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Mike Finds Himself - 11. I Know Who Is Doing My Wife

Although it was probably too cool to have lunch outside, both men wanted the privacy that would permit Mike to tell Jim about his weekend.

“I had a great gay time with the boys. Will share the details, but first I want to tell you about the spy cam results. While I was having fun, so was Maggie. I never would have guessed who the man would be. It was our neighbor, Dale. I have lusted over his 50 year old body. He is handsome, strong, has an incredible ass and dick that I saw once in the locker room at the gym. I know his wife has cancer, but do not know the details as to what type or how serious. Possibly the fucking is between two people who cannot get it from their spouse. I am relieved it is him and not some twink or muscle boy she hired. It was a very loving sexual encounter, not just a quick – ‘bam, bam, thank you mam’. This greatly reduces my guilt concerning my recent activities. Mike then gave Jim all the details of his Saturday romp with Tomas, Win and Alan that their lunch time permitted.

Tuesday at lunch Jim gave Mike a STD (sexually transmitted diseases) / safe sex lecture. When he finished, Mike thanked him. “As uncomfortable as your lecture was, I know I needed it. I have read about sex diseases on the internet. In my case a refresher warning is probably necessary. Thanks for caring.”

Mike then discussed his confusing thoughts with Jim. “While the four-some at Tomas’s was fun and fascinating, later I felt empty. Learning to suck and fuck was wonderful. Playing with all those dicks was awesome. But later I felt nothing. My dick really enjoyed the activity but my heart never got into it. You and Rob are an inspiration for me. I envy your relationship that is built on love, not just doing “it”. I have never known the difference between getting off like I did with Alan and Tomas the previous week and having a loving sexual encounter.”

“I understand what you are saying. Rob and I have a fantastic sexual relationship. While I’m not giving any details, I can tell you that I have a very satisfied dick and I am positive Rob feels the same way. I cannot imagine having sex without an emotional attachment. Prior to meeting Rob, my second year at university, I had messed around some. But from the day I met him my eyes and my dick never lusted after anyone else. I assume you are saying you want to meet Mr. Right who is both a hot sex partner and soul mate. But, when you find him, what will happen to your marriage?”

Mike was almost in tears when he replied, “I am so confused.”

Jim continued, “I hope you realize what an amazing guy you are. In just a few months you changed your life style from the path of destruction to the road of a full healthy life. You discovered who you are and accepted it. You not only learned about gay sex, you became a full participant. You are alive and because you are open to a full life, you want more. Mr. Right is out there. You will find him someday, maybe tomorrow, maybe not for years. As you search, you will probably find a few Mr. Wrongs. I am happy that you are more interested in a relationship than just sex. Now we need to get back to work. Discussion continued tomorrow. OK?”

Later that afternoon Mike’s phone buzzed indicating a text was received. Enjoyed our conversation Saturday. Would like to continue discussion. You could come to my place for beer and …. Alan’

Mike replied, ‘After work Wed, Thu or Fri’. As Mike sent the reply he thought to himself, ‘Is Alan Mr. Right? Sex with him is wonderful. Is there more?’

There was an immediate answer from Alan, ‘Thur @ 7, my place, 385 Pelham Place’

Mike immediately called Maggie. He told her his hiking friend was having a few friends over for a poker night on Thursday. She replied the evening was open. He thought she sounded eager to have the house alone. Both of them would probably be having a fucking good time.

Mike replied to Alan, ‘cu Thur @ 7 – could cum earlier’

Alan replied, ‘come @ 6, cum @ 7, will order pizza’

That evening at supper Mike casually mentioned their neighbors, Dale and Ellen. “As I drove past the Gibbs’ house, I saw a nurse coming out the front door. Was it their daughter?”

Maggie replied, “No. Ellen’s cancer which was in remission has returned. I talked to Dale last week. He cannot leave her for more than an hour. (Mike thought - Just long enough for a fuck) Dale has hired a nurse to be with her week days while he goes to work. He stays close to home evenings and weekends. She is on multiple medications, is weak, uses a walker and has no desire to leave the house. She has her evening medication at 7:00 and then they watch ‘Jeopardy’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ until she falls asleep. Dale loves her and is devastated that she is just a shell of what she had been. I am baking a batch of molasses cookies now to take to him. He told me she was a wonderful baker and he misses her treats.”

Mike suggested, “Maybe some evening we should have a late dinner and invite Dale over after Ellen is asleep.”

Maggie, in a somewhat confused voice, replied: “Yes, that would be nice. It would get Dale out of the house while being nearby. I am sure he would appreciate a home cooked meal.”

Mike thought to himself, ‘He certainly eats well at my house - it just is not the traditional dinner.’

Thursday morning when Mike told Maggie that he would stay at work late and then go directly to the poker game after a veggie wrap at Subway, she seemed pleased with the plan. He thought to himself, ‘Dale should thank Alan and me for the opportunity.’

All day at work on Thursday, Mike’s dick tingled at the thought of what would happen that evening. Promptly at 6:00, he was knocking on Alan’s door. As soon as he was in the entrance hall and the door closed, Alan wrapped him in a tight hug and kissed him with an open mouth. Still in the hall Alan pressed his guest against the wall and kneeled. He undid Mike’s pants, pulled down his shorts and swallowed the rising dick that immediately came to full attention. He then led Mike to the bedroom where the two were soon naked. Following tender touching, Mike had an opportunity to improve his sucking skills. The fuck that followed was perfectly orchestrated by Alan. First, Mike fucked him doggie style until he was close. Then, Mike sucked Alan until he was close. This was followed by Mike plowing into Alan while he was on his back. When he was close, there was another suck Alan session. Finally, during round three Mike did not pull out when close. He blasted a load into the condom that was deeply implanted in Alan. Mike then used his hand to finish his friend.

Forty minutes after his arrival the two naked men sat at the kitchen table eating pizza. Neither complained that the pizza was cold.

Mike asked about swallowing cum. Alan replied that while it was almost tasteless, it was a wonderful feeling to have the juices fill the mouth. He enjoyed swallowing cum because of the pleasure he knew it gave the other. Mike stated that he was going to try to swallow at their next session. Alan replied with a smile, “You may only suck me if you fuck me first.”

They were soon back in the bedroom. Alan realized Mike would enjoy the sucking and swallowing more if he had not just cum. Therefore, when Mike was close to completion during the after pizza fuck, Alan told him to pull out. This meant that Mike was at the height of his desire as he sucked Alan. When Alan announced he was about to cum Mike just kept on sucking. Soon he felt the red head’s dick pulsate as cum gushed into his mouth. His immediate reaction was to spit it out. However, he forced himself to swallow and not gag. While the swallowing gave him no great pleasure, he was thrilled with himself as he had succeeded and he hoped he had made Alan happy. Alan then pulled the condom off Mike and with a couple of slurps sucked him dry.

When Mike returned home, Maggie was in bed reading. Mike said good night to her and told her he was going to check his email. Sitting at the computer, he opened the spy cam app. He was not surprised when he saw the recording of Maggie and Dale doing it that evening. He was thrilled when this time there were frontal and side views of Dales impressive cut dick. Dale was certainly a grower. The soft dick Mike had seen at the fitness center did not give the impression it would grow to what he saw on the computer.

Friday at lunch, Mike told Jim about his session with Alan. Then he stated, “I don’t know if he is Mr. Right. While I did and continue to love his dick and body, I am not sure I ‘love’ his soul. But I am having fun exploring.”

At least once a week Mike was at Alan’s home. Both his sucking and fucking skills improved. If they were unable to get together in the late afternoon or evening Mike would skip his daily gym routine and have a quick early morning session.

A month later, Alan asked Mike if he would be interested in visiting Secrets in New City. Mike, with some trepidation, accepted the offer. He was not surprised when Maggie encouraged him to take an all-day autumn hike.

Monday at lunch, Mike described his visit to Secrets. “As soon as we arrived, Alan gave me a quick tour. As we stood in the open area with a couch and a TV showing gay porn a guy stood next to me. He leaned into me and placed his hand on my crotch. While I was not surprised, I was very uncomfortable and moved away. Eventually, Alan and I went to one of the larger booths. He left the door ajar. The first two guys that peered in were waved away by Alan. Alan motioned for the third, a handsome man of about thirty, to enter. Following the three of us playing with each other, the guy fucked Alan while I watched. I was very uncomfortable. I am sure that Alan expected me to move in as soon as the guy finished. But instead, when they finished, I suddenly had no desire to be part of a threesome and went out of the booth. I went to another booth and when a guy stuck his dick through the glory hole, I left and went to the open area. Sitting on the couch, I watched gay porn while a few guys approached me. I waved them away. Actually my dick had no desire to show itself and stayed soft. Finally, Alan found me and we left for home. Except for the brief encounter having mutual handson dick play with the guy who eventually fucked Alan, I never touched another guy. Now I can say, ‘Been there, Done that’. I have no desire to return.”

“I am extremely happy that you want a real emotional connection with another man, not just a series of quickies. Rob and I discussed your quest for Mr. Right. There is a website we recommend that thousands of guys from around the world have posted personal profiles. Most men include photos of themselves. While some are dressed, most are naked showing off their attributes. The nude photos are a combination of guys showing off their dicks, hard and/or soft, while others pose in a variety of erotic ways. Some also post personal videos, mostly jerking off or fucking. Others share videos that give a full range of sex activities. The site also has cruising information about every country in the world. The listing for the USA is by state and then by city. You can discover gay men and cruising opportunities in our town and surrounding places. Another feature is chat rooms where some guys cam themselves, mostly jerking off, while others watch and comment. The site is a real eye opener. If you join, the site will require an email address. I suggest you get a private email account that no one in your family knows you have. When you find a potential Mr. Right, you should not give him any personal information including full name and cell phone number until you are totally satisfied he is reliable. You can use your private email account for communication and remain incognito at the beginning. The site I told you about offers both free and paid-for accounts. Rob and I have a free account that allows limited viewing and communication. You will most likely want an account that does not limit your activity. If you decide to have a paid account you may use my credit card to keep the transaction private.

Mike replied that he was interested in finding more about such a website. Jim invited him to visit his home and check it out.

That afternoon, he went online using his office computer and opened a private gmail account. While he would never use his work computer for anything at all related to sex, he was not concerned about using it to just open the new account.

The following day Mike skipped going to the gym in the morning prior to work. He told Maggie that he had not slept well and would not go to the gym that morning and probably go in the evening. As soon as supper was over he grabbed his gym bag and left to visit Jim and Rob, not the fitness center.

Jim and Rob lived in a townhouse (groups of attached houses). After parking in a visitor’s space, Mike walked to the front door. He rang the doorbell and Jim greeted him. “Welcome to our home and love nest (said with a chuckle). A small entrance hall led to the living room. Rob was sitting at a table with a laptop computer. He turned to Mike, stood and offered his hand. “Good seeing you again. Would you like something to drink? We can offer you water, herbal tea, hot chocolate or kefir.”

Mike thought to himself, ‘These guys sure have healthy diets. This is the first time I was only offered healthy drinks when visiting someone. Certainly not the hard liquor, beer or soft drinks I would have been offered at my cousin’s home, my now deceased cousin.’ He then asked, “What is kefir? Since you eat healthy I assume kefir is healthy.”

Jim replied, “It’s a milk based drink that tastes like yogurt but is higher in calcium, protein and probiotics. It has numerous health benefits. We have bottles of both plain and strawberry flavored. If you like yogurt you should enjoy the flavored drink and possibly the plain one.”

“Since the purpose of this evening is to educate the old guy, I’ll try the strawberry kefir.”

While Jim got the drinks Rob told Mike to sit at the table with the laptop. The site was already open. Rob explained the various options. In the profile section Mike was amazed that their town, population 95,000, had 148 profiles of men listed. Mike asked, “Does this mean that 148 men in the Springfield area signed up to be listed?”


Mike scrolled down the profiles to see if there were any men he recognized. Only about half included photos and practically all of those were dick or ass shots with no face shown. He recognized none of the men.

Rob’s tutorial continued with the cruising section where Mike discovered there were three cruising areas in Springfield: a rest area on the interstate highway near town, a town park and the toilet at the mall. Rob warned Mike that none of those were safe areas and that it was unlikely he would find anyone there, as you can see by the comments members have posted. He stated, “From what Jim told me, your interest is in finding a soulmate. Probably a guy looking for hookups at a cruising area is mostly interested in quick pleasure, not lasting intimacy.” The comments by members about these areas were sparse and none indicated hook-ups actually happened. Then he checked out New City and read the description of Secrets. It appeared to be accurate based on his experience.

Rob showed Mike how to enter chat rooms where a few guys were showing themselves jerking off while most others were watching and posting messages. They then went to the video section where members had posted videos of themselves, mostly jerking, sucking or fucking. Mike did a quick peek at a couple of videos. Since this was a tutorial on how to use the site, he did not want to waste time looking at videos. If he joined, he could do that later.

Mike was definitely interested in joining and creating a profile. Jim suggested he not create a profile until he knew how he wanted to describe himself and what type of photos to include, if any. He explained that as soon as he joined, men would look at the profile of the ‘new member’. He should immediately present himself in a way that would interest the type of men he wanted to communicate with. Rob suggested he take some time to think about how he wanted to present himself. He offered to give Mike his username and password so he could checkout various profiles and determine how to word his profile and what type of photos, if any, he would include. Jim with a smile said, “When you are ready to create an account we would be willing to take photos of you in any pose you desire.”

During the following week, Mike went online at home when he was sure Maggie would not be around. After careful thought and conversations with Jim at lunch, he was ready to open an account.

Having told Maggie he was going to the fitness center after supper, he was again ringing the doorbell of Jim and Rob ready to open an account and create a profile.

I was introduced to kefir by my friends in St. Petersburg, Russia. During Soviet times, people would make large batches at home, put it in a moveable tank and sell it on the street. Purchasers supplied their own bottles. Now it is available in Russian supermarkets. Many USA supermarkets now sell kefir, both plain and flavored (strawberry, blueberry, peach etc.) in the dairy section. If you enjoy yogurt you should like kefir. Unless you savor plain yogurt I suggest you first try a flavored variety.

If you are enjoying this story, then please take the time to like, comment, and follow the story. Your feedback and comments are always welcome and help me develop the story

Copyright © 2020 Tallguyct; All Rights Reserved.
If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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Mike is definitely looking for someone.  I just hope he realizes that many of the profiles are filled with fabrications...

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Here's to finding a partner and leaving the playing around in the past!   I hope Mike finds someone!

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As many of us know there are more Mr. Wrongs than Mr. Right.  Mike will get lucky finding Mr. Right before too many Wrongs.  Thanks for reading.  

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