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Mike Finds Himself - 22. Pete’s Cumming of Age – Discovering Himself

The coming of age story of Mike’s son, Pete, will be told in the next three chapters.


When Pete Madison was ten years old he realized that when his penis would get hard, it felt good, but he had no idea why. During visits to the town swimming pool dressing room, he enjoyed looking at the penises of other boys and especially men. He knew it was not right to look. Why was it wrong to look at naked boys and men? And then why did he sometimes get hard when he saw a man with a big one? These were all mysteries to a ten-year old.

About a year later when Pete was eleven, a new boy, who was thirteen, moved into the neighborhood. Jerry had moved there from a farm and had an older brother. One day when he and his new friend were exploring in the woods, Jerry asked, “You ever beat off?” Pete had no idea what Jerry was talking about. “You know, you grab it and go up and down until it squirts. Before we moved here, I saw my brother doing it in the barn once. He is fifteen and has a dick as big as my dad’s. He caught me peeking at him and let me watch him finish. It was amazing. He told me to try it. The next day we did it together. It was the best feeling I had ever had. He told me about the white stuff - he called it cum - that he squirted would make babies. That I don’t understand. He also told me all the guys do it.” At this point Jerry dropped his pants revealing his half hard dick. He began stroking. “Join me. It’s the greatest.” For an eleven year old who was already obsessed with looking at dicks, Pete was in sex heaven. By the time he dropped his pants he was hard. Pete took his dick in hand and stroked along with Jerry. Eventually white stuff shot out of Jerry’s dick hole. He called out, “Wow, that is the most I have ever done. That proves I am a man.”

Pete continued to stroke. It felt great. Soon after Jerry shot his load Pete felt a shaking throughout his body, then nothing. He no longer had the desire to, as Jerry called it, ‘beat off’. Jerry told him, “You are probably too young to squirt. You are eleven, I am two years older. I did not squirt until I was twelve. Someday it will happen. The best feeling a man can have!”

As they rode their bikes home Pete felt ashamed that he had beat off. Was it normal? There was no one he could ask. As down as he felt, he soon recovered. That night in bed he pulled down his pajama bottoms while lying on his back. Once again he wrapped his hand around his dick. He stroked, had that all over tingling feeling and then felt ashamed. As ashamed as he felt, he recovered within a few hours. For the next year, he and Jerry did it at least weekly in the woods, in Jerry’s basement and bedroom, in his bedroom or in the garage. Soon Jerry added a new dimension to their sessions. He had found his older brother’s stash of porn. It was all straight porn that included pictures of guys fucking and getting sucked. Pete did not share with Jerry how much he enjoyed looking at the guys. About nine months later, as he and Jerry were doing it behind the garage one afternoon, white stuff dribbled out of Pete. Each day the quantity of what Jerry called ‘cum’ increased. Much to the deflation of Jerry’s ego, Pete eventually out shot him in both quantity and distance. Their doing it together eventually ended. Neither had ever touched the other, although Pete fantasized stroking and sucking Jerry’s dick as he saw women doing it to guys in the porn magazines.

His seventh grade (at age 13) sex education class at school was part of the science curriculum. For this topic, the class had been divided with boys meeting with Mr. Kelly, the science teacher, and the girls with a female science teacher. The explanation of procreation was no surprise and clarified what he had learned from looking at the photos of naked men with nice dicks fucking. He was relieved when Mr. Kelly discussed masturbation as a normal activity for young men. Following the section on homosexuality or being gay, he decided that was what he was. Just as years earlier he knew not to look at dicks, he realized that admitting to being gay was not a good idea.

When Pete entered high school at age 14, he qualified for the junior varsity soccer team. Being strong and athletic, he moved up to the varsity team the following year. By Pete’s 16th birthday, he had grown to his adult height of 6’ 2” (1.88m). Checking himself out in both the bathroom mirror at home and locker room mirror at school, he was pleased with his body. From top to bottom, he was a piece of teenage eye candy displaying a handsome face topped with brown hair, a defined chest, hard abs, narrow waist, strong arms and legs and a pleasing to the eyes, at least Pete’s eyes, well-developed cut dick hanging over swinging balls.

Having good grades, an all-American look, a circle of friends and athletic abilities, he was a parent’s dream. His group of friends included boys and girls. While he did date, he never had the desire to try to do the stuff his buddies bragged about. While making out he had never attempted to shove his hand under a bra to feel a bare tit, caressed a girls crotch over or under her pants, or taken a girl’s hand and rubbed it over his clothes covered dick. The soccer team captain claimed his girlfriend gave him blow jobs while he finger fucked her and that it would not be long until they went all the way. This bragging made Pete jealous of the girl as he fantasized giving the captain a blow job. He wondered how it would feel to have a dick in his mouth. He had seen porn where guys came in a woman’s open mouth after either being sucked or jerked off.

He liked the advantages of being on the soccer team. First, but not necessarily most important, he enjoyed the physical activities. Second, he relished checking out his teammates in the locker room. He knew he should not ogle dicks. He became an expert at observing a guy without the appearance of staring. The third reason he enjoyed being on the soccer team was the fact that he was in close proximity with Coach Windsor, or Win, as he was called. (In Chapter 10 Pete’s father, Mike, had watched Coach Win being fucked by Tomas. This was the same day Pete’s father sucked his first dick and had his first fuck.)

Pete had developed a teenage crush on the forty something handsome coach. At 6’ 4” (1.93 m) with an athletic body, blue eyes, big hands and feet, Pete frequently used Win as an inspiration when he jacked-off in his room at home. On day at practice, Pete twisted a muscle in his leg when he tripped while going after the ball. The coach noticed he was in pain and helped him walk to the locker room. Coach Win told Pete to lie on a training table. As the coach massaged his bruised leg Pete felt his dick rising. Luckily he wore a tight supporter / long brief. What Pete did not realize was that Coach Win was trying to conceal the hardon he himself was getting from the contact with the handsome teenager. Needing to get out of a situation that could escalate to something that would cause a scandal with the coach losing his job, Coach Win helped Pete hobble to a hot whirlpool tub. While moving from the training table to the whirlpool, with the help of Coach Win, Pete’s dick subsided enough to eliminate embarrassment when the coach helped him remove his soccer shorts, while keeping on the support briefs, and then get into the tub. As soon as the coach departed to return to the practice session, Pete pulled the support briefs down and stroked himself to a momentous cumming in the swirling water. Meanwhile, on the way back to the field where the team was practicing, Coach Win took a detour. He needed less than a minute to jackoff while standing in a stall of the locker room bathroom. As he stroked, his hand felt not his own dick, but the leg he massaged of the injured player.

As soon as the practice ended Coach Win returned to the locker room and helped Pete get out of the whirlpool. The pain had subsided enough to permit Pete to take care of himself and shower with the team. Pete was now obsessed with the coach. He offered to help put away equipment after practices so he could have more time with the coach. One day he decided to take the time to clean each piece of equipment, resulting in his being the last person in the locker room. Soon after he entered the shower area by himself, Coach Win entered. The coach did not realize Pete was there. He always waited until the last team member departed until he showered. Realizing his thirst for bodies of men, the coach forced himself to stay out of the locker room when the boys were dressing or showering.

When the naked coach entered the shower area he was surprised to see Pete. As he went to the farthest shower head from Pete, he thanked the young man for helping with the equipment. At first each turned their back to the other. However, both had the same thought as each turned sideways. Both secretly observed the other. Both were pleased with what they saw. As Pete observed the handsome coach with an impressive cut dick, he willed himself not to get hard. That became more difficult as Coach Win, with soapy hands, washed his dick and balls. Unconsciously (or maybe not), Pete mimicked him, stroking and cleaning himself. As he felt his dick rise he raised his eyes and met the stare of the coach. The apparent lust in the coach’s eyes sent erotic tingles through Pete’s body. The two, each with a half hard dick, immediately turned to the wall. Pete quickly let the streaming water shower off the soap. As fast as possible, he went to the locker room and dressed. Meanwhile, when Coach Win no longer heard Pete’s shower running, he looked over his shoulder and confirmed that Pete had gone. The coach, turning his back to the shower area entrance, took his now rock hard dick in hand and edged himself until close. Knowing he had privacy, he again edged himself. The third time, he let loose a blast that covered the tile wall. The intensity of his cumming left him light headed. He leaned into the cum covered wall to support himself.

Their brief interaction and observations gave both Pete and Coach Win numerous inspirations for at home hands-on dick action. While each was careful to never be naked in the presence of the other, neither could deny the sexual tensions felt when they were in close proximity.

About once a week, Pete and a few other teammates got together at Russ’s House after school. They were a bunch of regular teenagers hanging out together. Russ lived with his father, a divorced policeman. They planned their visits to take place when Russ’s dad was working an afternoon-evening shift. Since Russ’s bedroom was upstairs and his father’s downstairs, he had total privacy. It started as boys hanging out together, smoking, drinking beer and on occasion when available smoking pot. Peter joined in all the activities except smoking cigarettes. His, as well as his mother’s and sister’s reaction to his father’s stinking the house, caused Pete to vow to never smoke. One afternoon Russ told how he had caught his dad looking at porn. His dad had worked an evening shift. Russ woke sometime after midnight and was hungry. Remembering the cake a neighbor had given them, Russ went downstairs for a snack. As he passed his dad’s open door, he saw his father at the computer watching two girls taking care of a guy. While one fucked her, she was giving the other a blow job. Russ did not tell his buddies that his father was beating off to the action. He quietly went back to his room without cake. Russ admitted that as soon as he returned to his room, he jacked off and then fell back to sleep. The next afternoon, he searched the viewing history on his dad’s computer and found some sites listed that appeared to be porn. He wrote down the addresses and went up to his own computer and found some very interesting stuff. When Russ asked if any of the guys wanted to see pussy, the ‘yes’ replies were unanimous. Pete wanted to reply that he only wanted to see pussy if there was a dick with it. He kept quiet.

Russ opened one of the sites and the guys, except for Pete, were soon enthralled watching three porn quality, big-breasted girls of about twenty years of age playing with each other. The close up dildo scene really turned the other guys on. Then to Pete’s relief, one guy stated, “I want to see fucking.” The next scene showed a woman attempting to give a blow job to an athletic guy with an enormous uncut dick. Pete felt his own dick rising as the woman on the screen pulled the skin over the head and stuck her tongue down the piss hole. Then she pushed the skin back and licked the head. Next, the guy pushed the girl, who was kneeling, around and entered her doggie style. At this instant, one of the guys announced, “If I don’t take care of myself, I’m going to cum in my pants.” As he pulled his pants down the others joined him. As the five jacked, four had their eyes aimed at the computer screen while Pete secretly checked out his teammates. While he had seen all of their soft dicks in the locker room, seeing them hard was an eye opener. The smallest guy had the smallest soft dick, but as he stroked, it became the king of the group. While this guy’s was the biggest, Pete was proud that he had the second largest. The guys one by one called out that they were cumming. All the guys watched each of their buddies shoot their loads. When Pete, the last to shoot, exploded, the others were awed by the distance he shot, as well as the quantity of the thick cream that spewed from his dick. As the others commented on his performance, Pete thought to himself, ‘Naturally I shot the most and the hardest, you guys got your inspiration from a computer screen while I got mine from seeing the real thing.’

Their sessions continued throughout high school. Pete became a celebrity within their small group as the others, with a combination of envy and awe, watched his massive explosions shooting further than any of the others.

By his senior year in high school, Pete knew he was definitely gay. While he was popular and had a wide circle of friends, none were gay and he carefully kept his orientation to himself. He did enjoy watching gay porn at home.

He remembered with horror the time he was laying on his bed jerking off watching two guys about the age of Coach Win. One of the guys had a similar build and cock as the coach. This day he had forgotten to lock his bedroom door. Just as he was getting close, the door opened and his surprised father dropped a package on the floor that had just arrived from Amazon. Seeing his son’s situation, the father backed away and shut the door. Pete was in a state of shock. Not from being caught masturbating, since everyone did it including, as Russ told his buddies later, his policeman dad and possibly his own father. What had him upset was the possibility that his dad had caught him watching gay porn. Luckily the scene on the screen when his father entered was of just a naked guy. A minute earlier this guy was being fucked while he sucked a third. Fortunately his dad did not walk in on that scene. Later that evening his father had visited his room and apologized for entering without knocking. His father had said, ‘I want to assure you that what you were doing was very natural for a teenager. I did the same when I was your age.” With a chuckle, “Except I had to use magazines that I borrowed from my dad’s secret collection, not a computer for inspiration. God created you to get pleasure from doing it. Without that pleasure there would be no incentive to create babies. You can please yourself with your fist or with another person. Until you can support a family, the first is the best choice. One suggestion, please: in the future, lock your door. It is something your mother would not want to see and something I am sure you would not want to share with your sister. Now, back to our studies. Good night.’ Pete assumed that his father had not noted what was happening on the computer screen. If he had, it was just a guy showing off his dick which could have happened in straight porn. (The father’s version of this ‘catching his son’ story was told in Chapter 1)

A month prior to his high school graduation his Uncle George died. His father and uncle had been very close and he knew this had a great effect on him. Following the uncle’s death, his father changed from a beer drinking, inactive, overeating guy to a man with a plan to improve his life. During the summer prior to going off to State University, Pete happily saw his father’s transition to a healthy lifestyle.

To be continued – Pete enters State University and a new world.


A special thanks to my friend, pvtguy, for his thoughtful suggestions that clarify what I am attempting to say. Also, I thank him for his careful review with resulting edits that make it appear I have mastered the English language.


If you are enjoying this story, then please take the time to like, comment, and follow the story. Your feedback and comments are always welcome and help me develop the story


Copyright © 2020 Tallguyct; All Rights Reserved.

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