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Warnings: Racism, rape, abuse, discrimination, homophobia, violence, cursing, underage drinking and drug usage, Hetro relationships, but there will be NO m/f sex.

Teach Me Bad - 23. Wed, Thursday: Trent

It was Wednesday night, and classes were done for the week. Thanksgiving was tomorrow, but Trent was trying not to think about it.

He had Kayden in his lap, and they were fucking on the bed. Kayden had his legs around his middle, and they both had their arms around each other. They kissed sloppily as they moved together in harmony.

Trent was in total bliss. Kayden’s asshole felt amazing around his cock, and he pulled him down hard on his shaft with every thrust. His eyes rolled back in his head when Kayden clenched around him. Everything was slippery and wet, and tight. Kayden’s trapped little cock had already squirted once, but Trent was holding onto his orgasm. He was enjoying himself so thoroughly, he didn’t want it to stop.

“Mmm, baby, you feel so amazing,” he said into Kayden’s mouth.

Ohhh god,” Kayden moaned back. “So do you…”

“Your body’s so perfect,” Trent murmured in reply. “I love fucking you.”

Yes! I love riding your cock, Trent… I love you.”

“Mmm, I love you, too.” Trent dug his fingers into Kayden’s back and pulled him down hard on his cock. “Fuck, Kayden…I could do this all night. I’ll never get tired of being inside of you.”

“Oh Trent!”

Kayden’s body stiffened as his little cock spurted come a second time. Trent felt it between their bodies. He smiled, then plunged his tongue deep into Kayden’s mouth and swallowed his helpless cries.


Kayden sat back, his eyes going wide. “That’s my phone.”


“Ignore it,” Trent growled, but Kayden was already squirming out of his arms.

Kayden’s old cellphone sat across the room on the desk. It had been charging since Monday, and hadn’t made a sound, but now the screen was lit. Kayden dashed over to it and ripped the cord out of the base.

“Hello,” he answered breathlessly, then his legs gave out and he sank to the floor. “Dad. Hi.”

Trent frowned. He knew Kayden had been waiting for his dad to call since he’d plugged in his phone. What unfortunate timing.

“I’ve been going to classes,” Kayden murmured. “And I’ve been keeping up with my studies. Everything’s been the same.”

There was a long pause as he listened with his bottom lip caught between his teeth. Trent gripped his erection and stroked it boredly. He had a feeling he’d have to intervene soon.

“I know Thanksgiving is tomorrow,” Kayden said in a little voice. “I’m going to celebrate with Trent and his roommates.”

There was a loud shout in reply, and Kayden’s face paled as he listened to his father’s stern voice.

“I’m sorry, dad,” he said weakly. “I—I just can’t come home. Not like this. I know the grandparents are coming…”

There was another shout, and annoyed, Trent sprang off the bed and stalked closer, his hard cock swaying in front of him. “Give me the phone,” he demanded, and Kayden looked up at him with wide, shocked eyes. Slowly, he pulled the phone away from his ear and handed it over.

“Hey old man,” Trent grunted into the phone. “Let’s get one thing straight. You don’t get to order Kayden around anymore.”

There was a brief pause, then Mark’s accented voice spoke in a growl. “You again.”

“The name’s Trent Hudson,” Trent said firmly. “You should look it up sometime. I’m all over the internet.”

“I don’t have time to look through social media accounts,” Mark scoffed. “I’m a doctor.”

“Good for you,” Trent said. “You’re also a piece of shit father, and Kayden isn’t coming home for the holidays. He’s staying with me.”

“Listen to me, young man. My parents are coming from the old country next week,” Mark said angrily. “I need Kayden to be here for that at least. It’s very important. They’ll ask questions if he’s not.”

“Then let them ask their questions,” Trent spat. “You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.”

“I won’t tell my parents Kayden’s a homosexual.

“Why not?” Trent laughed. “You should be proud of him. He’s great at what he does. You just interrupted us mid fuck, actually, and I’d love to get back to it.”

“That is so inappropriate. I…I need to talk to my son!”

“No,” Trent hissed. “And if you really want Kayden to come next week, then I’m coming too.”

“That would totally defeat the purpose!”

“The old folks are going to find out Kayden’s a cocksucker no matter which way you choose,” Trent growled. “I’ll make sure of it.”

Mark sputtered as Kayden gazed up at him with horror in his eyes, but Trent grabbed his half-hard dick and squeezed it firmly.

“Now, I’ve got a huge erection that Kayden needs to tend to, so I’ve got to go,” he said. “Call us back if you want to invite us to the main event. Bye!” He pulled the phone away from his ear and ended the call with a flourish.

“Y-you didn’t have to be so rude,” Kayden whispered, staring up at him from the floor.

“I did actually,” Trent sneered, slowly stroking himself. “He wasn’t going to get the point if I was kind.”

Kayden looked at his cock, and his eyes went crossward. “D-do you need help with that?”

Yes,” Trent hissed, and Kayden crawled forward on his hands and knees and sat below him.

“That would be so cool if you’d come to meet the grandparents with me.”

“Would you like that?” Trent snorted, waggling his cock in front of Kayden’s pouting lips.

“Yes,” Kayden whispered. “I haven’t seen them in many, many years. I’m nervous about meeting them again.”

“I bet,” Trent grunted. “What with the way your dad is…”

“Do you have grandparents?”

“No,” Trent said roughly. “My mom’s parents disowned her when she moved in with my real dad. And my dad’s parents are both dead.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

Trent rolled his eyes and pushed his cock against Kayden’s mouth. “Just suck my cock, Kayden.”

Kayden, his eyes full of emotion, parted his lips and let Trent’s cock slide onto his tongue.

Trent grabbed the back of his head and sighed as his shaft was enveloped in warmth. He rocked his hips forward and slid deeper into Kayden’s perfect mouth.

As Kayden sucked him, Trent couldn’t help but to remember the holiday’s past. Thanksgiving was an excuse to drink, so he had a lot of memories of the adults in his life acting stupid and getting violent. Diana had been good about her drinking since she’d moved in, but Trent hoped she wouldn’t get any ideas. And he hoped to god Chase wouldn’t show up…

It took several minutes for Trent to ramp up to an orgasm, and he felt kind of yucky after it happened. “Ugggh,” he groaned as he emptied his balls into Kayden’s mouth. He jerked twice in reaction, then pulled his cock out of Kayden’s mouth.

Kayden looked cute, at least. He cleaned his face like a kitten did with its little paws, watching Trent from under his dark lashes. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Trent sighed deeply, then pulled Kayden off the floor and into his arms. “I’m just tired.”

They fell into the bed together and, immediately, Kayden draped his arm over Trent’s waist and cuddled close. “My dad wanted me to come to Thanksgiving tomorrow.”

“I know.”

“It’ll be weird not being with my family…”

“We’ve already got plans,” Trent said, sliding his fingers into Kayden’s hair and forcing him to lay on his chest. “Let it go. You’re not going over there.”

“But what about the grandparents?”

“When do they come?” Trent sighed.

“Next Friday…”

“Right before exams? Wow.”

“Yes. Dad’s getting them a fancy hotel room, but they’ll probably be at the house a lot, watching us study,” Kayden muttered.

“You’re definitely not going back there for that,” Trent scoffed. “We’ll go for dinner or something, but you’re not staying.”

Kayden squirmed against him.

“What’s wrong?” Trent asked.

“I just feel…bad going against my dad,” Kayden said in a helpless little voice. “I know he’s upset with me, and it makes me uncomfortable.”

“You’re just going to have to get use to that,” Trent said, stroking Kayden’s hair with a steady hand. “He’s going to be really mad when we show up to meet the old folks.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t…”

Trent shrugged. “It’s up to you. I won’t force you to go.”

“It won’t do any good,” Kayden whispered. “It’ll make everybody upset.”

“So? You’re dad’s not a good guy, Kayden. He shouldn’t always get to win. If you don’t show up, he’ll be able to make up whatever excuse about you that he wants.”

“I know.”

“Don’t you want them to know the truth?” Trent asked. “I mean, maybe it would be good for you to stand up for yourself for once, you know? Everyone in your family’s afraid of your dad. You should show them he’s not so terrifying.”

“But…he is!”

“I’ll be there with you,” Trent said firmly, his chest rumbling with his conviction. “There’ll be nothing to be scared of.”

Kayden settled against him with a sigh. “I have to think about it.”

Trent closed his eyes and relaxed. “You do that.”

Kayden fell quiet and eventually, Trent drifted off into unconsciousness. He really was tired…


The next day, Trent woke up with Kayden sitting astride his lap, just in front of his super hard cock. His little hands rested on his bare chest, and he smiled knowingly as Trent’s eyes fluttered open. “Good morning,” he said sweetly.

“Mmm, good morning.”

“I thought I’d start the day with a warmup,” Kayden said, then grabbed Trent’s erection and raised his hips. Trent watched in amazement as he impaled his body on his huge cock. “Oooooh! Treeeent!

“Fuck! Kayden…”

Kayden lowered himself until his bottom was flush with Trent’s groin, then he sat for a minute with Trent deep inside of him. He leaned his head back and moaned. “God yes.

Trent gasped in reply and reached up to take Kayden’s hips in both hands. Kayden was gripping him just right, if only he would move…

Kayden took the direction and lurched into action, his skinny legs working to raise and lower himself along Trent’s shaft. His cock was hard too, and it swayed back and forth as he moved his hips. “Oooh, that feels good,” he whispered, leaning heavily into his hands as he bounced up and down in Trent’s lap.

Trent groaned brokenly in reply. This was the first time Kayden had woken him so efficiently. He hoped to encourage future repeats… Just then, Kayden squeezed around him warmly and did a little twist with his hips, and Trent dug his fingers into Kayden’s soft skin and moaned. His dick was uber sensitive and everything he did felt amazing.

Kayden rode Trent as the sun came up in the sky outside and lit him from behind with a warm glow. There was a halo of light around his face, and Trent gazed at him, entranced, as he enjoyed his tight asshole.

Suddenly, Kayden grabbed his cock and pulled it firmly. “Oh, oh!”

Yes, come on my dick,” Trent urged in a deep voice. “I want to feel you lose control.”

Kayden stroked his hard little cock, gasping as he continued to bounce on Trent’s erection. In just a few short moments, he arched his back and cried out as he came. It was a beautiful sight. His nipple rings glinted in the sun, and there was a light sheen of sweat across his brow and his thin chest as he squirted his cream onto Trent’s stomach. His body tightened reflexively around Trent’s shaft, and Trent pulled him down on top of him and wrapped his arms around his waist.

“That’s good, baby,” he murmured in Kayden’s ear, fucking him with short bursts from below. “That’s soooo good.”

“Trent…” Kayden whined, his body like putty in Trent’s arms. His asshole pulsed around his cock, and Trent knew he was still feeling pleasure. “Oh god!”

Trent fucked Kayden slowly for some time, whispering in his ear, and kissing his neck. When he finally came, he locked Kayden in a bearhug. “Wow, that was a nice way to wake up,” he said with a laugh.


Trent rolled to the side and studied Kayden’s beautiful face. “I’m not a fan of Thanksgiving, but you’ll change my mind if you aren’t careful.”

Kayden smiled at him. “Maybe we can start a new tradition.”

“I like the sound of that.”

Kayden leaned in for a kiss and Trent savored the delicious taste of his mouth. When they parted, Kayden sat up and slid to the edge of the bed. “I might need a shower before we work out. I’m filled with come.”

Trent sat up too and scratched his fingers through his hair. “I might as well go down and jump on the weights then.”

“Okay.” Kayden got up and started for the door. “Meet you downstairs?”


Kayden smiled again, then slipped out of the room. Trent sat until he heard the shower turn on, then he climbed out of bed and threw on some gym shorts.

Thirty minutes later, Trent was downstairs pressing weights when Kayden glided into the room in one of his over-large wifebeaters.

“Looking good,” Kayden said, pausing to watch Trent bench press 200lbs. He smiled wryly, then moved to the treadmill and turned it on. He wasted no time, he jumped on and started to jog.

Trent kept an eye on his form but felt no need to comment. Kayden was following every bit of advice he’d given him, besides working out shirtless. He was slowly building up stamina, and every day he went a little bit further than the day before.

When Kayden hit two miles, he slowed a little, but didn’t stop. He looked to Trent for direction.

“Do a cool down,” Trent said, then set the weights back and got off the bench press. He wiped his face with a spare towel as he came closer to watch. “I’m going to teach you how to get out of a chokehold today.”

Kayden’s eyes widened and he nodded. They’d practiced several other moves in the past week, but Trent had saved chokeholds for last. He loved Kayden’s defenselessness, but he was also afraid he’d be taken advantage of, thus, the training…

Trent watched Kayden do another quarter mile, then gestured for him to turn off the machine. “Come on. Over here.”

Panting, Kayden climbed off the treadmill and followed him over to the open space in front of the TV. He stretched his neck, then shook out his arms and legs. When he looked up at Trent again, his eyes were determined.

Trent smiled at him. Kayden was so fucking cute. Swiftly, he strode forward and slipped a forearm around his throat. “This is a chokehold,” he said, moving behind Kayden and yanking him back against his body. “If I got you like this, it’d be really easy to drag you off and have my way with you.” He demonstrated, by lifting Kayden off the ground and carrying him off with ease.

“Ahh!” Kayden grabbed his forearm and tried to rip it off, but Trent bore down on his throat and lifted him higher. He held him for a few seconds, then released him.

“See, totally helpless.”

Kayden glared at him. “You could have warned me.”

“That you’d have to defend yourself?” Trent snorted. “These are defense lessons, baby.”

“Okay,” Kayden sighed, then fixed his hair and shifted into a protective stance with his hands in front of his face. “What do I have to do?”

Trent smirked at him, then charged forward again and knocked Kayden’s hands out of the way. He got him in another hold, twisted him around and pulled him back firmly against his chest.

“Eeek!” Kayden grabbed his broad arm and squeezed in a panic.

“I know your first instinct is to grab my forearm,” Trent said into his ear. “But what you need to focus on is turning your body into mine so you can get away.”

“I-I can’t move!”

“Take one step forward with your right leg,” Trent instructed, “Now step through with the other leg and turn.”

With a grunt, Kayden turned in the chokehold, so he was bent double.

“Good. Now shove against my body and run.”

Kayden pushed against Trent’s abdomen and Trent let him slide out from under his arm.

“There, easy,” Trent said. “Let’s practice a few more times from the back.”

Kayden smirked, then turned and waited for Trent to grab him from behind. “You like taking me from the back, don’t you?”

“You know it,” Trent snickered, sliding his strong forearm around Kayden’s chest, and pulling him back against his cock. “Every time we train like this, it makes me fantasize about kidnapping you.”

Kayden laughed breathlessly as Trent pulled his arm tight around his throat. “K-kidnapping me?”

“Yeah.” Trent lifted him with ease and Kayden didn’t resist. “I could sneak up on you after class one of these days and take you…All in fun of course.”

Kayden stroked Trent’s strong arm. “I’m sure the paparazzi would love that.”

“I’m sure they would.” Trent purred. “Come on. You’re not even trying to get away.”

Kayden turned in his arms, then shoved away from Trent. He smiled at him knowingly. “Maybe I didn’t want to get away.”

Trent rolled his eyes. “One more time from behind, then we’ll try another angle.”

Kayden smirked, then turned around again and waited for Trent to approach.

Trent grabbed him forcefully and yanked him against his body. “You’d better take this seriously or I really will kidnap you after class and rape your ass.”

Kayden gasped and pushed back against him. “P-promise?”

Trent narrowed his eyes, then leaned down to whisper in Kayden’s ear. “Absolutely.”

“What are you doing to him?” Trent and Kayden looked up as Vince stepped into the room. He wore a button-down shirt with a tie, and his curly hair had been neatly brushed. Trent frowned at him.

“Practicing, what does it look like?”

“Looks like you’re trying to take advantage of him,” Vince said, crossing his arms as he stopped in front of the treadmill. “But I know better. Kayden would never refuse you.”

Kayden used Trent’s distraction to his advantage and quickly turned in his hold. He pushed hard against Trent’s middle, and escaped while Trent grunted in pain.


“Sorry,” Kayden said, but he didn’t look sorry. He was smiling hugely at Vince. “You look nice.”

“I’m about to go to my family’s house. I just thought I’d come in and warn you first.”

“Warn me?”

Vince’s gaze turned to Trent. “Your mom’s drinking vodka in the kitchen.”


“She said she’s been up since 8, accepting food deliveries. She must have ordered the vodka because we don’t have any.”

“Fucking vodka,” Trent sneered, then turned away from the other two and started out of the room.

In the kitchen, Trent found his mother slamming shots over the sink.

“What are you doing?”

Diana turned in surprise. “Trent.”

Trent glared at her. “Where’d you get the vodka?”

“I had it saved in the mini fridge,” Diana said. “In my room.”


Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and Diana set her shot glass in the sink. “That’ll be the salad.”

Trent crossed his arms and watched as Diana breezed past. He followed her down the hall with his eyes and watched her open the front door. She conversed shortly with someone on the doorstep. They had a large plastic bowl of salad, and Diana took it from the mystery delivery person, then shut the door.

“The hot food will be here closer to dinner,” Diana said to Trent as she came back with the giant salad, balancing it carefully in her good arm. She took it to the fridge and fit it on one of the empty shelves. “And so will your father.”

“My father?

“Chase is coming for dinner,” Diana said firmly, turning back to Trent with her hands on her hips. “I invited him.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“I’m only telling you now, so you don’t freak out later,” Diana said, giving him the evil eye. “I know how you are.”

“I hate that fucker!” Trent cried. “Why would you invite him?”

“Because he’s completely alone,” Diana said, her expression turning moony. “And he’s part of the family. It isn’t fair he has to celebrate on his own.”

“Oh fuck this.” Trent shook his head. “I’m not sticking around for another holiday horror show.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means,” Trent spat. “That every year the two of you get drunk well before dinner, then you fight and argue over the food…. I don’t want any part of this bullshit tradition.

“That’s ridiculous,” Diana said, going back to the sink and pouring another shot. “We don’t argue over dinner.”

“Okay, so why are you drinking right now? It’s not even noon yet.”

Diana took a deep breath, then drank her shot. “It’s the holidays, sweetheart. I’m just trying to unwind.”

“Unwind from what?” Trent scoffed. “Your stressful life of sunbathing?

Diana glared at him. “How about I was preparing for this conversation. I knew you’d be upset.”

“Then you shouldn’t have invited him!”

“It’s already done.” Diana waved him off, then poured another shot. It looked like she’d gotten halfway through the bottle already. “If you’re not sticking around, I understand, but I’m thoroughly disappointed. I was just trying to bring the family together.”

Trent curled his lip. “We’re not a family. Just because you’re married to the fucker, doesn’t mean I’ll ever think of him as my dad.”

Diana frowned. “Trent…”

“I’m going upstairs,” Trent snapped. “Don’t bother me until dinner.”

Trent turned and ran straight into Kayden. The little Korean was listening to the conversation, his eyes wide, and Trent grabbed him by the shoulders and drew him to the stairs.

“I can’t believe she invited Chase.

“Yeah, I know,” Trent grunted, pulling Kayden down the hall and to the bedroom. “Mark my words, I won’t get out of this house without some sort of fight taking place.”

Once they reached the room, Kayden moved to the bed and sat heavily. “Trent…maybe you should just try being nice.”

“Oh, I’ll try,” Trent sneered. “But it won’t help. Watch. Mom’s already drinking. Chase will be drunk, too, and when that happens, disaster.

Kayden kicked his tennis shoes off, a sad look on his face. “Maybe not.”

Trent sighed, then took a seat next to Kayden and opened his bedside drawer. His pipe was inside, and he had a sudden urge to get blasted.

Kayden laid a hand over his arm. “Maybe you should try to stay sober. It might help.”

“How will that help?” Trent growled.

“Because you’ll have all your wits about you,” Kayden said. “Unlike your mom, or Chase, you’ll be able to think clearly.”

Slowly, Trent shut the drawer. “Yeah. Okay.”

Kayden pushed Trent back against the pillows. “Maybe we should practice that chokehold some more.”

“Did you like that?” Trent snorted, sliding his arms around Kayden.

“I like the idea of you surprising me after class,” Kayden hummed. “I could get into that.”

Trent pushed his hands down the back of Kayden’s shorts and squeezed his bare ass. “I could too.”

They started to kiss, and Chase fell out of Trent’s thoughts. He enjoyed his boyfriend’s body for the rest of the afternoon, ignoring the doorbell when it went off, and trying not to think about the dinner his mother was drunkenly putting together downstairs.

After they took another long shower, Trent got into something casual, jeans and a t-shirt, but Kayden dressed in slacks and a button down. He looked cute, and Trent didn’t tell him to change.

They hung out in the bedroom for a little bit. There wasn’t anything else to do, and Trent was getting more and more anxious about seeing Chase.

Eventually, Trent heard his mother’s voice float down the hallway. “Trent. Kayden. Dinner!”

“Oh god, Chase must be here,” Trent said darkly.

“Its going to be okay,” Kayden said. “You don’t have to face him alone. I’ll be here, and so will Lucas and Mitch.”

Trent rolled his eyes. “Great.”

They started downstairs and Trent heard soft music playing from the living room. When they reached the first floor, he saw someone had loaded up the music channel on the TV. Lady Gaga was playing. It was most definitely Diana’s doing.

Familiar voices came from the kitchen, and Trent grabbed Kayden’s hand and tugged him into the other room.

The table was set with an impressive spread. A massive turkey sat in the center with stuffing spilling out of the middle. Next to it was the salad from earlier, along with several other side dishes, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn bread.

Mitch and Lucas sat across from the turkey, directly across from each other, and Chase sat at the head of the table, next to the mashed potatoes. He had a glass of wine in front of his empty plate and Trent glared at the arrogant black man. He was dressed to the nines in a slick, well-fitting suit and his hair was freshly styled. He took a large swallow of his wine as Trent watched, then finally noticed the pair in the doorway and smirked.



Diana staggered over from the island with a saucer of gravy. “Oh, Trent. You’re here. We can start now.”

Chase checked the smart watch on his wrist. “Dinner at five. Perfect timing, Diana.”

Diana beamed as she slipped into her seat to his left. She had a glass of wine as well, but it was nearly empty.

Trent dragged Kayden to the other end of the table and sat opposite Chase. Kayden sat to his right and looked incredibly nervous.

“Well, dig in everyone,” Diana said, and Mitch wasted no time tearing into the turkey.

“Looks great, Diana. Hell, this is way better than the crap we had last year.”

“I was just telling her about it,” Lucas said as he reached for the tongs in the salad bowl. “What happens when you leave three college boys in charge of Thanksgiving? You get cold leftovers and beer, that’s what.”

Chase sneered as he dished potatoes onto his plate. “Is that Trent’s idea of a holiday?”

“Maybe it’s yours,” Trent sneered back. “If you weren’t here right now, that’s probably what you would have been doing. Drinking beer and stuffing your face with whatever’s in the fridge.”

“Yeah, but I actually have food in my fridge,” Chase said, grabbing a slice of corn bread. “You couldn’t be bothered to actually go shopping.” He looked up suddenly at Kayden, and a haughty look came across his face. “Maybe that’s why you have a live-in boyfriend now. Is he taking care of you?”

“No.” Trent rolled his eyes. “I take care of him. He doesn’t have to go shopping. Not for groceries anyway.”

“Oh, right.” Chase took a bite of his bread. “You live off DoorDash, don’t you? On my credit card.”

Trent aggressively took the bowl of green beans and spooned some on his plate and Kayden’s.

“I’m sorry. Is there a reason you’re suddenly screwing boys?”

Trent grit his teeth as he set the green beans back. “I don’t know, Chase. Because I love cock?”

Chase snorted with amusement and let it go.

The table was silent as everyone got food on their plates. Trent stood up to get some turkey and placed meat on both his and Kayden’s plates. He just wanted to get this over with.

Lucas cleared his throat. “So, Chase. How’s the new movie coming along?”

“I’m not supposed to talk about it right now,” Chase said, taking a bite of his food. “There’s a lot of secrecy around the plot, and I wouldn’t want anything getting out.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

“Is it an action movie?” Mitch asked, his mouth full of turkey. “The last action flick you did, a few years back, it was phenomenal.

Chase smiled a little. “It’s a thriller.”

“I like thrillers.”

“Do you like Jake Gyllenhaal? We have a meeting with him in the morning.”

“Oh fuck, he was cool in Nightcrawler.

Chase took another bite of his meal, then turned to Diana. “Since I have that meeting tomorrow, you’ll have to come with me tonight. I won’t have the time to drive back until after the weekend.”

Diana blinked in a daze. “What?”

“Did you just hear what I said? I have a super important casting call in the morning, and I won’t be able to pick you up in the afternoon like we planned.”

“But…I’m not packed,” Diana said. “I’m not ready to go yet.”

“I’m tired of wasting my time driving out to see you,” Chase sneered. “Four hours both ways. Do you think I’m enjoying this?”


“I have the car here tonight,” Chase said, lifting his wine glass and taking another hefty swallow. “Just throw your stuff in a bag. It’s not that hard, Diana.”

Diana blinked a few times, then started to get up. “I-I have to go…”

Chase grabbed her good arm. “Go where?

Trent slammed a fist on the table. “Let her go.

Everyone looked at Trent and there was a long silence, filled with the distant sound of pop tunes coming from the living room.

Chase let go of Diana’s arm and she pulled away at once. “I have to go pack.”

Chase nodded, and Diana stumbled around her chair and disappeared into the hallway.

Slowly, everyone resumed eating and the awkward silence was consumed by the sound of cutlery on porcelain. Trent quickly cleaned his plate. He peeked at Kayden’s and was dismayed to see him only partway through his meal.

“I really am curious about this relationship,” Chase spoke up suddenly, gesturing between Trent and Kayden with his fork. “Since I’m paying for it and everything.

“Screw you,” Trent sneered at him. “Mom’s paying for everything.”

“I don’t think so,” Chase said. “1000 dollars at J.Crew? Is that one of your new outfits?”

Kayden looked down at himself and blushed. “Er…yes?”

“I have to drive out here every time I want to see my wife,” Chase bitched. “And I’m still dealing with all this gay hype with my publicist. The two of you are costing me more than just money. You’re wasting my time and my energy…”

“What do you want to know?” Trent snapped. “He’s my boyfriend and I love him. Simple as that.”

“Yeah, but…” Chase snorted. “Why are you with a guy?

Trent shoved his chair back with a screech. “I don’t owe you any explanations.”

“How do you figure that?” Chase asked, lifting his wine glass again and swirling the contents. “I just explained how much of a burden you and your new boyfriend are.”

Trent bared his teeth. “Go fuck yourself.”

“No thanks,” Chase beamed, then drained his glass. “I’m just here to pick up my wife. I don’t have time for anything gay like that.

“Come on, Kayden,” Trent hissed, then whirled away from the table. He stormed out of the room and up the stairs, thinking he’d grab his phone and his keys, then head over to Seth’s.

Kayden caught up with him on the landing. “Trent…”


Kayden followed him down the hall. “That was awkward.”

“I told you it would be.”

“At least nobody got punched this time.”

“That’s because there was a table between us,” Trent said darkly. “I was close to tackling him for a second there.”

“Well…I’m glad you didn’t.” When they got to the bedroom, Kayden stopped in the doorway and watched as Trent stalked to his dresser and found his phone. “Are we going to Seth’s?”

“Might as well,” Trent muttered. “Sounds like mom’s moving out. I don’t want to be here for that.”

Kayden nodded slowly.

Trent found his keys, then came back to the doorway. “Let’s go.”

Downstairs, there were raised voices and Trent took a deep breath as he descended, preparing to face anything.

“But I have more clothes than this!” Diana whined. “Don’t make me leave everything behind!”

“I already told you, I’ll send a car next week for your things!” Chase yelled. “Jesus Christ, woman!”

“I know you did, but Trent—”

“Come on, Diana,” Chase hissed. “The car’s waiting.”

Trent reached the first floor and found his parents arguing in front of the kitchen. Diana had a shopping bag in her good arm, and Chase had her by the shoulder, his big, dark hand pressing into her pale skin.

“I didn’t even get to say goodbye,” Diana cried, and there were actual tears in her eyes.

“What the fuck?” Trent said, looking between the two crowding the hallway. “What are you doing to my mom?”

“Trent.” Diana turned to him, her blue eyes brimming with tears. “He’s trying to force me to go and I’m not ready!”

Trent took a cautious step forward, but Chase saw it as a threat and shoved Diana behind him with a roar.

“I’m not fighting you, kid!”

“You’re going to have to if you don’t let her go,” Trent said in a low, steady voice.

“T-the goddamn car’s waiting outside right now!” Chase sputtered. “I’ve got shit to do in the morning! I don’t have time for this!”

“Then go,” Trent said. “You don’t have to take mom with you. You said yourself. You can send a car next week.”

“No! I’m sick of this bullshit! I’m taking my wife home with me today!”

“What’s the rush? Are you hoping you’ll get caught on camera being a dutiful husband?” Trent jeered. “The paparazzi are still out there aren’t they? They don’t take holidays.”

Chase gave him a nasty glare.

“That’s it, isn’t it. You want to play one of those happy families on TV,” Trent said. “Well, too bad. It’s not going to play out like you imagined, because you’re the worst kind of parent there is. You’re the evil, abusive stepdad.”

Chase’s lip curled, then he turned back to Diana. “Look what you did now. I’m going to have to battle your damn son to get out of this place.”

Trent cracked his knuckles. “Yup.”

“No.” Diana rapidly shook her head. “I don’t want that…”

“Then let’s go.

Her bottom lip trembling, Diana nodded. “O-okay. I don’t need those clothes anyway…”

Trent’s eyes bugged out of his head. “Mom! No!”

“It’s okay, Trent,” Diana said softly, then she shifted her bag of clothes to her splinted arm and took Chase’s hand, giving Trent a watery smile as she did. “I’ll just send the car next week for my things. You’ll pack them gently, right?”

“Now I have to do your packing?” Trent scoffed. “C’mon mom. You know there’s no way I can fold your clothes the way you do.”

“I’ll help,” Lucas spoke up from the other room, and Trent glared through the archway at the twins, sitting at the table. “Kayden and I will do it.”

Trent turned and caught Kayden nodding in agreement, and he sneered at the tiny Korean.

“Good, then it’s settled,” Chase said, squeezing Diana’s good hand. “Now, let’s get out of here. There’s a four-hour ride back to the house and I’ve got emails I need to check.”

Diana looked around him, toward Trent. “Thank you for letting me stay.” She was forcing a smile, and her eyes were filled with tears, and Trent felt his heart wrench in frustration. No matter what he did or said, Diana never listened to him.

“Whatever,” he sneered, then folded his arms and watched as Chase pulled her to the door.

“Bye,” Kayden called, and Diana smiled over her shoulder, then was whisked outside. The door slammed behind Trent’s parents, and he was suddenly convinced he was much too sober.

“Mitch, Luke,” Trent called into the kitchen. “You guys done eating?”

“Just about,” Lucas said primly.

Mitch burped, then pushed away from the table. “I’m done.”

“Let’s head over to Seth’s. I’m ready to get out of here,” Trent said. “Like now.

Lucas sighed, then stood from the table. “It’s a shame to just leave all this food sitting out.”

“Then put it in the fridge,” Trent said. “We’ll have turkey sandwiches in the morning.”

Lucas nodded, then reached over the table to lift the plate of turkey. He struggled a bit, and Kayden rushed into the room to help him.

Impatient, Trent tapped his foot as he waited for the others to finish up in the kitchen. Lucas and Kayden covered the dishes in plastic wrap, then stored everything in the fridge. Chase was right. They survived on DoorDash. It was rare they bought anything besides cereal and milk and there was tons of room for the leftovers.

Mitch joined him in the hallway. “We’ve got to drive separate. I’m leaving Seth’s in a couple hours to pick up Ivy.”

Trent sneered in disgust. “Where’s she? Pouring over your Instagram in her dorm room?”

“No,” Mitch laughed. “She’s with her parents. She wanted to invite me, but she thought it might be too soon to introduce a new guy. You know, after all the drama she had with you.

“Good call.”

Mitch smiled winningly.

Soon enough, the four of them headed outside. Lucas went with Mitch and Kayden with Trent.

“So, I suppose we’re getting drunk now,” Kayden said dryly once they were alone in the car.

“It’s not like Seth cooked,” Trent snorted. “Relax. You don’t have to drink if you don’t want.”

Kayden nodded, then looked out the window at the paparazzi as they drove past.

“They’ll probably leave now that mom’s gone,” Trent grunted. “I’m not famous enough to warrant a swarm of camera guys. They’ll follow her back to Hollywood.”

“You think?”

“I know from experience,” Trent sighed. “I’ve been dealing with them for years.”

“Well, that’s good right?” Kayden asked, and Trent shrugged. “It’s not? I didn’t think you liked having them around.”

“I don’t,” Trent said. “But my mom…I’m seriously worried about her.”

“I can’t believe she’s just…gone.”

“I can.” Trent clenched the wheel. “It doesn’t really surprise me.”

“She had to leave all her things…” Kayden shook his head. “I feel bad for her.”

“So do I.”

When they got to Seth’s the street was starting to fill with cars. Trent parked a few houses down from the big, old house, then waited for Mitch and Lucas to find a spot across the street.

“Looks like the party’s just getting good,” Mitch said when they met up in front of the house. Even from here, Trent could recognize some sophomores from last year drinking on the porch.

“Well, let’s get started.” Trent threw his arm around Kayden and pulled him through the gate.

“Uh, Trent?” Mitch said and Trent stopped. “I’m probably going to hold off on the alcohol until after I pick up Ivy. In case I have to talk to her parents or something.”

Trent rolled his eyes. “Fine. Do whatever you want.”

Mitch smiled. “Yeah? You don’t mind?”

“Of course I mind,” Trent growled. “I’d rather not hang out with one of my exes, but I’ll probably be too busy to notice her.”

Mitch snorted. “Probably.”

“Come on.” Trent banded his arm around Kayden and started for the front of the house. “I don’t care what any of you do, but I want a drink first thing.”

Beside him, Kayden sighed, and ignoring the audience on the porch, Trent drew him close and kissed him on the top of the head.

“Stop huffing.”

“I’m not,” Kayden sighed again. “I just wish we didn’t always have to drink…it gives me a headache the next day.”

“Oh, I’m the same way,” Lucas said as they squeezed past the sophomores and went through the door. “It really helps if you drink a glass of water before you go to bed. You’ll feel leagues better the next day.”

“I’ll try that next time,” Kayden said. “Thanks.”

The living room wasn’t nearly as packed as it would be later, but there was a fair mix of boys and girls standing around drinking from Solo cups. Trent did a quick scan of the room for their host, then spotted Seth as he moseyed in from the kitchen, wearing another bathrobe. Seth’s face brightened the moment he laid eyes on Trent, then his gaze fell to Kayden, who was attached to Trent’s hip, and his smile fell away. Still, he elbowed his way through the crowd to come closer.

“Hi Trent,” he said when he was within earshot, smiling up at him with his red-rimmed eyes.

Trent curled his lip in disgust. He couldn’t believe he’d slept with this greasy haired fucker… More than once, too.

“Hey,” Mitch responded for Trent. “How’s it going so far? Anything crazy going down?”

“No, not really.” Seth tucked his hair behind his ears. “Everybody’s been pretty cool so far.”

“That’s good…I guess.” Mitch looked around the room with an anxious sort of interest. “A nice, calm party.”

Seth snickered. “Well, I don’t know about calm. I—"

“So, where’s the beer?” Trent interrupted. “I haven’t had anything yet. I’m thirsty.

“I’ll get you guys some drinks.” Seth gestured to the empty couch. “Have a seat.”

Trent pulled Kayden around to the couch and pushed him into the corner seat, so nobody else could sit beside him. He sat next to him then and threw his arm around his shoulders.

Seth watched them with a funny look on his face. “I’ll be right back,” he said, then dashed into the kitchen.

Mitch and Lucas sat on the other couch. Mitch twisted his hands in his lap. He seemed nervous about something, but Lucas was the total opposite. He looked bored. “I wonder when Vince’ll show up,” he said into the silence, and Trent shrugged in reply.

“Probably not until late. He actually has a relationship with his family.”

Lucas smiled at him teasingly. “The bastard.”

“I’m going to pick up Ivy at seven thirty,” Mitch spoke up, even though nobody had asked. “Her parents live just outside San Francisco, so I have to leave around seven.”

“Good for you,” Trent sneered at him. “I can’t wait to see her again. I hope she brings her camera.”

Mitch frowned, but didn’t say anymore as Seth came back into the room with a bunch of cups wedged between his hands.

“Whew!” Seth set the cups down in the center of the coffee table, then stood back to admire his handiwork. “I can’t believe I got all that in one trip.”

There were five cups on the table. One for each of them. Trent leaned forward for a cup at once and began to nurse his beer. Kayden sighed, then picked up a cup as well and took a cautious sip. Lucas was the last to take one. He looked curiously at his brother as he did but didn’t comment.

Mitch seemed to be having a particularly hard time resisting the alcohol on the table. He fisted his hands in his lap and gazed longingly at the frosty red cups of beer.

“Don’t you want any?” Seth asked him, falling into the seat on Trent’s other side.

“I’d better not,” Mitch groaned. “I have to pick up my new girlfriend at seven thirty.”


“I probably won’t make it if I start drinking,” Mitch said guiltily. “I’ve done that enough times with Audrey, and she didn’t even live that far away.”

Lucas patted Mitch’s knee. “That’s really mature of you.”


Seth shrugged, then took his drink off the table and slammed it back. When he was done swallowing, he turned to Trent, a look of longing on his face that was eerily similar to the one on Mitch’s. “Do you guys want to play another game? The pong table is free downstairs.”

“I don’t want to,” Trent said immediately, and he didn’t. He wanted to drink and cuddle with Kayden. That’s all.

Seth pouted. “But why not?”

“Trent’s mom just went back home with the stepfather,” Lucas informed him, much to Trent’s annoyance. “He’s not in the best of moods.”

“That’s not why!” Trent glared at him. “I just want to relax. Why is that so unusual?”

“You’re usually chasing skirts,” Seth said with a laugh. “The fact you’re sitting there comfortably with your arm around your boyfriend is extremely unusual.”

Trent sneered at him. “You’re just jealous it isn’t you.”

“You’re damned right I am.”

Kayden shifted uncomfortably at Trent’s side. “Why can’t you just accept that Trent and I are in a relationship?” he asked Seth in a little voice. “You’re not going to get with him again. That kiss the other day was a one-time thing.”

“Like that kiss between you and Lucas?” Seth asked, and Mitch’s eyes widened in surprise. “Was that a one-time thing too? Or are you guys all sleeping together now that you’re all under the same roof?”

“Wait…” Mitch started, looking between his brother, Kayden, and Trent. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing’s going on,” Trent growled, glaring death at the drug dealer. “Seth’s just being an idiot.”

Mitch gazed at his twin in total shock. “You kissed Kayden?”

Lucas huffed, then nervously downed his drink. “I kissed Trent, too. So what?”

“Are you…gay?”

“Not exactly…”

“What do you mean, not exactly?”

Seth clapped his hands together. “Maybe now that he knows, the three of you can start a foursome.

Lucas and Mitch glared at him. “That’s gross, man,” Mitch murmured.

“Yeah. No way,” Lucas chimed in.

Seth laughed at the two of them. “That’s what you say now. But I think anything is possible when Trent’s dating boys.

“I don’t think you understand,” Trent said in a deep voice. “I don’t date boys, I’m dating Kayden. And that’s because he’s one-of-a-kind.”

Seth tipped his cup back for another drink, then shrugged. “I really doubt he’s as unique as you seem to think. I mean, he sucked my dick too, and I haven’t written any rave reviews.”

“I don’t care what you think,” Trent said, then finished his drink with a burp, and reached for the last beer on the table. “I’m perfectly capable of making my own opinions.”

“Well,” Seth drawled. “Alright then.”

The conversation changed to exams after that, a subject both Kayden and Lucas had a lot to say about. More partiers filtered into the room as they talked, and Seth looked bored, but he sat dutifully next to Trent and listened. He refreshed the beers a couple times and everybody, minus Mitch, were getting tipsy as it got closer to seven.

“I’d better go,” Mitch said, checking the time on his phone. “I might hit traffic as I get into the city.”

“On Thanksgiving?” Trent snorted. “I don’t think so.”

“Well, I’m going anyway,” Mitch grumbled. “I can’t stand to watch you assholes drink me under the table anymore.”

“Fair enough,” Trent laughed. “Drive safe.”

“Will do.” Mitch got up and stepped around the couch. “See you in an hour.”

Trent waved over his shoulder as the other boy headed out of the room. He wasn’t looking forward to seeing Ivy again, but he figured he could put up with it. Mitch had been needing someone new to focus on for some time now. This was a good thing. He was still thinking about his best friend, only half listening to Kayden’s and Lucas’s conversation about class, when Mitch came charging back into the room.

“Trent! Someone just hit your car?!”

Trent set his cup down. “What?”

“A Jeep just side-swiped you on the street!” Mitch cried out as he shouldered his way through the crowd. “They’re still out there. You’d better hurry before they drive off.”

“Kayden, stay here,” Trent said as he stood up. He didn’t see the point in dragging him along. He’d either be filing out a police report or fighting someone in the street. Either way, he didn’t need Kayden’s help.

“I’d better come, too,” Lucas said, setting his drink on the table and jumping up as well. “For moral support.”

Kayden watched with wide eyes as Trent, Mitch, and Lucas hurried out of the room.

When Trent exited the house, he started running. There was a dark green Jeep idling next to his truck. He couldn’t see the damage to his vehicle yet, but the passenger mirror was hanging off the Jeep and there was glass all over the pavement.

“Oh, fuck no!” he yelled as he got closer. His front wheel was mangled and totally flat, the drivers side door was caved in, and there were deep grooves along the body. The grill on the Jeep was all smashed up, but Trent barely glanced at the other car. “What the fuck! Why?!”

“Trent, calm down,” Lucas murmured, approaching from behind and laying a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Do you have your insurance card?”

Trent pulled away with a huff. “Do I have my insurance card…What a stupid fucking question! Of course I do!”

Lucas held up his hands in surrender. “Alright. Well, you’re going to need it. I’ll call the police now.” He stepped away, pressing his phone to his ear as Trent turned back to his beautiful truck.

“I don’t even think I can drive it home,” he murmured. “It’s totally fucked!”

“Trent,” Mitch hissed, and Trent turned back to glare at him.



Trent turned back to the Jeep as the driver finally got out. He folded his arms and pulled a nasty face as he waited for a tall, dark-haired girl to come around the side of the vehicle. And then, his jaw dropped. “Maggie?”

Maggie, her face a mess of tears mixed with mascara, blinked in amazement. “I-I thought that was your truck. I’m so so sorry. I was just looking for a spot…”

Trent looked up and down the crowded street. There wasn’t a free spot for another block. “What the fuck did you do?”

“I wasn’t paying attention…I-I cut the wheel too hard.”

Trent balled his hands into fists. “The fuck you did. You did this on purpose!”

Maggie blinked a few times. “I did not.”

Yes, you did. Probably to get back at me for that stupid winter formal thing, but you did it on purpose. I know how you are.”

Maggie’s hand fluttered to her chest. “Trent…why would you say something like that.”

“Because I know you’ll do anything to get your way,” Trent hissed. “You’re a sneaky bitch.”

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about Trent,” Maggie said, her lips curling upward just a touch. “It was an accident.”

Trent bared his teeth in anger. “Fuck you, Maggie!”

“Trent?” Lucas came back to the group, a hesitant look on his face. “Campus police are on their way. They say it’s going to be a while… They said we should try to speed up the process and call the insurance company now.”

“I’m not in the mood to talk to insurance!” Trent threw up his hands. “Do you see this, Luke? Fucking Maggie is the one who wrecked my car! What are the chances?!”

Lucas gave the tall sorority girl a haughty look, then turned back to Trent. “Give me your information. I’ll call them myself.”

“Good.” Trent angrily reached into his back pocket for his wallet. “Then I can just go back inside.”

“No. You have to stay here,” Lucas said firmly. “The police have to get the report from you, and we’ll need to get a tow on your vehicle. You’ll have to sign for everything.”


Chuckling, Mitch patted Trent on the back. “Hey, I’ve got to hit the road, man. Good luck.”

Trent flicked him off.

“Catch you later!” Mitch sang, then strolled off for the Hummer.

Maggie cleared her throat. “I really am sorry—”

“Shut up, bitch!” Trent snapped. “I know this wasn’t an accident. I’m not an idiot.

Maggie wiped her fake tears away. “Why would I plow into you on purpose? Come on, Trent.”

“I can’t figure that part out yet,” Trent sneered. “I mean, you’re obviously the one at fault. You’re going to pay for all of this.”

Maggie nodded. “I know.”

“Trent. Stay on task. I need your insurance card,” Lucas said from behind him, and Trent whirled around with the plastic card between his fingers.

“Shouldn’t she call her insurance too?”

Lucas gingerly took Trent’s card. “It would be advisable.”

“You heard him,” Trent said, rounding on Maggie. “You’d better get on the phone, pronto.”

“Alright, aright,” Maggie said. “Let me go find my cell.” She ambled back to her Jeep and disappeared inside.

Trent frowned as he waited for the sorority girl to return. Mitch’s Hummer pulled out into the street further down, and glided away, and he glared after the blond, annoyed with everything.

“Here it is!” Maggie said, holding her phone up. “Darn…Everything fell under the seat. I’m not sure if I have my insurance card on me or not.” She ducked back into the Jeep and Trent growled under his breath.

He didn’t think once about Kayden. He leaned back against the truck and watched as Lucas dialed the insurance company.

Copyright © 2020 mastershakeme; All Rights Reserved.
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Also, I'm always open to suggestions. That's why I'm sharing :P

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What I worry about is Kayden being alone at the party.I have too much of a over active imagination I wonder if its a scheme to get Trent away from Kayden I hope I'm so wrong.

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The line of how Trent didn’t think once about Kayden is sending off alarm bells. I find myself wondering if Maggie made some sort of plan with Seth to separate Kayden & Trent, though that logically doesn’t make a lot of sense. I mean I could see both of them wanting Kayden out of the picture but then that would sorta make Maggie & Seth rivals. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It could be Maggie somehow met Kayden’s dad and he’s the one she’s working with as there’s definitely something more going on.

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I'd bet a hat that Maggie and Seth are in cahoots and now is Seth's chance to finally take out the competition without his bodyguard around 😬 hopefully Kayden remembers those self defense moves 

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