I also wish that Trent would have become much less self serving, sexually.  I know people are all different, but respect is deserved by all. Trent got MUCH better by the end, but his cock was still the most important thing on his mind. Just a small downer.  All in all a very good story!!

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