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Mike Finds Himself - 2. A New (Cute) Friend Inspires Mike

By habit, the following morning Mike poured himself a cup of coffee and stepped out on the deck to have his first cigarette of the day. As he clicked his lighter he admonished himself, ‘What the fuck are you doing.’ He returned to the kitchen and threw the pack of cigarettes into the waste basket. Then, to the shock of his wife had a healthy breakfast, not just coffee and a sweet roll. He poured himself a bowl of Kashi, the high protein / high fiber cereal that she ate every day and sliced a banana on top of it.

Arriving at the office he stopped in the breakroom to make a cup of coffee. There on the table sat a box of donuts brought in by a coworker to share. As enticing as they looked he resisted the temptation and poured his coffee. Instead of two heaping spoons of sugar he used a pack of sweetener. Sitting at his desk his stomach was pleading for something sweet. This was definitely going to be harder than anticipated. Needing inspiration he had an idea. Browsing through the photos on his phone he found the picture of himself and his cousin George taken at the family Christmas party. The two chubby men were smiling with each holding a beer. Just looking at this photo not only reminded him of the good times but also what happened to the man he considered his best friend. He sent a copy of the photo to his computer and then printed it. He then pasted it to the inside of his middle desk drawer. If he needed inspiration to change his lifestyle all he needed to do was open the drawer. At work he had allowed himself cigarettes three times a day: mid-morning break, lunch time when he would usually have three and afternoon break. Since smoking was not allowed in the building or near its entrance he would go to the loading dock. This morning as his body begged for a cigarette he realized going ‘cold turkey’ would be difficult. He had not realized how the symptoms of withdrawal could affect his body: he was perspiring and his head began to ache. Just when he had convinced himself that maybe just one cigarette would take care of the dizziness he opened the drawer and examined the photo. Not only were he and his cousin holding beers, in the other hand each had a cigarette. He needed a break. As he contemplated what to do he saw a young man from the tax accounting headed for the bathroom. Ever since this recent college graduate had been hired Mike enjoyed checking out his athletic body. They had never spoken more than a ‘hi’ when both were in the breakroom. As Mike observed the cute ass going through the bathroom door he suddenly had a need to piss. When he entered the men’s room he saw the young man standing at the middle of the three urinals. Mike was forced to stand next to him. Mike commented, “Beautiful day. Wish we were not stuck here in the office.”

The other replied, “That is so true. Unfortunately, with the recent changes in the state tax code we have a heavy work schedule which means too much coffee and too many bathroom breaks.” The young man stood a step back from the urinal making it easy for Mike to observe his pissing. Mike could not resist a peak at the younger man’s dick. To his delight he held a hefty piece of uncut meat. A steady stream flowed out of the hole of the skin covered dick. Mike was embarrassed as he held his unimpressive cut dick. If his piss mate did take a peak there would be nothing of interest to see. As the stream slowed and then stopped the younger pulled the skin back, gently squeezed out the last drop and then shook off anything that might remain. He then pulled the skin back over the head and tucked it into his pants. “Hopefully that will take care of the morning. You have a good day.” As he watched the ass of the young man leave the bathroom Mike wondered, ‘Was that man naive displaying himself in such an erotic way, or did he enjoy exposing himself or was he coming on to me. I assume he is naive as there are many better targets than me in this office.

The bathroom adventure had let him forget about a cigarette and settled him for the moment. He was soon back at his desk working on the report that was due that afternoon.

For lunch Mike usually drove the two blocks to a pizza/grinder place. He always had the same lunch: a foot long (30 cm) meatball grinder (also called sub or hoagie) with roasted peppers and extra cheese, a bag of potato chips and a beer or two. Today he skipped the high calorie, high fat grinder and went to the nearby Subway. There he ordered a vegetarian six inch (15 cm) wrap with provolone and a diet coke. He took his food back to the office to eat in the breakroom. The young man from the bathroom was sitting at the communal table eating a lunch from home. They smiled at each other.

As he sat Mike extended his hand, “Hi, I’m Mike.” As the young man held out his hand Mike examined it. He thought to himself, ‘For a guy that was about 5’ 9” (1.75 M) he certainly has large hands. After seeing him in the bathroom it seems to confirm the saying, ‘large hands mean a large dick’.’

“Hi Mike, I’m Jim.” The following small talk was easy. Jim was eating a sandwich, yogurt and apple bought from home. When Jim asked if Mike often had wraps from Subway he replied, “No, actually this is my first day of attempting to eat a healthy lunch. As of last night I decided to change my lifestyle to healthier living. Today I am giving up cigarettes, junk food and no more than one beer a day, if any. My next step is to start an exercise program.”

“Wow, that is impressive. Go for it. As you can see I try to eat healthy. As far as exercise my apartment mate and I run every morning. I am lucky, he is a real healthy lifestyle supporter and not only encourages me but also shames me if I slip. As annoying as it is I appreciate his nagging. I should be accustomed to it as we were roommates at university. Work calls. See you later.”

As Jim walked out of the room Mike again checked out his fetching ass. He thought about their conversation. Jim’s positive attitude toward his plan was reassuring. Now he was forced to continue or shame himself to the boy with the cute ass and pleasing to the eye dick. His last comment, ‘See you later’, made Mike feel especially good. This hunk suggested they would continue their conversation.

Later that afternoon Mike was busy at his desk when he heard a knock, knock at his open door. To his delight Jim was standing in the doorway. “Sorry to intrude but I have been thinking about your diet. While it is healthy I worry that you might be deficient in protein. Every mid-morning I drink a protein drink.” He held up a bottle of Premier Protein. “This 11 ounce (312 ml) container is low in calories at 160 as well as low in fat yet gives you 30 grams of protein. My favorite flavor is ‘Peaches and Cream’. I always have a six pack or more in my desk. You are welcome to try it. If you think it is beneficial you can buy more at Target.” Jim handed the container to Mike.

“Thank you for thinking of me. I definitely will drink it. Also thank you for supporting my efforts. I was just fighting off the urge to go to the loading dock and have my usual afternoon cigarette. Even if I succumbed I would not have been able to as I threw them away last night.”

“Consider me your nagging friend. If you need support just walk over to accounting and I will shame you. For my afternoon snack I eat a fiber bar. While you should have the protein drink now I suggest in the future you drink it mid-morning and have a fiber bar for your afternoon snack. Today you can have both.” Jim then handed Mike a fiber bar. “You need fiber to help stuff move through your system which will help with your weight loss. I suggest lots of fiber and water. I fill a water bottle at the water cooler and keep it on my desk. While all that water will result in more bathroom breaks you will be continuously flushing your system.” With a smile he continued, “Enjoy”. As Jim turned and walked out of the office Mike again enjoyed the ass view.

He opened the container of Premier Protein and eagerly drank it as he thought about his new friend who genuinely seemed concerned about his health. While the fiber bar tasted like cardboard he enjoyed the thought of his friend’s kindness. On his way home from work he would stop at Target and buy protein drinks and fiber bars.

When he arrived home Maggie was in the kitchen preparing supper. While he usually just grumbled an ‘I’m home’ to his wife today he entered the kitchen and told her whatever she was cooking smelled tasty.

“Well aren’t you the happy guy tonight.”

Mike then explained his epiphany to her. He told her that since his cousin’s funeral he had been in a total funk. He realized both he and his cousin had been going down a dangerous road. “As of this morning I have stopped smoking, eat no more junk food including pints of Ben and Jerry’s and will severely limit my beer drinking. My next step is to have some kind of exercise program.” As he took a glass from the cabinet and poured himself water Maggie walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Supper will be slightly delayed as I am starting another vegetable. We do not want to run out of the most important food on the table.” He was not surprised at her comment. She had always been a healthy eater.

Their son Pete was surprised at the evening’s menu. Without going into detail their mother commented that more vegetables would be healthy.

After dinner Mike told Maggie, “I’m going to call our neighbor Dale. I know he goes to a gym regularly. I am going to ask his advice about exercise programs. She smiled and again kissed him on the cheek. She had not showed him that much affection in years.

Mike called his neighbor. “Sounds like a plan. Good for you. My fitness center is open until 10 tonight. I would be happy to take you there. If we went now you could have a tour and discuss joining. I suggest you arrange for a ‘personal trainer’ to assess your needs and set up an exercise program appropriate for you. Also if I introduce you personally and you join I will receive a month’s membership free as well as some other gift such as a T shirt.”

Five minutes later Dale was knocking at the door and the two were soon driving to the fitness center.

Mike was about to begin a sweaty and enjoyable (to the eyes) undertaking.

Thanks for reading the latest chapter of Mike's transformation. Questions and commemnts appreciated. Tall Gay

Copyright © 2020 Tallguyct; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

Mike needs to be commended for his new lifestyle plan! It is too bad it took his cousin's death to make him realize what is lifestyle was doing to his health and wellness. My only concern is about the changes he is making. I think a lot of big changes (smoking, diet, exercise, beer/alcohol) all at once can be a challenge. Luckily for him, he has his wife, co-worker, and neighbor as support people already. A good cheering squad can make a big difference. I like how you're writing his thoughts and dialogue about these changes. Having been through this same thing for smoking and diet I can sympathize. Thanks. 

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Stay strong Mike!  Never had the weight problem but I did smoke!  Broke the habit about nine years ago but it was difficult!!

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I like where this is going and looking forward to the description of all the eye candy in the gym!

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