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Warnings: Racism, rape, abuse, discrimination, homophobia, violence, cursing, underage drinking and drug usage, Hetro relationships, but there will be NO m/f sex.

Teach Me Bad - 8. Chapter Eight – Friday: Trent

I finished this earlier than I thought!!! Didn't have it checked, so don't blame @mg777 😁


Trent woke with the sun in his eyes. The girl from last night was draped across his chest and he shoved her off as an incredible urge to piss forced him from the bed.

Naked, he strode across the hall with his dick swinging. He got to the toilet, aimed, then let out a strong torrent of piss.

“Morning, Trent.”

“Fuck!” Trent jolted and accidently pissed on the rim. “What are you doing upstairs?”

Vince stood in the door with a smug smile on his face. “Your advisor’s here.”

“What?” Trent finished pissing and shook off his dick.

“Sarah Windsor,” Vince said cheerfully. “She wants to talk to you.”

Trent pushed past Vince and walked into his closet. “Where is she?” he asked as he stepped into a pair of boxer briefs.

“She’s waiting in the kitchen.”

Trent stormed into the hall and headed for the stairs. Vince followed him, and Trent’s hands balled into fists as he took the stairs. “What are you following me for?”

Vince shrugged, but it was obvious. He was tagging along because he wanted to eavesdrop.

Trent swept down the hall and entered the kitchen, Vince hot on his heels. Sarah sat at the table with a steaming cup of coffee. Her long hair was in a ponytail and she was dressed casually in a fitted polo and jeans. “Trent,” she said as he stopped in front of her. “I wanted to catch you before you went to class. I apologize for waking you up.”

“Since when do you do house calls?” Trent grunted.

Sarah pursed her lips, then gave Vince a pointed look. “Thank you for the coffee, but could you step out for a moment?”

Vince’s smile fell away. “Oh. Sure.”

“I need to talk to Trent in private.”

Vince backed out of the room, then ducked down the hall. Trent knew he was still within earshot, but he let it go. This would be short.

“What’s going on?” he asked gruffly.

Sarah studied Trent’s sleek upper body in silence.

Trent sneered, then stepped around the table for the fridge. He grabbed an energy drink and cracked it open. “If you wanted a private conversation, you should have called me to your office.”

“This isn’t a conversation for the office.”

Trent guzzled his drink in three large gulps. “Which conversation?” he grumbled, crushing the can in his fist.

“I wanted to ask you about Kayden,” Sarah said slowly, and Trent groaned with frustration.

“We already talked about this!”

“His feelings for you are intense.” Sarah gave him a serious look as she raised her cup. “It’s been on my mind since our meeting on Wednesday.”

“Yeah, he thinks he’s in love with me or whatever,” Trent murmured. “But that’s not my fault. I asked him to be my tutor. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Sarah took a sip of her coffee. “You got a hand-job in class. That’s against school policy.”

“That didn’t fucking happen!” Trent snapped. “Jesus Christ, what is this about again?”

“I’m not sure why you continued to study under him once you figured out he was in love with you,” Sarah said, her brown eyes piercing. “The only conclusion I can come to is that you’ve found a way to manipulate him, and that you’re taking advantage of the situation.”

Trent glowered at the woman. He’d said those exact words a few days ago, at Seth’s house, but they sounded so much dirtier coming out of her mouth.

“I’m right, aren’t I?” Sarah drawled. “Kayden’s your personal play-thing.”

Trent pulled out the chair at the end of the table and fell into it with a sigh.

“Are you having sex?”

“Yes,” Trent growled. “But I didn’t force him into anything. He wants everything I do to him.”

“I’m sure.”

Trent played with his empty can. “He’s not like anyone I’ve ever been with. He’s different,” he said grudgingly.

“Does that have anything to do with the fact he’s a boy?

“Well, yes,” Trent snapped. “But I tried another guy…just to see how it felt, and it wasn’t the same.”

“You sure do get around,” Sarah muttered. “Excluding Kayden, how many partners do you have?”

“I’ve got a girl up in my bed if that helps you get the picture.”

“Wow.” Sarah furrowed her brows. “Does Kayden know he’s in an open relationship?”

“Actually, yes. I told him.”

Sarah’s eyebrows when into her forehead.

“Is that all you wanted to know?” Trent sneered. “I’d like to get a shower before class.”

“It would be a shame if Kayden’s feelings were unreciprocated.” Sarah drummed her fingertips along the edge of her coffee cup. “Do you have any feelings for him at all?”

Trent sighed. He’d told Kayden he loved him yesterday, and it hadn’t been totally untrue. Trent couldn’t stop thinking about Kayden. Every time they were apart, he longed for the little Korean to be at his side. Last night, he been close to jumping in the truck and driving to Palo Alto to see him. He’d logged onto Tinder instead and met Cindy, a flat chested girl with dark hair in a bob. She’d helped him reach climax, but he couldn’t wait to get her out of his bed. “I don’t know,” Trent said at last. “I want to be with Kayden all the time. It’s weird.”

“Maybe you should try an actual relationship.”

“I don’t do relationships,” Trent growled. “Too much hassle.”

“Where did you get the girl upstairs?” Sarah asked.


“Talk about hassle,” Sarah joked. “I had an account on there for a minute, but it’s just a shallow pool of teenagers. I have an eHarmony now.”

Trent curled his lip. “Good for you.”

“I talked to Kayden’s father,” Sarah said, and Trent cautiously met her eyes. “I thought my dad was strict, but Mr. Lee takes the cake.”

“Kayden complains about him a lot.”

“I told Kayden I wouldn’t, but I lied for him,” Sarah said, her gaze drilling into Trent’s. “I’m invested now.”

Trent snorted. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” Sarah’s eyes shimmered with intensity. “Kayden’s an innocent little soul. He should be treated with care.”

“We studied last night,” Trent said casually. “On video chat.”

“That’s good.” Sarah finished her coffee.

“I’m going to pass the quiz in algebra today,” Trent said confidently. “Kayden taught me the last two sections in less than a week. He’s a great teacher. He’s obsessed with showing me the right way to do everything. I’m taking advantage of that, too.”

“I understand you’ve been sidetracked by your emotions, but I wish you would focus more on the tutoring aspect of your relationship,” Sarah said dryly. “I’m not sure you realize how close you are to failing out of school.”

“I’m not going to fail!” Trent slammed his fist on the table. The metal can rattled, but Sarah was unaffected. She had a firm hold on her empty mug and she glared at him heatedly. “Kayden and I know what we’re doing,” Trent scowled at her. “We don’t need you intervening.”

“I’m going to talk to Kayden next,” Sarah said.

“What?! Why?”

Sarah gave him a look. “Because I want to make sure everything you said checks out.”

“He isn’t going to tell you anything different.”

“Then there’s nothing to worry about,” Sarah said with a smile.

“Who’s this?” Trent turned as Mitch stepped into the room, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He looked down the hall. “And what are you looming in the dark for Vinny?”

“Screw off, assholes.” Trent scowled. “I’m having a private conversation with my advisor.”

“That’s your advisor?” Mitch snickered. “Did you fail another test?”

Trent gave him the finger.

“Fine.” Mitch held up his hands and backed out of the room. “I’ll get breakfast on campus.”

Trent waited until Mitch disappeared down the hall for his room. “Vince!”

Vince materialized with a vengeful grin on his face.

“I told you to fuck off!

Vince strolled into the room and opened the fridge. “I thought I’d put some croissants in the oven before I go to class.”

“Oh, I love croissants.”

Vince beamed at Sarah. “Would you like some?”

“And some more coffee, please.”

Trent pushed his chair back with a growl. “I’m going to take that shower.”

“Go ahead,” Vince said easily. “Do you like jam with your croissants, Sarah? We have a jar of the all-natural jelly from the valley.”

“That sounds lovely,” Sarah giggled as Trent stormed out of the room.

Upstairs, he ripped his pants off halfway down the hall. He went straight to the bathroom and turned on the water. He was waiting for it to heat up when arms slithered around his middle. He whirled around. “What the fuck!”

Cindy, the brunette from last night, was in front of him. “I’m sorry! Did I scare you?”

She was naked, too, but Trent shoved her away without another look. “You’ve gotta go,” he said sharply. “I’m heading to class.”

“I thought we’d take a shower together,” Cindy said, biting her lip. “We could have a quickie before you go.”


“No?” Cindy’s face fell.

“I’m not in the mood,” Trent muttered. “Come on. Get dressed.”

“But you said you’d take me home!” Cindy whined as Trent shepherded her back to the bedroom. “I don’t have a ride!”

“I’ll call you an Uber,” Trent said tightly, pushing the girl toward the bed. Her clothes were spread amongst the sheets. “Just put something on.” He grabbed his phone off the bedside table and pulled up the Uber app. He’d just finished ordering a car when his phone started buzzing and Lucas’s name flashed on the screen. “Shit!”

“Who’s that?” Cindy asked as she shimmied into her shorts.

Trent answered the phone with a growl. “What?!”

“I-I just wanted to make sure you were up,” Lucas started. “I called twenty minutes ago and got no answer.”

“I’m up.”

“Everything okay?”

“No. Everything is not okay,” Trent scowled. “And I don’t have time to talk to your ass right now,” he said bitterly, then ended the call.

“Did I do something wrong?” Cindy asked, pulling on her halter top. “You seem like your upset.”

“I’ve got a lot of shit on my mind.” Trent checked the Uber app. The car was a minute away. He grabbed the girl’s forearm. “Come on. I’ll walk you downstairs.”

“Wait! My shoes…”

“The car’s just down the road,” Trent growled as Cindy bent to put on her flats. He jerked her arm. “Let’s go.”

“What’s the hurry. You weren’t in any rush last night…” Cindy said as Trent tugged her out of the room. “We could do this again when you’re in a better mood.”

“I don’t have the time,” Trent snapped, then yanked Cindy down the stairs. He checked his phone again. “The car’s at the gate. Hurry up.”


Trent glanced over his shoulder as he dragged his one-night stand to the door. Sarah and Vince watched from the hall. Sarah shielded her eyes and Trent realized he was stark naked. “Come on,” he growled, pulling Cindy to the door. “See the car waiting at the gate?” He pointed out the window. “Run up and hit the release on the left side.”

“Can I call you sometime?”

“You can try,” Trent smirked. “But I probably won’t pick up.”

“Asshole.” Cindy scowled, then mercifully slipped out the door.

“Where did your shorts go?” Vince asked into the silence.

“Why is she still here?” Trent growled as he spun around. “I’m trying to take a goddamn shower, for fucks sake!”

Vince pressed his lips together, while Sarah continued to cover her eyes.

“I don’t care if the two of you eat a whole tray of croissants! But don’t do it here!” Trent shouted, then flew up the steps.

When he got back to the shower, the water was still running. He got in and scrubbed himself with undue force as he fumed under the water. He didn’t even think about jerking off.

When he was clean, he dressed in a red top and a dark pair of jeans, brushed his teeth, then ran a comb through his hair. It was kind of early for class, but he just wanted to get out of the house.

Trent grabbed his bag, then headed outside. There was a boring, tan Toyota parked next to his truck and he scowled at the unfamiliar vehicle as he climbed behind the wheel. That was Sarah’s ride. He was sure of it.

Trent drove away in a crappy mood. The sky was full of clouds today, and the sunlight was weak. It looked like rain and Trent speeded around the Stanford hills as the clouds gathered on the horizon. As it got closer to noon, he steered toward campus and ended up in his regular lot below the library.

He checked the time on the dash. Twenty minutes until Intro to Conflict. He sighed as he looked out the window at the advising building on the hill, then got out his phone. Sarah came to my house just now, he texted Kayden.

He wasn’t sure he’d get a reply. Kayden was so adamant about his schoolwork, but a message popped up within a minute. What did she want? I thought she said we weren’t in trouble.

She asked me lots of annoying questions about you, Trent sneered as he typed. She said she’ll be coming to talk to you next.

Me? What about?

She’s concerned. She thinks I’m taking advantage of you; Trent rolled his eyes. She’s making sure everything’s consensual, I guess.

I like Sarah. She told my dad I’m getting extra credit for tutoring you.

Yeah. She told me.

I think she’s nice.

Really nice, Trent frowned at the screen, then added another line. I didn’t want Vince to know I was failing school, but he knows now because she was nice enough to stop by.

I’m sure she didn’t mean to spread your business.

She and Vince are eating pastries in my kitchen! Trent growled as he pounded out his reply. They’re talking about me. I know they are.


Never mind, Trent huffed. Are you in class?

I’m in writing with Audrey, Kayden texted. I’m messaging you under the table.

Trent smiled at the image.

I should go before I get caught.

Okay. See you in algebra, Trent said.

Bye Trent.

Trent put his phone away and turned off the truck. There was still fifteen minutes until class, but the sky was dark with storm clouds and he figured he’d beat the rain. He got out and sprinted up the hill.

People hurried between buildings as the wind picked up and bent the palm trees along the path. Trent kept to the edge of the walkway and jogged through the quad. It started to rain as he approached the law building on the other side, and he sped up and rushed into the lobby before he got soaked.

Trent stood in the window for a moment, watching the rain come down. Students hurried through the doors to escape the downpour, and Trent turned for the stairs before he ran into Mitch.

He’d been avoiding the blond since their night of drinking, and he knew he was being a bad friend; he was basically siding with Audrey. He was keeping her secrets and hanging out with her more than he was Mitch, at any rate, and he didn’t know what he was going to say to him when they saw each other in class today.

On the second floor, Trent started for his classroom. He was early, so he was hoping to get a chance to collect himself before Mitch joined him, but when he stepped into the room, he spotted Mitch in the back corner where they usually sat. Mitch met his eyes the moment he walked through the door and he felt the hair stand up on the back of his neck.

“What was the advisor doing at our house?” Mitch asked the moment he got close.

“She’s just looking out for Kayden,” Trent said as he took his seat. “She asked me a bunch of questions about our…study habits.”

“You’re little tutor?” Mitch sneered. “You’ve been hanging out with him a lot. Haven’t you?”

Trent looked out the window at the torrential rain. “He’s helping me with algebra. We’ve got a quiz today.”

“I’ve seen you together,” Mitch said. “You and Kayden are best buddies.”

“Hardly,” Trent snorted. “I’m just trying to get my grades up.”

“He’s close to Audrey,” Mitch said darkly. “If he wasn’t such a pipsqueak I’d be afraid he was trying to get with her.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it. They’re just friends,” Trent murmured, keeping his gaze out the window.

“You’ve been spending a lot of time with Audrey, too,” Mitch said, his dark blue eyes intent on the side of Trent’s face. “She said she was going on a date this weekend. Do you know who she’s talking about?”

“She mentioned it once or twice.” Trent hesitated. “But I didn’t catch the guy’s name. Someone in their writing class.”

“What about that other guy?” Mitch asked. “I think he’s Kayden’s older brother. He likes Audrey. I can tell.”

“Ian?” Trent shrugged. “They’re practically siblings. They’re not together.”

Mitch glared at him. “You’re lying.”

“I’m not.” Trent caught Mitch’s gaze and stared him down. “Audrey’s always careful about what she says around me. I’m just telling you what I know.”

“That doesn’t sound like Audrey.” Mitch crossed his arms. “She always says what’s on her mind.”

“Not when I’m around,” Trent growled. “She knows we’re best friends. She absolutely hates me.”

Mitch forced down a smile. “That sounds like Audrey.”

Trent pulled his notes out of his bag. “I’m going to have to get with you before the next test,” he said. “My notes are crap.”

Mitch smiled faintly. “You’ll have to come to my study group, then. That’s where I get my best material.”

Trent slouched dejectedly in his seat. “I hate study groups.”

“It was all Audrey’s idea,” Mitch said, then looked away, his face pained. “I miss her, man. I’m going crazy without her.”


“And fuck you for telling her about those girls,” Mitch hissed. “You really messed up my game.”

“Sorry,” Trent grumbled. “I was just trying to shock her. She’s such a bitch sometimes.”

Mitch frowned, then his expression broke and he laughed a little. “Yeah. She is.”

Trent studied his friend as the room filled up around them, and students tracked water across the floor. It was a sloppy, disgusting mess.

“I was wondering…” Mitch started. “Could you ask Audrey to unblock me? I had some stuff I wanted to say.”

“I could ask.”

Mitch beamed at him. “Thanks, man. I’d do the same for you if you ever needed it.”

Trent sneered. “What? Ask my girlfriend to unblock me?”

“I’ve got your back,” Mitch said cheerfully. “For a minute there, I didn’t think you had mine, but we’re friends for life.” He held out his fist and Trent bumped it. “Anything you need. Just ask for it.”

“I’ll talk to her later today,” Trent drawled. “I’ll see her after algebra.”

Mitch nodded. “Cool.”

The professor trotted into the room moments later and set his things on the desk. As he began to wipe down the board, Trent found a pen. He was going to take notes today. He had a feeling it would be a pointless endeavor, but he’d come to class to get the material. He figured he’d at least try.

The next fifty minutes dragged by, but Trent did his best to keep up with the notes on the board. He got everything down, but when he looked it over at the end of class, it didn’t make much sense.

“The study group meets every Sunday afternoon in the library café,” Mitch said as they packed up. “You should come this week. Everyone’s welcome.”

“I don’t know,” Trent muttered.

“It’ll help you make sense of those notes,” Mitch said. “Give it a chance. You might even meet a nice girl.” He waggled his eyebrows and Trent snickered.

“Maybe you should meet a nice girl. Forget about Audrey.”

“I can’t forget.” Mitch’s face fell. “I love her, man. I’m serious.”

Trent shook his head, then shouldered his bag and started down the aisle. The rain had slowed dramatically outside, but it was still drizzling. He was planning to run to algebra.

“She doesn’t understand why I mess around with other girls,” Mitch said as they left the classroom. “But you get it, right? I’m horny. Like all the time, and Audrey’s never around to help me out. Am I supposed to jack off every single time?”

“Probably,” Trent muttered. “But I know what you mean. I get like that too.”

“You’re smart to avoid relationships,” Mitch grumbled. “If I could go back and stop myself from asking Audrey on that first date, I would.”

“The only advice I’ve got for you, is to forget about her.” Trent slipped into the stairwell and took the flight down. “It’s Halloween. There’ll be tons of drunk chicks willing to put out at Seth’s. You could go on another bender this weekend and put her out of your mind.”

“I can’t,” Mitch said tightly. “I’ve got more important things to do.”

“Like what?

“I’ve got to find out who Audrey’s dating.”

Trent sighed as they reached the first floor. “So, you’re not coming to Seth’s party on Saturday?”


“And what are you going to do about Audrey? Stalk her?”


“That’s a stupid idea,” Trent grunted. “You should come with us and have fun at the party.”

“Sorry.” Mitch stuck his hands in his pockets. “But I won’t be able to have any fun knowing she’s out fucking some other guy.”

“Suit yourself.” Trent glanced out the window at the overcast sky. “Well, I’ve got an algebra quiz to get to.”

“See you around.” Mitch said gloomily.

“Yeah. Bye,” Trent said, then turned and left his miserable friend in the hall.

Outside, the air was misty with precipitation and Trent walked speedily down the path, keeping his head down to avoid the moisture. The path was slick with it and he leapt over a large puddle just before the quad.

“Trent! Hey!”

Trent looked over his shoulder as Maggie rushed in his direction. She edged around the puddle, then stopped in front of him.

“I called you the other night. Did you get my message?”

Trent quirked an eyebrow. “No.”

“I’ve been texting you, too,” Maggie said suspiciously. “I’m using the number you gave me. Did you get it changed?”

“Oh, shit!” Trent chuckled. “I might have given you my fake number by mistake.”

“You have a fake number?” Maggie’s hair was getting drenched in the drizzling rain, and Trent took her arm and pulled her under the arcade between the math building and the quad.

“It was just a mistake,” Trent said. “Give me your phone. I’ll fix it.”

Maggie handed her phone over with narrowed eyes. “I heard from Ivy yesterday.”

Trent scowled. “That stupid bitch again?”

“She’s coming back to school next week,” Maggie said.

“Oh god.

“She asked about you.”

Trent finished with Maggie’s phone and handed it back with a growl. “I can’t handle this shit a second time.”

“Don’t worry, I already scared her off.” Maggie pushed her long, damp hair behind her ears. “I told her we’re dating.”

“Dating?” Trent sneered. “You and me?”

“Well, it worked.” Maggie planted her hands on her hips. Her little Chi Omega top was soaked through, and Trent could see her lacy bra. “She cried and cried, asked me if I was making it up, and when I said I wasn’t, she hung up.”

“Insecure little cunt.”

“We need to start some rumors that we’re dating,” Maggie said importantly. “What are you doing tonight? We’re having a little get-together at the sorority house.”

Trent pushed a hand through his hair. “I don’t know. I hate sorority events.”

“This is for your own benefit,” Maggie said firmly. “You don’t want Ivy coming back, do you?”

“Hell no.”

“Then come to a couple parties with me,” Maggie said. “Kiss me on the cheek once or twice, and everyone will think we’re dating.”

“Yeah, alright,” Trent said grudgingly. “What time?”

“Seven thirty at the Chi Omega house,” Maggie said sweetly. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Trent smiled tightly. “I’ve got a test to get to.”

“Then don’t let me hold you up,” Maggie giggled. “I’ll see you tonight.”

Trent brushed past the girl and headed for the main entrance to the math building. Maggie’s plan to get rid of Ivy sounded decent, but he didn’t want to date her any more than he wanted to date Ivy. He scowled to himself as he slipped into the building and stormed down the hall. He felt played, and he didn’t like it one bit.

When Trent reached the algebra classroom, the door was propped open. Students were flowing into the room, and Trent thanked his lucky stars for making it early.

Kayden sat at the end of the first row. He moved his things when Trent approached and beamed up at him affectionately. “Did you bring your homework from Wednesday? We can try to turn it in late.”

“He probably won’t take it.” Trent pulled out his math notebook and handed Kayden his completed assignment.

“Well, we can try.” Kayden arranged Trent’s homework on top of his own. “Are you ready for the quiz?”

Trent fell into his seat and stretched his arm across the back of Kayden’s. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

The blonde girl from Monday entered the room. She eyed them warily as she made her way to the back of the room, then found a spot in the last row, and pulled her bag in front of her.

Kayden looked after the blonde with concern. “I wonder why Lacie’s sitting in the back?”

“Because she’s jealous,” Trent said easily. “Who cares about her.”

Kayden worried his lip as he turned back to the front. “I’ve sat with Lacie since the first day of class.”

“Not anymore, obviously.” Trent shrugged. “Nobody’s stopping her from sitting on the other side of you.”

“Maybe I’ll talk to her about it next time…”

“You do that,” Trent sneered.

Kayden turned his big, soulful eyes on him next. “You’re going to do well today. I know it.”

Trent smiled at him. “Thanks baby.”

Ethan strode into the room with his messenger bag over his shoulder. He set his things on the edge of his desk, then looked up and paused when he saw Kayden and Trent cozied up together in the front row.

Kayden got up at once and approached the teacher’s desk. “I-I-I’m sorry I was absent on Wednesday,” he said. “But I have late homework t-to turn in.”

“Both you and Trent were missing on Wednesday.” Ethan adjusted his glasses. “Was that a coincidence?”

“We had a meeting with Sarah Windsor,” Trent spoke up, and Ethan cut him a look. “I don’t think she realized we had a class.”

Kayden dropped the homework, then scurried back to the table. He sat beside Trent, his cheeks pink with embarrassment.

“Is that true, Kayden? You had a meeting with your advisor during class?

Kayden pressed his lips together and nodded.

Ethan grabbed the homework, then slipped it into his bag with a headshake. He pulled out a sheaf of photocopies, the quizzes, and sorted them into three stacks.

Trent moved his things off the desk, then elbowed Kayden to do the same. He wasn’t paying attention, he watched Ethan with a guilt-ridden expression. “Come on, Kay. We’ve got a test,” Trent murmured.

“Oh.” Kayden packed his things away, then moved his bag to the floor. He kept a single pencil on the table, and Trent grabbed one of his own before the quizzes were passed out.

“Now I’m handing out multiple versions of the quiz, so don’t even bother to look at your neighbors,” Ethan drawled as he stepped around his desk. “And I want to see how you got your answers. I won’t give full points if I don’t see your work.” There was a round of groans, but Ethan ended it with a hand. “We aren’t starting the next chapter until Monday, so once you are finished, hand in your quiz, then quietly leave the room.”

“Sweet!” Trent said as the rest of the class cheered around them. “We’re out early today.”

“Uh-huh,” Kayden said nervously.

“You know what that means, right?” Trent growled. “We’ll get extra time to play.”

“No talking during the quiz, Trent,” Ethan said as he stopped in front of him and Trent jolted upright. “And make sure you keep your eyes to yourself.” Ethan held his gaze as he handed him version A of the test. “I’ll be scrutinizing your work in particular with a magnifying glass.”

Trent snatched the quiz from the student teacher. “Whatever.”

Ethan handed Kayden version B, then moved down the aisle.

Kayden gave Trent a look of sympathy, but he didn’t dare speak. He smiled faintly, then looked down at his paper, his brow furrowing with concentration.

Trent jotted his name at the top of his, then slouched in his seat as he looked down at it. There were fifteen questions, some with little graphs underneath to draw. As he studied the page, the numbers jumbled together, and he began to panic as he pulled a total blank. Then he thought of all those stupid formulas Kayden had forced him to write down and he straightened in his seat and copied down everything he could remember on the edge of the page. He studied the equations for a moment, then found one that fit the first problem. He plugged in the numbers, and voila! He had an answer!

Trent kept his head down and his eyes on his paper as he worked through the problems and drew the equations on the provided graphs. The formulas were incredibly helpful and for once, he actually knew what he was doing. He didn’t look up until he felt Kayden start to pack up beside him.

Kayden was the first to finish, and he looked embarrassed as he stood up and slid around Trent. He approached Ethan’s desk with little, shuffling steps. “I-I finished.”

Ethan looked up from a stack of papers he was grading. “I’m sure you had no trouble?”

“No, sir.”

Ethan took Kayden’s test. “I hope you won’t be missing any more lessons in the future, Kayden. Attendance is reflected on your grade.”

“I know.” Kayden fidgeted. “I-I’m sorry I missed last time. It w-won’t happen again.”

Ethan nodded somberly. “You’re free to leave now.”


“Have a nice weekend.”

Kayden dropped his head, then scurried out of the room. He shut the door behind him softly, and Trent curled his lip as he watched him go.


Trent met Ethan’s narrowed-eyed glare.

“Eyes down, Trent,” Ethan murmured, and Trent bared his teeth at him, but bent his head and tried to focus on his work. Kayden was probably waiting out in the hall, and he had to finish this if he wanted to get to him.

Other students began to turn in their work as he got to the last line of questions. It was distracting, but he kept his eyes on his paper and forced himself to concentrate. He had to get out his calculator for the last two questions but didn’t struggle too much once he’d checked his math.

Trent proudly stood up when his quiz was completed. There were only a handful of students left, but he didn’t care. He was done and he didn’t feel like a total failure either.

Ethan looked up and watched with dark eyes as Trent made his way to the desk. “How’s the tutoring going?” he asked when Trent stopped in front of him. “Your advisor told me to let you and Kayden be.”

“It’s going well.” Trent smiled as he held out his quiz. “I think I actually passed this one.”

Ethan gave him a loaded look. “I don’t know what you said to Miss Windsor, but I know what I saw the other day.”

Trent dropped his test on the desk with a scowl. “I don’t know what you think you saw—”

“You were getting pleasured under the table,” Ethan hissed. “By my best student.

Trent sneered, then started for the door. “I’m not listening to this shit.”

“I don’t know how you convinced her to play your little game,” Ethan said, and Trent paused at the door to glare at him. “But if I see you and Kayden going at it again, I’ll take you to the dean myself.”

Trent strode out of the room and slammed the door behind him. “Fucking dickhead!

“Trent?” Kayden leaned against the wall but straightened. “What’s wrong?”

“That fucking dick’s bothering me about you,” Trent grunted, then grabbed Kayden’s wrist and tugged him down the hall. “Come on. We’re going to my truck.”

“But I don’t have time to go to your house!” Kayden whined. “I have to go straight home. My mom’s coming to pick me up after school so I can give Emma a Korean lesson!”

The halls were empty, and Trent slipped his fingers through Kayden’s and clasped his hand. “I’m not taking you anywhere,” he said as they neared the doors. “I’m just sick and tired of the bathroom sex. We’re doing this somewhere more private.”

Kayden whimpered as he was pulled outside. “Okay. But I can’t stay long.”

“Sorry. It’s going to take me a good minute,” Trent chuckled, then tugged Kayden down the path. “I’ve been thinking about playing with your butthole all day.”

Kayden gulped.

“I’ve got the big plug in my bag,” Trent said cheerfully. “I packed it last night, so I didn’t forget.”

Kayden moaned unhappily.

The sky had cleared up from the earlier storm, but everything was wet; the roofs, the pavement, the trees…They stepped into the main courtyard and Trent tugged Kayden across the bricks at a quick pace, keeping a tight hold on his arm so he wouldn’t slip. “I’m just glad that damned quiz is over with.”

“H-how did you do on it?” Kayden asked as they crossed under the arches and took the path to the library.

“Pretty good I think,” Trent murmured. “I think Ethan’s going to have a heart attack, he’ll be so surprised.”

Kayden beamed. “I can’t wait until he posts the grades.”

Trent laughed. “Me too.” They cut through the grass and took the hill down to the parking lot. When they neared the truck, Trent let go of Kayden’s hand and drew his keys out of his pocket. “Hop in,” he said, and Kayden rushed ahead to get in the passenger side.

Kayden yanked his door shut and pulled his hands into his lap as Trent got situated behind the wheel. His feet dangled a couple inches from the floorboard, and he looked ridiculously cute in Trent’s front seat.

Trent turned the radio on, so quiet music filled the cab. “Let’s get in the back, so we have more room,” he said, then locked the doors, and maneuvered over the arm rest. The back windows were tinted, and the seats were plush and comfortable. The area was a bit confined, but Trent didn’t mind the lack of space.

Kayden tumbled over the armrest and fell into Trent’s arms. “Ooof!

Trent scooped him up with a laugh. “And I was trying so hard to keep you from falling.”

Kayden pouted as he was cradled to Trent’s chest like a child. “I caught my shoe on the cup holder.”

“Mmm, you should take them off,” Trent murmured, pressing closer to nuzzle Kayden’s downy cheek. “And your pants.”

“But someone will see us!

“No one can see us back here,” Trent murmured. “The windows are tinted from the outside. We’re completely invisible.”

Kayden slid his arms around Trent’s neck and gasped as he ghosted kisses along his throat. “A-are you sure?”


Kayden whined, then pulled away to work on his fly. Trent helped by yanking his tennis shoes off and tossing them into the front seat, then, when they were out of the way, Kayden was able to push his pants all the way down. “Ayaa…I can’t believe I’m naked right now.”

Trent laughed as he moved Kayden’s jeans and underwear out of the way, then he sat back and studied the half-naked boy in front of him.

Kayden was shy. He wouldn’t meet his eyes, but his little penis was filling with blood and it perked up with interest between his thighs.

“Lay back for me,” Trent whispered. “Knees to your chest.”

His cheeks red, Kayden squirmed, so he could lay on his back, then drew his legs up to his chest. His little ass cheeks parted, and Trent got a good look at the plug stuffed up his butt. Kayden’s hole was red and sore, like yesterday, but there was a hint of lubrication on the base of the plug and Trent quirked an eyebrow.

“Did you use lube?”

“B-baby oil,” Kayden stuttered. “I found it in my mother’s cabinet this morning. It’s better than the p-petroleum jelly. Smoother.”

Trent smiled, then gripped the base with his fingers. “Ready?”

Kayden took a deep breath than nodded. He wrapped his arms around his knees and squeezed his eyes shut tight.

Trent slowly pulled the plug out. Kayden’s hole gripped the shaft with tenacity, and he twisted it to ease the pressure. “Relax, sweet cheeks. It’s coming out.”

Kayden’s breathing picked up as the plug slid out of his hole. It was wet and it clenched open and shut in a crazy rhythm that made his back arch and his narrow hips wiggle in circles. “Oooh…

Trent tossed the plug aside, then slid two fingers deep into Kayden’s body. “Tomorrow, baby…I’m going to fuck your beautiful ass.”

Trent!” Kayden bucked his hips into Trent’s hand. His anus squeezed down around Trent’s thrusting fingers as his face screwed up with pleasure.

“You’re almost ready. I can feel it. Your body’s opening up for my cock.” Trent angled his fingers and touched Kayden’s prostate.

Kayden yelled out as his cock bubbled with pre-come. He crushed his legs into his chest and groaned as he was fingered. It was a gorgeous sight and without thinking, Trent bent his head and licked the tip of his penis. It tasted good and he took the whole thing into his mouth and worked the shaft with his lips. He sucked his cock as he continued to press the secret button inside of him.

Kayden ground his ass down on Trent’s thrusting hand as his cock leaked sweet fluids onto Trent’s tongue. He threw his head back against the window and panted as the pleasure mounted and he got closer to orgasm.

Trent pulled his fingers out with a smirk and sat up.

“What…?” Kayden blinked his eyes open and gazed at Trent in confusion.

Trent reached around the front seat and yanked the large-sized plug out of his bag.

Kayden’s eyes widened. “Oh.”

“I don’t even think you need the lube,” Trent laughed. “You’re already wet.”

“It’s the baby oil,” Kayden whispered.

Trent got down between Kayden’s legs and looked at his red, little hole. He rubbed the tiny pore with his finger, and it opened needily around the tip.

“Trent…” Kayden whined, and Trent smiled wickedly at him through his raised legs. “Please…

Trent took the new butt plug and slid it around the wrinkled entrance. Kayden panted and groaned at the sensation, and it only got louder when Trent began to add pressure. He pushed the plug slowly into Kayden’s hot body. The first few inches went smoothly, but there was a bit of resistance as he reached the halfway point.

Kayden held onto his legs tight and groaned as Trent pushed the new plug inside of him. He winced and squeezed down on the length as it stretched him wide. His cock was still incredibly hard, though, and it bobbed enticingly between his thighs.

Mmm, almost there, baby,” Trent murmured, then leaned in and took Kayden’s erection into his mouth again.

Kayden wacked his head against the window and cried out as Trent sucked him down. His body opened up, and Trent was able to ease the plug deeper into his body as he arched his hips. He didn’t even notice when the plug bottomed out and his anus possessively gripped the base.

Kayden was close to orgasm. Trent could taste it in the back of his mouth. He plunged the plug into Kayden’s asshole with firm, but shallow thrusts while he continued to pleasure him with his mouth. He wanted to see Kayden lose control. He wanted to taste the sweetness of it… He bobbed his head and worked his lips around Kayden’s twitching erection as he spiraled closer and closer to the end.

Kayden tossed his head back and forth, and greedily thrust his cock in and out of Trent’s mouth. He lasted a couple moments more like that, then exploded with a wanton cry and filled Trent’s mouth with sperm. It was so incredibly hot, and Trent sat up and swallowed his mouthful before he thought too much about what he’d just done.

Kayden mewled below him, and Trent gazed down at his used body, flushed with passion. Kayden’s lower half was bare, his hair mussed, and his cheeks flame red. He looked delicious.

Trent rested a hand against the far window, then leaned over Kayden for a kiss. Their lips met in a slow, passionate meld and Trent settled on top of Kayden as the kiss deepened and their tongues touched with a warm burst of pleasure. They kissed heatedly for several long moments as the windows steamed up.



Trent raised his head with a growl. “That’s my goddamn phone. Shit!

“Is it i-important?”

“Just ignore it,” Trent grunted, then leaned in to kiss Kayden’s open mouth.

The boys resumed their makeout session as the buzzing stopped. Trent’s cock was straining for attention and he ground it against Kayden’s stomach as their lips slid together and made wet sounds over the faint background music.

Kayden reached up and ghosted his fingers along Trent’s face. His hesitant touches turned Trent on fiercely and his cock lurched in his jeans.

Tap, Tap, Tap

Trent rolled off Kayden and fell between the seats. “What the fuck!

Lucas stood outside the driver side door with a hand over his mouth.

“Aya!” Kayden quickly covered himself with his sweater, then sat up in a panic. “Who’s that?!”

“Fucking Lucas,” Trent hissed, then knocked his bag off the seat and climbed over the armrest. He aggressively put the window down. “What the fuck do you want?!”

“I-I-I didn’t notice you were indisposed.

“What do you want, Lucas?”

Lucas flapped his jaw a few times. “I just wanted to talk…”

Trent huffed, then put up the window. “Get dressed,” he tossed over his shoulder, then unlocked the doors and slid out to confront his roomie. “I’m all ears, asshole. Talk away.”

Lucas peeked over Trent’s shoulder. “Is that Kayden?”

Yes and you just interrupted us, so excuse me if I’m not interested in whatever the fuck your about to say!”

“Vince just called me.” Lucas met Trent’s angry gaze with his deep, blue eyes. “He’s bragging about hooking up with your advisor.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“He asked her out on a date,” Lucas said slowly. “This morning when she was at the house.”

Trent crossed his arms.

“He told me all about it,” Lucas said. “He’s got all the dirty info on your grades and on Kayden…I just thought I should warn you.”

“Are you fucking with me?” Trent growled. “She told him all my fucking business? What for?”

“I don’t know. She probably thought he was your friend.”

Trent scowled. No, he and Vince weren’t on friendly terms. Their relationship was more out of necessity than anything. Trent wanted access to Vince’s rich dad, and Vince wanted Trent’s popularity. That was it. They didn’t get along in any other respect.

Kayden opened the driver side door and cautiously lowered himself onto the running board. “Hi.”

Lucas blinked at the tiny boy in amazement. “Hello. Sorry to interrupt.”

“I knew someone would see us…” Kayden muttered as he sidled up beside Trent and leaned into his side. “W-we’ve already gotten in trouble for having s-sex in public once.”

Trent draped an arm around him. “We’re not in trouble.”

“Isn’t that the reason your advisor was at the house?” Lucas asked, his lips curling in amusement. “To lecture you about your sex habits?”

“Ugh! What exactly did Vince tell you?”

Lucas gave Kayden a pointed look. “I don’t know if I should say. It involves the female guest you called a car for.”

Kayden stiffened against his side. “W-what female guest?”

“One of Mitch’s floozy girls,” Trent lied, so he didn’t have to explain in front of Lucas. That was the only reason. “I ran into her when I was going back up to my room and hurried to toss her out.”


Lucas smiled tightly. “We should talk about this later.”


“I’ve got to go anyway,” Kayden muttered, pulling away from Trent to go back to the truck. “Audrey will be looking for me.”

“Where are you tutoring your sister?” Trent asked. “It’s stupid you can’t just do it at home.”

“At the McDonalds in the Stanford Shopping Center,” Kayden said as he retrieved his bag, and took out his phone. “Oh no, I’ve got five missed texts from Audrey…”

Trent sneered.

Lucas watched Trent with a curious gaze. “What’s going on?”

“I have to go.” Kayden hitched his bag over his shoulder. “I’m tutoring my sister in Korean today. My dad doesn’t know about it though. He thinks she’s still got a Korean tutor, so we have to do it in secret.”

“Sounds complicated,” Lucas laughed.

Kayden turned to Trent, and looked up at him with his beautiful, dark eyes. “Bye Trent.”

Trent checked no one was looking, then pulled Kayden close with an arm around his waist. He pressed his lips down on Kayden’s and kissed him intently.

Lucas was smiling when they broke apart. He didn’t say anything, but Trent could see the glimmer in his eye, and he knew instantly that the kiss had been a mistake.

Kayden smiled at Lucas. “Nice to meet you,” he said sweetly, then turned to waddle up the hill. The new plug was obviously doing its job. He couldn’t even walk straight.

They watched Kayden go for a moment, then, “Why’s he walking like that?” Lucas asked calmly.

“I put a butt plug inside of him,” Trent said. “I’m going to fuck him tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Lucas raised his eyebrows. “But I thought we were all going to Seth’s?”

“We are,” Trent growled. “He’s coming along.”

Lucas gave Trent a funny look. “So you don’t care if everyone knows?”

“Who’s everyone?” Trent muttered. “A bunch of drunk kids who’ll never remember meeting me?”

“Oh, they’ll remember. It’s not every day Trent Hudson kisses boys full on the lips.”

Trent scowled at him.

“You care about Kayden a lot,” Lucas said softly. “It’s obvious.”

“I’m just trying to get my rocks off,” Trent grumbled. “And I know there’ll be drugs and tons of free beer at Seth’s so I figured we could all just hang out there.”

“What about Mitch? He’s the only one who doesn’t know, right?”

“He isn’t coming,” Trent smirked. “He’s on some insane mission to win Audrey back. I think he’s going to take up stalking as a pastime.”

“Oh no.” Lucas’s face fell. “Are you serious?”

“He told me this afternoon. In class.” Trent nodded. “He was serious.”

“I’ve got to talk to him…”

“Already tried,” Trent spat. “Don’t waste your time.”

“I’m going to see if he’s still on campus.” Lucas brushed his blond hair from his face, then met Trent’s eyes. “That boy’s really cute,” he said dryly. “You’d better be gentle with him.”

“Screw you,” Trent sneered. “I’ll do whatever I damn well please.”

Lucas snorted, then took a step back for his Porsche. It was idling behind Trent’s truck and blocking the lane. He hadn’t even noticed in the excitement. “Vince is waiting for you at the house,” Lucas said. “You’d better talk to him before he goes to his father.”


“And I’m sorry I interrupted. I couldn’t see through the back window, but the car was on, and you weren’t answering the phone. I thought you were ignoring me.”

“I was,” Trent snapped. “Jesus Christ, Luke! You need to get a life already! I’m sick to death of getting your calls, I hate your advice, and I can’t stand when you check up on me!”

Lucas’s lower lip trembled, and he looked away. “You’re only saying that because your upset.”

“Fuck you!” Trent threw up his hands. “Captain fucking Obvious over here…”

“I’m just trying to help,” Lucas said, avoiding Trent’s piercing gaze. “And now I’ve got to go help my brother, so excuse me.”

“You’d better hurry before he gets away for good,” Trent barked. “So sorry for holding you up!”

Lucas slipped into his car and glided away. Trent watched him go with a white-hot rage brewing in his gut, then he turned back for his truck and hopped behind the wheel.

He sped all the way home. He didn’t want to admit it, but he was fearful Vince would go to Big Buck first thing and tell him the juicy gossip. He didn’t know how that would affect his chances at getting his dream job, but he didn’t want to risk it.

When he pulled in the driveway, Vince’s green Range Rover was parked in front of the garage. It wasn’t like him not to pull in and it felt like a blatant “fuck you”. Trent parked beside him and jumped out with a scowl on his face.

Inside, Trent heard the TV playing in the living room. He kicked his shoes off, dropped his bag by the door, then stormed into the room.

Vince sat with his back to the hall. Comedy Central was on, and there was a bowl of Cheetos on the couch beside him.

“What did Sarah tell you?” Trent snapped.

Vince turned and there was an ugly smile on his face. “What’s up? I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Well, did you hear what I just said?” Trent asked sharply. “What did Sarah tell you this morning?”

“She didn’t tell me much.” Vince smirked. “But I heard an awful lot.”

“What did you hear?!”

“That you’re screwing a boy,” Vince chuckled. “And your failing school. Surprise, surprise.”

Trent pulled a terrible scowl.

“Sarah was pretty tight-lipped about the details, but maybe I’ll get to hear more on our date Sunday night.”

“Date?” Trent growled. “You seriously asked her out?”

“Of course I did,” Vince scooped a handful of Cheetos into his mouth. “She’s attractive, she’s smart, and she loved my croissants.”

“That’s gotta be against the rules,” Trent muttered. “She’s part of staff.”

“It is.” Vince gave Trent a serious look.

Trent quirked an eyebrow.

“Listen, I won’t tell my dad about your grades if you don’t tell anybody I’m seeing Sarah,” Vince said, his beady eyes locked on Trent’s. “I don’t want her to get in trouble for this. I promised her you’d be cool.”

Trent wanted to mock him, but he decided he’d better avoid it and nodded instead.

“I think the thing with the guy is weird, but I don’t care,” Vince said around another bite of cheese bits. “And I won’t bother to tell my dad.” He chuckled. “Because he won’t believe me.”

Trent narrowed his eyes. “Is that all?”

“Yep,” Vince said, turning back to the TV. “I’m dating your advisor, but I have leverage.” He smiled smugly. “I never thought the day would come when I had something over your head.”

“How’s it feel?” Trent hissed.


“Fuck you.” Trent whirled around and stomped for the stairs. He took them two at a time and reached the second floor at a jog. He swept into his room, threw himself across the bed, then screamed into the duvet.

Trent laid there for some time, frustrated with life. At some point, he got a distinct urge to get high, and he rolled off the bed and went to the set of drawers across from the bed. He had a baggie of the good stuff from Seth, and a beautiful, deep blue glass bowl. He grabbed everything from the drawer along with his Bic lighter, and took it back to the bed.

He smoked for a while, gloomily looking out his window at the rolling hills in the distance. Slowly, his mind drifted from Vince and Lucas and turned to his current obsession. Kayden. He thought about the boy fondly as he smoked two bowls back to back. His head was swimming, but the image of the little Korean was crystal clear in his mind.

He pulled out his phone as a crazy idea came to him and checked the time. It was a quarter to five and Trent knew exactly where Kayden was tutoring his sister.


Trent reached the McDonalds in fifteen minutes. It was the beginnings of the dinner rush, and the drive-through was jammed with vehicles. Trent parked in the back, then checked both ways before he dodged across the lot.

The dining room inside was sparsely populated. There was an old couple licking ice cream cones at a table up front, and a fat lady two tables behind them, eating a tray of nuggets. Her three rowdy kids played with their plastic Happy Meal toys further down the aisle.

Trent craned his neck to look over the divider and spotted a pair of dark-haired Koreans sitting across from each other. It was Kayden and a young girl with her hair in two short pigtails. Trent noticed another Korean, a woman in the back corner with her hair in a tight bun, and her nose buried in a book.

Trent approached the little family. He’d prepared for this, and he was only slightly nervous.


Kayden looked up and his eyes got huge when he saw Trent over the divider. “W-what are you doing here?”

“I stopped for dinner,” Trent said casually. “I didn’t know you’d be here.”

Kayden gave him a dubious look, but his sister batted her eyelashes.

“Hi, I’m Emma. Do you go to school with my brother?”

“He’s my math tutor,” Trent smiled at the girl. She had a super glittery t-shirt on and the hair, up close, was crazy short and clearly done over the bathroom sink. Trent immediately got the impression that she didn’t follow the rules. “He’s a good teacher.”

“The best,” Emma agreed. “He’s teaching me Korean right now.”

“I think he mentioned something about that,” Trent said, and Kayden gave him another look.

“Yeah,” Emma drawled. “Our grandparents are coming the first week of December, so we’re all brushing up.”

“Who is this, Kayden?” said a soft, accented voice and Trent looked up and met Kayden’s mother’s big, soulful eyes, so much like her son’s.

“A classmate,” Kayden said nervously, glancing between Trent and his mother.

“I think this is the guy he’s tutoring, mom,” Emma spoke up helpfully.

Kayden’s mother took a step closer and held out a graceful hand. “I’m Mrs. Lee, but you may call me Cho.”

“Trent.” Trent gently shook her hand. “I didn’t mean to interrupt, but I saw Kayden and figured I’d say hello.”

“Do you want to learn Korean?” Emma asked cheerfully. “We just started. You could sit in, too.”

“I don’t know about that…” Cho hesitated. “You really need to work on your pronunciation.”

“No, it’s okay.” Kayden touched his mother’s arm. “I can teach them both at the same time.”

Cho gave Kayden a long, serious look, then nodded once. “Alright,” she said. “But we have to leave in an hour. Please make use of your time.”

Kayden nodded and Cho stepped back to her table in the corner and picked up her book.

Trent beamed as he came around the divider and took the seat beside Kayden. “That worked out better than I thought.”

“What do you mean? Were you planning this?” Emma snorted.

Trent shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Are you high?” Emma asked in a hushed voice. “Your eyes are red. And I can smell it on your clothes.”

Trent stretched his arm over the back of Kayden’s seat and laughed. “How old are you again?”

“Ten,” Emma said. “But I know what weed is. The middle schoolers use it all the time behind the school.”

Trent shook his head. “Kids today.”

“Did you bring any with you?”

“No,” Trent snorted. “And I wouldn’t share with you if I did. Sorry.”

Emma pouted. “No fair.”

“Trent,” Kayden murmured. “We have to at least pretend we’re doing a lesson.”

“Then teach me how to say something simple,” Trent said. “I don’t know a single word in Korean.”

Kayden glanced at his sister. “How about annyeong haseyo?

“Annyeong haseyo,” Emma repeated.

“Ye. Yojeum eottae?”

“Nan gwaenchanh-a.”

Trent looked between the two Koreans. “What was all that gibberish?”

“I asked her annyeong haseyo? Which means how are you.”

“Anny-eong hasse-yo,” Trent tried, but knew he’d butchered the word.

Kayden smiled. “That’s close.”

“It’s annyeong haseyo,” Emma repeated. “Say it slow.”

Trent did a few more times until his pronunciation improved.

“That’s a casual greeting you can use with friends,” Kayden said. “If you want to be a bit more formal, you’d need to say something like, annyeong hasibnikka, which means good day.”

Trent repeated the word a few times. He liked the sound of it. It was fun to say. “So what’s the next part of the phrase?”

They practiced Korean for the next ten minutes. Kayden and Emma enjoyed poking fun at Trent’s pronunciation, but he couldn’t care less. He had no idea what he was even saying.

“You’re really hot,” Emma said suddenly, dropping her chin into her hand and gazing at Trent with a moony expression. “How did you start talking to my brother again?”

“And why should I tell you?” Trent glanced over his shoulder. Cho was absorbed in her book, flipping the pages as she sipped her fountain drink and he turned back to the girl. “So you can run to mommy and daddy with his secrets?”

“I wouldn’t rat Kayden out.” Emma’s nose wrinkled with disgust. “That’s something Ian would do. But not me. I’m not a tattle-tale.”

“Fine,” Trent said, then lowered his voice and leaned in to whisper. “Me and your brother are fucking. Do you know what that is?”

“Don’t tell her that!” Kayden hissed as his sister’s eyes widened dramatically.

“Kayden…are you gay?

Kayden covered his face. “Trent! Why did you say that?!”

Trent laughed. “Because she seems like a cool kid.

“But what about Audrey…” Emma started, then her expression changed. “Oh. You guys are lying!

“You’re not going to tell on him, right?” Trent asked.

“My lips are sealed,” Emma said merrily. “I won’t tell a soul.”

Trent cupped the back of Kayden’s neck and slid his fingers into his thick, black hair. “Good.”

Kayden groaned, but arched into Trent’s hand, totally helpless under his touch.

Emma watched the two of them in amazement. “Dad would freak if he found out.”

“I know,” Kayden whined, pulling away from Trent at last. “That’s why I don’t want him or my mom to find out.”

Trent smirked at him. “Sorry babe.”

Kayden fixed his hair, his cheeks pinkening adorably. “Just…keep your voice down.”

Trent tossed his head back and laughed.

“So, Kayden?” Emma started, fluttering her lashes at him. “Since you’re going behind dad’s back, maybe you could help me do the same?”

Kayden gave his sister a careful look. “Depends on what are you trying to do?”

Emma steepled her hands on the table. “I want to be in that talent show. It’s not fair dad revoked my permission.”

Kayden chewed his lip. “No. It’s not.”

“I’ve got three weeks,” Emma said. “I need a costume, but I’m sure you can ask Audrey for that. What I need from you is a forged signature.”

Kayden gaped at the girl. “Dad’s signature?”

Emma nodded. “I’ve been practicing on my own, but I think it would look better if someone older did it.”

“I’m a pro at forging signatures,” Trent drawled. “Give the form to Kayden, along with a sample of his writing, and I’ll do it before class.”

Emma beamed. “Great!”

“We’re going to get in so much trouble for this,” Kayden groaned. “I’m not sure this is worth the effort.”

Emma waved him off. “Relax. He won’t even know it happened. It’s during school hours.”

Kayden sighed heavily. “We should go back to practicing Korean.”

“That’s boring,” Emma complained. “I’d rather talk about you and Trent.

“We can’t talk about that!” Kayden hissed. “Not with mom sitting ten feet away!”

Emma pouted extravagantly.

“We’ve only got thirty more minutes,” Kayden said. “Don’t you want to be able to talk to the grandparents when they come to visit? They have the most amazing stories to tell about the old country.”

“I don’t care about that place,” Emma bitched. “I’d rather talk about Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.”

Trent laughed. “Are you the black sheep of the family?”

Yes,” Kayden groaned. “And she’s proud of it.”

Emma beamed like a radiant sun. “Sure am. I can’t wait to get away from this family. As soon as I turn eighteen, I’m packing up my stuff and hitting the road.”

“That’s what I told Kayden to do,” Trent said with a nod. “Sounds like your dad’s a real piece of work.”

“He’s insanely strict,” Emma ranted. “And mean. He loves to take all my electronics away and ground me to my room. I hate that.”

Trent nodded. “I know what that’s like.”

“You’d better shape up, Emma,” Kayden said firmly. “Maybe you’ll get to do the talent show after all, but you can’t let your grades drop again. And you have to keep practicing your Korean. And the piano—”

“I know!” Emma cried. “Or dad will have my head. He’s expecting me to play that piece by Bach when the grandparents arrive.”

Kayden nodded. “Let’s get back to work, Emma. This is important.”

Emma fell back in her chair with a sigh. “Okay. Nan junbi dwaess-eo.

“What does that mean?” Trent asked curiously.

“It means, I’m ready,” Kayden said. “Do you want to try it?”

“Sure. Why not.”

“Nan junbi dwaess-eo…” Kayden said slowly.

Trent repeated him three times before he got it right, but nobody minded. “What’s another word?” he asked.

Kayden, his eyes shimmering with affection, began to teach him a list of common phrases.


Promptly at six pm, Cho closed her book, and tossed her soft drink in the trash. “Come on, kids. I’ve got to start dinner.”

“Aww, can’t we stay a little longer?” Emma begged. “Dad and Ian can eat leftovers.”

“Absolutely not,” Cho said with a faint smile. “I’ve got dinner all planned out in the fridge. I just need to heat up the stove.”

Emma pushed her chair back with a screech. “I hate Budae Jjigae.

Trent gave Kayden a curious look.

“Its army stew,” Kayden answered. “It’s made with leftover meats and beans.”

“I think I’ll grab a burger to go,” Trent said, unimpressed.

Kayden laughed musically. “Lucky you.”

“Let’s go, Kayden,” Cho called, and the boy stood up immediately and maneuvered around Trent’s chair.

“I’ll text you,” Kayden murmured, as his sister and his mom started for the doors. “If he’s going to do it, my dad will give us permission to go out at dinner tonight.”

Trent nodded. “And if he doesn’t give you permission, I think I’ll come have a talk with him.”

“Please don’t do that.” Kayden laughed nervously. “It was one thing to show up at McDonalds, but you can’t come to my house. My dad won’t like it.”

Trent firmed his jaw, but he wouldn’t make a promise one way or the other.


Kayden’s gaze snapped to the stern woman standing at the exit. “I have to go.”

“Yeah. Alright,” Trent sneered.


Kayden hurried to join his family as Cho gave Trent a long, calculating look from the door. Emma slipped out into the parking lot and Kayden followed her at once. Cho gave Trent one last, serious look, then stepped outside after her children.

Trent let out a breath he hadn’t noticed he’d been holding and rolled his shoulders to loosen the tension. His whole back was tense, and he realized he’d been sitting ramrod straight for the last hour. “Fuck…


Trent jolted when his phone buzzed in his back pocket. It was a message, and he took it out warily and checked the screen.

I hope you’ll be here at 7:30. It was a text from Maggie. We’re setting up the beer now.

Trent sighed heavily, but a beer didn’t sound terrible. I’ll be there, he texted back, then took his wallet out and got up to approach the front counter. He hadn’t eaten all day. He was starving.


Trent sat at the table at McDonalds as he finished his burger and fries. He was waiting for Kayden’s text and his phone was in front of him. It was ten minutes past seven, but he wasn’t moving until he got word from the other boy.


Trent grabbed his phone off the table as a message flashed on the screen. Kayden.

Good news! My dad said we can go out tomorrow!

Trent grinned, then wiped his fingers with a napkin and typed a reply. Fuck yes. How long can you stay out, Cinderella?

Until eleven, Kayden said. But we can’t leave the house until Trick-or-Treat starts at 5:30.

That gave them a good five solid hours to fuck around. Trent nodded, satisfied by the compromise. Okay. Where are we meeting up?

At your parking lot? Audrey’s meeting Mateo on campus, too, so Ian can drop me off.

Sounds like a plan.

There was a pause, then: I love you, Trent.

Trent smiled at Kayden’s heartfelt message. I know you do.

I have to get off the phone now…

Trent smiled, imagining Kayden’s parental figures were hovering over him. See you tomorrow, baby.

I’m really glad you came to the McDonalds today, Kayden said.

Me too.

Goodnight Trent 😊


Trent turned the screen off and wadded up the discarded wrapper on his burger. He should get going soon, if he was going to get to Chi Omega on time, but…maybe he’d take a piss first. Then check his social media. Yeah. There was no need to rush. He’d show up fashionably late.


The party at Chi Omega was booming when Trent arrived two hours later. He’d delayed as long as he could, but Maggie had texted him relentlessly until he messaged her he was about to pull up, and to cut it the fuck out.

A group of frat guys sang the Greek alphabet at the top of their lungs on the front lawn, and Trent sneered at the retards as he parked on the curb. He didn’t think too highly of the fraternities and the idiots that flocked to them. Nothing about the Greek life appealed to him.

He got out of his truck and started toward the big, ivy covered house. The brick mansion was decorated luxuriously with tall, white columns adorning the front, and intricate, marble statues dotting the surrounding gardens. It was impressive, but Trent wasn’t in any mood to be wowed. He wanted to get in and out of this place as fast as possible.

He waltzed through the doors and scanned the first room for Maggie. The inside of the house was just as fancy as the outside. The entrance was large and opened to the other parts of the house. A wide set of wood stairs to the second floor was along the left-hand side of the room, along with the entrance to the sitting room with couches and the TV. The living room with a large chandelier and a grand piano was to the right, and the kitchen, and the door to the bathroom was along the back wall. There were pictures all over the place of girls from past classes. Everyone was smiling and immensely proud of themselves, but it was a stark comparison to the girls parading between the rooms with drinks in hand. Most of them were skimpily dressed, but all of them were drinking. There wasn’t a single dry mouth in the place.


Trent got the wind knocked out of him when Maggie threw herself into his arms. “Maggie…”

“Hi,” Maggie beamed up at him, winding her arms around him possessively. “I was afraid you wouldn’t show.”

“I showed,” Trent drawled. “So, what now? How long do I have to stay?”

Maggie’s bottom lip protruded. “Ready to leave already?”

“I didn’t want to come in the first place,” Trent muttered darkly. “You told me it was in my best interest.

“Well, it is,” Maggie said bossily, then grabbed Trent’s arm and pulled him into the living room. “Let me get you a drink.” She directed him to a wing-backed armchair in front of the piano and nudged him toward it. “Have a seat. Can I get you anything to eat?”

“I already ate,” Trent grunted, then fell back into the seat with a sigh. “Just get the beer, please.”

Maggie’s eyes sparkled with amusement. “Sure thing.”

Trent watched as she slipped into the crowd. There was a loveseat across from the armchair, and three girls were sandwiched on the seat. They looked like freshman. All of them were gazing at Trent with huge, amazed eyes.

“Are you Trent Hudson?” said a tiny black girl with her hair in braids.


The girls shared a look. “Are you dating Maggie?”

Trent sighed heavily. “Yes.”

“But weren’t you dating Ivy? Before she got kicked out of school, I mean,” asked the girl with blonde hair and freckles.

“She didn’t get kicked out. I heard she’ll be back in school next week,” said the girl in the middle, an Asian with her long hair in curls.

“It’s going to be so awkward when we run into her in class,” said the black girl.

“Yeah, we dated for a minute,” Trent spoke over the gossiping females. “But she was a terrible lay and an even worse girlfriend, so I dropped her.”

“I heard she lost her mind over you,” the Asian girl said with a smirk tugging the corners of her lips. “The poor thing. She seemed really emotional.”

“She was.”

Maggie came back with two cups of beer and perched on the arm of Trent’s chair. “Here you go, sweetie.”

“Thanks.” Trent took the cup with a sour look on his face.

“I told you he was going to show up,” Maggie said, leaning in to press a kiss to Trent’s cheek. “We’ve been dating for almost a week now.”

The girls looked at each other excitedly.

“That’s great,” said braids.

“I’m really happy for you guys,” said freckles.

“Ivy’s going to flip her lid when she gets back,” said the Asian.

“We’ve already thought of that,” Maggie muttered. “Idiots.” She crossed her long, bare leg over her knee and took a sip of her beer. “She doesn’t come back until next Friday. We’ll be looking out for her this time.”

“You should call the police if she tries anything,” the Asian girl said. “She’s crazy enough to really hurt you.”

Trent guzzled his beer, then let out a burp. “Fuck…can we talk about something other than Ivy?”

“Let me get you another beer,” Maggie said, sliding off the armrest. “But have mine while I’m gone.”

“Wait.” Trent took Maggie’s drink and finished in with one swallow. “I’m going to need more than that,” he grunted.

Maggie gave him a stern look, then took her cup back and vanished into the crowd.

“Hard day?” asked the black girl.

“I had a test in my last class,” Trent grumbled.

“I hate when professors give tests on Fridays.” She shook her head in disapproval.

“Yeah.” Trent chuckled. “Right.”

Trent got shitfaced over the next hour while he and the girls talked about professors they’d had in common. Trent had taken most of the classes the freshmen were taking now, so he was able to relate.

Maggie snuggled up to him the whole time, and Trent put up with it, because she was being generous with the refills. She got up every five minutes or so to refresh his cup.

She was returning with another cup of beer when Trent was finishing up his story about Professor Harriet.

“And I said ‘fuck you! You can’t tell me what to do!’” he slurred. “And I stormed out of the lecture hall and didn’t come back until finals.”

“Wow,” cooed the Asian. “I can’t even imagine someone talking to Professor Harriet like that.”

“Well, I did it,” Trent grinned. “In front of the whole class.”

“Did he fail you?”

“Nope,” Trent said happily. “I had a friend who was sleeping with the student teacher and I got all the answers to the test a week before. Harriet couldn’t prove I’d cheated, so he had to give me a hundred. He fired the girl right after, though. He couldn’t shake his suspicions.”

“That sucks for her.” Maggie handed Trent his drink, then sat primly on the edge of his armchair. “She got fired so you could pass your exam.”

“It was worth it,” Trent said easily. “She’s probably got a job somewhere else by now. I’m sure it’s fine.”

Maggie shrugged, then slid her arm around Trent’s shoulders. “Probably.”

Maybe another hour passed before Trent was thoroughly plastered. Maggie was all over him, touching his hair, and his neck, kissing his cheek, and the corner of his mouth. Trent took it in stride. The girls watched him with open curiosity, and his cock was getting chubby from their captivated looks.

“Maybe we should go upstairs,” Maggie said after a while, stroking the back of his neck with a warm hand. “You look like your about to fall over.”

Trent knew he’d wanted to leave earlier, but he couldn’t remember why. Upstairs meant a bed, and he was dizzy. Getting himself horizontal sounded great. “Yeah. Alright.”

“We’re going upstairs, girls,” Maggie said importantly, then stood and tugged Trent into an upright position. “Let’s go, sweetheart.”

Trent drained his last beer, then got up and stumbled after the sorority girl. The others watched him go with envious eyes, but he was beyond caring. He could barely see straight, and the suddenness of his upright posture sent his brain reeling. “Wow…slow the fuck down…”

“My room’s on the second floor,” Maggie sang. “Just down the hall. Come on.”

Trent staggered up the steps behind her. A couple, a sorority girl, and a fraternity boy, squeezed past them on the landing, and Trent grabbed the railing for support as his head swam. “Shit…my head.”

“You certainly drank enough,” Maggie said cheerfully. “I’ll grab you some aspirins for the headache.”

Trent groaned as he was tugged down the hall and into a room he could barely see. Maggie flicked on the lights and pushed him toward a pink monstrosity Trent realized was a bed. He fell back onto the mattress with a weak moan and closed his eyes.

“I think we did good,” Maggie said, walking to the closet across from the bed and rummaging around for something or other. “The girls totally bought that we were an item.”

“That’s good, right?” Trent muttered. “Wait. Why are we dating again?”

“Because I like you,” Maggie said in a deep, alluring voice, and Trent peeled his eyes open in surprise. Maggie stood at the foot of the bed with a condom between her fingers. “Since you’re staying the night, can I interest you in some sex?”

Trent’s erection grew in his jeans. He was horny. Why not. “Sure. I guess.”

Maggie smiled, then pulled her little Chi Omega shirt over her head. Her lacy bra reminded Trent of the grandmother he’d never met, and he smiled a little at the ridiculous image. “What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Nothing,” Trent said, then unzipped his fly. “And I don’t know how much longer I’ll be conscious, so let’s get this over with.”

Maggie crawled onto the bed and touched him through his pants, and Trent got lost in the moment. He was so drunk; he didn’t care what happened.

My birthday's on the 29th! So have mercy on my little writer soul... I'll try to get the next one out soonish.

Copyright © 2020 mastershakeme; All Rights Reserved.

Also, I'm always open to suggestions. That's why I'm sharing :P

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3 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Freaking love emma!!! Devious little thing!!

She's doing that talent show, damnit 😁

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I really liked Sarah this chapter until we found out she made a date with Vince.I don't think she'll say anything to compromise Trent though.

Trent has a class called Intro to Conflict?I figured he would be a natural at that.I'm thinking Ethan will accuse Trent of cheating.

I too also thought Emma was awesome.It was an enjoyable scene Trent meeting Emma and Cho but I think based on Cho's long look at Trent before they left that Cho might have put 2 and 2 together concerning Trent and Kayden.

The best way to describe Kayden would be he's an innocent sweetheart and a perv at the same time


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4 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

I really liked Sarah this chapter until we found out she made a date with Vince.I don't think she'll say anything to compromise Trent though.

Trent has a class called Intro to Conflict?I figured he would be a natural at that.I'm thinking Ethan will accuse Trent of cheating.

I too also thought Emma was awesome.It was an enjoyable scene Trent meeting Emma and Cho but I think based on Cho's long look at Trent before they left that Cho might have put 2 and 2 together concerning Trent and Kayden.

The best way to describe Kayden would be he's an innocent sweetheart and a perv at the same time


Intro to Conflict??? That makes zero sense. I must have shortened that from Intro to Conflict Management. Oops! 

Yeah, let's wait to hear from Sarah before you make a final opinion on that date 😛 

And I can see Ethan wanting to accuse him, but he sat there and watched him take more than half the test by himself. He's in the front row and everything! lol

I think the next chapter will be a big one for Kayden. He's going to one of Trent's wild parties and going to officially lose his virginity... Hope he makes it back before curfew!

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Thanks for another great chapter.

The scene where Trent announces to Emma that he & Kayden are fucking is priceless!

I am wondering why Sarah would want to go out with Vince....

Lucas seems to have a knack for calling and/or appearing at the most inopportune moments. 

Trent has shown some more (still very rare, though) signs that there is some humanity under his asshole exterior.

Can't wait to find out what is going to happen on Trent and Kayden's "date" on Friday night..... don't make us wait too long! :)

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3 hours ago, mg777 said:


Can't wait to find out what is going to happen on Trent and Kayden's "date" on Friday night..... don't make us wait too long! :)

I won't 😛

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